WOW: cube. Dean's found an antique from a bygone age. It's evil, pure evil.

Disclaimer: I own nothing supernatural, although my passport photo is a bit creepy.


Perspiration shone across Dean's furrowed brow.

Gnawing his lip in rapt concentration, his white-knuckled fingers toiled relentlessly to solve the unfathomable secrets of the object in his hands.

Sam wasn't sure whether the creaking he heard was from the thing itself or Dean's knuckles as his sweat-slicked fingers twisted and probed in his futile effort to unravel the sinister relic's hidden solution.

Sam saw a demented glaze burning in Dean's eyes as the red mist began to descend.

Tenderly lifting the offending object from his despairing brother's twitching hands, he replaced it with a beer bottle.

The Rubiks cube could wait.