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"Do ya want one?" asked offering Frank a cigarette.

In an attempt to cover up his tears he turned his face away when answering, "Nah your OK." His face was tear stained and red, this Sally could notice but the reason she knew nothing about.

"You wanna talk about it?" she asked tentatively "About what?" he replied trying to act confused but not able to pull it off. Sally continued in a soft soothing voice, "What ever it is that's got you this up set" " I'm not upset, there's nothing wrong" Frank replied defensively

Feeling that she had tried her best and there was no way he would open up she began to leave. As she had turned her back she could have sworn she heard a voice. Turning to she if she was right, she heard it again, louder, "I've screwed up Sal." Sally could see it on his face that he was finding it hard to open up. Years of not talking about his own emotions had made him forget how good it is to talk about your woes. "I've really done it now, Mick found out." Before Sally could ask what Mick had found out Frank continued, "I never even wanted it to happen. All I wanted to do was help. I could see she wasn't alright. I never meant to sleep with her, I didn't mean to, it just happened" He was shaking all over. This scared her.

Silence had fallen. She had her suspicions of who this mysterious women was but needed confirmation. "Who was it?" After a minute Frank murmured a name.

She was right, she wanted to comfort him, she could tell he was upset, but all she could think about was Mick. The pain he must be going through.

" I've gotta go" As much as she wanted to stay she couldn't, she had to find Mick.

A pained voice followed her as she walked away, a voice coated in sorrow, "Sal I never meant for this to happen, Please believe me"

* * *

Sally walked and walked. She wanted to go and see Mick, he must have been having the time of his life, nothing like hearing your wife has cheated on you to brighten up your day. Of course she knew that she shouldn't, he would want to be on his own, she knew she would. A pub. That's what she needed just now. She found herself at a smallish pub that she'd never seen before. Well at least no one can stop me from drinking too much. Too late. Just as see entered and made her way to the bar she made out a depressed figure propping up the bar.

"Sally!" yelled a slurred voice. Her stumbled across to her and almost collapsed in a heap, virtually pulling her down with himself. Well her night was going to an experience, she thought to herself, looking after her SO was never in her job description. "How many ave you had Mick?" gasped Sally as she attempted to haul his drunken state onto the nearest bar stool. "Only the one, he's the worst drinker I've ever seen" the barman butted in. " If you're a friend or something can you please take him home cause he's driving the business" " Yeah OK. Come on Mick, you can stay with me to night" just saying this scared Sally, this was the man she was in love with and she was taking him to her flat.

The walk home, in the fresh air, must have sobered him up cause he was able to walk with little assistance and was now trying to go home. They both thought the same thing, them both staying in the same flat alone was not a good idea, but they both also knew that him going home in that state was worse.

"Go and sit down, I'll make us a strong coffee." Sally had been right the place was not the Ritz but Mick figured it was better that staying at the station. "So do you wanna talk about it?" Mick's face was one of confusion, but inside he knew exactly what she was talking about. He knew her well enough that he wasn't going to fool her, " How do you know?" "Frank told me, he seemed really upset." As soon as she said it she regretted it, how could she say how Frank felt, Mick was on the same wavelength. "He feels bad!! How do you think I feel? She cheated on me, after everything we've been through. God I thought it was gonna be me who had an affair, not her" Not realizing what he had said and the effect it had had on Sally he continued rambling. "He's a scheming little bastard, you, Adam and now me He's got to us all." before he could continue Sally butted in confusion evident in her voice, "Adam? What's Frank done to him, he's been a good mate to him." "That's what I thought to begin with but there is something going on that we can't see, I just know it, and if we don't anything soon he'll drag Adam down with him." Stopping Mick felt his breathing waver, he was shaking trying to control it. Sally moved closer to him and put an arm around him. This simple jester of affection made Mick totally break down, in tears he put his head on her shoulder and cried his eyes out. Sally's mind drifted away. Why couldn't she comfort Frank like this. As much as Frank annoyed her she still thought she should have been able console a friend in need. They had settled the hatchet so you couldn't she be there for him. Deep in her thoughts she hadn't notice Mick move his head to settle his eyes upon her. She noticed a change in atmosphere and turned her head. Their eyes locked, as much as she fought it she couldn't look away. As his head moved toward hers Sally's mind was screaming at her. One side could help but see the good side of the situation, this was the guy she loved. As their lips touched, as much as she wanted to kiss him back, her morals kicked in. She pulled away abruptly and averted her eyes. "Mick you're upset, I'll get you a blanket, you can sleep on the couch." Regret obvious in her voice While Sally gathered the appropriate stuff for him, Mick sat with his head in his hands. A headache was setting in and he knew the full force of the hangover would hit him in a few hours. "Here you go, the bathroom is up the hall, night" As sally was about to exit the room Mick spoke, "Sally," She turned to his voice, " I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that," she just gave a weak smile. "Night then Mick" "Yeah night Sal" He replied as she shut the door