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First Vision: The Girls from the Dreams.

"You want to think life is perfect and kind? Well, things never are what they seem. Selflessness leads to betrayal, loyalty can be bought with money, and speaking the truth will get you killed." I explained while casually walking towards the young woman as she dangled upside down. "Love is especially dangerous. The one you've fallen for may just use you and throw you away without a second thought."

Her arms were tied behind her back while dangling from a pipe from her ankles with a puddle of blood below her head. Her glistening emerald green eyes were so gorgeous. So vibrant. So pure. So fucking alluring. Especially when they were filled with the terror that was present in them. Her skin was slightly pale, mainly because of her losing a bit of blood after I meticulously dissected her fingers while they were attached to her hands. Her screams of agony and pain were an angelic melody to my ears, and left me craving more.

I gently pressed the sharpened edge of the blade of my serrated knife against her jugular vein, taking great care not to break the skin.

"P-Please… d-don't k-kill me…" she pleaded weakly for the hundredth time, trying her hardest from breaking down. I must admit, she really has a strong will, most would've begged for death by now after going through so much pain. The lone dim light from the dangling light bulb was more than enough to illuminate her long golden blonde hair and her pale skin.

God… I couldn't believe that such a beauty had become such a bane to me. I ran the blade against her right shin with some applied pressure, causing blood to ooze out from the shallow cut. After enough of her scarlet essence accumulated, I slowly lapped it up with my tongue, taking the moment to relish the metallic taste as the liquid touched the taste buds.

"Izumi Orimoto… Otherwise named Zoe amongst your circle of friends." I said to the girl as my lips curled into a smirk. "You have something that I wanted for a very long time."

"Wh-What do you want?" the girl asked as her eyes widened in complete shock. "Who are you?!"

I simply shrugged before bending over, having my brilliant blood-red eyes be level with her own green. I briefly brought a hand up to brush a lock of my silky jet-black hair from my eyesight.

"It's quite simple really." I replied with a sadistic grin. God I love the power I currently have. " Oh, where are my manners? My name is Sakamichi Kyrie… and I simply want you out of the picture so that Takuya can become mine!"

I removed the blade from her and raised it above my head above my head before plunging it straight into her neck at an angle, severing the jugular vein. She attempted to scream, but the blood turned any noise into simple gargling.

At that moment, I always awoke from my dream, a cold sweat going down my face. I tore the sheets off of me before sitting upright, breathing heavily as I looked into the darkness of my apartment.

It's always that kind of dream…visions involving people I never met before, yet have become so familiar with.

Sakamichi Kyrie. Despite the psychotic personality, a very attractive girl of the sweet age of seventeen.

Orimoto Izumi, also went by the name of Zoe… a girl apparently of the same age as Kyrie, but usually plays the hapless victim.

I have been seeing these two in my dreams so much lately that their faces, names, and even voices are engraved into my memory.

The dreams never were quite the same, sometimes it was Kyrie who was responsible, sometimes she was the victim herself. On several occasions, it was myself who was torturing both of the girls themselves.

At times, I wasn't witness a scene of torture or murder, sometimes it was suicide. No matter what it was, it always led to death.

I sighed before rubbing my hands through my short, spiky black hair… my emerald green eyes took a quick glance at the alarm clock that rested next to my bed.

3:23 AM

Fuck… I won't be able to get back to sleep now… I had to get up before five anyway. Another day of high school after all.

Oh, you must be wondering who I am. Where are my manners? My name is Masamune Kira. I'm sixteen years old, I live alone in an apartment in Shibuya, and some people think I'm clinically insane. Seriously, I'm not kidding about that.

I am what people call a clairvoyant, but my powers don't work in the traditional sense. I don't see only the near future… but I can actually watch events that are currently going on in different realities, ones where an incarnation of myself is present though. I can't say or do anything there, but I can watch and hear what happens through my other self's eyes and ears.

When I was younger, I was able to amaze my friends with the many adventures I witnessed through my dreams. But as we all grew older, they slowly began to see me as someone who was engulfed in a fantasy world. I finally began to keep my visions to myself when I turned thirteen out of fear of being ostracized.

The Kyrie from my most recent dream was right. Life never is perfect or kind to you.

My parents were murdered in a home invasion a year ago, and my younger sister went missing without a trace since then. I can't keep a job for no more than a month, and my neighbors think that I'm either a freak or drug addict. It doesn't help that I'm having such morbid dreams that have been giving me very little rest, leaving my eyes in a near constant bloodshot state. Yep, definitely gives me the crazy look too…

I don't know what will happen first. Going insane from these vivid nightmares, or being arrested for looking like an addict.

I sighed and gotten out of bed, yawning a little. However, I groaned when I heard my cell phone began ringing loudly. I picked up the phone and grimaced upon seeing the caller ID.

I knew that this was going to be a long day already… especially when Geoff was calling at this hour.

School : 7:00 AM

I grumbled as I opened the door to the classroom that I was assigned to. God I hate these black uniforms I have to wear… they're so itchy and hard to move in… Especially the pants. FUCK! THE ITCH'S BACK!

Normally I'd be running like a chicken with its head cut off to keep from being tardy because I overslept. However, my …friend from overseas… Geoffrey Godwin, or just Geoff as I call him, just wanted to have me come in earlier than usual to ask me something without a lot of people overhearing.

I don't get him usually. He's pretty twisted in the head in my opinion. Obsessed with making horror movies involving a serial killer, always wants to think from their point of view, able to suggest morbid suggestions while keeping a straight face and he's one hell of a sadist… I genuinely felt sorry for that bully that tried to assault him last year…

He also keeps tabs on all rumors, especially morbid and supernatural ones… In fact, it was a rumor of me being a deranged psychopath that started our friendship.

At times I wonder if I already am insane just because I'm his friend.

I looked around and noticed the messy mop of blonde hair that was Geoff's head towards the back of the classroom. He had sickly pale white skin, and his red eyes looked up from his laptop, smirking as he saw me. I shivered upon seeing the smirk, it looked like he was figuring out how to fillet me with a broken floor tile… and enjoying it.

"What did you want to ask me?" I asked while stifling a yawn.

"I heard of two new transfer students are coming in today." Geoff said while gauging my expression.

"Is that all?" I asked with a frown.

"I remember you telling me of those dreams of yours. You know, the ones with those two girls?" he recalled.

I instantly bit my lower lip. The lunatic was able to get me to talk about my dreams about those two girls. I never thought that a cheese grater could be so damn intimidating when he jokingly threatened to grate my toes with it. See what I mean by him being sick in the head?

"What does that have to do with the transfer students?" I asked, not liking where this was heading.

"I peeked into Sensei's register, and guess what their names are. It's both Izumi and Kyrie!" he said in an excited manner.

I felt my jaw going slack as all my blood drained from my face.

Oh god…. This isn't happening… This is SO NOT happening…

"Wow… Kira, you're as pale as a ghost…" Geoff said in amazement.

"Did you forget what happens in them?" I asked weakly.

"Nope.." my friend said casually. "One of the lovely ladies die a gloriously bloody death. That or you commit seppuku with a live tuna."

"THIS IS SERIOUS!" I hissed through my teeth, my attitude switching from shock to anger in an instant. "I've been having visions of possible murders and suicides! And how the hell am I supposed kill myself with a fish?!"

"Relax Kira. You're just over reacting." he said calmly. "Besides, it could just be nothing more than just sheer coincidence."

"I don't believe in coincidences…" I seethed. "The last time I had a vision, I chose to ignore it and look what happened to Yumi!"

"I'm sorry about your sister. But keep calm and think this through!" Geoff said as he glared at me.

"I am calm." I said firmly. "But you're right, I need to think this thoroughly. My visions are not set in stone after all. They were wrong once before."

Geoff nodded and smirked at me.

"That's more like it." he said before turning his laptop around to show me an image on the screen.

I looked down at the screen and saw two open windows, each showing a familiar face that I've seen in my dreams.

"Orimoto Izumi, Seventeen years of age. Blonde hair, emerald green eyes, she's not a whole lot in the breast department based on her measurements, but has the right curves to compensate. She's also half Italian, which really helps her out in looks. Her parents live abroad, therefore she's all alone in her apartment." Geoff informed me as I examined the picture of her closely.

She was smiling happily while having one of her arms wrapped around the arm of a blushing brown haired boy with his eyes closed with a goofy grin plastered on his face. I couldn't help but feel that I saw this guy somewhere before.

"Who's the guy that Orimoto's with in this pic?" I spoke up, gently tapping the screen with a finger.

"Kanbara Takuya, her boyfriend of two years. He also attends this school, but is in class 3-G. I guess Blondie is transferring in order to be with her lover more often." Geoff replied. "Don't understand what she sees in that guy, after all, next to you, he's the school idiot…"

"Alright, what about our other person of interest?" I inquired in annoyance before focusing my attention upon the image of a black haired girl who was in a library, sitting at a table and reading a book.

"Sakamichi Kyrie, also seventeen. Black hair and red eyes. She's possibly from Kyoto based on how pale she looks. Her measurements are damn near the Goddamn Trifecta! If she isn't shy, she could actually get any guy she wants with looks alone. But it seems that she's also very smart. Her transaction records show she was one of the smartest students back in her old school." Geoff replied before his voice was lowered to a soft whisper as an unnerving grin formed on his face. "However, she moved because of her best friend and former boyfriend being found chopped up into mincemeat on the beach. The culprit was never found."

I involuntarily gulped upon hearing that. That last part of information furthered solidified the plausibility of one of my dreams becoming a reality. Leave it to him to bring that up...

"Fuck… what the fucking hell am I going to do?!" I said, my anxiety obviously present in my voice.

"Personally, I'd just force the two of them to drink a glass filled with glass shards and battery acid." Geoff said in a casual tone of voice.

I immediately glared at him incredulously. No one in their right mind would suggest such an appalling thing so casually!

"I'm only kidding. Sheesh, you need to learn to liven up, Masamune." he said with a sigh. "If you want to avoid your tragedy, befriend the girls, and then knock up the one you like more. Simple as that."

"You seriously need to see a psychologist…" I said dryly while glaring at him still.

9:00 AM

I panicked as I ran towards the entrance. I couldn't believe I was late for my first day at school! My long black hair wafted in the air with each step I took. I was clutching my bag against my chest to prevent it from falling to the ground because the handle broke off. I saw a few other people turning to look at me. Which isn't surprising, since my eyes are red after all.

I stopped at the shoe lockers and looked for the one assigned to me. I found it and quickly took off my shoes, replacing them with the ones for indoors that I pulled out from my bag. I turned the dial and opened the door before placing my first pair inside hastily before slamming it shut. I once again clutched my bag tightly and ran as fast as possible, trying to find my destination.

I scrambled through a hallway, glancing up to check the room numbers.

"1-A, 1-B… Damn… where is it?!" I cursed under my breath.

Naturally, since I wasn't paying much attention, I collided with something and fell to the ground on my ass before sprawling along the tiled flooring.

"Ow…" I groaned while I propped my hands behind my back to sit up.

"Uh… are you okay?" a voice asked.

I looked up to see a blond haired girl who was sitting on the ground in front of me. I briefly noticed that she had lovely emerald eyes that complimented her hair. Her face had the exotic features of a foreigner from the West. I glanced down to see that her uniform shown that she either had no breasts or ones that were small enough to be well hidden by the black jacket that students were to wear. I then looked at her long slender legs that were alluring on their own.

Damn… her body was tempting me to jump her right at that moment.

"hello? Are you there?" the girl asked me with a concerned look.

I immediately shook my head and came to my senses.

"Umm.. Yeah, I'm fine. " I replied instantly.

We both got to our feet and adjusted our respective uniforms accordingly. Once I was finished, I looked up to see the girl smiling warmly at me.

"Sorry about that, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. It's my first day here, so I'm kinda lost right now." she apologized to me. "I'm looking for class 3-C."

I blinked in mild surprise. To think that she was doing the exact same thing as myself, looking for the same classroom.

"I see. Well, I'm looking for the same room myself. I'm also new here." I replied with a smile on my face as I held out my hand. "I'm Sakamichi Kyrie."

The blonde smiled while taking my hand with her own and shook it.

"Pleased to meet you, I'm Orimoto Izumi, but my friends call me Zoe." she introduced herself.

I nodded and gently pulled my hand back before kneeling down to collect my bag.

"I guess we're both lost." I said before rising up once again.

"Guess so." Zoe replied with a slight shrug.

"We should find the headmaster's office." I suggested.

My new classmate nodded in agreement and we took off in the direction we thought our destination would be.

Classroom 3-C - Kira.

I yelped loudly as the piece of chalk made its mark square in the forehead, forcing me to snap out of my daydream. I looked my sensei, Azuma Matoi, a woman in her mid twenties with red hair and hazel eyes. I don't know how she does it, but she can throw chalk with enough force that it can EASILY leave bruises, including a black eye! I know this from personal experience.

"Glad you can join us, Masamune-san." she said in a strained tone while rubbing her hands clear of the chalk dust. "Since you apparently so busy, You should go find our newest classmates, as they haven't shown up yet."

"Understood, Azuma-sensei." I acknowledged before rising from my seat and calmly walking to the door to the hallway.

I hastily opened the door and closed it behind me, not wanting to incur the woman's ire even more. I don't get the reason why, but she really despises me. True, I admit that I do zone out a bit during her lectures. But what's the point of learning History when you're aiming to be a suit actor?

I turned to my left and began walking, wondering where to start my search. I decided that the headmaster's was a good place to start as I moved . After reaching the stairwell to go downstairs, I immediately stopped upon seeing two familiar faces heading up towards me.

"Excuse me, but do you have a moment?" the blonde asked. "We're looking for class 3-C, we're both new here and don't know where it is."

I just stood in place, my mind refusing to register what I'm seeing. The two girls from my dreams… standing right in front of me. I couldn't believe how this day was going… first the dream, followed by having a pack of cats chase me on the way to school, then Geoff telling me about two new transfer students, who happened to be the very same girls from said dream, and finally I was sent to go look for them.

Think this is a string of sheer coincidences? I don't fucking think so! It's times like these that makes me wish I wasn't a clairvoyant…

All of a sudden I felt a pair of hands grasping my shoulders before being violently shook.

"Hello? Anyone in there?" the black haired girl spoke out to me, trying to get my attention.

"Huh? Oh!" I said before snapping back to reality and broke free from her grip " Sorry about that, spaced out there, Sakamichi-san."

Kyrie stared at me in surprise. Her brilliant red eyes conveying her reactions loud and clear to me. I couldn't help but stare at them for a moment, temporarily entranced by the crimson orbs.

"How do you know my name?" she asked me.

I realized my mistake upon hearing her. I wasn't really supposed to know their names, since we never met in person before. I immediately cleared my throat and quickly came up with an excuse.

"Well, umm… I was sent out to find both of you." I explained. "So I asked Sensei what your names were and what you both looked like. "

Kyrie relaxed as she bought my excuse. I wasn't really lying completely, after all, Asumu-sensei did in fact sent me out to find them.

I cleared my throat before speaking up again.

"I'm Masamune Kira of Class 3-C." I introduced myself, wanting to not make myself look like a fool to both of them. "We're not far from the classroom."

Both girls sighed in relief.

"Finally!" they said in synch before they walked out of the stairwell and behind me.

"Thank you, Masamune-san." Zoe said.

"Anytime." I said with a smile. "In fact, if you both want, I can give you guys the grand tour once homeroom is over."

"Oh… I appreciate the offer, but I'm afraid that I'll have to decline." Zoe said apologetically while looking over at the sign for class 3-G.

I immediately remembered what Geoff said about her having a boyfriend, and I only nodded in acknowledgement.

Kyrie however, had a smile on her face.

"Unlike Orimoto-san, I'll gladly take up on your offer." she said before setting her bag down and wrapping her arms around my left arm, pressing it against her well developed breasts.

I couldn't help but blush a bit as a little bit of blood ran down my right nostril. I never realized how soft her breasts were. I glanced at her as she looked up at me with a smile. Even though I saw her in my dreams many times before, I couldn't help but be drawn to this possible psychopath's beauty.

The lighting made her silky black hair shine, enhancing the paleness of her white skin. Her scarlet eyes were filled with innocence and life. Not the cold, emotionless ones from the dreams.

Huh? Did my heart just skip a beat? Weird… Am I having a heart attack? … heart's still going. All clear.

I cleared my throat once more before, reluctantly, removing my arm from Kyrie's embrace.

"We better get going. If we stand here any longer, Sensei is going to pelt me senseless with chalk when we get back." I said, smiling a little upon hearing the girls giggle at my joke.

In the back of my mind, a single thought appeared.

How am I going to prevent my dreams about these two girls from coming true?

Next time:

Trust is a fragile thing. Once broken, it's difficult to regain.

Trust can bring joy, safety, and camaraderie, but can also bring pain, betrayal, and death.

The same can be said about keeping a secret.

But what am I going to do with this ominous knowledge I possess? Will keeping it a secret keep them safe, or doom us all?

Second Vision: Perilous Trust

Final Thoughts: Psycho Edition


Blazorna: *Laughs maniacally while coming in drenched in blood* I HAVE RETURNED! TREMBLE BEFORE ME, MORTALS! *calms down* sorry about that, but it's nice to be back doing a Digimon Frontier fanfic. I want to first say hi to any Takumi fans who remember me. I KNOW some of you are there. If you guys are having trouble. Here's a little refresher.

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Anyway, as this is a revival, I'm starting from scratch. Whole new plot, new characters, and any familiar characters will have new roles and personalities. I consider the OC's Geoff and Kyrie from "From the Shadows" as blackandblood's, even though I played a part in their creations, especially with the sequel. The pair who are based off of them are in a way, homage to the originals. Just for the record, appearances of these characters do not represent the originals, namely Geoff.

For those wondering what I've been doing ever since, here's what's been going on. About a year ago, I began working on a fanfic series called Incursio Votum. Simply put, a major crossover involving lots of chaos, humor, violence, suggestive themes, and other stuff. In the creation of it, the character Masamune Kira came to mind. However, the name for him originated from another fanfic of mine, Searching. Later down the road, I came up with the idea of doing side stories that featured different incarnations of Kira. And the rest is history. One is connected to the main storyline, but the others, like this one, can be treated as stand alones.

For those worried, don't run like a chicken with its head cut off, Takuya and Zoe are still the main protagonists of this story, it's just that they're going to be sharing the spotlight this time around.

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Now for why I'm writing the story from a first person perspective opposed to the usual third. I wanted to do things differently. And for those wondering yes, You WILL see things from Kyrie's point of view. *laughs maniacally again* I know, I'm evil.

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(Original)Kira: *off screen* UP YOURS ASSHOLE!

(Shadows) Kira: *also off screen* NO WAY IN HELL I'M KISSING KOJI! HE'S EMO!

Blazorna: *walks off screen* Listen here you fucking morons, I created you two, and you exist only because of me! Be a pair of assholes and I'll rip you both a new one with a fucking crayon! I can also have it arranged where BOTH of you marry men.

Both Kiras * both scream in shrill pitches* WE'LL BEHAVE!

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Since this story is also a revival of "From the Shadows" I feel I could spill a few non-spoiler secrets regarding the original story to shake things up.

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God I missed the morbid stuff we did amongst each other…

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