Chapter twenty four

Harry, Sirius, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Neville, George, James, Kingsley and Draco Malfoy were all standing in a small lane not far from Severus Snape's home.

'You go in Malfoy, try and get your mother away from your father in case he tries anything. I'll give you five minutes, then we come in.'

'Just keep my mother safe Potter, that's all I'm asking.'

'She'll be safe as long as you were honest and he doesn't have a wand on him.'

'He doesn't,' Malfoy took a deep breath, nodded then stepped around the corner and entered the house.

'Do you think he is telling the truth Harry?' Neville asked.

'He is, but he's still nervous about what he's father will do,' Harry held up a hand to quiet everyone, 'He's telling them that Dumbledore and the order will keep them safe,' Harry closed his eyes in concentration, 'Draco and his mother have moved to the front of the room, Lucius is at the back pacing.'

'I don't want to know Harry,' Ron shook his head.

'Wands ready,' Harry led the ground around the corner, gave everyone a nod, then waved his hand at the door and it busted. Within seconds Lucius was holding his wife by her throat, 'If you want to die Malfoy, keep going, if you want to live, let her go?'

'See what you've done to our son, made him week so he goes to our enemy.'

'Father, don't hurt mother, let her go.'

'I'm going to say this once Lucius, either let her go and step over to the minister or if I make you let her go I give you to the dementors, you have thirty seconds to decide,' Harry leant closer to Ron, George and Neville, 'Surround Draco,' he whispered and the three nodded then moved over to Draco Malfoy and surrounded him while Harry took a step closer, 'Ten seconds then you are going to lose your soul,' Harry took another step as he stared at Malfoy, saw the look in his eyes and waved his hand, Lucius Malfoy was lifted into the air away from his wife. James, Hermione and Ginny instantly went to Narcissa's aide pulling her to the other side of the room away from her husband, while Sirius stood right next to Harry, 'Well Kingsley, he's all yours.'

'Do you want me to take him straight to Azkaban or does he pay a visit to the dementors?' Kingsley asked as he bound Lucius Malfoy.

'Look Potter, we might not like each other and I don't like my father very much either, but don't do that, send him to Azkaban,' Draco stared over at his father looking defeated.

'If I wasn't in such a good mood, I wouldn't care what happened to you Lucius, but your son and wife did aide me, I owe them, so thank them for your soul,' Harry shook his head, 'Dad, help Kingsley with Lucius.'

'You've got it son,' James and Kingsley each took hold of Lucius Malfoy's arms.

'Do you need anyone else Kingsley, you could have Sirius to help you?'

'I think we can handle this one Harry, plus I don't think Sirius wants you out of his sight. You take the others to the safe house, we'll meet you back at your party.'

'Okay, stay safe you two,' Harry hugged his father, 'You better, I do not want to get on mum's bad side.'

James chuckled, 'No you don't, so I'll be fine Harry, see you back home,' James, and Kingsley left with Lucius Malfoy before Harry turned to Narcissa.

'Are you okay Mrs. Malfoy, do you need a healer?'

'I'm fine, thank you, I thought he was going to kill me.'

'He was, I could read it, it was going to be punishment for Draco. So Ginny, you take Mrs. Malfoy, Ron, you take Draco and we'll apparate straight to Grimmauld Place, now I have to check it before we go in too far. Yaksley might have left something there, but I'm sure Kreacher got rid of any traps or dark spells he might have set up. So let's go,' Harry led the way out of the house, 'Hermione, Neville, George, you go now, we'll follow in a couple of seconds,' they nodded to Harry then apparated away, 'Okay, Ginny, Ron, go,' Harry waited with Sirius for a couple of seconds then they both turned on the spot apparating away. They arrived outside number 12 Grimmauld Place, 'Sirius, Neville and I will check the place, you lot stay just inside the doors until we know it's safe,' Harry wave his hand and some parchment flew into it, 'Read that,' Harry handed the parchment to Draco who read it before handing it to his mother, 'Let's go,' Harry looked around making sure all was clear then followed the group inside.

Harry, Sirius, Neville, Hermione, George, Ron, Draco, Ginny and Narcissa all headed inside number 12, Harry held up his hand to the others then moved slowly forward with Sirius and Neville, casting revealing charms all over the entrance way, then the dusty figure of Albus Dumbledore rose from the floor, Harry waved his hand at it, vanishing it, then he quickly waved his hand again, before the three of them disappeared into different rooms off the entrance way until they made their way into the kitchen. They saw Kreacher stocking the pantry, he nodded then went back to what he was doing.

'Take them into the kitchen while we quickly check the other parts of the house.'

'We've got it Harry, just be careful,' Ron led everyone down the hall and into the kitchen, 'Kreacher could you make the Malfoy's some tea please?'

'Yes Mr. Ron,' Kreacher went about making tea while everyone else sat down waiting for Harry, Sirius and Neville to return.

'So you three stayed here after Bill's wedding?' Ginny asked looking around the large kitchen.

'Yep, right before we broke into the ministry,' Ron said.

'How did Yaksley get in then, it had the fidelius charm around it?' George asked.

'When we were escaping the ministry, Yaksley grabbed hold of Hermione. We used to apparate straight onto the top step, inside the charm. So he saw the door, thought we'd arrive and loosened his hold on Hermione, she apparated us straight out.'

'Well after Dumbledore, McGonagall was secret keeper, I wonder who Harry will make secret keeper this time?' George said.

'We were just discussing that and even though this is Sirius' old home, he doesn't want to,' Harry and his two companions stepped into the kitchen, 'Now most of the death eaters know or knew I owned this place, since Sirius is back, it's his again, so it shouldn't be us, nor Hermione or Ron, they know we're close. I won't use my parents, there out, McGonagall and Kingsley are too busy in case we need to give someone permission to get in.'

'Why not Neville then Harry?' Hermione asked.

Harry turned to his friend, 'Up to you Neville, you want to be secret keeper for the order of the phoenix, think carefully, it's dangerous to take that on.'

'I'll do it Harry, I think I can handle a bit of danger.'

'Why don't we have two then? I don't like to say this, but if one dies, at least the other can keep this place safe,' Ginny suggested.

'Not a bad idea red,' Harry smirked at her, 'Until I ask the others if they want to join, we'll make it Neville for now, then I'll work on the other. I will not put it on anyone in your family though Ron, I think you're mum would kill me if I did that.'

'She's a member Harry, she knows the risk.'

'I know, but after Fred, she's got to be a bit more protective of you lot. Anyway, wait here and Neville and I will go do the charm,' Harry kissed Sirius then followed Neville out.

'I thought he was waiting for Kingsley to do the charm, I didn't think Harry knew how to do it,' Hermione said.

'Dumbledore kept going on about Harry's power, he has finally accepted it. I've been watching him over the last week, he's amazing, he really is, not just with charms and spells, very inventive,' Sirius smirked.

'We don't want to know what you and Harry get up to in the bedroom Sirius,' Ron said his ears going red.

'Oh but Harry is just so,' Sirius gave a low growl, 'He's powerful, but in the bedroom, I like to tie him to the bed.'

'Sirius,' Hermione choked, 'We really don't want to know that.'

'Oh, I've got a picture in my head of Harry sprawled naked tied to a bed, thanks Sirius.' George grimaced.

'What's my man saying now,' Harry said stepped into the kitchen with Neville.

'He said he ties you to the bed, now I've got a picture of that stuck in my head,' George said.

'He likes to take charge, don't you babe,' Harry grinned, 'Anyway, charm's done, Neville found a couple more dark spells.'

'Yep, their gone now, they weren't very powerful though. I figured Voldemort would have taught his death eaters better than that.'

Harry chuckled, 'I think half of them were just as stupid as he was Neville. No one gets in without Neville's permission until we get a second person,' Harry stepped over to Narcissa, 'Stay inside and you'll be safe, we'll keep you updated on the captures. This place is large, there's also a small yard outside but inside the charm, if you want to use it that is. It might be a little dark, but it's safe. Oh and try to move quietly past the large covered wall leading down here, Mrs. Black is behind it and she will scream the place down if she's woken.'

'Thank you Harry, I just want to keep my son safe.'

'It's fine, just don't go outside the charm, if you need anything Kreacher will let me know and I'll work it out,' Harry stepped over to Kreacher, 'I'll check back in tomorrow Kreacher, did you get everything?'

'Yes master Harry, the pantry is stocked with food, it will last for a while.'

'Okay, thanks,' Harry turned back, 'We might as well head back to the party, mum and dad did throw it for me and I'm not there.'

'I'm sure Dumbledore is keeping everyone entertained Harry,' Ginny grinned.

'Yeah, he might be unless him and Aberforth go at it again, those brothers just can't seem to get on. If they keep fighting I'm going to hex the both of them. Okay, so Draco, Narcissa, make yourself at home, I'll check back tomorrow, then one of the order will keep checking and updating you from time to time. If you need anything, let whoever it is know?'

'Thanks Potter, but about the wand?'

Harry slid the wand from his sleeve, 'You're not going out there, are you?'

'No, but I still want to make sure my mother is safe and I need a wand for that.'

Harry turned, 'I don't think he trusts our charm,' Harry smirked as the others chuckled before facing Malfoy again then handing him the wand, 'You're safe, if you stay inside the charm.'

'We will, thank you for all your help,' Narcissa gave Harry a small smile and nod.

'Even though it was for your son, you did lie, which gave me extra time, so you're welcome. I'll see you tomorrow,' Harry led the others out of the house, 'As soon as we get back Neville, I'll have to get you to give all the order permission to get in.'

'No worries Harry,' Neville grinned then the group apparated away and back to the Potter's home.

'So, how did it go Harry?' Albus asked the moment he spotted the group.

'Good, Lucius tried to kill his wife with his bare hands, didn't work though. Kingsley and dad took him away, we just left Draco and Narcissa at the house and Neville is the new secret keeper. Ginny had a thought about having two, we don't want to think about anything happening to anyone, but it does make sense.'

'Yes it does and I think you would realise that more than most. Do you have someone in mind?'

'Anyone but a Weasley, I don't want to worry Mrs. Weasley. I don't want it to be my parents, it can't be Hermione either, Sirius doesn't want to.'

'If I can make a suggestions, some of your friends have expressed interest in being part of the order of the phoenix, maybe one of those can be the other secret keeper.'

'Not a bad idea Albus,' Harry turned to stare over at the table, 'They are all trustworthy, but I think I'll talk it over with Neville, since they might have to work together,' Harry turned back, 'Thanks Albus, I'm actually looking forward to running the order.'

'And you will do an excellent job, now why don't you go back and enjoy your party.'

'Good idea,' Harry stepped over to Sirius and slipped his arms around him, 'Are you staying here tonight, or are we going back to your place?'

'My place, I have plans for you my love, wicked, naughty plans.'

Harry felt the familiar jolt go through him when Sirius used that low sensual voice then they were snogging, hot, wet and very intense.

Everyone was watching Harry and Sirius, when the kiss finished, the two men just stood staring at each other, but it was the contented look on Harry's face that made everyone smile. After everything he went through, they could see he was healing, just like the magical world was healing. Healing from the pain and suffering that was brought on by Voldemort. Tonight the guests of the Potters all knew their world was finally a safe place to live again.

The end: