Evan took another sip of coffee and buried his head in his arms. It had been a full week since the Aublysodon incident, and he had barely slept during that time. The events of the last week wouldn't stop running through his head. Every time he closed his eyes he saw Dylan lying against that tree, her chest red with blood. He remembered bursting through the hospital doors, too out of breath to call for help. Hands swarmed everywhere; pulling Dylan away from him and onto a stretcher. Nurses crouching beside him as he fell to his knees in shock. Mac and Toby running in a few hours later to see him sitting in the waiting room, essentially ignorant to his surroundings. It had taken the two of them to cajole and persuade him to return to the TANK. And he had been torn apart by worry ever since.

According to Mac and Toby, Dylan had successfully made it through her surgery. They had gone to see her multiple times over the last week, but Evan never could. He had tried, but walking down the corridor towards her recovery room had sent the memories of bringing her there racing past his mind's eye. He just couldn't do it. So there he was instead, sleep deprived and anxious, living off coffee and blaming himself for Dylan's condition for the last week.

He raised his head to look at the clock on his desk. The digital numbers read 8:32 pm. Yet another day spent cooped up in the TANK. He hadn't gone home for days. Why bother going home when it would be no different from here? He still wouldn't be able to sleep; he would still be heartbroken and worried about Dylan. In fact, staying here improved his chances of seeing her once she was released. Toby had told him that it would be sometime this week. He just didn't know when. Evan had given up remembering what day it was the morning after the attack.

"Evan?" A voice reached Evan's ear, causing him to jerk his head up. Had he finally fallen asleep? Looking over the clock he saw that it was almost 10:00. Rubbing his face with his hands, he groaned and peeked out through his fingers. What he saw made his freeze.

"Evan, did I wake you up?" Dylan stood a ways away at the top of the stairs leading up to the second level of the TANK. Her face was painted with her typical concern, and it was the most beautiful thing Evan had ever seen.

"Uh-um, no. No, it's fine." Evan stood up and stepped away from his desk so fast it was a miracle he didn't fall over his chair and break something. In complete awe, he walked towards her slowly. Dylan stepped away from the stairs to meet him halfway. She was wearing a forest green shirt and jeans. She looked perfectly normal, perfectly Dylan. Not a trace of the attack that had happened a mere week ago was visible. Evan swallowed thickly and she smiled back.

"You're…you're ok." Evan said dumbly. His eyes swept over her, checking for damage. None.

Dylan chuckles softly, "Yeah. I'm ok. Hospital patched me up." Her smile fades slightly. "Toby and Mac told me what happened. That you carried me all the way to the hospital. Thank you."

"N-no problem. We didn't really have time to wait for an ambulance." Evan stumbled over his words, still dazed by the rush of emotions that came with seeing Dylan alive and healthy. "I'm just glad you're fine. It's really, really good to see that you're ok."

Dylan shrugged. "Hey, it's all a part of the job I guess."

Evan's brow furrowed. Without a second thought he stepped into Dylan's personal space and wrapped his arms around her. Dylan tensed in surprise for a brief second before relaxing and leaning into the hug. As he felt her wrap her arms around his waist in return Evan rested his chin on the top of her head. "I don't care. You have to be ok."

"What are you talking about?" she mumbled into his chest.

"It's my fault you were facing that thing alone. I should have been there with you. We could have taken that thing down easily working together. I'm sorry. I couldn't stop it from almost ripping your heart out." Evan choked, holding onto her as if she were going to fall through his fingers like smoke.

"It's ok Evan. It's not your fault. I don't think either of us knew what we were getting into."

"I don't care. I failed you."

Dylan frowned, "No, you didn't. Look Evan, it doesn't matter-"

Evan brought one hand up from her waist and cupped her cheek. He tilted her head up and kissed her soundly on the lips. Dylan's eyes widen in surprise before fluttering shut as she fully reciprocated the kiss. Evan closed his eyes as well, reveling in the feeling of finally having Dylan in his arms. A few seconds later he breaks the kiss and leans his forehead against hers. "I love you. That's why it matters. That's why I would give anything in the world to make sure you're safe. I love you."

Dylan breathed heavily. "Oh."


"Ok," Opening her eyes she ceased the contact of their foreheads and brought both hands up to caress the nape of his neck. She stretched her neck up to kiss him, this time initiating a kiss much more passionate than the first. Eventually Evan broke away and walked backwards, pulling her towards the nearest sofa. As they collapsed on it together Evan wrapped his arms around her again. Dylan sank into his embrace, holding him just as tightly as he held her. After a while, she spoke.



"I love you too."

AN: And there you go! Sorry it took so long to get an ending, but I'm pretty much constantly busy and don't have a lot of time to write. However, if I don't procrastinate again you guys can expect another PNW fic in the next week! Mmmm, more Dylan/Evan!