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So please enjoy this "Christmas" Special ^_^ (just a warning, it's kinda crackish, but it has its slight plot relevance towards the end)

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Chapter 6

"You've really reached a new low here, Dean," Sam said. Charlie, who was standing next to him, nodded. Cas, who just walked in, glanced at Dean, who was standing on the other side of the table in the main room with his arms crossed, completely ignored the others. Cas then turned back towards Sam and Charlie with his head tilted. The two of them didn't respond to Cas' unasked, yet obvious, question.

"What did I miss?" Cas asked, turning back to Dean.

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing happened," Dean said, not looking at Cas. Dean hesitated a moment, then crossed the room, and headed out the door to where the bedrooms were located. Cas stared at Sam again, who just sighed.

"Dean is being an idiot again," Sam explained. Cas raised an eyebrow.

"What did he do… this time?" Sam just shook his head and headed out of the room, though through a different door than Dean went through. Charlie came up and patted his shoulder before heading through the door Dean went through, leaving Cas in the room by himself, still completely confused as to what happened in the half hour he had been gone.


Dean frowned in his sleep and turned around on the bed, trying to get comfortable again. His memory foam mattress didn't seem like it was really remembering him. Dean opened his eyes, and, while groaning, attempted to punch his pillow into shape, except…

"When the hell did I get a window?" Dean gaped. Through the window, he saw that it was lightly snowing outside. Sure it was December, but the forecast never called for snow in the coming week. Dean looked around the room. All the weapons, all the photos that he spent nights painstakingly putting up and rearranging, were all gone. In their place were paintings of landscapes, some old-fashioned looking cloth covering over old-fashioned looking furniture, with old-fashioned looking lamps and photos covering the surface. Dean closed his eyes and pinched his arm. Waiting a moment, he opened his eyes, and to his disappointment, he was still in that room (which somehow smelled like old people). Does that pinching your arm trick even work?

So, either Dean was having some weirdly realistic dream, or he was transported to some other location while he was asleep. Dean was still wearing the clothes he fell asleep in, but unfortunately, the knife he always kept under his pant leg wasn't there. Damn. Dean stood up, and headed for the door. At the last moment, Dean detoured to the table, and picked up the unplugged old-fashioned lamp to use as a weapon.

Approaching the door, Dean cautiously opened it, and glanced out into the hallway. Not seeing anything potentially threatening, Dean entered the hallway. Aside from a couple of doors, and a set of staircases heading down at the end of the hallway, the hallway was wooden and bare. The sound of fire crackling and the flickering shadow on the wall were enough of an indication to Dean that he wasn't alone. Gripping the lamp even tighter, Dean quietly approached the staircase, and headed down the stairs into what appeared to be a sitting room. An old red and ornate high backed armchair faced the fireplace. Dean did a quick glance around the room. Old peeling floral wallpaper covered the surrounding walls, and aside from the armchair, the only other furnishing in the room was what looked like a dark dining room table.

"Who's there?" Dean said sharply.

"Oh, you're finally awake?" That voice sounded familiar. Dean's stomach dropped. It couldn't be. A sudden sound snapped Dean from his thoughts, and he watched in disbelief as the huge armchair turned around on the spot. A loud metal on metal screech was heard coming from the bottom of the chair. Dean dropped the lamp, and groaned, and placed his face in his hands.

"Oh god, why?" In the chair, Evangeline, in her usual business attire and wearing a dumb santa hat, was seated in the chair, grinning up at Dean. "Why are you here?!" A look of realization crossed Dean's face. "You caused this weird dream, didn't you?"

"There's nothing weird about this," Evangeline shot back, dramatically crossing her legs. Dean rubbed his eyes.

"I have no idea what you're planning, but just return me back to my own head please. I'm not in the mood right now," Dean said tiredly.

"Are you ever?" Evangeline asked. "Besides, I put way too much planning into this to stop now."

"And what exactly are you planning?" Dean turned around, and both Sam and Charlie were standing there. Sam was looking very annoyed, and Charlie was looking at Evangeline curiously. Dean was torn between worry and relief. He wasn't stuck by himself here, but they were still here at the mercy of this fucked up reaper. Son of a bitch. Evangeline grinned and held up a heavy looking book. On the red cover, in a large gold font were the words: A Christmas Carol.

"It's time for the Christmas special!" Evangeline said cheerfully. Silence met her announcement.

"It's not Christmas yet," Sam deadpanned.

"But it's less than a week away," Evangeline protested.

"But," Charlie cut in, with a quick nervous glance at Dean, "real Christmas specials always happen on Christmas Day, so this can't count…" Dean held back a snort. Really? No offense to Charlie, but there was no way this reaper was going to fall for─

"Really?!" Evangeline had stumbled out of her chair, grabbed Charlie's arms, and was staring at her earnestly. "Is that true?!" Dean's jaw dropped. She actually fell for that? "I haven't seen much of the TV you humans watch, so I'm not really familiar with that…" Evangeline trailed off, and looked quite depressed. Charlie opened her mouth, but behind Evangeline, Sam was waving his arms to get Charlie's attention, and was nodding his head furiously.

"Y-Yes, it's true. I'm sorry about that…" Evangeline became even more crestfallen, and Charlie awkwardly patted her back.

"I had everything ready," Evangeline mumbled. "It was perfect…" Dean shook his head, and started to grin.

"Oh well, looks like you can't do this now," Dean said, clapping his hands. "So you have to return us back to our regular dreams now."

"But I worked so hard on it…" Evangeline mumbled. Dean didn't feel any pity. A sound of wings had them all turning around to face Cas.

"How'd you end up here?" Dean asked. He didn't think reapers had the ability to influence angels. Either way, Dean hoped he would be able to take them back.

"When you guys disappeared from your rooms, a trace of your presence was left behind, so I followed that, though I'm not entirely sure where we are now," Cas said, as though it explained everything. It didn't.

"Wait, when we disappeared?" Cas nodded.

"You mean we aren't dreaming?" Sam asked. Dean spun around and glared at Evangeline.

"You said we were dreaming!?"

"Did I say that?" she said, examining her nails. Dean's eye twitched.

"Can you take us back?" Dean asked Cas quickly.

"I don't know," Cas said slowly. Cas glanced at Evangeline and flinched. With a dark aura surrounding her, Evangeline was glaring at Cas. "What?"

"Seriously, what can and can't you guys do? I swear if you do anything that deus ex machina's this story, I'm going to be pissed." Evangeline hissed out that last part, and Cas actually took a step back. "I'm going to make sure you don't interfere with my story." Cas looked away, and Evangeline gave a self-satisfied smirk. She then looked behind them, and her smirk widened. Dean heard a set of footsteps behind him, and turned around. A second later, Dean snorted.

"Nice PJ's." Harry tried to glare back, but in his sleep deprived state, the result was not in the slightest bit threatening, and everyone in the room sniggered. Harry held back a yawn, and turned to glare at Evangeline.

"I can't believe you went through with this insane idea," Harry said, holding back another yawn. Evangeline smiled cheerfully.

"You shouldn't have doubted me," she said. "And because you did, I decided to have you join us as well." Harry snapped out of his sleepiness, and gaped at her.

"You're joking…"

"Since we established that you can't do a Christmas special, can you let us go?" Evangeline ignored him.

"Okay, I get it. I-It's a nice plan. A nice idea. I believe you, so can you let me go back to sleep now?" Harry pleaded.

"No can do," Evangeline said. Dean sighed, and Sam, Cas, and Charlie glanced at one another.

"Can you send us back?" Sam asked.


"But it's not Christmas," Sam explained. Evangeline frowned, and stared at the book in her hand.

"I mean, if it was a Chanukah special, then it would be a different story─"


"Yeah, a Jewish holiday. Right now, we're actually in the middle of Chanukah, or rather, it's ending…" Charlie trailed off. Sam, Dean, and Harry were glaring at her. Charlie opened her mouth to ask why, before it hit her. Oops. Charlie glanced back at Evangeline who was staring at her in amazement. She tossed aside her Santa hat, and beamed at Charlie.

"You know what. You're actually helpful. I'm not going to make you suff─uh─have fun like those guys." Dean could see Charlie consider the offer, and Dean rolled his eyes when Charlie agreed.


"What?" Charlie said defensively. "I'm just trying to look out for myself."

"Time to get started!" Evangeline said. Before anyone could say anything, the area around them turned black. Thankfully, it only lasted a moment. However, when the darkness disappeared, Dean was by himself in that room. The armchair and the dining room table were gone, as well as Sam, Charlie, and Cas. Scratch that, just Sam and Charlie.

"Do you know where they are?" Dean asked Cas, who had just appeared.

"Damn angel, I was hoping you were stuck outside," Evangeline's voice echoed around them. "Seriously, it pisses me off. What can or can't you guys do?"

"Believe me, the feeling's mutual about you reapers," Cas said, frowning a little. Dean cleared his throat.

"Where's Sam and Charlie?" Dean asked.

"Well, I'm here with Harry and Evangeline, but I don't where Sam is." Dean and Cas both looked around to see where Charlie was.

"Charlie?" Dean said sharply.

"You can't see us... apparently?" Charlie said uncertainly. Her voice seemed to echo around them as well, but was definitely coming from above them. "And Sam should be nearby, according to Evangeline." Dean massaged his temples. He so was not in the mood for this. He just wanted to go back to sleep.

"Perhaps he's outside?" Cas suggested. Dean turned and looked around for a door, but all he found were windows and the hall that led back up.

"They need a door," Charlie said.

"Fine," Evangeline said. Dean looked around, and one of the windows showcasing the snowy world outside started to darken. Seconds later, a simple wooden door took its place. Dean didn't even hesitate to approach it, and threw the door open. Despite it snowing rather heavily, Dean, still in his lounge pants and a simple t-shirt, wasn't cold at all. He experimentally held up a hand to catch a snowflake.

"It's warm," Cas said, mimicking Dean's movements.

"You can't even make it snow properly!" Dean shouted, looking towards the sky. He must look like an idiot.

"Hey, it's good enough to create the proper atmosphere!" Evangeline shouted back. Dean ignored her, and started to walk towards the street. With the place being obviously abandoned, and the appearance of heavy snow falling, the entire area looked really creepy.

"Sam!" he called out. Cas went in the other direction, and also called out Sam's name. After a few minutes of walking around and not seeing anyone, Dean doubled backed, and headed towards the area Cas had gone to look.

"Who is that?" Dean heard Harry say. Dean stopped walking, and stared up into the sky. He waited for someone to say something, but when no one did, Dean got annoyed.

"Who else is here?!" he shouted. There was no response.

"Dean?" Dean froze. He knew that voice.



"Who is that?" Harry asked, looking out the window of the room they were in. Charlie stood next to him and peered out.

"Bobby, I think?" Charlie said slowly. "He was pretty much a father figure to them." Harry noticed the 'was' and winced.

"That's really cruel," he said to Evangeline. Evangeline stared at him blankly before turning back to her book. Harry frowned, and turned back to Charlie. "Have you ever met him?"

"Once," Charlie said slowly. "He… saved me from a monster, but at the time, he was a ghost─"

"He saved you as a ghost?" Charlie nodded. "For you guys, ghosts can become corporeal?"

"If they are strong enough, yeah," Charlie said. Harry looked out the window, and watched Sam, Dean, and Bobby's reunion thoughtfully.

"He stayed behind after he died… for them, right?"

"I think so," Charlie said, "but he had to move on."

"The dead shouldn't interact with the living," Evangeline said from her seat.

"But it still happens," Harry said. "Take now for example, you're screwing around with the Winchesters. So much for the dead not interacting with the living." Evangeline ignored him, and continued going through the book in her hands. Harry had half the mind to take it away from her, but maybe the WInchesters needed this reunion.

"Did you find out about Bobby from the books?" Charlie asked, filling in the awkward silence that formed.

"Yup." Harry looked between the two of them.

"What books?" Harry asked. Charlie laughed.

"They also have books based on their lives," Charlie said. "It's called Supernatural, and it's by Carver Edlund."

"From what world did those books come from?" Harry asked, making a mental note to get his hands on those books. Harry needed blackmail material on those two.

"The books aren't from a different world," Charlie said. "They were published here, and they're also available online. I'll download the series for you when I get a chance." Charlie thought for a moment. "Wait, don't you always carry a tablet with you?"

"Usually, since Death told me to, but I didn't go to bed with it, so I don't have it…, but anyway, how are they able to walk around undisguised and do their hunting without people finding out?" Harry asked.

"Their books really didn't sell well," Charlie explained, and Harry snorted. "Because of that, not a lot of people read them, and therefore they don't know about them."

"How far do the books go?" Harry asked.

"You could just read them yourself," Evangeline interrupted. Both Charlie and Harry turned towards her, and Evangeline pointed towards the bookcase located on the far wall. Charlie and Harry slowly approached it, and sure enough, two of the shelves were filled with the 24 published books of Supernatural.

"Well, here you go, you can get started on these, and when we get back, I'll get you the unpublished ones," Charlie said. Harry gave Evangeline a suspicious look, but he still grabbed the first book, and settled down to start reading it.

"Think I gave them enough time to bond?" Evangeline asked.

"Is that what you were waiting for?" Evangeline nodded. Charlie glanced at the book in her hands, and noticed the list. "Since we're doing A Christmas Carol, you need more people. Who else are you dragging into this?" Evangeline held out the book, and Charlie read down the list, and by the time she reached the final names, her eyes were wide. "You can't be serious…"


"So this is definitely a dream?" Dean asked for the tenth time. "We weren't transported somewhere?"

"From what you told me, yes, that's what it looks like," Bobby said, still looking incredulous at the whole situation.

"So we're all having the exact same dream and interacting with each other?" Sam asked.

"You have a better idea about what's going on?" Bobby said. "Reapers aren't God, they can't just teleport people somewhere and bring people back to life. All they do is take souls, and interact with the living if they have to in order to take their souls."

"I don't know… We really don't know much about them. Besides, they have Harry Potter on their side-"

"I still don't believe you about that," Bobby said, interrupting Sam. "I don't know what you guys have been drinking, but you should stop. And even if he were real, why would he help reapers?"

"You read the last book, right?" Sam asked. Bobby stayed silent. "Bobby?" Even Dean was staring at him.

"Alright, no, I didn't read the book." Dean was surprised, and Sam looked offended.

"Really! Even Cas has read the books!"

"Uh, Sam, I only read them because I wanted to know more about what you guys and Harry Potter were talking about," Cas said. Bobby was now looking at Cas in disbelief.

"You're in on this with them too?!" Bobby said, facepalming. "Have you all lost your minds?" The sound of clapping echoed behind them.

"Well, isn't this a nice little reunion." The four of them turned around, and gaped.

"Aren't you supposed to be dead," Bobby exclaimed.

"Aren't you?" Gabriel shot back. "Anyway, h─" Gabriel vanished, and Dean jumped, and turned around, looking to where Gabriel had gone.

"Sorry guys," Evangeline said, her voice echoing around them, "I sort of jumped the gun on that one." Evangeline cleared her throat. "Anyway, I gave you guys enough time to talk and stuff, so let's begin the story."

"You're just beginning?! " Dean said in alarm. Bobby looked towards Dean.

"Is that the reaper you were talking about?" Dean nodded. "And what exactly is she starting?" Bobby asked. Dean didn't respond, and Sam was still staring at the spot where Gabriel was standing.

"She had a book titled 'A Christmas Carol' she may be referencing," Cas said, Bobby glanced at Dean and Sam.

"So you guys are at her 'mercy'?"

"I believe so," Cas said. The area around them began to blur and flicker, and Dean groaned. He was not in the mood to deal with this shit.

Once the area cleared up, they were back inside the house, and thankfully, the four of them were still together. Aside from the entire situation itself, nothing here seemed hostile, so Dean allowed himself to relax a bit..

"And now, we shall begin this tale of redemption, family, and the true meaning of Christmas - I mean Chanukah." Dean looked at the others with a raised eyebrow, and while Sam and Cas just looked resigned to whatever was going to happen, Bobby was still shaking his head. Whatever happens, Dean was at least glad to have the chance to see Bobby, even if he was just some sort of memory or dream. "In this tale, poor Dean Winchester, with the help of various friends, family, and acquaintances, will learn to become a better person and-"

"Wait! Hold up!" Dean shouted. "One, there's nothing wrong with me, and two, if this has something to do with whatever Sam and Charlie have been saying, they're wrong. I have done nothing to deserve this torture"

"You sure about that, Dean?" Sam said, smirking a little. "You are getting more confrontational lately, not to mention that this morning, you─"

"Your drinking is getting to be a problem again," Cas added.

"Are you still diving headfirst into everything?" Bobby asked.

"Yes," both Sam and Cas said, and Dean gave Bobby a look of betrayal.

"Well, he wouldn't be Dean if he didn't," Charlie said. Dean huffed.

"I do think my plans through," Dean said, "sometimes…" he added under his breath.

"So," Sam started, awkwardly staring up into the sky, "is this when you somehow showcase all of Dean's past mistakes?"

"Nope," Evangeline said. Dean snorted.

"She's reading through a copy of A Christmas Carol, it's going to be something involving those ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future," Dean said. Dean glanced at the area where Gabriel had been. She better not be using the angels.

"Correct!" Evangeline said. "The ghosts of Chanukah Past, Present, and Future will be the ones to show you─"

"Wait, before you start, I have a question," Harry said, cutting off Evangeline, who then shouted something, but Harry ignored her. Bobby looked at them in confusion.

"Who's that?" he asked slowly. Dean and Sam exchanged looks.

"Harry Potter," Cas supplied helpfully, when it became clear Dean and Sam weren't going to say anything. Bobby gaped at him.

"There's no damn way that's Harry freaking Potter," Bobby said. Harry cleared his throat nervously.

"Er, I don't know what I could say, aside from Dean and Sam have their own book series, in their own dimension especially, so how far-fetched is anything else?" Harry said, a bit awkwardly. "Anyway, back to my question, I don't know how accurate Edlund's books are, but in Phantom Traveler, you guys said, 'Christo' to immediately identify a demon without them knowing. Why is that never mentioned ever again? Even now, I have never heard you guys mention, let alone use that, why? Wouldn't that make things a lot easier when you're going on jobs?" Dean looked over to Sam who was gaping.

"Uh…" Sam looked over to Dean for help, and Dean just shrugged. They both looked at Bobby and Cas, who both looked surprised.

"Wait, on the plane, you boys actually tried that?" Bobby asked. "Why?"

"Bobby, you were the one who told me that," Sam said.

"It was a joke. After I said to try that, I told you not to, because it wouldn't work," Bobby said. Both Dean and Sam were gaping at him now.

"I have never heard that before," Cas said. "A phrase to immediately identify a demon without their knowledge would be well known…"

"Can't you guys already tell if a demon is possessing someone?" Charlie asked from above them.

"Yes, we can, under normal circumstances." Dean assumed Cas meant as long as they weren't using angel wards or something.

"But on the plane, when Dean said it, it worked," Sam said slowly. "The guy's eyes turned black, and later, we were able to exorcise him, and the plane didn't crash." Now, it was Bobby's and Cas' turn to gape.

"But that's impossible…" Cas muttered.

"Did you guys ever use that again afterwards?" Bobby asked. Both Dean and Sam shook their heads.

"I may have completely pushed that case out of my mind, considering it involved planes and crashing," Dean said.

"You're afraid of planes?" Cas asked curiously. Dean glared at Cas.

"There's nothing abnormal about fearing planes. Planes crash all the time, even without demon involvement. I'd rather get into a fistfight with a vampire than get on a plane."

"Interesting," Cas said, clearing considering something. Dean didn't want to know.

"It was really stressful," Sam admitted. "There were so many people on there, and if we failed, we wouldn't be the only ones to die; all of them would have, too." Bobby nodded.

"I understand. Next time you guys encounter a demon, remember to try it. If it actually does work, then we just got ourselves a big advantage against them," Bobby said.

"We will," Dean and Sam said in unison.

"So you really just forgot about it?" Harry asked.

"Here I was thinking that it was just a plot hole," Charlie said.

"I don't think that would fit the definition of plot hole, " Harry said. "Just a mistake, or something the author just forgot about. I wonder if there's more?" Harry asked. Dean snorted.

"Don't think that your series was perfect either," Dean said. "In the third book, Hermione was using the Time Turner, and after that book, it's never used again afterwards."

"We accidently destroyed all the Time Turners!" Harry said indignantly. "It was at the Department of Mysteries…" Harry trailed off, and got quiet.

"But that was two years later," Dean pointed out, getting away from the topic of what happened at the end of the fifth book.

"There was the entirety of the fourth book for anyone to use the Time Turner. Hell, it could've been used to see who put your name in the Goblet of Fire or something," Sam pointed out. Harry stayed silent.

"Right…" Harry eventually said, clearly sounding depressed, and Dean and Sam winced.

"Did you know there were dragons here?" Bobby said awkwardly.

"What!?" Harry sounded shocked.

"Can I please continue my story," Evangeline interrupted.

"You can continue doing your story thing after this," Harry said impatiently. "What's this about dragons, and why use the past tense?"

"Well…" Sam started. He looked at Dean and Bobby for help to explain what had happened.

"Are they in one of the future books?" Harry asked, when the silence carried on a bit too long.

"No," Charlie said. "The last book Edlund had written was Swan Song which is…." Charlie trailed off, and looked sheepish. "You'll read about it soon enough," she said hastily.

"Are dragons supposed to be going after virgins?" Bobby asked. Harry choked on air.

"EXCUSE ME?!" Dean and Sam looked towards Bobby.

"Did you have to start with that?" Bobby shrugged.

"I was curious."

"I don't think dragons do that…" Harry eventually said. "I can ask Charlie─ Ron's brother about it, but I'm pretty sure they just hunt after any old prey." Harry sounded a bit disturbed.

"Well, the dragons we encountered had a human form, and were trying to get a monster named Eve out of purgatory," Bobby explained. "The virgins were used for some ritual to help with that."

"Eve?" Harry asked. Cas looked a bit uncomfortable.

"Must we bring up Eve?" he asked quietly. Bobby stared down Castiel.

"Man up to the mistakes you made," he said, and Cas looked away guiltily.

"Who was─"

"Okay, enough intermission," Evangeline said, cutting Harry off. "Let's get back to the show." She sounded irritated. Sam, Dean, Cas, and Bobby looked at each other as they heard the distant sounds of arguing coming from above them.

"Okay, absolutely nothing is happening," Gabriel said casually, standing behind Cas, making him jump.

"Are you staying this time?" Sam said. Dean glanced down, and hanging from Gabriel's neck was a placard that said 'GHOST OF CHRISTMAS CHANUKAH'S PAST".

"Just ignore the Christmas part," Gabriel said hastily.

"This is totally butchering Chanukah and Judaism so badly," Sam muttered.

"Anyway, let's pretend this is our first meeting after many years. You guys are looking well, considering... " Gabriel pointedly looked at Bobby who was dead, Sam who spent a year in hell, and Dean and Cas who had been in purgatory.

"Speak for yourself," Bobby grumbled. "I lasted longer than you."

"You sure about that," Gabriel said with a smirk.

"Are you still alive?" Cas asked sharply.

"Of course not," Dean said. "None of this is real."

"How was rooming with Lucy?" Gabriel asked Sam. Before Sam could say anything, Evangeline cursed, and everyone turned to look up.

"How did I forget… I'll be back in a sec!" There was a few minutes of silence, and then a loud burst of static.

"So there's been a microphone here the whole time," Charlie said. "So I guess I'll take over until she comes back."

"Where's Harry?" Sam asked.

"Still reading the books."

"Why did you give him access to the books?" Dean complained.

"Hey, it's only fair," Charlie pointed out. "You all have read his books, so there's nothing wrong with him doing the same." Charlie cleared her throat. "The Ghost of Chanukah's Past needs to get back to work or he's fired." Gabriel rolled his eyes.

"Fine, I'll get back to work." Gabriel snapped his fingers, and the scene around them shifted and changed, and in the distance, a much younger Dean and Sam appeared, talking amongst themselves. Dean looked around, and it was only when Sam gasped, that Dean realized where and, more importantly, when they were; the night Jess was killed. "Aww, you kids look so young," Gabriel cooed.

"Change the scene, NOW!" Gabriel looked at Dean in amusement, but complied, and snapped his fingers again, and the scene changed again. It was still evening, but now, they were at a crossroads, where a younger Dean was burying a box. This was also something Dean didn't want to see, so he glared at Gabriel, who rolled his eyes, and snapped his fingers once again. Now, the five of them were at the university, where they had first met Gabriel.

"I'm not changing it anymore, so you're stuck with this," Gabriel said smugly. He watched in amusement as his past (alive?) self set an alligator on someone.

"None of those scenes were on the script," Charlie pointed out. Gabriel just yawned.

"What's wrong with the scenes I picked?"

"Well, according to Evangeline's notes, they were supposed to focus on Dean, and touch upon the mistakes he made in the past, so the present Dean can learn from it," Charlie said.

"Are you at the Ghost of Chr─Chanukah's Present yet?" they heard Evangeline say from a distance.

"We're not even close to being done with the Past yet," Charlie said.

"What! We're way behind schedule now! I need time to to tell the story of TIny Tim!"

"Was that why you left earlier?" Charlie asked.


"Wonder what poor sap ended up playing that part?" Bobby muttered under his breath.

"Maybe it could be you?" Sam suggested, hiding a smile. "You were wheelchair bound for a bit. That's close enough."

"For the record, I just put everyone's names in a hat, and just picked at random," Evangeline informed them.

"Is this the story?" Charlie asked. There was the sound of paper being ruffled, and a pause. "The Tale of Tiny Lucy."

"Okay, I'm not going to stay for this," Gabriel said, and a moment later, he vanished.

"I'd rather not listen to this either," Babby said.

"Same," Sam said quickly.

"Can you not read that?" Dean asked. "We promise to listen to everything else you have to say."

"I worked hard on this, so no!" Evangeline said. "Okay, since Ghost of Chanukah's Past left, I'll just tell this story now, and─"

"Wait, so to summon a demon, you need to bury bones and a picture of yourself at a crossroads?" Harry interrupted. "That's it?"

"There's a couple more things needed, but those are two of the ingredients," Sam explained.

"Seriously Potter, you're interrupting me AGAIN!?"

"You shouldn't have dragged me into this then," Harry said, sounding very much annoyed. Dean turned towards Cas.

"I know you already tried, but maybe there's a way out of this place now that she's distracted," Dean said quietly to Cas.

"I can try, but I'm not sure," Cas replied.

"Aw, come on now. You're trying to leave just when I get here?"


"The one and only," Balthazaar said with a wide smile. He then frowned, when Evangeline and Harry's voices got louder. "Really? Can someone just block them out?"

"Hang on, I got it." Charlie fiddled with something, and both Evangeline and Harry's voices were gone. "Okay, there, now they're blocked out. Now, please go through your script quickly. The faster you finish, the closer we are to leaving," Charlie said.

"Who is that?" Balthazaar asked.

"A friend, so don't mess with her," Dean warned.

"Of course," Balthazaar said. "I will absolutely fully cooperate with you." Dean knew he wouldn't.

"Balthazaar, I apologize for─" Balthazaar waved away the rest of Cas's words.

"Bygones are bygones. Besides, I'm the Present Ghost; don't start bringing up the past," Balthazaar said airily. He then turned towards Dean.

"You heard the lady, I'm supposed to show you stuff to make you a better person."

"What are you going to show me?" Dean said wearily. Balthazaar looked thoughtful for a moment, and then walked towards him, and placed a hand on his shoulders.

"I know you can do better, Dean," Balthazaar said solemnly. He then removed his hand, and walked away towards Cas.

"Wait! That's it?"

"What, did you want a long lecture?" Balthazaar asked.

"No, but I thought there would be more…"

"Don't look a gift horse in the mouth," Balthazaar said.

"How hard is it for you guys to follow directions?!" In the distance, Evangeline was walking (stomping) towards them, and was followed by Charlie (who was trying to hide a grin) and Harry, who was still in his PJ's (who looked very much annoyed).

"Enough with your damn script," Harry snapped. Evangeline turned around, and opened her mouth to shout something back, but Balthazaar intervened.

"You shouldn't have picked us 'rebellious' angels to follow scripts," Balthazaar explained to Evangeline. "And you must be the famous Harry Potter." Harry eyed Balthazaar warily, but still shook his proffered hand.

"Nice to meet you….?"

"The name's Balthazaar. Castiel's old friend," Balthazaar said.

"Who is dead...?"

"Who is dead," Balthazaar confirmed. Harry winced. "The books were okay, but the movies were downright atrocious." Harry scowled.

"I'm trying to forget that they ever existed," Harry said.

"I don't blame you."

"This entire day has been a disaster," Evangeline said tearfully.

"Serves you right," Harry said under his breath.

"Okay, enough is enough, can we please leave now?"

"No…" Evangeline said. Dean groaned. She was beyond reason (if she even knew how to be reasonable). Dean looked towards Harry for help, who frowned a bit, and glanced towards Evangeline.

"Fine, I'm really sorry for messing up your hard work," Harry began to say, and everyone turned to stare at him in shock. "Since you are very behind schedule, how about you just do the Tiny Tim story, and then let everyone leave, alright?" Everyone's gaze went back and forth between Harry and Evangeline.

"But I still have the Future Ghost to do…" Evangeline trailed off, and looked thoughtful for a moment. "But you're right. It's been too long. It's going to wear off soon…"

"What's going to wear off?" Sam asked.

"I knew it," Harry muttered. "You got something from George, didn't you?"

"Okay, I accept your terms," Evangeline said, ignoring Harry's last words.

"I still don't want to hear this," Balthazaar said.

"Then leave," Bobby said. "You're not stuck here like the rest of us."

"Neither are you," Balthazaar said smugly.

"Just get out." With a laugh, Balthazaar vanishes. Dean focused back onto Evangeline, who had that Christmas Carol book open again, and was jotting something down.

"Just a handful of uninterrupted minutes of reading, and we all can leave, alright? Something has to go right today." Evangeline looked around at her 'audience'. "Potter, we need some seats, make some."

"I don't have my wand on me," Harry deadpanned.

"Why not?!" Harry gave her a pointed look.

"Can't you do wandless spells?" Charlie asked.


"But in the books, both Voldemort and Dumbledore had-"

"Do I look like either of them?" Harry said, giving Charlie a blank look.

"But you have the Hallows! Doesn't that give you something?"

"I'm Death's minion," Harry deadpanned. Both Dean and Sam were exchanging looks.

"Ugh, so then so many fanfics have gotten it wrong…" Charlie muttered, and Harry shuddered, even though he didn't know why.

"Okay, everyone is going to stand then," Evangeline declared, and everyone groaned in unision.

"Please just end this," Harry said. "Death needs me for something later, and he'll be annoyed if he can't get a hold of me."

"So you're going to abandon us," Dean hissed. Harry shrugged.

"You guys have gone through worse things," Harry said. "You can handle her… kinda." Dean glared at him. Harry looked towards Evangeline, who was now looking nervous.

"Did Boss say that?" Evangeline asked slowly.

"Yes," Harry said, almost too quickly.

"Then why didn't you mention it earlier?" she asked suspiciously.

"I… thought you would be done quickly." Charlie exchanged a look with Cas, who just looked plain old confused, but then began to look around to Charlie's confusion.

"You're lying, Potter─"

"So this is where everyone is." Everyone froze.

"Evangeline, what are you doing?" Everyone glanced down to stare at the short curly haired girl standing in front of Death. From the black clothing she was wearing and who she came with, they all figured that she was a reaper.

"Boss! What are you doing here?!" Evangeline said. The A Christmas Chanukah Carol book was nowhere to be seen. Death glanced at Harry, and gave Evangeline a pointed look. "Wait, you were telling the truth," Evangeline hissed to Harry, who nodded quickly.

"Of course I was," Harry said quickly, not making eye contact with her. He focused on Death. "Please make her stop," Harry said, almost begging. Death glanced at Evangeline, who pouted.

"Fine, everyone say your goodbyes!" That statement was directed towards the Winchesters and Bobby. Death looked towards Bobby, and raised an eyebrow.

"You made a memory of Bobby Singer?" Death said. Bobby looked offended by his tone of voice, and made to argue back, but a nudge from Sam made him remember who he was talking to.

"You leave these boys alone," Bobby said instead.

"To be honest, Death has pretty much been civil. It's just been her," Sam said, pointing with his thumb towards Evangeline, who looked offended. Bobby embraced both Dean and Sam.

"It's been nice seeing you boys," he said gruffly, and a moment later, he was gone. Dean stared at the spot where he had been standing, and wondered if that truly was only a memory of Bobby. The area around them shifted, and those remaining found themselves standing in the study of the Bat Cave.

"Wait, I thought we were all just dreaming," Dean said. Evangeline snorted.

"Oh please, dreams are just boring," she said.

"Then how did you drag us all out of bed? And where the hell were we?!" Dean said.

"I refuse to answer any of those questions," Evangeline said, examining her nails."I'm just going to say-"

"Don't say it was just some mysterious reaper magic thing that you can't explain…" Sam muttered.

"- that it was just some mysterious reaper magic thing that I can't explain to you guys."

"You can't just deus ex machina this," Charlie insisted.

"That guy does it all the time, and I don't see you guys constantly questioning him," Evangeline said, pointing at Cas.

"But I was created by God, so my abilities did come from God," Cas said.

"He's got you there," the reaper from earlier said, and Dean almost jumped. He forgot about her.

"Oh Audrey, I forgot you were here! You really should do something about your height. You are way too easy to overlook." The reaper, Audrey, looked upset, and opened her mouth to say something, but Evangeline quickly thumped her on the back, and began to use her head as an armrest. Dean quickly looked around to see where Death was, but all he saw was Harry standing there with a thick stack of papers looking annoyed.

"He only came to see where I was, and gave me bloody paperwork," Harry grumbled, when he saw Dean looking in his direction. "At least he gave me the wand." Harry was holding the Elder Wand, and immediately shrunk the stack, and transfigured his pajamas into regular street clothing. He looked to where Charlie and Sam were arguing with Evangeline, and Audrey, who was slowly turning redder and redder the longer she was being used as an armrest.

"Please don't leave me with them," Dean begged. Harry laughed nervously.

"Yeah, sorry about all this. I think she just used something from George's shop. It was one of his newer items, and she dragged me here, which means that we were all here the entire time." Harry flicked his wand, and in a shaky font, the time was briefly shown before he vanished it. "So I have to get going, and take care of this stuff…" Harry glanced back towards the others, and made a face. "If Evangeline isn't gone soon, then tell her Death said she's getting her pay docked."

"Why didn't he already do that," Dean said with a groan. "She definitely hasn't been doing her job, unless she's being paid to purposefully screw with us."

"Death does have a bit of a dark sense of humor," Harry muttered. "Well, " Harry said in a sudden falsely cheerful voice, "have fun!" With a loud crack, Harry disapparated, which caught the attention of everyone else in the room.

"Oh, four eyes left," Evangeline said. "That was such an anticlimactic ending to this night." Audrey gasped.

"Wait, I was supposed to tell him something!" Audrey said, panicking. Evangeline rolled her eyes.

"Then tell him later, it's not like he's being sent away." Audrey slumped her shoulders.

"But Death had said…" Evangeline patted her on the head.

"There, there," she said to the still panicked reaper. "I have nothing else to do with you guys, so we're leaving." Without further ado, Evangeline grabbed Audrey's arm, and the two of them vanished, and the quartet was left staring at each other in silence.

Hopefully, the chapter wasn't too bad. I know you guys deserve better, so sorry again about my absence. I'm also sorry about being super bad at replying to reviews, but I do read them, and they do give me motivation. It really makes me happy to see people still interested in the story after how many years since I first started it, so thank you so much for reading! From what I have outlined so far, I THINK the story will have around 20 chapters, assuming I don't combine chapters or add/extend scenes. Once again, thank you so much for reading ^_^.

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