Disclaimer: I can't say I own any of this though I did once make a flash toaster strudel

Author's Notes: so tumblr took over my life I make an ask the speedsters blog and this is what happened. Sorry it's not an update but enjoy.

"What are you doing in my house?" Wally asked him glaring.

"I'm making you breakfast" was Bart's reply as he zoomed around the kitchen.

"Why?" was Wally's amazing response.

"Because you haven't been eating and have been moping for months and everyone is worried about you" Bart told him.

"I'm not hungry, I'm going back to bed" he announced making his way back to his bedroom.

"Nope! You're gonna eat!" Bart said getting in front of him.

"I worked hard on this and I even made flash and arrow toaster strudels for you!" he pushed Wally towards the table.

Wally sighed and watched as Bart started digging into a plate of toaster waffles and sausage, trying to save the good stuff for Wally, who was starting to look worse than hobo Red Arrow.

Wally sighed and sat down. He started with the toaster strudels fist to stop the painful tug on his heart. Then he moved on to the bacon and muffins.

"After this we're going running" Bart declared.

"What why?" Wally asked.

"Because you need to get faster, like you should be" Bart said.

Wally looked over to see Bart looking up at him in something akin to admiration. His eyes wide and hopeful.

Wally sighed and put down his fork. He looked behind himself to see Nelson sleeping on the couch like usual and a picture of Artemis on the coffee table that wasn't there before.

"Alright I guess I'll have to dig out my costume then" was his reply to Bart as he gulped down some orange juice.

And right then and there his first cousin once removed form the future's face couldn't be happier.

Author's Notes: made because I want Wally and Bart to have a big Brother little Brother relationship. May make more