"Heeeeeeere's the Zubba King!" The Zubba King exclaimed as he heartily laughed, somehow squeezing himself in.

Tails farted in fright as he screamed like a little girl, with Shadow, Silver, and Knuckles all screaming as they held onto each other. Nabnut just continued eating his nuts, not bothered by the Zubba King, or Tails' rotten gas.

"Now that I have you right where I want you..." The Zubba King stated as he pointed his big sharp stinger in the mammals' faces. "It's time for the royal sting!"

Shadow quickly tossed Tails at the Zubba King, the fox's butt aimed at the Zubba King's eyeballs as Tails farted again. The Zubba King growled in annoyance as he fired off his stinger, impaling Nabnut, who was knocked out cold. Shadow, Silver, and Knuckles all quickly ran out of the house, with Tails following as he let out one more smelly fart, only to be greeted by the hundreds of bees and Zubbas surrounding the platform.

"It's no use!" Silver exclaimed as he used his green psychic power, taking control of the bees and Zubbas, allowing Shadow, Knuckles, and Tails to head up as Silver ran to the right, dumping the stinging flying insects down towards the giant pond, before dashing right after his three friends.

The Zubba King emerged out of the tree, bursting through the wood as he saw the four mammals hide into the giant nest that belonged to the yet unhatched Eyrie the Eagle. He shook his pixelated fists as he buzzed on other, prepared to give the group a stinging their wouldn't forget. "You can't run from me!"