Apartment in Tokyo

Police cars were present outside of an apartment complex that had the front door laying outside, ripped off the hinges. Inside of the building was a scene of carnage. Blood and yellow globules of fat painted the once white walls, the furniture all smashed into countless fragments that surrounded of what was once one of the tenets.

It was difficult to identify the man, as his entire face was apparently chewed off, the head staring up at the ceiling with empty eye sockets as all the skin and most of the muscles were missing, the only signs of what happened to the face was a piece of chewed up cartilage that once was the nose. The body's neck was ripped open and the jawbone was located across the room, the tongue dangling loose.

His stomach was ripped open, all of his organs partially eaten and scattered around the corpse, leaving the still skinned ribcage intact but hollow.

Not one of the officers could figure out what happened, as the gore that painted the entire room belonged to the second set of remains that was missing everything right above the waistline, as if it exploded like a bomb.

Held within the skeletal hand with the tendons still attached was a cell phone that had a single text message from an unknown sender.

Eviscerate the enemy, Devidramon!

Fourth Vision : Immersion Evolution

Kira's Apartment- Zoe

I watched quietly as Kira unlocked the door and opened it. We were currently at Masamune's apartment as it was agreed that we should continue our conversation in a more private location. The black haired boy offered his place as he lived alone and it was not very far from the school.

"I'm honestly surprised that you are familiar about Digimon, Kanbara-san, Orimoto-san." he said before moving aside after entering to hold the door open. "Anyway, come one in everyone."

Sakamichi was the first to enter, followed by Noir, who turned her head to smile at Kira before entering. Takuya and I looked at each other before nodding in agreement before entering together. Once everyone was in, Masamune looked outside to see if anyone was looking before retreating inside and closing the door behind him.

Takuya was the first to speak up.

"Alright, can someone tell me what's going on exactly?" he asked as he looked over at the others.

"I think I should begin." Kira suggested. " I'm still somewhat confused as to what is going on here exactly. "

Noir nodded in agreement.

"I too would like to hear Masamune-san first off… That way we can see how much he knows about Digimon and the current situation." she added.

"Everyone should take a seat then. It'll take a while. Oh, before I get started, anyone want something to drink?" Kira spoke up while turning on a light switch, illuminating the room .

"Hmm… do you have any coffee?" Noir asked.

"Sorry, Noir-san, but I don't drink that stuff…" our host apologized. "I do have melon soda, fruit milk, and tea available."

I saw Noir's eyes brighten up in genuine excitement.

"Any avocado flavored fruit milk?" she asked hopefully.

"I got that as well as asparagus flavored." Kira replied.

Oh boy… I just saw that look in Takuya's eye… why is he so fixated on that stuff?

Convenience store - several blocks away

A young woman wearing a business outfit walked out of the building with a tabloid magazine in one hand while talking onto her cell with the other. Perched on the roof top in a crouch was a silhouette with a pair of glowing red eyes focused directly upon the unsuspecting woman.

"Can you believe what they're putting into these tabloids these days?" the woman said in disbelief. "First all these scandals, and now blabber of monsters appearing all over Nippon."

"I know, it's like the government is trying to shove crap down our throats to make us obedient." the woman's friend said. "What do you think, Nami-chan?"

However before the woman had the chance to reply, a winged being swooped down and drove its oversized clawed hand through the heart, silencing her immediately. As quickly as it came, it took off to the night sky with its prey still impaled on its arm. The only traces of the woman left was the magazine that was now scarlet as well as the cell phone that rested within a puddle of blood.

As the being flew, it opened its mouth and bit into the corpse's throat, tearing off flesh as it began feasting on its meal. the blood dripped onto the pavement, leaving a trail for anyone to follow to its destination, but only if they were able to fly.

Kira's Apartment- Kira

I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

Takuya and Zoe indulged Kyrie and myself on their adventures in the Digital World.

I only recently came to terms on the existence of Digimon, and then those two just had to say that they were able to become them as well. I took a sip out of my melon soda as Takuya told me of his fights with one of the Royal Knights known as Dynasmon.

My D-Linker was on the coffee table, opened up so that Dorimon could join in on the conversation.

"To think that Crusadermon and Dynasmon did such deplorable actions…" the furball said in disgust.

"Yeah. I remember him losing miserably when my home was lost to them." Noir said bitterly as she glared at Takuya.

"Look, how many times am I going to tell you. I did everything I could to protect it!" the brunet replied, trying his hardest to remain calm.

"Guys, let's leave the past alone for now, and focus on the present." Zoe said while slamming her hand on the table, catching everyone's attention. "Noir-san, what is going on exactly?"

After silently glaring daggers at Takuya, the digimon sighed and closed her eyes.

"A year after Lucemon has been defeated, there were reports of Digimon who were finding ways to the Human World. These digimon who escaped through this manner were all corrupted, enough that even their digicores were tainted. I was tasked with keeping the Human World safe from them as a Maverick." Noir explained before taking a sip of her asparagus flavored milk. Her face grimaced immediately from the taste. "You humans actually enjoy this crap?!"

"Hey! It's an acquired taste!" I countered.

It's true, not everyone likes asparagus, and I was no exception. It took me four years to finally be able to stomach that stuff.

It was worth the effort. Got a free t-shirt out of it.

Before we could say anything else, the faint sound of a window breaking next door could be heard. I was thinking it to be a robbery before a loud resounding roar echoed through the walls.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" Kyrie cried out in shock as she tensed up.

Noir however furrowed her brow before she got up to her feet as her D-Linker began to ring.

"Everyone, get out of here, you're all in danger." she warned us before heading towards the door. She looked back at us with a smile. "We'll continue this discussion after I'm done with work."

Without another word, she opened the door and went into the hallway, vanishing from sight before the door closed on its own.

I frowned and got up while grabbing the D-Linker.

"You guys stay here and call the police, I'll go help Noir." I instructed before going to a closet to pull out a metal baseball bat. I then turned around and went outside into the hallway.

"Damn it… of all the times for a Rogue to show up…" I heard Noir's voice said in annoyance.

I looked into the room and was shocked upon the sight inside.

Besides the outside wall being demolished, the entire apartment was covered in gore from floor to ceiling. I looked down to see a head that was ripped off the body, the face stripped of all skin and muscle. The eye sockets were emptied. All that remained was the scalp and hair.

The rest of the body was lying on the ground , stripped of most its flesh. Nearby the devoured corpse was the one of my neighbor. The person was an elderly man named Nakagumo Kojima who was in his eighties, and was a bona fide asshole to me.

But still, the guy didn't deserve having some black monster's head buried deep inside his body, devouring his entrails. Whatever the creature was, it apparently sensed out presence as Kojima's corpse stopped shaking. It retracted its head, revealing it to be a bearded man in his forties wearing some black hood over his head. His eyes were like a demon's, full of bloodlust and rage. I would've passed him as some psycho, but the two pairs of tattered black wings that protruded from his back as well as his hands being disproportionately enlarged with red talons as well as the tail.

"Who the hell is that?!" I asked Noir in disbelief.

"A Rogue." Noir said simply before pulling out a card from the deck box. She before holding up her opened D-Linker before a hologram appeared.

"Devidramon… Champion level, Virus digimon…" she muttered under her breath before holding up her right hand while closing the D-Linker and inserted the card into a slot at the top half of the device.

"EXECUTE!" she cried out as a glowing ring of some kind of energy appeared around her hand.

She then ran the scanner portion of the D-Linker against the ring as sparks began to fly from the point of contact. She then dragged the ring against the device before lowering raising her right hand above her head.


Noir closed her eyes as the ring became a long ribbon that covered her entire body like a cocoon.

"What's going on here?" I asked Dorimon while holding up my D-Linker to my face before flipping it around so that he could see what was going on.

"She is activating the power of her D-Linker. Mavericks are able to utilize the powers of digimon in various ways. What Sistermon Noir is doing is one such ability." he explained calmly.

The cocoon unraveled a few moments later, revealing Noir wielding a pair of peculiar guns that were glowing brilliantly. They resembled crosses but in the center of them was a translucent sphere with a fire burning brilliantly inside it.

" Skill Immersion complete!" she announced before pointing her guns at the monstrous man.

Devidramon unleashed a defiant, unnerving wail as he charged forward, raising one of his oversized hands to strike. However, his eyes began to glow a brilliant scarlet, causing Noir to literally freeze in place. I however sensed something wrong with it and averted my gaze.

"Red Eyes…" the monster hissed as I heard him charging forward. I looked up to see his red talons began glowing as he swung his hands down. "Crimson Claw!"

Throwing all caution away, I pocketed the D-Linker and bolted in front of Noir. I swung my bat straight into Devidramon's head, hearing a loud, sickening sound of his face breaking in upon making contact. The monster screeched in pain as he staggered backwards, his hands holding his face as blood seeped through his fingers.

"I don't think so, freak." I said while shouldering my bat, which had a surprisingly large, deep dent in it.

What was that guy made out of?! Normally human bone doesn't leave such a thing, at least from what I've heard on television.

"You'll pay for that, human…" the monstrous man growled before he expanded his wings.

"Noir! Snap out of it!" I cried out.

The digimon blinked as she came around. She growled to herself upon realizing what happened to her.

"Damn you…." She said before taking aim again. "And why are you here? You can't beat this guy without a Digicard!"

"On contraire, Noir. He does have one…" Dorimon's voice replied "Mine."

I blinked in confusion before my pocket began glowing.

"Kira, Noir! I need some time to prepare the card, so hold him off as long as possible." the furball instructed."

"Guess I have no choice. Don't die on me, Kira-kun." Noir said as her face softened to show her concern towards me.

"Crimson Claw!" Devidramon cried out as it swiped at us with both his arms.

Noir leapt back in time to avoid being struck, but I wasn't as fortunate, having a slower reaction time.

I screamed in pain as the talons raked against my chest, shredding my top and soaking it with my blood that oozed out in one swift movement. I then slumped to my knees while my free arm was pressed against my chest, attempting to stop the bleeding.

"Fireball!" Noir called out while pulling the triggers of her guns, unleashing a volley of fireballs upon the monster.

Devidramon screamed as he staggered backwards the clothes he was wearing were smoldering as smoke came from his body. He recovered and charged forward, attempting to attack once again. He closed the distance between him and Noir, twisting his body around to slam his tail into her body. Noir was sent flying, crashing straight through the wall like it was nothing.

I gritted my teeth while getting up to my feet. I ignored the pain as I prepared myself to attack. Slowly raising my bat, I screamed defiantly as I stormed forward. Devidramon opened his mouth to roar, only for me to shove the bat straight down his throat, knocking his teeth in as an added bonus. His cries muffled, the monster attempted to reach for the protruding bat.

Gathering as much strength as possible, I slammed my body against the bat as hard as I could, forcing the aluminum rod further into his gullet. I then collapsed to the ground on my side, looking on as Noir stepped in front of me.

Choking now, Devidramon struggled to remove the bat , too distracted to see Noir raising her guns up.

"May Lady Ophanimon show mercy on your Digicore…" She said solemnly before opening fire upon our adversary.

The demonic man was engulfed within a cloud of black smoke as he was assaulted by a barrage of fiery bullets.

Noir ceased fire as her guns began to become distorted, like white noise before they disappeared, one of them turning back into her D-Linker.

"Sorry Dorimon, but your assistance isn't required," she said with a smirk.

I however watched the smoke closely… I wouldn't relax until I know for certain that that thing was dead…

It was quiet over there…

Too quiet…

I didn't even hear the sound of the body collapsing or any final growl…

It was then I noticed the glowing red eyes.

"NOIR!" I cried out before a large arm emerged from the smoke, catching the digimon off guard as it grasped her.

The smoke cleared, revealing a dragon with two pairs of glowing red eyes… It looked to be wearing a black body suit that at parts looked more like skin than fabric. Its arms were elongated while its tail was completely covered in belts in the middle of the limb.

The black dragon roared as the smoke revealed his true form. scattered around it was a ring of gore, torn fabric mixed in.


Name: Devidramon

Attribute: Virus

Level: Champion

This Dark Dragon Digimon also known as the "Many eyed Dragon". This evil Digimon uses its elongated limbs to tear apart its victims while the tip of its tail can open up in the shape of a claw to skewer them. The personality of this monster is wickedness itself, therefore making it incapable of feeling any form of compassion. There is no other digimon as evil as Devidramon.

The ebony dragon roared as its tail opened up, moving forward towards me.

"Damn…" I said before the appendage grasped me and drew me towards the digimon.

Devidramon began hacking before the bat was successfully regurgitated. Along with it was the chewed up intestines of what had to belong to poor Nakagumo . Then came the partially digested liver and lungs. Finally a blue eyeball as well as pink bile mixed in for good measure.

I would like to take a moment to point out that was the grossest thing I've ever seen….of all time…

I heard a gasp before I turned around.

Zoe and Kyrie were staring in shock upon the sight before them from the doorway.

"A digimon…" Zoe said instantly before stepping backwards.

"That's just gross…" Kyrie grimaced, obviously referring to the gory vomit.

Devidramon stopped and looked over towards Zoe.

"I finally found you… Legendary Warrior of Wind!" it hissed before tossing me and Noir to the side like garbage.

I was stunned as pain seared through my body upon bouncing off the wall and landing onto the hardwood flooring. Noir was knocked unconscious upon colliding head first with the television, breaking it in the process.

"Masamune, what's going on?!" Dorimon called out. "I've finished the Digicard!"

I heard him clear as day, but my body was in so much pain that it refused to move.

Devidramon slowly crawled towards the girls, drool beginning to seep through his exposed teeth.

"I am going to enjoy feasting upon your entrails." he said in unnerving glee.

Move body dammit! Now's not the time to whine!

Right before my eyes, an image flashed in front of my eyes.

I saw Devidramon with its tail impaling both Zoe and Kyrie entirely through their torsos….

Blood oozed from their corpses as Devidramon roared in triumph. Lying on the ground was my corpse, the head ripped off before the ebony dragon began to gorge itself upon Takuya's body. Noir was weeping as she knelt beside my corpse, one of her arms ripped off as she grasped the stub with her remaining hand.

The image disappeared as I felt great urgency from within.

I saw a vision of all of our deaths.

I couldn't let that happen.

My body finally reacted as I forced myself up. I pulled out the D-Linker and grasped it tightly within my right hand.

"HEY SHITFACE!" I cried out, getting Devidramon's attention. "I'M YOUR OPPONENT!"

The dragon growled and turned to face me.

"You think a human like yourself can defeat me?" he taunted.

I only chuckled as a smirk formed on my face.

"I'm a Maverick." I replied before holding up my D-Linker. "The name is Masamune Kira!"

My left hand began glowing before a ring of fractal code formed.

"Masamune, do it now!" Dorimon cried out.

You don't have to tell me that twice.

"EXECUTE!" I screamed at the top of my lungs before swiping the fractal code downward while lifting my D-Linker upwards as both connected right in front of my face.


The fractal code became a ribbon that swirled around my body, becoming a cocoon.

I roared out, my voice becoming bestial as I felt my body enlarging.

My thumb and fingers shortened and merged together into three fingers as a curved, scarlet hook like claws protruded from each one. The same situation occurred with my feet, which spread out as the heels were raised, having me stand on my toes. Wings and a tail grew from my back as I hunched over, my body becoming more in the physique of a tyrannosaurus. My ears elongated as my face bulged forward, becoming more bestial in appearance. My teeth spread out, becoming pointed and raised upwards.

Dark blue fur that was almost a dark gray covered my body with navy blue stripes that zigzagged. White tufts of fur appeared around the underside of my wings, fingers, feet, belly and snout. Around the base of my neck grew a wreath of white fur as well as a good amount of it at the tip of my tail.

I twisted my body and growled as a red triangular gem formed upon the top of my head,

I violently broke out of my cocoon, growling for a moment before flexing my wings the best I could.

"DORUGAMON!" I announced my new name on instinct.


Name: Dorugamon

Attribute: Data

Level: Champion

A ferocious Beast Dragon Digimon with the disposition of both beast and dragon. Dorugamon is normaly a very docile digimon, although in battle, he exhibits the ferocity of a beast. He can also attack from a distance with his Heavy Metal and Cannonball attacks.

Devidramon staggered backwards in desbelief.

"How can you turn into a digimon?!" he cried out. "Only the Legendary Warriors can do such a thing!"

I chuckled while folding my wings against my back. I mentally noted that the pain I was feeling before had all but vanished after my transformation.

"Didn't I tell you? I'm a Maverick." I said wryly before baring my fangs at him.

Devidramon and myself both roared in unison before charging towards each other. I lowered my head and slammed myself against my foe, forcing him outside as I followed suit, both of us plummeting towards the ground.

Devidramon slashed at my snout with one of his hands, succeeding in scratching me. I dug my claws into his sides before slamming him into the ground. I took the opportunity of Devidramon being stunned to bite into his neck.

I refuse to let my friends die at this dragon's hand.

I won't let my visions of death come true.

I will fight them all with all my being.

WE will survive…

I tightened my jaws before ripping out my adversaries throat.

Devidramon's scream was silenced as blood oozed out of wound. I spat out the flesh I tore out, disgusted by the vile taste it left. However, I growled upon seeing the digimon's wound healing at an accelerated rate.

He was not going to go down easily.

I must've lowered my guard… Devidramon managed to strike me in the chest with a well placed slash from his claws. My adversary has better reach than I do, as I must get up much closer than him to use my own talons.

I felt pain coursing through my body once again…

I didn't like it…

It makes me feel weak…

I hate being weak…

I fucking HATE it!


I couldn't believe what I was seeing right before me.

Masamune-san had turned into what looked like a cross between a beast and a dragon. And he is fighting a monster who has killed a neighbor of his.

But the bloodied apartment that I saw before me was nothing new. Most people would be repulsed by such a sight.

It didn't make me sick now that I looked at it long enough…

It was becoming different for me…

I began trembling as they began to resurface.

I held myself as I broke out into an uncontrollable fit of giggles.

Takuya and Zoe turned their attention towards me when I tilted my head up and began laughing in maniacal glee.

It's been far too long since I was surrounded by such a wondrous sight.

Parts of a dismembered corpse strewn across the room.

The walls painted scarlet from the blood…

I stopped laughing and went over towards the bat. I knelt down and picked it up as a smirk formed on my face.

"More… I need to see more." I said eagerly while licking the pink bile off the bat. I moaned in bliss as I savored the taste as it went down my tongue.

I looked outside to see the two monsters fighting amongst themselves. Without a second thought, I ran towards the hole and leaped outside, all too eager to join the fray.

I wanted the black dragon's blood drenching me from head to toe… and I wanted it now!

Final Thoughts : psYchO eDiTioN.

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