This is like I don't know the 5th chapter of Tortured? So yeah hope you enjoy it! This is about before the conference happy easter sorry its late I've been busy!

Getting ready for it!

Nobodys POV.

Later that morning, they were all walking along the street. When Beastboy whispered "Dude. Look." He said it a bit nervously. All of them raised their heads and screamed.

There were a mob of fan-girls running towards them. Danny yelled "Quiet guys follow me I know a place we can hide!" Nobody even hesitated they all followed Danny.

They all ran past an apartment complex. Danny yelled, "Come on guys were close! I've memorized my way here!" They kept on running for like a minute, until Danny suddenly stopped. He ran up the doorstep of a nice house. It had six windows, was two stories high, and had a wooden balcony. They looked at how newly painted it was. They were all wondering 'How does he know this place, and how long has he know about it?'

Danny looked at them and said "Come on, don't you prefer to have all of your clothes on by the end of the day?" They all started to follow him. He opened up the door when Jazz yelled. "Danny, is that you?" (I didn't mention this last time! But Jazz asks that question, and Danny says something that is sarcastic back to her. Then says the of course its me, so yeah just so you know k BACK TO THE STORY!)

"No, it's one of the lizardmen from last night coming to destroy you." Danny said as he walked over to the table grabbing an apple "OF COURSE IT'S ME JAZZ!" He said that with a silly look on his face.

Jazz ran down the stairs, and sprinted towards her younger brother. But when she saw all of the other people she stopped, and had a confused look on her face.

"Danny who are know what never mind. Stranger things have happened to you. So my name is Jasmine but call me Jazz, and you all are?"

Robin introduced himself first. "Hello Jazz nice to meet you my name is Robin."

He pointed to Beast Boy, "This is Beast Boy."

Next he jabbed a thumb at Raven. "This is Raven."

Also he motioned to Cyborg. "This is Cyborg. And she is." He turned to Starfire but she wasn't there. He turned back around and almost had a heart attack when he saw what she was doing.

"My name is Starfire and may I ask? "Where are you from? How did you get here? What is your favorite color? And will you be my friend?" As she said this she drew closer and closer to Jazz who backed into the wall. When Starfire was done Jazz responded by doing the same thing Star did.

"Amity Park, me and Danny drove, turquoise, and OF COURSE!" Starfire and Jazz were jumping around the kitchen, when Danny said while pinching the top of his nose, and shaking his head. "Great now we've created two! JAZZ!" Jazz immediately stopped jumping, walked over to Danny.

Confused she asked. "What?" Danny explained lasts nights events leading up to right now with Beastboy jumping in from time to time with something funny to lighten up the mood, but ending in Raven hitting him in the head when he intervenes. By the time Danny was finished Jazz was at the phone talking to the mayor a minute later Jazz walked back over to the team.

"Alright," Jazz said clapping her hands together. "You all have a press conference to go to today at 1:00 p.m. You will be answering questions about yourself and what you plan on doing to protect the city. So let's get you ready!" She said the last part enthusiastically, "But first we need to get you all some food so as soon as you are done getting ready we can get to the conference. So come on!"

They all sat down at the table and ate breakfast. 10:00 they finished breakfast, 12:00 they were finished getting ready (the girls took forever, with hair, makeup, and clothes.), 12:30 they were going to the conference hall. They drove in Jazz's car. But all of the titans except for Danny were wondering 'How does Danny know her!?' But they also all were wondering 'How is this going to turn out?'

As they drove to the conference hall they got mobbed by the thing three of them expected (Jazz, Danny, and Robin) Fans and the News. They all thought 'Joy'

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