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About 5 hours have passed since Noah had his chat with Courtney and since Cody and Sierra went to eat lunch together. Noah was trying to focus on a book and not on how adorable Cody's gap is between his teeth and how much he wanted to give him candy just so he could talk to him. It wasn't working, all Noah could focus on was Cody and Sierra and he patiently waited for them to get back. He was listening for Sierra's door to open because luckily for him, Sierra lived right across the hall. He found himself with his ear up to his door at least 4 times hoping Sierra had come home and each time he had been proven wrong. Finally he heard Sierra's obnoxious, whiny voice and quickly opened the door without thinking.

"Hey guys what's up?" Noah awkwardly laughed as he opened the door to find Sierra talking to Geoff.

"What's up, bro?" Geoff asked him.

"I'm not doing anything, why? what are you doing?" Noah asked them both.

"Geoff just invited Cody and I to this awesome party tonight!" Sierra jumped up and down. "It's gonna be totes awesome! I'm sorry you can't come!"

"First of all, I hate parties." Noah smirked at her. "Even if I wanted to go, please enlighten me with why I can't."

"It's couples only." Geoff frowned at him. "Sorry, bro."

"I wouldn't have went even if you asked me." Noah informed him. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to take a shower."

Noah quickly walked down to the end of the hall and into the community bathroom. Leave it to Chris to make staying at the playa extremely awkward by making people shower together in their free time. It was mid afternoon though and most people didn't use it then so he pretty much had the shower to himself.

Noah decided he would take a shower to take his mind off of Cody and Sierra and that stupid party that he didn't want to even go to. Noah just stood there and let the water hit him and run down his body, he wasn't actually planning on taking a shower but he didn't want Sierra and Geoff to think he was creepy so this was close enough. Noah closed his eyes and thought about the good old days during season 1 and 2 before that purple haired maniac came into his life and Cody's life and ruined something that could have been great.

"Hey Noah." Cody walked in and turned the shower on "What's new?"

"Fuck..." Noah sighed to himself. "Showering, and you?"

"Same as you." Cody laughed and stepped in and turned the water on. "Isn't it nice at this time of the day? It's like nobody is here and you can just relax."

"You like mid afternoon showers?" Noah asked him as Cody lathered his hair with Shampoo.

"I love them." Cody told him. "It's better than being here around 10:00pm when Alejandro and Geoff take a shower! Have you ever seen how wild they get? They like to steal people's clothes and towel snap! I'll pass on that one."

"Agreed." Noah smirked and that's when he smelled it, Cody's shampoo smelled amazing. "Hey, can I borrow some of that? It smells really good on you...Uh...Yeah, I forgot to bring mine."

"Sure!" Cody passed him the bottle. "This is actually Sierra's shampoo and I'm just borrowing it until I get around to shopping."

"Lovely." Noah took the bottle anyway and rolled his eyes. "So, you sick of having her around yet?"

"Surprisingly No." Cody laughed. "She's actually not that bad, once I've given her a chance! She's like Gwen 2.0 and I never thought I'd say that, I'm actually happy for once."

It took everything in Noah's power to not look a Cody. He wanted to look at Cody even more but he knew that would go against every "Guy Law" plus, he just said he was happy with her, Noah had no clue what to do at this point. So, he quickly washed out his hair and handed the bottle quickly back to Cody and dried himself off.

"So, yeah..." Noah told him. "Enjoy your shower."

"Uh...Thanks?" Cody awkwardly laughed as Noah sped out of the bathroom.

Noah hated himself for doing this, But he couldn't take his attraction to Cody anymore and he needed to talk to someone. This wasn't like him at all, he never talked to anyone or had the desire to do so and now he's fawning over Cody like a 13 year old girl at a one direction concert. Sadly, the only person who knew about his little Cody problem was Courtney and he was apparently desperate enough to bang on her door...

"Yes, Noah?" Courtney opened the door and smirked at him.

"How did you know it was me?" Noah asked as he ushered her in and slammed the door.

"You're the only one who would be banging on my door like that." Courtney smirked at him. "I knew you would do it. You're becoming just like Sierra and it's okay Noah, I'm here for you! I'm only here for you because everyone else hates me, but that's beside the point."

"Me and Cody in the shower!" Noah told her. "Why does this always have to happen to me?! After you left I was listening outside the door for them! Obviously, there is a problem here."

"You and Cody were in the shower together?" Courtney asked him. "You should have told him then, that way he wouldn't of had time to get dressed and he would be forced to answer you!"

"I can see why you don't date that much." Noah smirked at her. "So, moving on! I told him I liked the smell of his shampoo and he said it was Sierra's!"

"Ouch!" Courtney winced "He's using her shampoo..."

"I feel so creepy." Noah sighed and sat on Courtney's bed. "Like Owen being within a foot of Justin creepy."

"This is normal." Courtney rubbed Noah's back. "We just have to get rid of Sierra! So, there going to Geoff's stupid party, right?"

"How did you find out about the party?" Noah asked. "You're not dating anyone."

"Yeah, but Duncan is dating Gwen and I paid Harold $150 to hack into Duncan's phone and allow me to get all the texts that he gets. He told Geoff that both him and Gwen would be at the party." Courtney informed him.

"Yeah, I'm not feeling like a creepy stalker anymore." Noah smirked at her. "Are you sure that you don't need professional help?"

"I do have professional help, thank you very much!" Courtney glared at him. "Chris told me if I wanted to be on this show I would have to be checked to see if I was mentally stable and so I did and they said I was an unknown threat level and so I sued them and now I'm allowed to be on the show!"

"Great, so I'm a stalker who's getting help from a stalker who's denying she's a stalker who is helping me stalk an Ex-Stalker?" Noah rolled his eyes. "This can't possibly end well."

"You and I are going to go to that party!" Courtney told him.

"It's for couples only." Noah told her. "Do you honestly want to see 12 people give or take, making out at night in the pool?"

"You and I are going to confess our love for each other." Courtney told him. "Then you can make Cody jealous and I'll brag about how smart you are and that will make Duncan mad and then he'll beat you up and take me back! That'll show gothy who the real winner is!"

"How is this going to be a good night for me?!" Noah asked her. "If I do what you tell me then I'll get beat up and still get rejected..."

"C'mon!" Courtney told him. "We need to get ready! I want all eyes on us!"

"Have you seen this show?" Noah asked her. "All eyes are never on me! Why would it start now?"

"Because all eyes and cameras are usually on me." Courtney smirked at him. "I'm really good at getting people to notice me."

Noah sighed having a feeling that this would be ending in the worst way possible decided that he didn't have much of a choice, he needed Courtney on his side if he wanted to accomplish anything so if it meant befriending yet another weirdo, he was going to do it.

I actually like having the two of them work together. I'm really excited to see what happens next because I honestly have no clue what's going to happen. I currently have Coderra, one-side NoCo, Nourtney, One-sided Duncney and potentially Nizzy who in every story seems to like Noco...

Yeah, I have the power to make this fucked up. I'm trying not to, But I already made Courtney a stalker so yeah...