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Covered in Blue

The night was clear and crisp. Not a cloud to be seen. The stars were out in full shine as well as a large bright moon, a full moon. People say that strange things happen on full moons and this night was no exception.

A headless woman rode through the dark streets she had a clenching feeling in the pit of her stomach. Something was wrong. She knew this to be true as she could feel something coming. She didn't know what it was but she knew that whatever was making her feel so anxious could not be good. She came to a stop and looked up at the darkness. Her horse quivered under her. There was only one person that she could think of that would know what was going on, of course…that was if he wasn't the cause of it.

Izaya stumbled into his apartment with some trouble. He flipped the light switch next to the door. The white switch stained by the blood on his hands. He wiped the blood away from his eye so that he could see again. The wound above his eyebrow was still bleeding profoundly even though it had been more than an hour ago that he had been ambushed by stupid kids wanting to prove their worth. He blamed that damn oath, Shizuo. If he hadn't of used most of his throwing knifes on the idiot earlier in the day then he would have been more than prepared.

Izaya took his trademark coat off and flung it on the back of his sofa. His mismatched game board sat next to it. The pieces would need to be moved again, Izaya decided. He wobbled over to his kitchen and opened the first cupboard on the right; he pulled down a large white box with a green cross on the front. Izaya unlatched the box and took out the rubbing alcohol and some cotton wool. With that he started towards the bathroom.

But he didn't get that far.

The windows imploded, the force sent the informant clashing into the wall as glass flew around the room. Izaya sprawled onto the floor and covered his head with his injured hands. This couldn't be happening. Those windows would be expensive to replace. Izaya raised his head as soon as he was sure that the glass had stopped falling.

Was it an earth quake? A bomb? A rock thrown through his window?

Izaya intended to find out. If it wasn't an act of nature someone was going to pay dearly. Izaya slowly got to his feet, the rubbing alcohol and cotton wool forgotten as he made his way back into his main foyer.

Glass littered the floor. It would take him hours to find it all. Izaya frowned. Something wasn't right, aside from the fact that his windows had just imploded. It was too quiet. He couldn't hear anything at all. The wind should have been whipping its way through his apartment but it wasn't. Everything was still.

Izaya was starting to get excited. Any other person would have been scared out of their minds but not Orihara Izaya, no, this was the sort of incident that Orihara Izaya loved.

A blue glow was emitting from a small circular object. Izaya frowned. Did that cause the windows to brake? He wondered as he decided to get closer, mindful of the shards of glass. Izaya lazily wiped the blood out of his eyes once again and bent down to pick up the object.

His hand hovered over it, it wasn't warm or cold. To reach out to it and just for a second he touched it. One second was all it took, the briefest of caresses and Izaya was rendered helpless. The blue glow changed into the brightest of lights and blinded the raven haired man.

The light went as quickly as it appeared and when it did…there was of sign of Orihara Izaya.

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