***No Need For Twisting Spacetime!***

Andrew Joshua Talon


This is a short strategic study for the fan fiction in question, where I shall address certain questions and/or problems with this fan work I have been pursuing.

Basically, this is a fodder chapter.
~Now, first off, to answer ALMOST everyone's question: Yes, I am contiuing the story. I am, however, in the process of re-writing both chapters in order to fit the story into the Tenchi timeline (heh, that's fun to say: Tenchi Timeline! Tenchi Timeline!), make them flow more smoothly, remove some contradictions, and make the overall story better.
~Dan Inverse: I am, as we speak, planning on involving the Tenchi crew. I've got to the part where Washuu discovers the inter-dimensional gateway opening within the Sol system, maybe a few million miles from Jupiter. Past that, it's in the outline phase.
~Ilpallazzo: You, my friend, have made several valid points. A number of your suggestions will be used in my rewrite and in the future chapters. Here are some of the changes I will make:
1: The Terran/Juraian War will take place in the year 2170. I think that this allows the Terrans to advance more realistically. So, instead of a ridiculously short thirty years, it'll take them at least a century to get to the point they're at now.

You see, it took the Jurians tens of thousands of years to get to the development stage they are now at. It took a mere four thousand years for humans to go from hunter-gatherers to nuclear energy (not to mention computers).

I imagine that, since Earth is considered a subject planet by the Jurians (one that they, however, basically ignored until this point), when they made first contact with various races they traded for technology which let them progress into a major power. A power that could (conceivably) out-do the Jurians in trans-galactic politics. So they became a bit... Annoyed.

And besides, if that pink-haired noble in OAV 13 is any indication of the general attitude of the Jurian government, they'd probably feel threatened by a subject planet acting so independently.
2: The Jurians are indeed the super power of the galaxy, and do indeed outclass the Terrans in a number of key areas. However, in OAV 13, Empress Funahoe (when talking to Washuu) indicated that there are other powers in the Galactic Union that are a match for them. Some of these rivals would doubtless see how fast humanity was progressing, and in the grand tradition of political chess they'd sell better technology to the Terrans, in order to gain ground on Jurai.

Basically, since there are powers that seem to be a foil to the Jurians, the Terrans would be able to trade for more advanced tech if their partners saw an opportunity to one-up the super power. Thus, the Terrans could stand a chance against Jurian vessels until they brought out the weapons that MAKE them the super power: Light Hawk Wings technology, which can alter the gravitational constant of the Universe.

And besides, if Mihoshi's Galaxy Police cruiser could survive an encounter with the Jurian battleship Bizen in the manga, a simarily equipped Terran vessel could most likely go toe to toe with a Third-Generation Tree cruiser and win. The Galaxy Police receive technology from around the galaxy to serve as a peace keeping force, so their ships are doubtless a match for almost any comparable vessel in almost any other power's navy.
3: I'm trying to modify how the Tsunami gets into her mess. Any suggestions on how to correct this would be most appreciated.
4: On the size of the Juraian Empire: According to the Tenchi Encyclopedia on the Tenchi Muyo Movie: 2 DVD, Jurai's territory is mostly empty space. They have a few extremely wealthy solar systems, but other than that there's not much else. This could explain why the Juraians and the Galaxy Police have such a close relationship: The Galaxy police patrol the space that Jurai would rather not waste ships on.

The Terrans have more planets, and less space, and the Juraians are the inverse. Now, I'm hardly saying that the Terrans are the equals of the Juraians, but they can at least hold their own in some situations.
5: The Isis (and all other ships) will have hyperspace engines to "slip jump" into hyperspace, rather than (as I thought) opening a portal into hyperspace or phasing in and out like a neutrino. This is apparently what GXP has indicated FTL travel is like in the Tenchi Universe.
So, that's it. I'll be working on the rewrite and the new chapters, and posting them (hopefully) soon.