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Sweet Pea
a My Candy Love (© ChinoMiko) fanfiction

Chapter One
Military Brat

Opening Song: "Flowers in Your Hair" - The Lumineers

"Sweet Pea, is there anything else?"

I look into the back of the moving truck, which is completely empty, to Aunt Lonnie's living room, which is packed from ceiling to floor with cardboard boxes. "No, I'm pretty sure that's it," I reply. "There's that box in the car but— Oh, no Dad, I totally got it."

I run over to grab it from him, but he keeps a firm grip on it and holds it away from me. "It's fine, I can handle it. You can probably help your mom and Lonnie start unpacking. I never realized how much you hoarded until now." He playfully ruffles my hair with one hand before heading inside.

I stick my tongue out at him as I readjust my headband. "It's not hoarding! They're memories!"

Dad snorts. "Memories—?" Before he can finish what he wants to say (which I'm ninety-nine percent sure was going to be insulting), Mom tugs on his ear. "Ow, ow, ow, okay. Alright, Sweet Pea, I won't judge your memories as long as I don't have to carry all five hundred pounds of them again." He puts the box down next to the one labeled 'MUNICH,' then puts his hands on his hips. "That's all then, isn't it?"

"Yup, I think so."

Mom practically sobs when she hugs me. "Are you sure you're okay with this, baby? You don't have to, honest you don't!"

"Summer…" Dad puts a hand on her shoulder, pulls her away a bit so that I can actually breathe. "We talked about this."

"I-I know, but…" Her lower lip quivers before she squeezes me tightly in a final hug. "You're right, hun." Mom wipes her eyes, smearing her mascara and eyeliner in the process, and smiles as brightly as she can. People I say I look more like my mom than my dad — curly brown hair, average height, heart-shaped face — but my smile's nothing like hers. Even when her makeup is smudged and her eyes are all red, her smile lights up the room. "You'll have so much fun here."

Aunt Lonnie throws her arms around mine and Mom's shoulders, pulling us close. "Of course she will! If anyone knows how to party, it's me!"

Even though it's a joke, Dad half glares at her. "Lonnie, remember that Aome's here to study."

She scoffs and waves him off. "Pish posh. I know that, Laurent! But she's also here to make friends and have fun." Aunt Lonnie winks and nudges me with her elbow. "And a little cutie like you will definitely make some friends and have fun, if you know what I mean." Both me and Dad turn red, but definitely for different reasons.

"We'll check up on you when we can," Mom says, before Dad can combust. "Write letters and phone and Skype… You set that up on my laptop, right? I can Skype you whenever, right?"

"Only when I sign on," I say. "When the little thing turns green and there's a check by my name." My mom has an iPhone, an iPad, and MacBook Pro, but she's terrible with technology. "But you really don't have to Skype me every time I get on."

"No, no, I want to!" I mentally remind myself to stay on invisible while Mom's online. "We'll talk every day. It'll be like you're with us, right, hun?" When she looks at Dad, her eyes start tearing up again and I can feel myself wanting to cry too.

Dad smiles as he kisses her on the forehead and gives her shoulder a squeeze. "Right. We want you to keep in touch, kiddo. Lonnie'll give you plenty of help with the fun, but I don't want you to forget about why you're really here, okay?" I nod and he hugs me; Dad and I almost never hug. He kisses the crown of my head. "Make me proud. I'll miss you, Sweet Pea."

I pull away sniffing and feeling bad for smearing makeup on his fancy military jacket. "I will." Even if it's just family around, crying is super embarrassing so I try to salvage what's left of my face by wiping at it with the back of my hand. "You guys aren't leaving yet, are you? I thought we were gonna get dinner with Ken and George after they finished moving in."

"Hm." Dad glances at his watch. "George told me he'd call as soon as they were done, but…"

The door bell rings and Aunt Lonnie skips over to open it; standing on the step is my best friend and his super intimidating father. "Aome!" Ken says, hugging me as soon as he's in the house. His dad firmly shakes my dad's hand like all manly military men do. "How are you?"

"You mean since last night when I talked to you on the phone?" I tease, laughing. "Good. We just finished unloading everything, but now I have to move it all into my room and get settled…" Looking at all the boxes now, I kind of regret all that hoarding. It'll probably take me days to get everything where I want it to be. "But I guess I'm happy I'm finally here. Driving cross-country is really hard… My legs are still asleep."

"I wish we could've gone together…" He pouts, but glances at George who's in deep conversation with Dad. Even as far as military parents go, George is pretty strict. My dad's big on discipline too, especially in comparison to my mom, but he's no where near as bad as Ken's dad. I do like George, probably because I've known him my entire life, but he's definitely intimidating. I know Ken loves his dad, but he's also terrified of him and I'm not sure how healthy of a relationship that is. "We're both here now. Together!"

I grin. "Always together."

If it isn't totally obvious by now, I'm a military brat. I was born in Oregon but only lived there until I was five; since then, I've lived in Albuquerque, Tokyo, Munich, Paris, and Washington, D.C. Honestly, it's been a little hard getting used to new places and trying to settle down without really settling down (I mean, I have to move in like two years anyway), but I didn't hate it. I loved traveling and meeting so many different people. Most people won't get to travel in their entire lives as much as I have in sixteen years, so I'm really grateful.

I like to think that I'm not one of those socially awkward kids who can't talk to others just because she never stayed in the same place for very long. I don't talk to a lot of the kids I used to be friends with and some I'm just friends with on Facebook and occasionally write letters to, but I'm not lonely or anything. George and my dad have known each other for a long time and they're always stationed in the same place, so Ken's been with me in most of my moves. The longest time we spent apart was the two years I was in Paris and he was in Denver, and even then he wrote me letters every day. If I'm totally honest with myself, Ken's the only friend I really have.

"So," Mom says, standing between us, "are you guys ready for school tomorrow?"

Ken nods enthusiastically. "I'm just happy I won't be going to a new school alone!"

"I'm so glad the two of you have always had each other."

I notice that Mom is on the brink of tears again, and Dad swoops in to the rescue just as I start to panic. "Well, I don't have a preference, but I know the kids want something with good dessert, right?" he asks. Out of the corner of my eye, I catch Ken trying to hide his beloved chocolate cookies behind his back. He grins sheepishly when he realizes he's been caught. "Lonnie, you know this area better than we do. Have any suggestions?"

Aunt Lonnie's face lights up; even with the dyed magenta hair and the chubbier face, she looks like my mom. They have the same smile. "Absolutely!"

It's hard to say goodbye, even if I've been doing it my entire life. Though I guess it's different when it's your parents and not some kids you met in the hallway and the classroom. Mom hugs me and cries for a full five minutes before Dad yanks her off. He pats me on the head, tells me to read and study hard, and calls me "Sweet Pea" one last time before they both get into the truck. I grin, salute, and stand on the curb until they disappear over the horizon. It doesn't hit me that I'm still standing there until Aunt Lonnie gives my hand a little tug. "Let's go inside and start unpacking, Aome," she says.

Aunt Lonnie is my mom's younger sister by four years. They only have a couple physical similarities, but they're totally alike in personality. She isn't married and she doesn't have any kids, but Aunt Lonnie is really happy and she loves life so much. It's gonna be hard without Mom and Dad, but I'm glad I get to be with her.

"You really do have a lot of stuff!" she says as we start making my bed. "I love collecting trinkets and souvenirs too, so I understand completely."

"Dad says I have a really habit of not throwing anything away," I admit. "All of it means something to me, but unpacking all of this is gonna suck." I fall back onto the yellow star sheets and close my eyes. It's probably only eight o'clock and I'm already exhausted. "We don't have to do it all tonight."

"You mean you don't want to do any of it tonight," she says, laughing. Aunt Lonnie sits next to me and strokes my hair back the way she used to when I was a kid. "That's alright. You've got plenty of time to settle in, Sweet Pea. What do you say we do some shopping tonight, hmm? I'm sure you could use a new wardrobe." I quirk an eyebrow and glance around at the five suitcases full of clothes. "A new wardrobe for a new place! C'mon, what teenage girl says no to shopping?"

"Not this girl," I say, sitting up with a grin. "I'm ready when you are!"

Aunt Lonnie claps and jumps up. "Alright, I know just the place!" Probably because he knows we're leaving now, her German Shepherd comes running in and jumps on top of me. "Woah! Down, Sherlock, down!" He whines and lick at my face before curling up in a ball on my bed, where he'll probably be when we get back. "He's just missed you so much. He's afraid you'll leave and won't come back again."

"I'm sorry, Sherlock," I say, pouting as I hold his face. "I'll be home soon, don't worry."

"Yes, yes, we'll be home soon. Let's go, Aome, the stores won't be open forever!"

We make sure Sherlock has plenty of food and water (if he decides to ever vacate my bed) before heading out in her yellow VW Beetle. Sweet Amoris is a cute town, though it's a lot smaller than the other cities I've lived in. Aunt Lonnie points out the houses of her friends (aka every house that we pass), the bank, the jewelry shop, the dollar store, some restaurants, and finally our destination: a small purple boutique. "The high school is just down the road from here," she explains as we walk in. "But you have plenty of time for that tomorrow. Right now, let's just focus on— Oh, Leigh! Hey there, sugar!"

The guy she's talking to reminds me of a figure in one of the court portraits from the Victorian era. "Good evening, Miss Lonnie," he greets. "Ah, this is must be the niece you've been talking about."

"You've been talking about me?" I ask her.

She giggles and waves her hand dismissively. "Of course I have, Sweet Pea! I haven't been able to contain my excitement, you know." She hugs me tightly as she drags me over to Sir Nicely-Dressed. "Leigh, this is Aome Sauveterre, my niece. Aome, this is Leigh, the owner of this clothes shop."

"Owner?" I ask, looking at him. "But you're only a couple years older than me."

"I didn't finish school," he explains, and I feel myself blushing in embarrassment. I probably shouldn't start prying into people's lives since I just moved here. "But I did it because I love fashion very much." He smiles, trying to make me feel better. "If I can remember correctly, you're in high school, right?"


"So you'll be going to Sweet Amoris High, then. My brother goes there; maybe you'll meet him."

"Lysander isn't here today?" Aunt Lonnie asks. I assume Lysander is his brother.

Leigh shakes his head and makes his way around the counter. "No, he and Rosalya went shopping for school supplies. I believe he also said he was going to meet up with Castiel." I yelp when he suddenly takes me by the shoulders and steers me towards one of the clothing racks. "But you can meet and get to know them later. Tonight we're here to shop just for you, right?"

"That's right!" she sings, skipping up from behind. "I only shop here, you know. Leigh's been my only fashion designer for the past two years!" So this is the guy who makes all of her fairy and cosplay costumes? Most of the clothes in here look normal, but… "I'm sure he'll find something that looks great on you."

I try to decline as politely as I can. "O-oh no, I can look on my own. It's fine, I—"

"Nonsense! Leigh, work your magic!" Aunt Lonnie gives him a pat on the back, kisses my cheek, then prances over to a wall covered in what looks like wings. My mom's side of the family is mostly a bunch of hippie weirdos (what else do you expect from the West Coast?), but they're never boring and most families can't honestly make that claim. "Oooh, it looks like you got some new ones in…"

"Your aunt is my favorite customer," Leigh says quietly, wearing a fond smile. "Some of her commissions are a bit difficult to make, but the challenge is great. Also, her chocolate cake is like magic."

I hold out my arms to hold some of the clothes he pulls out for me. "Aunt Lonnie's really popular around here, huh?"

"Yes, absolutely. We all love her. Mmm, hold still for a moment, will you? Yellow would look very good on you." He drapes the canary yellow dress over my shoulder, then moves on to the next rack. "Lonnie told me you've done a lot of traveling because your father's in the military."

"Yup. I've been to Germany, Japan, France, New Mexico, and D.C."

"What made you want to move out here? Sweet Amoris is wonderful, of course, but very small in comparison to the places you just listed." He smiles in a way that makes me think he's very popular with the ladies.

"My parents agreed that I should finish high school in one place," I say. "Since I've been moving so much, they're afraid I won't get the education I need to get into a good college." Actually, that's just my dad. My mom didn't even go to college, so I'm not sure if she cares if I choose to go or not. Personally, I'm still trying to figure it out. "So they decided to send me here to live with Aunt Lonnie."

"Have you ever been here before?"

"We've visited a couple of times, but I don't know it very well." I squeak when he drops a beige fedora on my head. "She talks about it all the time, though. Aunt Lonnie, I mean. She loves this place more than her hometown."

He chuckles. "To be perfectly honest, I'd say Sweet Amoris is her hometown now. Her real home, I mean. Perhaps you'll grow as fond of it as she has."

I don't know Leigh, so I don't tell him that I've never really had a home before and I wouldn't be able to tell. I just smile, say, "Maybe," and let him keep throwing random articles of clothing at me. He seems like a nice enough guy and I figure there's no point in bringing down the mood with technicalities. "So does anyone else help out with the store? Or are you the only one?"

"Are you looking for a job?"

I flash a guilty grin in response.

"Well, in short, yes I am the only one who runs the store," he says, much to my disappointment. "I occasionally get help from my brother and girlfriend as well, so I don't require any extra hands. The bakery next door is looking for some help, though. One of their employees graduated and left for college, so if you want I can put in a word for you."

I know my dad said he wants me to focus on school and studying and college, but having a job and making money shouldn't be that much of a distraction, right? Besides, working in a bakery means free cookies and pastries, and what's more magical than that? "Really? Thank you so much!"

"It's no problem. I wouldn't be doing my duty if I didn't help out Lonnie's beloved niece." I blush again and feel like a total idiot. I swear I know how to talk to boys without turning into a tomato, but the way this guy talks makes me all kinds of giddy. Maybe because he reminds me of those handsome gentlemen in period dramas I'm obsessed with. "Well, I think we've gone through quite a bit. Why don't you try some things on while I help out your aunt?"

He holds open the purple curtain for me and I step into the dressing room to try on the fifty outfits he picked out. After I slip on the green-and-blue summer dress, I smooth out the soft fabric and spin around in front of the full-length mirror. Geez, my makeup looks terrible… I inwardly groan at the fact that Leigh probably wanted to give me tips on how to properly apply eye liner, then try to salvage what's left of it with my finger. "I need to start carrying around a pocket mirror or something…" I push the curtain aside to show the dress to Aunt Lonnie. "Hey, I kind of like this, but it's not really my st— Uh, you're not my aunt."

Redhead raises an eyebrow. "Good observation. Did you get an A+ on your pointing out the obvious test?"

My jaw drops. What an ass! "Did you get an A+ on your being a douche canoe test?"

He snorts. "Oo, good one."

"Castiel." Victorian Prince Number Two walks over, putting some cash into his fancy wallet. "I'm ready to go." His eyes wander over to me; they're heterochromatic like mine. "Please excuse us." He murmurs something to Angry Ginger, and the two walk off without looking back.

"Oh, Sweet Pea, you look so lovely!" Aunt Lonnie prances over with a new pair of wings attached to her back. "You should definitely get it. No no no, no protests! I'm getting it for you, definitely. C'mon, let's try on the other things…"

I don't have much of a choice since she pushes me back into the dressing room. "Who was that?" I ask as I pull off the dress and try on a cream-colored blouse.


"The guy with the pretty eyes and the red-haired menace."

"You met Lysander and Castiel? They left so soon, though… Well, the one who dresses like Leigh is his brother Lysander, obviously. The other one is—"

"Castiel," I say.

"That's right! Wow, it looks like you're already making friends. I'm impressed, Aome!" Right… Friends. "Now come out, I want to see what Leigh picked out for you. Oh yes, yes, yes, absolutely. Put that in the to go pile as well. Alright, next!" I resist the urge to groan when I look at all the clothes Leigh handed to me. "Chop chop, Sweet Pea, we don't have all night!"

If only.

Closing Song: "On Top of the World" - Imagine Dragons

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