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Swan Queen Chapter 10: Tie-Ups


Emma's POV

Regina flips her shit then and there.

"HENRY YOU LITTLE BASTARD! GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!" I can see a little bit of evil queen peeking out right now. She's been screeching at him for five minutes ever since he dropped her antique Chinese vase. Henry recoils in shock at her words. Regina has only ever tried to win over his heart, but never succeeded. Henry quickly ducks out of her wrath and tries running but I catch him.

"Henry, we need to talk," I say firmly into his ear, gritting my teeth. He made his way out to the front porch by the time I caught hold of him and now, we were making a scene in front of all these people. And they could clearly see me. Home. In Storybrooke. Not in Africa or whatever on a trip. Henry turned around and said,

"Why? You've already told me enough. I thought you were in love with my dad. You even said it!"

"It was just in that moment, ok? I do not love Neal. HENRY LISTEN. I will send you back to David's house if you keep this up." Regina just kind of looks on in shock at all the people slowly and quietly gathering around the street to watch us. I see Granny lift her glasses on her nose and squint to see us better. I roll my eyes and say, "Go back to Mary Margaret and David's. You've created a scene." I watch as he quickly scurries away, tears streaming down his face. I move my hand to my swollen belly and sigh. Why is life so hard? I motion towards the door and Regina steps inside, with me following close behind.

"We should've never told him," she says, inhaling a deep breath. I look at her, not wanted to tell her that we shouldn't have. Because we shouldn't have. We should have eased him into it, and now he might be gone. I just met him over a year ago, and now I'm dead to him all over again. It's time to cheer Regina up.

Regina's POV

(Play song "Clarity" by Zedd feat. Foxes)

I allow Emma to wrap the blindfold around my eyes and tie the knot.

"I can't see anything," I say, alarmed.

"That's the point!" I imagine Emma's expression. She's probably smiling like she's so innocent, but about to do something so... daring.

"Can you just tell me what we're doing?" I ask.

"Not until I spin you around five times!" she says. I quickly feel her pushing me to one side and spinning me. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. It stops. Thank God. "We're gonna bake a cake!" Emma continues. I become confused...

"How am I supposed to help you bake a cake without being able to see?" I ask. She ignores my question and I hear her wandering off. I try to steady myself with something, anything, but then the dizziness hits me. I blink hard and feel Emma's hand on my shoulder. She hands me a box of some sort. Probably cake mix. I feel for the top and rip it open.

"There you go! You're already doing good," she says in the same tone she talks to Henry. I roll my eyes with a smile and accept a round-ish feeling thing. An egg, I decide. Emma makes a guttural noise when i accidently squish it in my hands.

"Regina!" she says laughing. She wipes my hands down and then, I think, cleans the floor. I finally steady myself on something. The counter. So we're in the kitchen. All of a sudden, I feel something squishy hit my face and splatter all over me. I rip the blindfold off and glare at Emma who is standing by the fridge, grinning.

"Oh you're so gonna get it!" I say. I grab a handful of batter and eggs that is half-mixed and throw it at an unsuspecting Emma. She shrieks and grabs an egg from the carton. We toss cake ingredients at each other until we're covered in cake mix, water, flour, and eggs. I step towards Emma laughing, and lean towards her face. Our lips meet and there's the fire again. Just like every time.

"You taste good," she says, giggling at her corny joke. She licks a bit of the batter around my mouth and winks. I lean into her against the counter and grab her face in my hands. She hoists herself up onto the counter and starts kissing me wildly. There have been so many times we've kissed, but never anything like this. This is, well, stronger. I've never felt this way. Not even with Daniel.

"I love you. So much, Em," I say against her lips. She smiles and grabs the bowl beside her, smearing batter on my face. We start slapping batter onto each other, kissing each other in between handfuls. Until we hear a gasp coming from the doorway. Henry.

"I came back to get my backpack. I left it here. I'll leave now," he says. All of a sudden, David and Mary Margaret emerge from behind him. David's expression has an almost evil look to it.

"However you're taking control of my daughter, I want you to stop doing it now," he says boldly.

"Davi-" Mary Margaret starts.

"David, she's not controlling me!" Emma says to her father.

"It's true," Mary Margaret says, "I've spoke to them. They're in love." A sparkle forms in her eye. David sees it and his face softens. He whispers something to Henry and they storm out of the house. Mary Margaret smiles softly at us and nervously glances at our position against each other. I slowly slide away from Emma and Mary Margaret turns to leave. Before she does, she slowly pivots toward us on her heel.

"What's it name going to be? The baby's I mean?" she asks.

"If it's a girl, Mary, Peyton, Bella, or Brooke. If it's a boy, then, Nathan or Xander," Emma says. Mary Margaret smiles and says,

"Those are all very beautiful names." And then she turns again and walks out the door. I smile at Emma half-heartedly and say,

"I like the names we chose. Now where were we?"

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