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Prompt name: He

How about some MascheraShipping?

Oh, he was so handsome. His steel-grey eyes, his dark brown hair, and inquisitive look; they were nice traits. It looked like he was often deep in thought. His smile was bright and cheery. His hugs were nice.

He invited me to go to a masquerade ball. He was dressed nicely. He looked smart and sexy in a tux. His tux was grey, matching his eye colour, while his undershirt was white and his tie dark grey. His mask was mostly black and white with blue beads in the middle, and sadly, hid his eyes.

I was wearing a beautiful dress. It was mostly red and it had a white frilly thing on top while a rose was in the middle. My mask was mostly dark blue and yellow with white and pink feathers coming out of it. Green beads also hung from the mask. It hid my eyes as well.

"Hello, René." His sweet voice was charming and sexy.

"Hello, Émile." I grinned. We started to dance to a waltz. Even though I didn't know how to dance to one, I just followed the steps he did. "I just realised something…"

"What's that?" he asked coolly.

I loved him, but why? Why did I love him? It will continue to interest me. "Romeo and Juliet met each other at a masquerade ball…"

"Ah yes, you're right." The music changed. "Can you dance a rumba?" he asked.

"No…" I blushed slightly.

"It's all right, I can show you how." He cracked a smile.

Moral of the story: He will always be my best friend, no matter what the circumstances are. He is amazing. I will always love him.

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