Hey I was watching Phantom Planet again and well I had an idea what if after PP Danny's parents didn't accecpt him they rejected him and did experiments on him they tortured him snd thretened to kill Jazz and Danny if they told anybody


This is Danny's thoughts as he is telling the story

Most people think that after I saved the world life was great.

That people accepted me

That my parents accepted me

That I wasn't hunted

That I got everything I ever wanted.

They were wrong...dead wrong

If you heard about this from a textbook of how after I saved the world life was perfect after that

They lied

They saved you from my terrible life story

They saved you from having nightmares about this story

This isn't the story of how my parents loved me, isn't a story of me and Sam, or me beating up bad guys (Well in the end) So if you want that story stop listening now. This isn't that story. This isn't a happy story where everything turns out perfect in the end. Don't say I didn't warn you.

This is the story of how I was broken then taped back together.

This is the story of how I was saved from my destiny by someone who went through the same thing

This is the story of how part of my heart died

Of how my obsession was replaced how I got a new family and friends

This is the story of how I was tortured.

How do you guys like it! I thought of this while also reading fanfictions but the prolouge came to me while watching PP

Hope you guys review!

~ D-Bug