Looking at the others, he holds out the torn jacket. His eyes, soft and filled with such a painful emotion. His hands shaky. He gently and slowly places the coat on the desk. It was folded neatly. You would have never known that it was torn in half and blood stained. Lavi looked at Lenalee, who was holding back tears. Her hand over her mouth, trying to subside the sobs that would pass her mouth.

Komui stared at the jacket, his face void of any emotion, which was uncharacteristic of the man. His eyes were hidden by the glare of the light that came from above. You could not see the pain and unshed tears in his eyes.

Turning his head looking at the samurai at the corner. He was stiff, his eyes hidden by his bands, head low, staring at the ground. His arms folded across his chest. Lavi watched as the elder male turn and walk out. Slamming the door behind him.

"I am sorry, I truly am." The red head whispered, he took a bow and walked from the room. He was unable to look at the siblings broken hearted expressions. It was killing him, he was drowning in his own guilt. He was too busy with counting his kill's to check on Allen. When he looked back to brag to the white haired male, he saw blood, the jacket, and the missing Moyashi. He lost Allen and for good.

And it was all his fault.

From my rotting body, flowers shall grow and I am in them and that is eternity.

~Edvard Munch

Days have passed since the news of Allen Walker's' death. The whole building was in a state of harsh depression, mostly to those who knew Allen Walker, which was pretty much everyone. But those who were affected the death the most were Lavi, Lenalee, Komui, Jerry, Toma, Mirranda, Krory, and surprisingly Kanda.

Lenalee forced smiles on her face so that her brother wouldn't worry, but alone she would cry silently. She was heartbroken, over the fact she lost her best friend. She did not blame Lavi. No one truly did, it was a freak accident, but that does nothing to heal the raw pain.

Komui was stressed out a lot more than usually, he could barely smile when he saw Lenalee's face, it was most heart breaking to the man. He would pull her into a hug holding her close. Not saying a word. What could he say? 'It okay?'. No, he couldn't for it is not okay. It wouldn't be okay for a long time.

With Lavi, he spent most of his time with his Grandfather 'Bookman. He didn't speak much, he was always lost in his own little world. He was like a ghost of his former self. He would also force a smile every now and then, but even then he was too emotionally tired to even force that smile. He would do whatever his Grandfather said without protest. Nothing. It worried his old-man greatly.

With Kanda, it had hit the hardest. He was withdrawn, colder than ice. Whenever he was back from a mission, he would ask for another one, that day. If there was not a mission to be taken care of. He would train and train until he nearly passed out. Other than that, there was no changes from Kanda that could be seen. But Lenalee, Lavi, and Komui could see that he was suffering as much as them and maybe even more?

They could never really tell truthfully if he was even suffering greatly. He would not say a word to them, if he did it was about the mission or an insult. They noted some small changes, like his tone, it was colder, his eyes deep and blank, and the way he held himself. It was tense, forced, and fast. Like he was running away from whatever was behind him.

It all dawned on them, they lost what little light they had, they lost Allen, the happy, go lucky one. The one that could make them smile, laugh, cry, and even feel loved. Allen made them feel human inside. He saw them as people, normal, not destroyers, not weapons, not copies, and not an exorcist. He saw LenaLee, Lavi, and Kanda. Normal teenagers. Even though they were far from normal in this world. But to him, and what he said to them.

'No one is normal, this world is not normal, no matter how hard we try to hid it. We are so different that is is normal, we have red blood, two eyes, a heart, and a mind. We are like any other. We just took a larger step to protect those who could not and cannot protect themselves. We are Kanda, Lavi, Lenalee, and Allen. We are teenagers living our lives. We are normal.'

Those where that last words that they said to them before the mission with Lavi. They cherished those last words. But they could not abid by those words, for they were missing the main part. Happiness, their Allen.