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This wasn't supposed to happen like this. Cody wasn't supposed to actually fall in love with his stalker and then date his stalker making her his girlfriend! He was supposed to hate her obsessive behavior and file a restraining order on her! They weren't supposed to be cuddling in the library at the playa des loser and most importantly, Noah wasn't supposed to care! But he did and it disgusted him because he felt it should be him and he hated himself even more for thinking about it.

"Could you two please take your game of tonsil hockey somewhere else?" Noah rolled his eyes. "You're in the library where some people are actually trying to read."

"Sorry Noah." Cody stopped making out for a minute to tell him. "We just figured we'd use this room because nobody ever actually uses it except for you and Courtney."

"That's because Courtney and I wanted a place to read books." Noah found himself getting annoyed.

True, it was a very small room that Chris shoved maybe 3 small shelves on books in for Courtney and Noah so they would shut up about having a 'quiet place' and then when Cameron showed up he would use it too. So really it was only the 3 of them who would use the pathetic thing Chris called a library.

"Sorry Noah, I guess we could just go somewhere else." Cody suggested to Sierra.

"Well Bridgette and Geoff have the pool and Alejandro and Heather already took the game room and I'm pretty sure Lindsay and Tyler took the elevator and Gwen and Duncan are in the staircase so that really only leaves this small library." Sierra told Cody and Noah "So, I guess you're stuck with me and Codykins here!"

"You can't be serious!" Noah found himself yelling and sighing. "Don't you people know how to go to your bedrooms and shut the door? Not everyone on this show wants to see your PDA! It's bad enough that Bridgette and Geoff have been doing it since season 1! Now we have almost 6 couples making out everywhere all the time!"

"You say that like it's a bad thing." Sierra looked at Noah. "I guess you don't know what it's like to be in love."

"Love?" Noah laughed. "You don't know the first thing about love! None of you know anything about love! love is not going to public places and making out with someone all the time. Cody, you of all people should know that."

"Yeah, I guess you're right Noah." Cody agreed. "Sierra, wanna go to the buffet and have lunch together?"

"OMG! Yes Cody!" Sierra hugged him. "That sounds so romantic."

"See Noah?" Cody told him. "I still know how to be romantic!"

"You're missing the point." Noah rolled his eyes.

Cody and Sierra both happily went to go get some food leaving Noah in the library finally having peace and quiet and that's when Noah realized he couldn't concentrate on his book all he could think about was Cody and Sierra. He couldn't stand them being alone together and he needed to get himself together before he did something drastic.

Noah found himself pacing around the 'library' and looking out the window every 5 minutes to see what Cody was doing. He was fighting every urge to go down there and make a witty comment to Sierra and Cody. His palms were actually sweating, he was ready to have a panic attack. Noah was so lost in his own world that when Courtney slammed a book down on the table Noah nearly pissed his pants.

"Could you give someone a warning before you loudly drop books?" Noah turned around and gave her a dirty look before peeking out the window again.

"What are doing?" Courtney smirked at him.

"Nothing." Noah told her "What are you doing in here?"

"Returning a book." Courtney told him. "Are you watching someone?"

"No." Noah told her.

"Who are you watching?" Courtney asked him. "You can tell me! Is it Duncan? Are you hoping he falls into the pool and drowns too?"

"Why would I be watching Duncan?" Noah rolled his eyes "Also, don't you think drowning someone is a tad bit harsh?"

"I didn't say I was going to drown him." Courtney laughed. "I just said I hope he drowns. So who are you watching?"

"I must be really losing my mind because I'm actually willing to tell you." Noah rolled his eyes and took a deep breath. "I'm watching Cody because I can't stand the thought of him and Sierra together."

"I see your point." Courtney agreed. "I can't stand Sierra either! She was a horrible team member and useless in challenges, if she didn't agree to vote for Gwen then I would have voted for her."

"Yeah, you and I hate Sierra for different reasons." Noah smirked at her. "I can't stand her because she has what I want and now that she has him I'm sure I want him."

"Oh...My...Gosh..." Courtney's jaw dropped "You mean you're gay?"

"No shit, Einstein." Noah told her. "Now you're getting it."

"You and Cody?" Courtney asked him. "I never knew you were gay."

"It's not something I've been really open about." Noah told her. "I didn't even know I had a thing for Cody until Sierra actually ended up dating him."

"Can't you just find someone else and get over it?" Courtney laughed and placed picked the book up from the table and placed it on the shelf.

"That's like asking you to get over Duncan." Noah smirked at her and she glared at him. "I just feel the need to constantly know what he's doing! I feel like Sierra before they started dating!"

"Well then." Courtney turned and smiled at him. "Lucky for you that since I broke up with Duncan and gave up on most of these losers here, my schedule is very much open and I'm going to help you."

"You're going to help me do what?" Noah got wide eyed. "I never said I wanted to tell Cody anything!"

"Then you're never going to get anywhere with him." Courtney firmly told Noah. "Since he has no clue that you're gay, I guess we're going to have to make the first move for you."

"We're?" Noah asked her "There isn't an us! I don't want to tell him anything and I'm really regretting telling you! I don't think Cody's gay and even if he was I don't want Sierra to kill me for stealing her boyfriend."

"That's why we're going to get Cody to dump her." Courtney assured him. "Then she'll be the psychotic freak she once was and then all order will be restored in this hell that we are forced to live in."

"But Court-" Noah tried to say but Courtney was already gone and Noah was left standing alone. He was starting to think that she was better off dating Duncan, at least when she was with him she wasn't meddling in his life and now she knew he was gay and she was going to try to get them together. He was hoping Courtney's plan would at least be sane and not get him beat up in any way.

So, what do you guys think of this? It's going to be the perfect balance of Coderra and Noco and I'm turning the tables on this and actually making Noah the weirdo stalker instead of Sierra! Cody seems to really have a thing for stalkers and while I'm making this magic happen I figured I would also throw a twist in and have Courtney help him instead of the usual Izzy helping Noah fics I have seen.