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A scream blew through the air. Signless ran knowing who the scream belonged to.

He found Disciple clutching her ears and cringing on the ground.

"Disciple!" Signless ran up to her. "Are you ok?" She didn't respond. He shook her shoulder a bit.

"Signless? When did you get here?" She asked confused. She blinked and held her throat.

"Just now, what's wrong?" She didn't respond again then looked at him.

"Something's wrong with my ears…" She looked at him.

"What do you mean?" Her eye's widened.

"I-I can't hear you!" She said bursting into tears. She looked around. "I can't hear anything." Signless patted her back. He turned her to face him fully.

"What happened?" He said making sure his lips moved widely so she could tell.

"I was going after this weird beast, and then it shrieking in my ears… It hurt…" She said loudly seeing if that helped her hear herself. Tear's poured down her cheeks. Signless helped her up.

When they got back the Dolorosa had a worried look.

"Your back!" She hugged them both. "I was so worried!" Signless hugged back. Disciple stared at the ground. The Dolorosa released them from the hug and looked at Disciple confused.

"Hey say something!" Psionic yelled at her. Signless rubbed her back as she started crying.

"What's going on? Why isn't she responding?" Dolorosa asked. Signless hugged Disciple tightly.

"She lost her hearing."

It had been a few sweeps and the group learned Sign-language. Disciple also learned how to read lips fluently. If you talked to them you'd never know she couldn't hear. A couple of times Signless would forget and be looking away from her telling her something. Sometimes he was a bit thankful since a couple of times it was embarrassing.

"Then in my dream I wouldn't shut up, the poor kid I was talking to was stunned." Signless laughed. Disciple held a smile as she doodled in her journal. Signless internally face-palmed realizing she didn't hear any of it. She wasn't even paying attention. He jokingly grabbed the book and smirked.

"What are drawing?" He asked as she blushed.

"Give it back!" She tried swiping it from his hands. "Come on Signless!" Psionic used his powers and made the book float back to Disciple.

"Come on, don't pick on her." Disciple thanked Psionic then continued drawing. Signless huffed and sat by her trying to catch a glimpse of her drawing. He saw some detail but couldn't make out the whole thing by the time she noticed him looking at it.

"Can I help you?" She asked. He signed if he could see her drawing. She nodded. He scouted closer and saw she was drawing him when he was laughing. He blushed.

"I look like a dork." He mumbled. Disciple added a bit more horn detail in. He smiled. Psionic interrupted them by tossing a piece of bread at them.

"I you two are going to be all snuggly and cuddly like a couple at least have the decency to do it away from the campsite, I don't want to watch you two have sloppy make outs." Disciple blushed as he signed it.

"Ew, Psionic!" Disciple shrieked. The Dolorosa came out in surprise.

"What's going on out here?" She signed.

"Psionic's being a pervert!"

"She's lying." Psionic said. Signless stayed silent.

"I wouldn't mind sloppy make outs with her." He mumbled thankful Disciple couldn't hear anything.

"I just said if Signless and Disciple were going to have sloppy make outs to do it in the forest." Psionic explained.

"Pervert!" Disciple yelled again.