The battle of Kings

Warnings: boy-who-lived!Neville, Vampire!Harry, OOC's, AU! Grammar Errors!

AN:As a small notice, I took liberties with the time-line and events. Harry will begin his sixth-year at Hogwarts. Death Eater attacks only happened on a relatively small scale. Also, the Vampire King's surname was changed to Basile├║s, because the other didn't mean what it should have meant...

Chapter three: Confused Kings

| 3 |

The boy, no older than five or six stumbled as the hand collided with the back of his head, with a pained gasp he fell on his knees.

"Don't! Don't do these freak things! Y-You little psychopath!" The rough voice screeched, making the boy wince "How often do we need to tell you this?!" The same voice questioned enraged. "Clean up, clean up! And just vanish from my eyes!"

The boy didn't move from his position till he heard the stomping of feet, away from him.

'Fleeing from you' A voice informed him at the back of his mind. Cautiously, the young boy sat up, rubbing his aching head, not minding, or maybe not noticing, how he smeared his hair with a sticky liquid, making it stand at odd angles.

"I can't take it anymore Pet'" The same voice from before spoke, this time softer. "H-He did it again" The voice stuttered out with a quiver.

'He is scared' Again, a voice whispered in the back of the child's mind.

"I know, I know, my sister was never like that" Another voice spoke hysterical, his aunt, the orphan noted.

"What should we tell Marge?What should we do? What can we do?"

There was a strange sound, filling the room, some kind of gurgling, reminding the child of a dying animal. Crying. She was crying, he realized, crying because of him and the child also felt like crying, to howl like a wounded animal.

He didn't.

Shifting, he turned his head away from those accusing voices. Observing with empty eyes the kitchen of which he sat in the middle.

Red, a bright, shiny red decorated the room, splattered around.

His breath hitched, he did that. His eyes traveled to the source of all the red. The mangled body -corpse- of a dog.

'You did that' The voice, once again, whispered.

A tremor went through his body. Of fright? Of panic? Trill?

He couldn't remember.

There was a hole in the bulldog's body, the boy's hand -bloodied hand- flexed, it was the same seize.


It was hot.

"What's wrong with the weather?" Harry questioned. "Aren't we in freaking England? Where are the cloudy skies? The gray smog? The cold wind? The unending rain? The depressing atmosphere?"

"Why the fuck is it so hot?" He whined indignantly, skilfully ignoring the hard glare Hermione send him for his language. Sirius, standing besides him, laughed openly at him. The others had at least the decency to not verbalize their amusement.

"It's just a bit of sun, there is no need to be so dramatic."

Harry clicked annoyed with his tongue. "Look who's talking, Mr. Drama-Queen."

"Just bear with it, it won't take that long," Remus interrupted before an argument between the two of them could break up. Harry could match Sirius in both, tongue and mind, thought, mind you, the later was not an all to great hurdle.

"Why are you even complaining? Remy offered for you to buy your school things." Sirius asked his godson with a raised brow, smiling brightly at the sullen look of the teen. Harry always behaved so immensely mature, it was nice to see him acting like the teen he was supposed to be.

"Tch" Harry turned away from his two 'uncles' falling into step besides Neville.

As if he would tell those two that he just wanted to spent some time with them. With Remus he wouldn't mind, the werewolf would understand, however, Sirius had an already big enough ego, telling him that the vampire kings wanted his attention and presence was like bowing down to him.

"Is it really that bad?" Neville spoke quietly up and Harry's annoyance faded slightly as he heard the sincere concern in the voice.

"Nah, just annoying" The vampire assured, sighing softly, a cooling charm on his clothes took care of most of the heat -his body temperature was always pretty low, even for a vampire- and the sunglasses shielded his eyes from the irritating sun-rays. He observed the people rushing about. Some, he noticed, even took time to just stand in the sun, bathed in it; bastards, he scoffed inertly.

"Maybe we should split up?" Nymphadora Tonks offered, her eyes shifting around the group. Remus who stood besides her frowned.

"I don't think that's necessary. We are only two adults -three if you count Sirius" The werewolf said, ignoring said friend's indignant shout. "Hey!"

"And five kids. That should be no problem, of course if you all behave." Remus told warningly, slipping into what Sirius called his 'Professor Moony Mode'.

"Of course Professor." Hermione answered pleasantly, whereas the others just nodded. Remus smiled a bit embarrassed. "There is no need to call me professor, just Remus is fine."

"Well just-Remus, what are we waiting for? Let's go" Sirius interfered impatiently, already moving forward and not looking back if someone followed him.

"He acts more like a child than an adult" Hermione commented with a huff, besides her Ginny gave her a look.

"I find it refreshing, he reminds me of Fred and George" She said with a smile as they all began moving.

"Yeah, Gin's right" Ron piped up, munching on a cooking he managed to smuggle out. "It's stupid that he isn't a Professor at Hogwarts, he would be great, 'specially now 'cause the twins graduated." The second youngest Weasley spoke up, sounding mournful.

"They didn't graduated. They got expelled, Ron." Hermione said, biting the word 'expelled' out as if it were cursed.

"They did it for a reason, 'Mione" Neville joined in, speaking profound but with a bit of guilt, after all Umbridge was his fault.

Harry raised a brow as he observed the rather depressing faces around him.

"Who are Fred and George?" He inquired into the group, having heard the names also back in Grimmauld Place. Actually, if he remembered right, Sirius was once gushing about them, saying something about traditions and worthy heirs.

"My brothers, they're twins," Ginny explained, smiling at Harry, she would never say it aloud but she found the other boy rather charming even if he was a vampire. "Pranksters extraordinary. Just don't ever say that I actually praised them, they will never let me live it down." She shook her head fondly. "Last year they got -or rather let themselves get expelled because of Umbitch." She spat the name of the toad, remembering the scars on Neville's hand and the tears of the younger children, using a blood quill of all things, and on minors!

"Umbitch?" Harry repeated aloud, remembering the name from somewhere.

"Dolores Umbridge, the Undersecretary of our Ministry." Remus informed him, and the vampire made a sound of realization. That women. Sanguini, who was the poor scapegoat that dealt with the British Ministry, often complained about her.

"She's a wench, always spouting nonsense how dark is bad and using herself dark-spells and the like." Tonks spoke up, her hair flashing red in anger. "She always visits the Auror department and gives speeches about how we shouldn't use offensive spells on 'good' witched and wizards. I hexed her every time she came." She grumbled.

| 3 |

Harry's gaze strayed around the street and he frowned at some people, noting their unnatural presence. Dark clothed, waiting, some were just standing at corners others where moving up and down.

"Harry?" Sirius spoke up as he came to a halt besides the pensive looking teen.


"Alright?" The former prisoner asked, turning his eyes away from where the others searched for their school books. The bookshop was full of people and Remus, being the good person he was, offered to go for Harry, knowing the teen's dislike of big crowds in small cramped areas.

"Why shouldn't I be?" The vampire asked back, leaning back against the outside wall of the shop, his gaze not turning from what they were observing.

The air was buzzing, faintly, twirling around waiting to unleash chaos.

"You just looked a bit..." the older man trailed of searching for a word, "broody." He concluded.

Harry managed to plaster an affronting look on his face. "Broody? Me? I like to believe that I skipped puberty."

Sirius laughed. "You know that isn't what I meant." He managed to say semi-seriously. The vampire shook his head, his messy hair flailing around his head.

"Just a feeling. I s'pose" He muttered not really convincing, starring at the crowed streets, narrowing his eyes as the cloaked wizards seemed to exchange signs.

The black-haired man raised a brow. "Your awesome-vampire-king-sense are tingling?" He asked and said king snorted. Harry never should have brought him those comics.

"Something like that." He agreed halfheartedly, moving away from the wall. "Also, I get back to Remus' offering, get him to buy my school things, 'kay?" Harry more ordered than asked. Sirius, instead of being offended on behalf of his friend, smiled amused.

"Aye, my king, any other orders for your lowly servant?" He inquired mockingly, knowing that he couldn't stop his godson from leaving for whatever business he had to suddenly take care of.

"Look out," Harry warned, the faint note caution making Sirius straighten up then he was already moving into the masses and Sirius soon lost the other in the crowd.

Sirius sighed uncharacteristic. "Look out for what?" He questioned into the air, looking into the crowd and trying to see what his godson saw.

In the meantime, Harry focused on a specific target, a man in black robes, who moved with swift steps away from Diagon Alley and into Knockturn Alley. It suited him perfectly. Harry smirked, slow excitement building up in him.

With long strides, he moved up up the man, following him and once they were before a shady corner, he snatched the other carefully on the front of the robe, leading him into the narrow, dark, side-alley.

"What the-?" The man began confused, but the words left him as he was violently shoved against the dirty wall, a gasp escaped him and he fell on his knees.

The man blinked confused but then starred up at Harry, glaring and taking out his wand. He stood up and pointed it at the other.

"Who do you think you are!" The wizard threatened outraged, pointing the glowing wand at Harry and the vampire raised an unimpressed brow before he sighed disappointingly.

"Really? That's a stupid move." He pointed out and before the black clad wizard could only do as much as open his mouth, to say a curse or threat, Harry wasn't sure and didn't care either way, a pale hand snatched the wrist of the other and with a vindictive smile Harry broke the bones cleanly, making the man open his mouth in a scream, remembering then that he forgot to cast a silence charm, he clamped his free hand over the mouth of the other, muffling it and in the same time smashing the head against the wall to quieten him.

"Now, now, don't be so hasty," Harry spoke over the muffled whimpers and groans of the man. "You see," The vampire blinked innocently,"I only want to talk."

The wizard glared at him with pained eyes, dirty blonde hair falling into his fear filled eyes. Behind Harry's sunglasses, his eyes glowed red.

He released first the wrist of the other and then the face, chuckling as the other immediately cradled his broken arm, covering away from the other but not trying to flee; maybe knowing instinctively that it wouldn't be successful, Harry mused clinically.

"W-Who 're you?" The voice of the man had no more arrogance and the black-haired teen was almost disappointed at the easiness.

"It matters not," he answered, pushing up his sunglasses on his head so that his eyes were visible. The man paled, obviously noting the red eyes, it made Harry grin and a fang became visible at the corner of his mouth, giving him a rather demonic look. It looked like the other realized what he had before him.

"I think it's my turn for questions, don't you think?" Harry asked rhetorically, starring down at the quivering man. He was young, he noted absently, only around his thirties. He was but a child in the first wizarding war (and wasn't it kind of insulting to the past? To call that the first war of magic? Humans were truly forgetful, that they forgot about all the battles before). The wizard must be a new one, newly recruited, newly marked; would also explain the stank of magic that came from his arm.

"What's your name?" He inquired lightly and the man glared at him spitting on his shoes. Harry frowned in disapproval and without warning, grabbed the wizard by the throat, slamming him against the wall and the man let out a muted yell of pain as his head slammed against the wall.

"Defiance is only praiseworthy till a certain point, unfortunately, you were already past these boundaries the very first time I set my eyes on you," Harry explained, a certain note of warning in his words.

"Vid-" The man coughed, trying to speak around the hand on his throat. "Vidkun Greengrass" He whimpered out.

"Hmm, Greengrass, huh?" Harry hummed, a neutral family as far as he knew. So, why had one of their members the dark mark? The neutrals were always a blind card, it was never sure if they could be persuaded or if they stayed true to their names and averted their eyes.

"Well, Vidkun, you don't mind me calling you Vidkun, do you?" He asked absently and then spoke further. "You see, I don't really have a problem with you or you little group, well, sometimes, maybe a little bit or a bit more than a little bit but I think I -we all- can see past our differences. Don't you think so? So, why don't you tell me why your dear Dark Lord decided that attacking Diagon Alley, because this can only be an attack, is such a grandiose idea?" Harry would have made some hand movements to accompany his words, but they were kind of busy.

"Don't insult my Lord!" The man cranked out, trying to shift around the hand and Harry loosened his halt a bit, only because Vidkun looked like he would pass-out any time over the lack of oxygen or the excessive amount of pain, or maybe both.

"Loyalty to a fault," Harry spoke amused, then frowned. "Not that I can say anything to that." He mulled, thinking about his own position and the natural loyalty and submissiveness the vampires had to him. Maybe it was time for a democracy? He shook his head, ugh, bad idea, look what happened to that french king Louis XVI, beheaded and not very cleanly at that, he would know, he had a front seat.

"Yeah, better not;" He murmured to himself, he shook his head. "Back to the point, if you don't tell me then I just look into your mind, but Vidkun, mind you, my mind-reading skills were never really good." He offered with a shake of his head, actually telling the truth, he had no problems in looking at the surface thoughts but anything deeper.

You would think that as a Vampire King his mind would been an unconquerable fortress, but no, his Occlumency was barely good enough to help him to sort out his thoughts, though not that people would find anything in the chaos that was his mind, because of that the vampire kind didn't even try to actually learn the arts with all his mind.

Absently-minded, he tightened his hand over the throat of the other, nails -claws ?- scratching over sweaty skin. Greengrass made a gurgling noise, snapping for air.

Harry smiled benignly. "I ask again, what's the goal, Vidkun? I can't see the logic in attacking a place full of magical people, pure and mud alike. Is he beyond madness?"

"I don't," he licked his lips, "I don't know." Greengrass croaked out, tears of pain running down his cheeks, this time not rising to protest against the insult of his lord.

"Why now?"

The blonde wizard remained quiet expect for the harsh breathing and Harry tightened his hold, the fresh smell of blood filling the air as his sharp nails scratched the skin open.

"The boy," The man whimpered, "the boy, the boy," He sobbed, every ounce of defiance and courage left.

"Neville?" Harry asked aloud.

"Yes, yes, yes" The man repeated the words fervently, crying. "We were to wait till the boy appears and then attack," Greengrass explained without being asked, "that's all I know, please, please, just please." He pleaded,coughing and whimpering and Harry frowned at the pathetic act. It was almost to easy. However, he couldn't detect any lies in the others words, it is unfortunate that he only managed to catch a little foot soldier but, oh well, beggars can't be choosers or whatever you call it.

He released the man watching with lazy, dispassionate eyes as the other hunched down, coughing, snapping for air and cowering into a small ball. Cruel satisfaction built up in Harry at the sight of the trembling human. He yanked the other by the ropes to his feet and Greengrass let out a distorted moan.

"Vidkun," he sighed. "You know," Harry began lightly, "If you had taken today a different route, you would have most likely survived past this day." The smirked at the erratic heart beat of the other. "Now you will die, not for your great cause but as simple food" Harry almost cooed out but stopped when the smell of fresh urine hit his nose. He scrunched his nose in disgust. The man had pissed himself.

"How disgracing." The vampire expressed. "If the rest of your Lord's army is like that, then I don't see why people are so concerned." He almost rolled his eyes as the man whimpered in his hold, now, that really subdued his mood and his appetite.

"You should be honored," Harry then offered as consolation to the other, pressing the other against the wall. "Not everybody ends up as the food of a King." He chuckled as the dazed eyes of the other widened.

The vampire cupped the neck of the wizard, taking a handful of blond hair and tugged on them harshly to tilt the wizards head to the side.

"You won't get away with this." The young pureblood whispered hateful, having found some courage in the face of death. The king chuckled mirthless.

"Really?" He questioned almost innocently, tilting his head to the side. "The ministry won't act, with you having the dark mark and your, uh, beloved Lord will not take revenge for some little foot soldier, especially not when he actually wants the allegiance of the vampires. He still isn't insane enough to endanger that." Harry tutted reprimanding, part of him enjoying as despair settled over the face of the wizard.

He tugged once again on the hand full of locks and, before the other could react, bit down. The last thing the young wizard saw were red eyes and the glinting of fangs, then he was swallowed by pain.

Drinking blood was a messy affair. The chances to bite down on the right place on the first try were slim and the man whimpered in pain as Harry widened the wound in search of blood, not in the least bit mindful of the other. Masses of blood oozed out of the other and the red liquid that did not find its way into the mouth of the vampire, traveled down the victims neck and vanished under his clothes.

The pure-blood tried to call for help, to scream. The vampire, however, noticed his attempts and tugged harshly on the hair of the other, cleanly and without thought breaking the neck of the other; killing him immediately. The body of the young man turned lax and his whole body sagged into the already supporting cold arms of the bloodsucker.

Harry released the man only when he was sure that he had enough. Humming, the vampire king smacked his lips in satisfaction. The body of the dead man fell on the ground with a dull thump, wound still oozing with blood.

Harry starred almost thoughtfully at the corpse, licking remains of blood from his lips. A part of him will soon forget and ignore this encounter, not deeming it significant enough, another part, however, much more pestering, will wallow silently in grief about the murder and the sadistic way he had dealt it.

Frankly, it was irritating. Harry Potter cared to much.

It was such a stark contrast to his last resurrection where he was a selfish hedonist who only cared about the pleasure in life and, when he felt like it, the welfare of his people, somehow, that made the ache of guilt stronger.

Yet, he thought as he starred at the soulless body of his latest victim, Harry Potter didn't care enough, he still killed and relished in it.

He shook his head and looking up at the sunny sky, placing his sunglasses back on his nose.

"Athanasius," A voice said besides him and Harry grinned lazily, there were not many vampires who were allowed to be that casual with him. It was Vlad's luck that he was one of the king's favorites.

"The attack on Diagon Alley started, should we interfere?" The former conqueror inquired candidly and Harry turned to face the taller man.

"No, it's too early." Harry shook his head but stopped midways, his ears twitching as screams and cries reached his ears. "What do you think of it?" He then questioned.

"Of what?" Vlad blinked.

"Of the weather, Vlady, of the weather." The vampire king rolled his eyes.

"Frankly, I do not want to join any of those Chior Buci" The vampire muttered sullenly and Harry drew in his brows, taking a second to translate the Romanian words.

"Blind Ass cheeks?" He mused aloud, then shook his head. "You are spending to much time with Sirius," he pointed out with a grin and was rewarded with a dark glower. "Or Sirius is spending too much time with you. I can't really tell." He trailed off.

"Well, nonetheless, I also think that we were the blind ones." Harry said, "We only saw those two sides, Voldemort and his band of Nazis and the ministry with Dumbledore and his little band."

Vlad shifted on his feet, raising a confused brow. "But that's what we have, here in Britain at least. Of course, we could try forming our own side but then we would have both the Ministry and Voldemort against us, not to mention that not many humans would join us. Maybe in other countries, like the Asian ones, were we are mostly accepted by the magical community but not here in Europe."

The vampire king sighed. "Ah, Vlad," he stepped up to the other vampire, "did you rust? Maybe you are the one with the blind ass cheeks." He stated, lightly petting the bewildered and affronted face. "But don't worry, you will figure it out and then we can discuss it."

He turned away, slowly walking out of the alley.

"Now, get lost and take with you the others. I do not want anybody of you to be seen." Harry ordered, dodging panicked people as he walked out of Knockturn Alley, slowing down to survey the chaos and damage.

He may be a vampire king but he was also a godson, and now he needed to look how his two uncles were fairing. He blinked as a colorful ray shot into his direction and ducked, fingering his wand as his eyes searched for the culprit, whom was easy found. A death eater who was running towards him.

"You!" He yelled. "You were the one who followed Greengrass!" The death eater accused and Harry smirked, slowly standing up.

"Ha, so I was noticed." He spoke aloud, "Surprising, as you are apparently only a bunch of Chior Buci" Harry teased mirthfully, smirking at the other confused tilt of the head and flicked his wand.

Mid-ways a silver dagger formed, cleanly stabbing the trachea of the man and wide-eyed the man feel the to the ground. Harry smirked, it wasn't that bad, being reborn as a wizard. He suppressed a giggle, apparently still on some blood-high, Vidkun's blood was surprisingly tasteful.

The vampire shook his head to clear his thoughts, that wasn't for what he was here.

So, inconspicuously leaving the scene of crime, he tried picking up Remus's scent as the werewolf scent was easier to catch as an human one, especially with all these people running around.

| 3 |

"We can't do any magic, we get expelled!" Hermione screamed even as she cast a water spurt out of her wand, hitting a masked death eater straight on the chest, who flew back, over the railing and on the hard ground. She breathed a short sigh of relieve but tensed immediately as a pair of another men ran up the staircases.

"Priorities, Hermione, priorities!" Ron yelled back, running to her and threw something at them, the round small ball landed with a clatter before the feet of the two death eater. They exchanged looks and starred at the globe then back at each other and took a step forward at the kids.

The ball wiggled and then, suddenly, exploded, releasing a thick smog that enveloped them.

Coughing was heard, then, "Expecto Patronum!" A voice screamed and Ron and Hermione watched as a big shiny patronus in the form of a lioness sailed over their heads and sprang at the two death eaters, toppling them down the stairs.

The pair turned around and starred at their panting friend.

"Bloody hell, never thought you could use a patronus like that..." The Weasley trailed off, shaking his head.

"Duck!" Neville yelled and the two just did that as a wayward spell flew over their heads and hit the shelf behind them, the pranking items exploded and Ron screeched as something wobbly hit him on the face.

"Get it off! Get it off! Get it off! It's eating me!"

"Ron, it's only some simple slime," Hermione rolled her eyes even as Neville turned to his friend, trying to get the thing off him.

"Stand still!"

The Gryffindor girl bit her lip, turning away from her two friends and towards the railing. They were told to not come downwards, to remain on the upper floor but Hermione wanted to join and help them, she was sure her friends felt like her. However, she heard some cries behind her and closed her eyes, they couldn't leave them alone. The kids, mothers and elderly who were hiding in the room behind them. The people the others worked so hard to save. Resolutely, Hermione turned back to her two friends.

"Ronald, Neville! Stop with the childish act! Get all pranking items that you can find!" She yelled. "We got to make sure that no death eater makes it up here." The witch smiled a shark like smile. "And, we were only told to remain here, if other things come downwards, well, not our problem."

| 3 |

"Will they be alright, upstairs all alone?" Tonks panted out, training her wand on the enemy.

"Ah, Tonky-"


"Nothing against you-"

"But those three-"

"Are better than any Auror." The twins finished together, flanking her sides. Tonks scowled at their carefree tone but knew that now was not the time. She focused on the three death eaters before her.

"Back me up!" She ordered and ran forward, somehow trusting them to do exactly that. With fast reflexes, honed through all the mock battles she had with Moody, she shot two quick stunning spells at the two at the sides and not waiting if it hit or not, focused on the man in the middle and stretched out her foot, kicking the death eater in the face. Then immediately, moving into a roll and evading to the side, she absently watched as two spells hit him in the chest.

She smiled a bit, breathing hard, those two should quit their joke shop and become Aurors.

At the other side of the room Sirius laughed madly as he shot a cutting spell at one of the dark wizards, making Remus scowl at him as a spray of blood hit him in the face.

"Padfoot!" He yelled disapproving but had no time for more as he turned around and punched another in the face, bones cracking.

"Dammit! From where do they all come?" He questioned, jumping back to the Black's side, he frowned at the grin at his friends face. "Are you enjoying this?" Remus asked incredulous, Sirius only shrugged, ducking as a spell sailed over his head.

"Reminds you of old times, doesn't it?" He asked, firing another spell but stumbled on some junk on the ground, falling on his ass.

"Got you" A voice behind them said to them menacingly and the two friends turned around and starred at the pointed wand but blinked as the man toppled forwards.

Harry winked at them, waving his hand as he stood behind the fallen.

"Harry!" Sirius called relieved and Remus sighed. "Great, another one who's enjoying the chaos," he mumbled but couldn't help but also feel relieved.

"I leave for a short time and you start a war?" Harry questioned with a raised eyebrow. "Seriously, Sirius, what did you do? Mob them? Told one of your jokes? Impregnate their daughters? Spilled coffee on their shiny robes?

Sirius looked affronted. "Hey, why do you think it was me? If you ask me, then it's all Moony's fault."

| 3 |

"Moony's fault?" Harry questioned, starring at the dark mark at the sky. Remus scowled and hit Sirius lightly on the shoulder who laughed weakly, wincing as it jolted his wounds.

They were before the joke shop, the death eaters retreated as sudden as they attacked and people slowly came out of their hiding places. Ministry personal, healers and aurors who were not badly injured ran around the place, mending wounds, transporting others to hospitals, searching for injured, for survivors and for the death.

"Why did they do that?" Hermione questioned, her whole appearance in disarray, sitting on the ground besides the others. Surprisingly, she only had light scrapes on her. Besides her, Ron had a long gash over his eyebrow that was just moments ago heavily bleeding.

"They came for me, didn't they?" Neville whispered, curled into himself, holding a hand over his split lip that was still bleeding, looked like it needed to be stitched.

No one answered him.

Harry eyes the quiet group; Remus starring at his broken leg, Sirius gingerly holding his ribs, the trio miserably huddled together. A bit further ahead, one of the Weasley twins was sitting leaned against the wall, bandages tightly wound around his head and ear, where the other, not as heavily injured, was fussing over the too pale young man. The metamorphmagus joined her colleagues, having only sustained light injuries, of course, only having told the group that they shouldn't move around too much.

Harry himself, had only some dust on him, though his sunglasses got lost in the chaos, a shame, he liked them. Standing, he turned back to the dark mark, pensive frown on his face.

| Chapter Three End |