Ch. 4

[Gumball and Darwin are outside the Robinsons' house, starting to clean the car]

Gumball: So... Where do we start?

Darwin: I don't know. I never cleaned a car before.

Gumball: Doesn't matter! [squeezes Darwin's cheeks] Let's make Mr. Robinson proud!

Darwin: Okay. [Gumball starts to gently touch the car with a sponge] Easy... Mr. Robinson said it's very expensive.

Gumball: I know. I'll just... [The sponge touches the car by a centimeter] [The car breaks down] At least things can't get any worse. [The car's wreckage burns, Gumball and Darwin scream]

"Apparently things can get worse" said Anais

[Scene changes to the backyard with Gaylord and Margaret sitting, and the smoke coming from the car is seen behind]

Gaylord: You know, Margaret? Maybe those kids aren't so bad after all.

"I'm surprised they don't notice any of this" said Nicole

"They didn't notice anything when hector destroyed their house" said Gumball

[Back to the trouble scene]

Gumball: [panicked] What are we gonna do?!

Darwin: I don't know. I never burned a car before.

Gumball: This is terrible! [still panicked]

Darwin: We failed him!

Gumball: ARGH! The shame!

Darwin: We can't ever show our faces again! [squeezes his cheeks in panic]

Gumball: We need to hide away forever!

Darwin: [cries]

[Scene changes to the Watterson's attic]

Gumball: Ooooh... Dark.

Darwin: [cleans half of the dust] Filthy.

Gumball: Horrible.

Gumball and Darwin: Perfect.

[Gaylord and Margaret walk to the front yard and see their car is destroyed]

Gaylord: [shocked] My car! [gets down on his knees in pain] Who... did... THIS?! [Margaret whispers] Those kids! I'M GONNA GET THEM FOR THIS!

[Scene changes to inside the attic with Gumball and Darwin]

Gaylord: [from outside] COME OUT! I'M CALLING THE SHERIFF!

Gumball: [panicked] Oh no! They know we wrecked the car.

[A silhouette appears behind them, and it turns out to be Richard]

Richard: What do you mean you wrecked the car?

Gumball and Darwin: [scream as they see Richard behind them] Dad?

Richard: Hi.

"Well that was creepy" said Penny

"I know right" said Darwin

[Scene changes to the Watterson's car, with Anais and Nicole, came home from Daisy the Donkey On Ice]

Anais: Daisy! Daisy the Donkey! [sings while playing with Daisy, then stops as she sees something in front of the Robinsons' house] Mom, why are the Robinson talking to the Sheriff on the lawn?

Nicole: I don't know, Sweety. [pushes Anais downwards as she wants to hide] I think we'll just go around the back.

[Scene changes in front of the Robinsons' house, with Gaylord, Margaret, and Doughnut Sheriff]

Gaylord: I'm telling you, Sheriff! It was those kids next door as sure as I-

[Gaylord is interrupted by a car passing by, with a view of Daisy in the driver seat]

"That is the weirdest thing I've ever seen" said Gumball

Gaylord: What?

[Scene changes back to the attic]

Gumball: [sadly] We just touched it with a sponge and it fell apart! So we decided to hide here forever.

Richard: [sniffs] Such a sad story! [his eyes sparkles as he feeling sad, then quickly turns back to normal and starts telling them what really happened] But it's not true! You see, it was 9 o'clock this morning, and... [acting like a sound effect as he starts a flashback]

[Flashback to earlier morning]

Richard: ...come on ElectroFat. Make me beautiful! [turns on the ElectroFat and screams in pain, moving his arms like a robot. He tries to get rid of the ElectroFat electrodes and throws it out to the window and hits the Robinsons' car, then he walks out of the house and approaches the car] Oh, Mr. Robinson's new car. [Camera zooms in to show a dink in the car] Oh, okay. It's just a dink. I'll bang it out. [carries a hammer and bangs the car, only to cause another large dink] This may take a while. [Sometime later] There... [Camera zooms out to the car] Finished! [shocked as the car breaks down] AAAAHH! [fixes the car in a quick movement, then exhales as he finishes, and runs away in horror]

Richard: So you see, it was my fault, not yours!

Gumball: What should we do now?

Richard: Well, I think the most responsible thing to do is to hide here forever. [in a low voice] And never let your mother find out what happened.

[Anais and Nicole suddenly appears behind them]

Nicole: [in a low voice] I already know.

[The three scream as they see Anais and Nicole]

"Again, creepy" said Penny

Richard: Honey?

Nicole: But it's not quite what you think. It was 9 o'clock this morning-

Richard: [Interrupts Nicole] Wait! Can I do this? [acting like a sound effect again to start another flashback]

[Flashback to earlier morning]

Anais: Daisy! Put the tape on, mom!

Nicole: Yes, Honey. [ducks to find the tape] Where is it? [finds the tape] Here!

Anais: YAY! [cheers]

[Suddenly, the car hits the Robinsons' car, destroying its headlights and shocking them]

Nicole: [explaining the flashback] They parked right in front of our lawn. I just didn't see it. I was about to tell Mr. Robinson, but-

[camera zooms to Anais playing the recorder and replaying the part that says "Horrible Mother". Nicole sighs, and decides to go anyway]

Nicole: [explaining the flashback] So, we went to see the show.

[They leave in the car]

Anais: And it was GREAT!

"You think everything with daisy's great" said Gumball

"So what, she's awesome" said Anais

Nicole: So there. It was mostly my fault [looks down].

Richard: I'm so relieved. It was a family effort.

Gaylord: [from outside] DARN IT! I KNOW THEY'RE UP THERE! [Camera changes to outside] GET IN THERE AND ARREST THOSE VANDALS!

Doughnut Sheriff: Ah, not without a warrant, sir.

Gaylord: [angrily screams] I PAY MY TAXES, AND THAT PAYS YOUR SALARY! ERGO... [pokes Sheriff in annoyance] I'M YOUR BOSS! NOW, GET IN THERE, AND DO YOUR JOB!

Doughnut Sheriff: Please sir, calm down!

Gaylord: Alright. [faces to Margaret] I supposed I shall have to take matters into my own hands, huh?! Well... [Camera changes, with Margaret holding a duster and Gaylord holding a golf club] Here come the Robinsons.

"This is not gonna end well" said Penny

Gumball: [looks from the attic window] Poor Mr. Robinson. We wrecked his beautiful new car... [Camera changes to inside the attic] ...and NOBODY has the courtesy to apologize.

Darwin: We should be ashamed of ourselves!

Gumball: So let's get out there and apologize... [Gumball and Darwin's eyes sparkle] a family!

Anais, Nicole and Richard: [sigh] Okay...

[Nicole, Gumball, Darwin, and Anais look shocked. Richard comes out, and is now shocked too]


Richard: They look kind of angry, Gumball.

Doughnut Sheriff: Please, stop! Please! [Margaret turns around, hissing, as she is about to assault Doughnut Sheriff with the duster, making The Doughnut Sheriff more nervous] Please, Madame! Put down the duster! No, Madame! [Pulls out his Taser] NO! [Zaps Margaret] NO! [Margaret falls down, The Doughnut Sheriff realizes his mistake, and Gaylord slowly turns his head to see Margaret, assuming she is dead]

Gaylord: [in slow motion] MARGARET!

Doughnut Sheriff: No, Sir! No, please! [Gaylord angrily jumps over Doughnut Sheriff, ready to attack him with the golf club, then camera changes to the tazed Gaylord and Margaret]

Nicole: Maybe we should give them time to calm down.

[Gaylord and Margaret are now sitting in the police car, angrily yelling at the Wattersons]

Doughnut Sheriff: So, uh, do you wanna press charges?

[Scene changes to the Wattersons. Nicole is now smiling nervously]

Richard: [laughs in a nervous way] Uh, No. I'm sure they've learned their lesson.

[Scene changes back to the police car]

Doughnut Sheriff: It's too bad you have to live next to such monsters. [gets into the police car]

Gumball: Don't worry, Mr. Robinson. We'll look out for your house while you're gone.

[Gaylord and Margaret angrily yell at Gumball and Darwin as the police car leaves]

"I don't think they like that Gumball" said Penny

"Sure they did, they awarded us with a pie in the face" said Gumball cheerfully

"I never know what kind of world you live in" said Darwin

[Scene changes to the Wattersons]

Gumball and Darwin: Such a great guy!

Richard: Well, there is one important thing we learned today.

Gumball, Darwin, Anais, and Nicole: Huh?

Richard: [taking off his shirt, showing his abs] That ElectroFat Machine was worth every penny. [honks his abs]

(On the Bridge)

Everyone is on the bridge ready to go home

"We're about to reenter the atmosphere" said Nicole

"Good" said Richard

"The heat shields are down" said Nicole nervously

"What's going on?" asked Darwin

"Deck 3 broken away, now deck 4's broken away" said Nicole

"This is bad bring, up rocket number 9 on the monitor" said Gumball

"The bedrooms have broken away. Deck 7 melting and broken away" said Nicole

"What do we do now?" asked Darwin

"We burn up horribly, we're never gonna make it" said Richard

"I'll call Dr. G" said Nicole

Gas started to fill up around the bridge

"Uh oh, toxic gas filling our lungs and our nasal passages" said Gumball

"DG, Jeff, can you hear us?" shouted Nicole

(Deep 13)

"Hello Wattersons, I'm sorry but there's nothing I can do, if you live Nicole, I've gotten your old job back. Jeff unplug the cable" said DG

"Yes sir" said Jeff

Jeff picked up a plug and unplugged it from the outlet. They have lost connection with the mads

(On the bridge)

"Brace for impact" shouted Nicole

"We're gonna die" shouted Penny

"Has anyone seen my daisy doll?" asked Anais

"Noooo" shouted the family

Everyone on the ship screamed as the ship crashed back on Earth. (No one survived the crash…Just kidding)


The Wattersons were home after being away for so long. They were sitting on their couch about to watch a movie when Nicole came in with a bowl of Popcorn

"It's so great to be home" said Nicole as she sat down

"Yep, it sure is, I mean we were very fortunate to walk away from that crash. And since me and Penny are dating now, things can't get any better" said Gumball

"Can you keep it down, the movie's about to start" said Darwin

"Sorry" said Gumball

"Elmore TV presents our Friday night movie, the terminator, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton" said the announcer on the TV

The movie began and they could see Los Angeles in the year 2029

"L.A. sure let itself go" said Anais

"Agreed" said Richard

On the TV they saw a man running away from an HK tank

"Come with me if you want to live" said Richard

"Good one dad" said Gumball

"Thanks son" said Richard

"The whole almost getting killed by a robot thing sounds kind of familiar, doesn't it Darwin?" asked Gumball

"I think so" said Darwin

(End credits start as ending theme for mst3k plays)

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