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Chapter 8

Who am I to say?

Cold as ice, And more bitter than a december winter night. That's how I treated you. And I know that I; sometimes tend to lose my temper and I cross the line. Yeah that's the truth. I know it gets hard sometimes, but I could never Leave your side No matter what I say Cause if I wanted to go I would have gone by now, But I really need you near me to Keep my mind off the edge. If I wanted to leave I would have left by now. But you're the only one that knows me Better than I know myself ~Adam Lambert :Better than I know myself:

Looking at the ceiling with a dazed expression. Silver eyes held a certain emotion that can be considered as bored, irritated, and or tired. It was a complex emotioned that was concealed within her molten hues.

Turning over she looked at Kanda who was laying beside her, a peaceful expression on his face. Smiling as hair fell down and into his face. She gently tucked it away behind his ear, marveling at his elfen features. She loved the long jaw, his pointed nose, thin pale lips, angled eyes, and high cheek bones that held up his face. He looked like a picture of a perfection. Stroking his soft cheek as she slept. She smiled when he frowned in his face and turned his head away from her touch and stilled going back to sleep.

Sitting up Allen crawled off the bed, going to the foot, and over Kanda's legs. Stepping onto the floor Allen pushed off the bed and headed to the a joined bathroom. She turned around and pulled out some clothes from the dresser and walked out from the room to the bathroom. Having a quick shower she got dressed and brushed her hair. She passed by the sleeping Kanda and hurried out. Closing the door behind her silently she walked towards the cafeteria.

She was hungry, she was extremely hungry. Padding down the hall in her gray uniform. She walked into the room, going to Jerry to order food. She ignored the stares that she got from the finders. 'It seems that Komui forgot to tell them that I was alive and back.' She mused to herself and headed to the table that had Lenalee and Lavi. Sitting down beside them she conversed with them like she normally did. They bombarded her with questions and sat closer to her.


~Allens Pov~

I turned to looked at the doors, I knew who it was. Kanda and an angry one at that. I saw that glare on his face. He was sneering at anyone that got in his way. His hair was not even up, his feet bare, the only thing he was wearing was a shirt that was not button, and he was just wearing his black pants.

My eyes met with his and I froze as he walked after me, I did not move an inch, knowing that it would only get worse for the the both-well just me. He stopped in front of me and grabbed my arm and hoisted me out of the room like a sack of bride. I stared at him with wide eyes, blushing feverously. "You Baka! Put me down!" I spat embarrassed and attacked the male, kicking and squirming.

I was ignored, he kept his hold on me.

I was in for it once we got back to the room.

~Kanda's Pov~

Feeling the warmth of the bed, slowly decrease I look up and saw that I was alone in the bed. Sitting up in the bed, startled. I looked around, twisting my body. I went to the bathroom to see that it was slightly foggy.

Growling I picked up my clothes and put them on. I only grabbed what was necessary. Walking out of the room halfway dressed, I headed towards the cafeteria knowing that where she would be.

I barged into the cafeteria and saw my lover with Lenalee and the fucking Rabbit. He was too close for my liking. Locking myself with her, I saw that she was a little scared. Good, she better be. Walking over to her, I picked her up and headed out to the bedroom, ignoring the odd looks and the struggling she gave, which was pretty weak.

Going to the door, I kicked it open and walked it, kicking it closed. I dropped her on the bed. For an odd reason I felt like i had no control over my self.

Looking at Allen, I opened my mouth only to have a pillow thrown at my face.