Author Notice:

For those of you still interested!

Hello all my readers who have been following this story Or any of you potential new readers! It's been such a long time, and for that I cannot apologize enough. Other than apologizing, there is not much more I can think of to say besides that I had so much going on with this story and ultimately I just lost interest in writing it or well Fanfiction in general. Rambling aside-After much thought and seeing that people are still reading, following, and even reviewing this story I've decided to reboot it! The reason for this being as some of you might have read, as I was reading through all that I have written for this I see a lot of plot disruptions and things I want to add, change, and improve.

So! for all of you who are still interested in Haruna and are craving some Trafalgar Law/ general One Piece-ness, the reboot of this story is titled Memento Mori and since it is a reboot of this story it will have both new and old content. Though in its own right, it is going to have some distinct changes making it a different story with a new arc. I understand some of you like this story and exactly how it is now, and because of that I am not going to remove it or anything. Again, I apologize if this causes disappointment but as the author of this story this is the direction I want to go in.

Thank you all for everything, and for those of you who are still interested- I just put out the first chapter of Memento Mori and you can go check it out by finding it on my profile or by searching the name! (not sure how many other stories have the name but hopefully its still findable!)

- DreamAngel2713