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Ruth sat on the edge of the bed, phone cradled between her hands, and looked at the clock on the side table. It had just gone 7. Most people in the UK would still be sleeping, lying in the comfort of their beds in the embrace of a loved one perhaps, dreaming about better things. Ruth sighed, wishing more than anything she could be one of those people. Instead, she was sitting in a hotel in Baghdad with her boss who she was, admittedly, head over heels in love with and the weight of thousands of lives resting on her shoulders.

"Not your finest moment, Ruth," she muttered to herself, "you stupid, stupid woman."

She heard footsteps outside in the corridor, heavy and fast. She knew it was Harry, his gait was as familiar to her as her own. Within a minute, the door to their room flew open and he stormed in, his eyes afire. His jacket was flung over his arm, his shirt was dishevelled and he looked suitably harassed. Despite the unbelievably grave situation they found themselves in, Ruth liked what she saw.

"Those bastards," Harry breathed, slamming the door behind him.

"Harry, people are still asleep…" Ruth chastised him gently. She didn't want to provoke his temper. Harry stared at her for a moment and she wondered if he was going to shout at her like had done on previous occasions, but within a minute his demeanour seemed to soften slightly and he exhaled.

"No wonder they have been suitably vague about this deal," he continued, quieter this time, as he threw his jacket over a chair, "they've been sitting on the uranium all this time!"

Ruth nodded in agreement, still clutching her phone, and watched as he started to pace.

"They bring us here," Ruth questioned slowly, "and they let us in only to keep us in the dark. They trusted us enough to let us know of their plan and who they are but not enough to actually bring us in on it. Why?"

Harry continued to walk up and down the room, slow and silent. She wondered if he'd even heard her questions. His hands rested on his hips as he turned around once more and walked back.

"I don't know," he admitted finally, looking at her, "I just don't know. Perhaps it was a fail-safe. They wanted to believe us but if we had tried to intervene, we would have alerted them to our real intentions and still wouldn't be able to have stopped it."

"They've been playing us all along," Ruth summarised, frowning, "leading us around by our noses. It's like you said, Harry, we've been dancing to their tune all this time."

"I fear you may be right," Harry sighed. He rubbed his face wearily and Ruth questioned, not for the first time, how he even managed to get out of bed every morning knowing what he would have to face.

"So the uranium is in the wrong hands and we can't put a stop to it without big risk or being implicated ourselves. We've failed."

"No," Harry replied fiercely, making Ruth jump slightly, "I'm sick of dancing with the Devil."

"What are you going to do?"

Harry walked over to his jacket and pulled out his mobile phone in his right hand. Ruth watched him, waiting for an answer. He was just as bad as Mani sometimes when it came to giving an answer.

"I'm putting a stop to this right now." His fingers moved dexterously over the numbers as he typed them in.


Harry's arm crossed his body as he put the phone to his left ear. Ruth could hear a faint dialling tone.

"They may have uranium," Harry said with a smile that didn't quite reach his eyes, "but we have a weapon much more powerful. We have Juliet."


Juliet groaned as she heard the tell-tale ringing of her mobile phone.

"8 hours," she growled, struggling to open her eyes, "that's all I sodding well ask for."

She blindly reached out with her hand, fumbling for the bedside table until her fingers grazed the side of her phone. With a heavy sigh she stretched and grabbed it before rolling back onto her back. She got comfortable once more before she hit 'answer' and put the phone to her ear.


The sharp tone of Harry Pearce swept all thought of sleep away and her eyes snapped open immediately.

"H-Harry?" she asked, confused as she peered to her left and saw the time; 4:09am, "What is going on? Do you have any idea what time it is?"

"I need your help," his voice crackled as the signal weakened, "We're in Baghdad."

"Baghdad?" Juliet pushed herself up in the bed, resting her weight on one arm, "slow down. What do you mean 'we'?"

"I brought Ruth with me," Harry replied casually, as if this revelation of being in Baghdad with his analyst was an everyday occurrence, "I needed someone I can trust."

"What-?" Juliet was still trying to wrap her head around the situation, but Harry sounded like he meant business.

"I need you to go as high up as you can in government, beg and plead if you have to."

"Will you please tell me what the bloody hell is going on, Harry!?" She snapped in reply. This was just like him, to have her calling around at this time. She knew he hated politics, but even he must know the kind of reaction she'd get from the cabinet if she was to call their family homes at 4 in the morning. She heard Harry sigh and pressed the phone harder against her ear.

"Don't make me come over there and torture you for the information," Juliet pulled her duvet off of her and sat up in the bed fully.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity, Harry spoke again:

"… There is joint intelligence operation to uncover uranium in Iraq. They want to vindicate the war, Juliet."

Juliet snorted derisively. She had just been woken up at 4am for this? This was a joke.

"There isn't any uranium in Iraq, Harry," she said levelly, wanting nothing more than to just lie down again, "The whole world knows it, why do you think the Prime Minister is so unpopular at the moment?"

"…there is uranium in the country," Harry replied, "It arrived yesterday."


"They've planted it and are going to 'discover' it unless we get to them first."

"Why haven't you stopped them already?" Juliet asked as she searched the room for her clothes. Ah, hanging over the chair.

"This goes higher than me. The Whitehouse has green lit it, not to mention our sisters over at Six."

"What do you want me to do?" she asked, feeling that once again she was sticking her neck on the line for Harry Pearce.

"Go as high as you can, Juliet, and fast. I'm counting on you."


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