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Epilogue: Coming Home

The morning came but the room was kept dark. Izaya's head rested on top of Shizuo's chest, listening to the steady beating of his heart. A small smile was placed on his face and the whole left side of his body was warm from where he had slept on Shizuo all night. He had enjoyed last night immensely but what made it even better was the way that the blonde had picked him up afterwards, dried him and put him to bed. He couldn't help but grow even more attached to the blonde.

The alarm went off in the quiet apartment. Shizuo groaned and fumbled for the alarm on the side table. He ended up swatting half way across the room, smashing it to pieces. Izaya gave out a little chuckle in response.

"Shizu-chan is such a monster."

"Tch, you can talk flea." Shizuo said with a smile on his face, he lifted Izaya's chin and gave him a sweet kiss on his lips. When he pulled away Izaya pouted.

Izaya's arms wrapped around the blonde's chest, holding him in place. "You don't have to go to work today." Izaya whined.

"Yes I do. I'll be back at sundown. With a surprise, so make sure you're dressed."

Izaya perked up at that. He sat up in bed and watched as Shizuo get out of bed, totally naked. Izaya licked his lips, seeing the marks that he had made on the blondes perfect body almost made him shudder. "What kind of surprise?" Izaya asked as he crawled to the edge of the bed.

Shizuo pulled on his boxers and trousers. He looked back at Izaya with a raised eyebrow. "It's a surprise, flea."

Izaya pouted again and wrapped himself in the covers, talking in Shizuo scent. When he looked back at Shizuo the blonde was already dressed. Shizuo walked back and gave Izaya a kiss on the forehead. Izaya closed his eyes.

"I'll see you tonight."

"But you haven't had breakfast yet." Izaya called to Shizuo as he started to walk out.

"I'll catch something on the way." Shizuo said as he waved back at Izaya and walked out his apartment.

Izaya rolled over onto his back and sighed. Another day waiting for Shizuo to come home.

Izaya walked around the apartment with his phone in is hand, he was smirking to himself as he tapped away. He had missed the forums and his little humans. Though now he knew first hand that a fair few of those humans were disgusting that deserved to be under him on the food chain. Izaya stopped his tapping and frowned. He hadn't thought about his humans like that before, that was….worrying.

Izaya put it to the back of his mind and continued to gather information. He couldn't rely on Shizuo petty wage forever.

There was a pattern that Izaya was finding as he searched around. Quite a few teens had been disappearing around the area. Izaya wouldn't normally think twice about it but with the information he had gathered in the future…something just didn't add up.

Izaya walked over to the window and moved the curtain aside slightly. Light flooded in, Izaya jumped back with a huff. It was too bright for Izaya to even look out the window let alone go outside. Nothing he could do until the sun went down. How boring.

Izaya spent the rest of the day starting rumours and winding up teenagers on the forums. The sun started to go down without Izaya even noticing. He blinked in surprise as he got up quickly and ran to his bedroom, getting dressed and brushing his hair.

Izaya wouldn't say that he was eager for his surprise…but he wanted his surprise. He waited on the sofa, his head turned in the direction of the door. Five minutes past, then ten, then twenty and Izaya was starting to get worried. He got up from his seat, grabbed his coat and opened the door…to a very surprised looking Shizuo.

"Izaya? Where are you going?" The blonde asked, his eyes conveying confusion and concern.

Izaya crossed his arms. "You're late." He glared at the blonde.

Shizuo laughed nervously. "I'm not that late."

"I thought something might have happened. I didn't like it." A soft smile spread across Shizuo's face. He grabbed the little ravenette's hand and started to drag him down the steps. "Where are we going, Shizu-chan?"

"You're surprise. It's probably been driving you crazy all day right? Know-it-all-kun."

Izaya huffed in mock annoyance and followed the blonde, his fingers entwining with Shizuo's warm ones. The night was cold and damp, kind of miserable but it couldn't dampen Izaya's spirit as he gazed up at Shizuo. When had he become so infatuated with the blonde?

He supposed it was from day 1 when Shizuo had looked at him with such disdain and said that he 'pissed him off'. He must really thank Shinra for introducing them; maybe give him Celty's head as a gift…maybe.

They had spent their high school life running around throwing insults at each other, fighting and doing everything in their power to make the other react. Izaya had wanted to see how far he could push Shizuo but Shizuo kept on pulling back. Their tug-of-war battle had gone straight into their lives as adults, still being very childish in their actions. Their hate for each other seemed to get hotter and hotter as the days past and before either of them knew it, that hate had crossed the line into love.

It took Izaya traveling through time and meeting Shizuo's ten year older version to realise it. It took Shizuo years of being without the ravenette's company to discover his love. Then all these outside forces started to intervene and Izaya was sure that he would never be able to be with the blonde without heartache.

He was right of course. Orihara Izaya is always right. He was torn away from his Shizuo and flung back into the past where everything just went so very wrong.

He hadn't told Shizuo but he was so close to ripping his way out of that prison and destroying the world. He would have done it. He would have caused so much bloodshed that even the world in the future he went to would have looked fluffy compared to his masterpiece.

Izaya looked down at their entwined hands.

But Shizuo had saved him. He had been the light in the darkness, so bright that he thought he would be burned. Without Shizuo he would be nothing but a monster.

Shizuo's hand tightened around Izaya's.

"What are you thinking about?" Shizuo asked him.

Izaya looked at the bight moon ahead of them. "I was thinking of what sort of punishment to give Shizu-chan the next time he's late home."

"Hmm? Punishment?" Shizuo replied with a smirk.

Izaya whacked him lightly in the stomach. " Where are you taking me anyway?" Izaya asked again.

Shizuo laughed as he rubbed the spot that Izaya had hit him. "You'll see. It's just around this corner."

Izaya looked around, his enhanced scenes taking in everything. He knew Ikebukuro like the back of his hand but this place seemed eerily familiar. Shizuo led him down the street and around the corner; a huge grin was on his face.

Izaya's eyes widened.

"I've just finished renovating it. Izaya-" Shizuo pointed at the building across the steet. "- This is out new home."

In front of Izaya was a large apartment building. It was old and intricately designed. Huge wooden double doors were open a small queue stood outside. Izaya could hear faint music coming from within.

Of course this road was familiar. Izaya felt tears form in the corner of his eyes. "This is a bar."

"Ah yeah…well…I thought that as you can't go out in the day and we don't get to spend much time together, a bar was a perfect idea. I'll work at night and spend the day with you." Shizuo looked down to Izaya, seeing the tears in his eyes. "Hey, what's the matter? Don't you like it?" Shizuo asked softly.

Izaya shook his head. "No, I love it." Izaya launched himself at Shizuo, hugging the blonde tightly and hiding his face. "It's perfect."

"Sadly it's not just ours. That annoying Doctor and the otaku girl went in on it with me." Shizuo explained. "The whole first floor is ours and the bar too."

Izaya smiled and laughed. "It's perfect." He repeated and pulled away from Shizuo to look into his eyes.

Izaya leaned up and kissed Shizuo full on the lips, putting all his emotions into that one kiss. "I love you."

"I love you too, you damn flea."

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