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All Where it Began

Danny's P.O.V

"What do you say?"Danny asked Sam."Wanna go for a ride? See where the future takes us?"

"Why not?" Sam replied. Danny picked her up bridal style and the flew over Amity Parks city hall.

"Cool statue. Personally, I would have made it out of recycled materials. But, you know, that's just me." Sam says it as she sees Danny's statue below while he gives her a ride off into the night after the two become a couple.

Danny wakes up from his dream. The he winces in pain and says to himself "What?" Then he looks around and sees his surroundings. He sees that he's on the examination table in his parents lab.

He's strapped down on the table looks down further and almost troughs up when he looks down. Since, he sees the Y on his chest, a bunch of burn marks, and green and read blood. He thinks even though he is in a tremendous amount of pain. He tries to remember what just happened.

"Oh." He says sadly. He remembered it. What happened. He really just hoped that the dream he just had was real! He wanted that to happen. He wanted that to be reality. But...it wasn't. He knows it is not the truth. The truth...lets just say. It's really not a happy memory.


As soon as he walked out of the circle and everyone applauded but mom and dad-No Maddie and Jack (I refuse to call them my parents anymore) then walked up to me.

Maddie grabbed my ear and said "We are having a talk in the basement when we get home." Sam and Tucker came up to Maddie and Jack and also walked away.

Danny looked around and saw everyone except Jazz had left. After he told her what Maddie and Jack said we sat down and stared at the northern lights.

"What's going on Jazz?" He asked he was so confused.

Everyone except Sam, Tucker, Maddie, and Jack clapped and everyone was happy except for them since Tucker and Sam should have been happy for finally telling/showing his parents who he is. But his parents should have been at least feeling something anything but anger. After all they were okay with him being Danny Phantom after Reality Trip when they found out they said 'We love you Danny you. If your ghost half ghost or something in between.'

So...what was so different this time around?

Jazz and Danny kept on talking about the possibilities. They try to figure out the impossible mystery. But that's why people call it the impossible mystery because they couldn't figure it out. He was just thinking 'Please! Please! PLEASE, for all the good I have done in my life, let it not be what I think it is! PLEASE!'

He grabbed Jazz's hand and pulled her up. Then after she was secure started to fly. He flew over all of the equipment they had made over the days before the asteroid. He thought 'If my parents don't love me at least the rest of the world does! Right? I mean I saved them from the asteroid. From various ghost attacks, saved little kids, and helped the police on various occasions.'

They pasted over a forest. 'I mean even if I did the "robberies" and "Kiddnaped" the mayor they have to hear my side of the story! Right? UGH nothing makes sense anymore. But I know it just all comes down to will my parents except me!? They will! I just know it! Right?! WHY AM I SO UNCERTAIN!?

They were just above Amity Park. 'Here goes nothing!' They speed over to their 'Home' (Yeah! Home for now!) They walked up the front steps and Danny let go of Jazz. 'They'll except me! They just have to!' He walked through the front doors.

But as soon as he stepped on the mat right in front of the door that says 'home sweet home.' He was electricuted. Danny collasped on the floor. He was losing vision fast. The last things he saw were two figures loming over him. His last thoughts before he passed out were 'Crap.'

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