E/O Challenge WoW: Cube
Word Count - 100
No spoilers
Disclaimer - I am bereft.


Something won't allow Dean to answer his worried brother's questions

Sam was frantic, firmly grasping his rigid brother's shoulders, he stared into Dean's shocked eyes.
"Dean! C'mon man, say something. How're you feeling?"

For some reason, despite wanting to answer, Dean's lips and vocal cords stubbornly refused to cooperate. Mentally, he checked himself out.
Ok...Lips...Paralysed. Hair? Goddamn yard brush. Nose...probably purple...with icicles. Hands? Who knows? Legs...Must've still got legs, how else am I standing up? Oh, right, feet and toes...Nope. Nuts? Freakin' ice cubes hidin' in my throat...Huh...No wonderI can't talk!

With Sam pushing from behind, Dean swayed, stiff legged, away from the frozen lake, towards his baby's warmth.

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