Set after ep. 4

Characters: Mainly Frank, Sally and Mick

Disclaimer: I don't own London's Burning or ne of the characters

Franks POV

He'll know by now, Shauna will have told him. He knew all along that she would tell Mick about their little affair but yet he still carried on. He had convinced himself that he was helping them but now was not too sure. He was on a self destruct course. It was getting to him, the constant hardman act. It was like he was a lion trapped in a cage the more he tried to escape the worse it got.

"Frank you coming for a drink?" Adam asked pulling Frank out of his thoughts. "Nah mate I'm just gonna go home" he replied in rather a depressed tone. "OK see ya tomorrow then."

On the way home frank felt like someone was following him. Normally it would not bother him but this time he had a feeling of who it was. He stopped and turned, waiting for this mysterious person to show themselves. A voice came from the shadows, "So how does it feel to wreck a family? You feeling big?" "Mick it was a mistake, I.I never meant.." Frank replied, struggling for the words "NO you never mean anything do you, you go around stamping on everyone and messing up their lives." He stepped from the dark to make himself seen, "Me, I could take it up until now, Sally, I'm pretty sure she can stick up for herself, but Adam! I can see what your doing to him, why him, of all people? You know what he has been through lately, why?" His face was red with anger. Frank's head was dropped in shame. Mick continued, "What is wrong with you? Did you screw up your own life so now you can only feel good if everyone else feels as bad as you? Is that it? IS IT!?" Frank finally spoke, "I'm..I'm so sorry Mick. I.. I" he couldn't finish his sentence, tears were making him well up. Mick stood in shock, Frank the hardman was breaking down in front of him. Before Mick could utter a word Frank had fled.

The River was his favorite place, always had been, ever since he was a kid. Just sitting on the ledge and staring in to the water would clear his head of all the thoughts going through his head. This time all he could think about was Mick's face, the pain he had put him through. Mick was right, his life was ruined the day he killed that guy in that pub, so he tried to make everyone else feel the same way he felt. he was crying, he didn't cry, not for years. Try as he may he couldn't stop the tears falling.

Unknown to him, another had come to the river to seek solitude, but the scene unfolding in front of her was unbelievable, Frank crying. She decided to talk to him. She knew he was not one to open up but he looked like he needed some one at this moment in time.