"Dray. Come and entertain me. I'm bored." Harry whined, giving Draco the cutest pout he could muster. "I'm busy, Harry. Entertain yourself." Harry snickered at the unintentional innuendo. "But you know you'd prefer to... 'Entertain' me." He purred, watching Draco squirm as the innuendo clicked in his head. "Maybe..." Draco mumbled, trying to focus on his paperwork, rather than his growing erection. Harry sauntered over to the desk Draco was sat at, wrapping his arms around his neck. He leaned forward and whispered in a sultry voice, "How about you 'entertain' me now?" Draco had a death grip on the quill, trying to keep his focus. "Come on, Dray. You know you want to." The quill snapped in the palm of his hand. Harry leaned forward and nipped the Draco's earlobe, causing him to arch his back and groan deep in his throat. "Bedroom. Now." Harry walked down the corridors, knowing Draco would be in tow. Draco cursed at himself, as he walked along the winding hallways. He never could resist him.