Maria, Maria!

Summary: Notorious Maria is in love with two very different guys. Michael is the loner and rebel who wants to prove to her how much he loves her. Max is the respectable guy she's had a crush on, and is now paying attention to her. Who will she end up with? Disclaimer: I refuse to write one. Author's Note: If you've read any of my other fics, you should know that I am consciously trying to change my tone on this one. Try to put some Season 1 ambience in your mind as you read this, but of course I prefer the way M&M looked in Season 2, so they look like that here. Oh and pay careful attention to whose thought train is being followed here. Nothing will be first person though, so it will be easy.

Maria, Maria!

[b]Part 1[/b]

Max Evans, school president, most likely class valedictorian, was walking down the hallway of Roswell High. Max was dark-haired, with lashes that the cheerleaders would die for, and deep soulful eyes that are so to drown for. Maria touched her fluttering heart as he passed in front of her and her best friend. His black genuine leather jacket hugged his shoulders perfectly. His pressed slacks fell softly on polished leather shoes.

Liz Parker laughed. Maria's best friend and teacher's pet, Liz Parker was blessed with the air of innocence that jocks drool for. She had the perfect family, complete with a mom and a dad. Liz had the perfect record, all As and not even one detention. If teen perfection came in a box, Liz Parker's face would be plastered on the label. "He's a dream, isn't he?" she agreed.

Maria straightened from the locker and slammed it shut. "Come on, Lizzie, let's go grab lunch. Alex is probably there already." Liz stared at Maria's back as she walked ahead on the way to the school grounds. Liz shook her head.

Maria Deluca, Hurricane. She wore her golden hair long and wavy, like a banner that screamed to the guys, 'Touch Me.' It didn't help matters that her wardrobe yelled the same. When Maria Deluca walked, the low neckline of her blouse, together with the slit of her mini skirt, chanted, 'Look at me look at me look at me look at me.' And Maria reveled in the attention. She would grin seductively at cat whistlers and blow kisses to the jocks who pleaded with her to love them, only half jokingly. If they weren't friends since they were toddlers, Liz doubted Maria would be the type of girl her parents would allow her to hang out with. With a flip of her long golden hair, she could make the entire basketball, football, archery and soccer team fall on their knees. Yeees, even the women's division.

How about the chess team? The computer wizards? The math club? Nope, even Maria's power cannot extend this far. That is where this other girl enters.

Liz shook her head hopelessly when Isabel Evans, the tall, gorgeous sister of the campus heartthrob, waved happily and ran towards them.

"Isabel!" Maria screamed. She ran towards the other girl and pressed her cheek to hers. "Sweetie, that cardigan is soooo you."

Isabel Evans. Those who were not in lust with Maria were having dreams about Isabel, and vice versa. She had long blond hair like Maria, but she wore hers straight. Rule number one in the girlfriend book: Do not upstage your bff. Isabel Evans mighty hold extended from beyond the normal testosterone charged jocks and cool people. She held in the palm of her hands the normally sensible Alex Whitman.

"Thank you," Isabel replied. She opened her purse and handed Maria a tube of concealer. "You saved my life."

Maria took it and proudly said, "I'm always prepared. My first boyfriend was a Boy Scout."

Liz rolled her eyes as she watched the interaction. Isabel and Maria, well. they were sluts. And she wasn't just jealous. Really. Look at them. They wore impossible outfits that are just really really cheap. So what if all of Isabel's and some of Maria's were designer labels. They were still cheap. And that hair! Couldn't they tie them up and put barrettes on or something? It's like they were using their own hair to draw attention to themselves.

"Hi Alex. Hey Liz, glad you're joining us!" Isabel greeted. Alex blushed.

Liz flashed a blinding smile. "I wouldn't miss having lunch with my best friends in the while wide world!" She turned to Maria. "So Maria, where's the boyfriend? Supposing that you're 'on' today, that is."

Maria looked around. "He's supposed to come for lunch here. It's his birthday! And yes, Liz, we're on today. We haven't broken up for. guess what?" Nobody answered, because they knew Maria was going to tell anyway. "Three weeks and four days!!!"

Liz almost laughed out loud before she realized that it would be a trifle impolite. Alex was thumping the table and lifting his soda can, whooping. Isabel squealed and jumped up, and she and Maria proceeded doing what shallow people do. Isabel and Maria were embracing each other, jumping up and down. And then Liz realized why the jocks' table was silent. And Liz dropped her head on the table. Maria and Isabel were [I]jumping[/I] up and down, as were their assets. Alex watched the two girls in awe. The hem of Maria's already short skirt was riding up at each hop, the pale skin of her leg being exposed more each time. Isabel's tummy peaked continuously as well.

And then the jumping stopped. "Oh congratulations, honey! Congratulations! I knew you could it! We're gonna have so much fun at the party I have for him at my house!"

What was the big deal anyway, Liz wondered. They haven't even been on for one freaking month!

A scuffle at the grounds made them all turn towards the jocks' table. "Fight! Fight! Fight!" the macho men chanted.

"You bastard! Who the hell do you think you are staring at my girlfriend? Maniac! Freak!" The string of names continued at each punch.

And that was Michael Guerin. Resident bad ass bad boy, the loner who didn't give a s-hit about anyone or anything until he discovered he was just like every boy in school. He too, like all of them, would jump through hoops and walk over hot coals to get the girl. Liz remembered when Michael Guerin with the drowned puppy hair started acting like a pathetic puppy too when he began tailing Maria Deluca's long legs. He wasn't so different after all. Of course he must be right that he's better than the others. He got her to go steady, after all. And if you knew Maria like Liz did, you knew Maria wasn't the type to go steady.

"Oh no! Honey, don't get a black eye on our three week four day anniversary," Maria called out, running towards the fight.

"Don't worry, Maria," Isabel called. "You've still got that concealer!" Stupid bitch, Liz muttered.

Her arm was grabbed and she was pulled away. "Maria, you shouldn't go in the middle of that. You could get hurt," Max cautioned. "I'll settle this. I'm in charge of the discipline here."

Maria's lips curved. "By all means, Mr. President. Try it." Isabel, Liz and Alex stopped beside Maria.

They watched in amusement as Max clapped his hands. "Boys, break it up! Why don't we settle whatever it is like civilized people? Let's talk about this." The two rolling on the ground looked up at Max, and then proceeded fighting. Max flexed his hands in frustration.

Maria approached him and tapped his shoulder. "Now would you let me try?" Max nodded mutely. "Guys," she began, facing the jocks and not the punching duo, "I value the state of health my boyfriend has on his birthday, so I'll make a deal with you. Whoever of you can help separate these two gets dibs on one Homecoming slow dance with me, or my friends Isabel or Liz - you choice. So what'll it be, boys? I'm giving you the chance to choose between the three of us. That won't happen again in your lifetime I assure you."

The jocks stopped cheering the fight and started pulling Michael away from their teammate. Maria turned and winked at an impressed Max. Suddenly, seeing her mischievous grin, he wanted to step in between the two pugilists to separate them, no matter that he'd be the one beaten up bloody by that method. He wanted that dance. He wanted to dance with Maria. He actually wanted to beat himself up bloody that he kept to himself whenever her sister's best friend was at their house. She was just amazing!

"Kyle," Max addressed the boy who Michael attacked, "do you want to file a complaint against Mr. Guerin?"

"What!" Maria screeched. "Are you crazy?"

Max shook his head. "Just doing my job, Ms. Deluca. I'm still head of the disciplinary committee of this school."

Maria fumed at Max. And then she flipped her hair at him, and Max's eyes almost rolled to the back of his head at the sight. Maria turned to Kyle with an engaging smile. "Kyle, I'm really sorry for what happened."

"I'm not," Michael chirped up, which earned him a glare from Maria.

"Don't pay attention to that asshole." Her next words softened the blow on Michael's wounded pride. "We can work something out. Just please don't file any complaints. He's already on probation because of his grades. Kyle," she whispered, looking innocent and earnest but making sure that Kyle got a good glimpse of her cleavage, "he's really an asshole but I kinda like this asshole."

Kyle's gaze flew from Maria to Michael to Max and then back to Maria. "Umm." He cleared his throat. "Yeah, yeah. No real harm done."

Her eyes lit up. "Thank you." And then she stood up and placed her hand on Michael's arm. She led her wounded boyfriend to their picnic table. Max watched the way Maria's hand comfortingly rubbed Michael's arm as they walked away.