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Twin Dragons of Fairy Tail

What if Naruto and Sasuke were born in Earthland and meet at an early age in life, but after an event they decide to go their separate ways in order to become strong and they promise to see each other later in life. NarutoXMira SasukeXErza

Chapter 1

Outskirts of a destroyed village

Here we find Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha both seven years old, standing on top of a cliff overlooking a destroyed village. These two have been together ever since they met in an orphanage at the age of four. As the three years had gone by they were well pass their age mentally you can say they were twice their age mentally then physically. They have been through thick and thin only stopping when they had to. They lived a normal life in the orphanage, but now they stare as the giant demon continues to destroy their home. It's not like they had anything to go back to anyway, but still it hurt to see your home destroyed. Both were helpless to do anything, but watch as it kills everyone in the village they had grown up in.

"Sasuke what are we going to do now. Konoha is destroyed and we have nothing with us?" Naruto asked in a depressed tone as he looks to his side to see a raven haired boy with pitch black eyes.

"I don't know Naruto we will just have to figure something out." Sasuke answers as he looks at the blonde haired blue eyed boy near him.

They stand there for a good hour as they do nothing, but watch the giant demon destroy their home. What were they to do they have nothing with them it's not like they packed their belongings at the time their only thought was to get out of their alive, but now that they're out what were they to do. It's not like they had any sort of family members they were alone for the first few years of their small lives until they found each other.

"Naruto I think I know what I'm going to do." Sasuke stated in a low voice bringing the blonde out of thought, as Naruto gave him questioning look at the 'I' comment. "I'm going to head to the East Mountains and train myself to become strong then I can protect the ones I see as precious. I want you to go to the West Mountains and train as well." Sasuke stated as he looked at Naruto with a serious face. As Naruto looked at him with widened eyes why would he want them to split up wouldn't they be stronger together, but he could see the logic in it. It was much easier to train alone because you have no one that could slow you down. Naruto then nods in understanding, to his friends' reason.

"Okay Sasuke we'll do that, but promise me one thing that we will meet again later on in life and we will kill that demon that destroyed this village, together." Naruto stated with a large smile on his face holding out his pinkie finger. Sasuke mirrored his actions by smiling as well while entangling his pinkie with Naruto's.

"Of course we will always be brothers in everything, but blood." Sasuke stated as they once again looked at the destroyed village below them one last time. This would be the last time they ever see the village again and now they were going their separate ways, but not all was lost because they promised, they will see each other again so they had nothing to worry about right. They look back at each other one last time before they both began to walk on to their own destination with Naruto walking to the west and Sasuke to the east they would see each other again that was a promise.

Three weeks later in the west mountains, with Naruto

Here we find Naruto making his way through the west mountains freezing cold from all the snow and ice around him he could swear he heard Sasuke laughing in the wind that blows in the blizzard.

"Damn you Sasuke when I see you again I will kick your ass! You hear me I will kick your ass for sending me to this damn mountain I'm freezing my nuts off here!" He continued to scream along those lines for a few minutes until his eyes caught view of a large cave in the distance. Of course with him freezing his balls off he decides to go see what was in the cave and see if it was safe to sleep. As he enters the cave he doesn't see a thing in the cave so he decides this would be a good place to sleep. As he continues to look around the cave he notices that it actually looks quite nice on the inside as if someone had all ready been living here of course his seven year old mind didn't pick this up, no matter how mature he was, he was still seven. So he lies down on the cold hard floor attempting to get comfy, but failing miserably so he just decides to sleep without being comfy.

Four hours later

Naruto slowly opens his eyes from hearing a loud noise on the outside of the cave. As he stands up about to go see what was going on. He sees a large silver scaled serpent like creature enter the cave as it immediately looks at him. Naruto froze immediately 'Shit why do I get the feeling this thing lives here and I just barged in like I owned the place.' Naruto stated in thought as he kept a brave face up on the outside, but was trembling on the inside. They stare at each other for a bit as if sizing each other up seeing as if they were a treat to one another. After a good three minutes of this the giant serpent type creature decides to speak first.

"Hello there who might you be, because it is quite rare for someone of your age...wait I take that back it's quite rare to have anyone this for in the West Mountains?" The serpent asked in a soothing female voice as Naruto calms down a bit thinking the serpent type creature was nice from the way it spoke to him.

"I'm Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki and I'm in these mountains to train in order to become strong to protect those precious to me!" Naruto yells out in conviction as the dragon stared at the child for a few more moments as it tries to find any source of hesitation in his voice. When she found none she continued.

"Why do you feel the need to become strong at such a young age and what about your parents wouldn't they be worried about you?" The dragon asked as Naruto lowered his head at the family comment, he didn't have any except his brother Sasuke.

"I only have one family member and his name is Sasuke. He is the only person that I can call family and the village we lived in was destroyed by this giant Fox looking demon that had nine tails. So we decided that we would become stronger to be able to protect those precious to us and to one day kill that demon for he has done so many innocent people never had to die because of that monster. So for that we went our separate ways with a promise that we will see each other sometime in the future when we are strong enough to protect our loved ones and get revenge for those who have fallen to that monster." Naruto said still looking at the floor with fire of determination in his eyes. When the dragon saw heard this she narrowed her eyes 'What the hell was Kyuubi doing in a village such as Konoha the last I heard of that creature it was sealed away by a human.' But then her eyes softened from remembering how much determination the boy had, when she thought of the reason he wanted to become stronger an idea popped up in her head as she smirked.

"Naruto do you know what a dragon slayer is?" She asked as Naruto's eyes snapped to her with excitement.

"I've only heard legends, but I heard they were able to change any part of their body to match its respected element and that they were able to power up by absorbing that respected element." Naruto replies as he remembered all the books he had read on them he had always wanted to be one, but that would never happen, he never met a dragon before and most likely never would...Wait. He looked back up at the dragon."Are you a dragon by any chance?" He asked not really able to place what the dragon's mouth was doing, but for some reason it looked like a grin.

"I am a dragon boy my name is Hyouki the ice dragon and young Naruto I would like to take you in as my Dragon Slayer that is if you want to I won't force you to." She said as her smirk grew even wider at the way Naruto reacted. He was standing there wide eyed as if he was a deer stuck in the head lights. After a few moments of silence Naruto finally found his words.

"Of course I would love to become your Dragon Slayer. I would have to be stupid to turn such an offer down! With that power I would finally be able to protect those important to me and get revenge on that demon!" Naruto yelled as he was having trouble to contain his excitement he was actually being able to live his dream, it was really happening.

"Good now get some rest your training will start first thing in the morning and I would prepare mentally if I were you because you will have to train in your boxers only to get used to the temperature to be able to harness ice magic easier." She stated as Naruto slightly paled as he lay back down to fall asleep as the Dragon just smiled as she made herself comfy around him. She noticed the boy then snuggled up against her causing her smile to widen as she fell asleep as well. This boy will be powerful she would make sure of it.

Earlier the same day with Sasuke in the East Mountains

As he was walking through an area with volcanoes all around him as he shivers suddenly 'why do I feel like someone wants to beat the shit out of me.' Sasuke says in thought as he continues to walk around the many volcanoes in the area.

"Why did I have to say I was going to be going to the damn east mountains it hot as fuck here and I don't even know where I'm going this sucks." He continued to complain around those lines until he stepped on loose rock slipping into one of the larger volcanoes. As he fell the only thought that came to his head was. 'Wow is this really the end for me, died by the hands of loose rock pathetic. Naruto I'm sorry I guess I wasn't able to keep my end of the promise after all. I hope you will become strong enough to kill that demon on your own because it looks like I'm done for.' that was until he was caught by a scaly tail as he was lifted out of the volcano to come face to face with a large orange dragon.

"What are you doing all the way out here kid you know it's really dangerous to be walking around here." The dragon says in a calm male voice as he sets Sasuke on the ground.

"I came here in order to train myself to be able to fulfill a promise I made with my brother and to get revenge on a certain nine tailed demon." Sasuke says as he stares up at the dragon with little to no fear. Now with him being a dragon and all he was a little surprised by this also worried that the kid was in a little over his head. 'Why is this kid out for revenge against a demon the Kyuubi to? Of all the demons he could have been after it had to be one of the strongest.' The dragon thought as he looked down at the boy in front of him.

"Okay boy then tell me how are you going to become strong if you have no one to train you? Also why are you after the Kyuubi he could crush you easily." The dragon asked as Sasuke opened his mouth to respond, but no words came out and he just shut up and looked down for a moment. After a few seconds he looked back up at the dragon.

"I honestly don't know, but I will find a way to keep my promise to Naruto no matter what I will get stronger you hear me! And when I do I and Naruto will kill that Demon thing you called Kyuubi no matter what it had no right to destroy our village and kill all those people!" He yelled with his eyes burning with determination while the dragon smiled. 'So the Kyuubi destroyed his village huh and killed people in front of him and this Naruto character.' The dragon thought as he looked back to the boy with the smile still one his face.

"You know I like you kid. You have heart and you have the drive to become stronger in your small body. How about this I will become your teacher and I will teach you one of the strongest types of magic in the whole world. It's called Dragon Slayer magic and you will learn it from the dragon of lava Yougan and you will be my Dragon slayer. Mark my words boy you will become strong enough to complete your goals. Never loss your heart and continue to live for those you love and you will be strong I promise." Yougan stated with pride as he grabbed Sasuke with his tail to bring him to his new home. All the while Sasuke was too shocked to say anything. 'I'm going to become a Dragon Slayer…Crap Naruto will kill me when he hears this, this was always his dream and I'm living it.' He thought to himself as he was carried by the Lava Dragon.

Five years later July 6 X777

On the east mountains with Naruto

"Now son do you remember how you told me Dragon Slayers are only able to eat their own element well that is usually the case, but not for you because your element is not one element it is a mixer of two, those being wind and water so you are able to consume both remember that okay." She said as a twelve year old Naruto looks up at her with a nodded of understanding.

"So that's why you also taught me wind and water magic also that's most likely why they were so easy for me to learn them as well." He stated as he nodded to himself as if to reinsure himself. As he was doing this Hyouki grew a tick mark on her head as she looked at him.

"Would you please put some damn clothes on!" She yelled as Naruto looked down to see he was only wearing a pair of boxers.

"What the fuck, when did this happen!" Naruto yelled as he looked around for his clothes as he was doing this he yelled. "See what you did to me, I never had this problem before you started training me, now I just can't seem to keep my clothes on for nothing in the world!" Naruto yelled as he began to put his white T-shirt on then his black pants.

"Hey! Don't blame that on me, tell me how I was supposed to know you would turn that into stripping habit! Really who the hell gets a stripping habit from training in their boxers?" She states as Naruto finished putting his clothes back on. Like what the hell really how was she supposed to know, and it happened only a year into training so he always never had a shirt on for four damn years.

"Well I really don't know how to answer that it just happened okay." He says as his face suddenly saddened at remembering what tomorrow was. "So I guess this is the last time I'll see you huh?" He questioned, but Hyouki could tell it was more of a statement. She remembered the day she had told him she would be leaving. He was heartbroken she had become the mother he never had and he became the son she always wanted, but as they say all good things come to an end even if you never wanted them to.

"Yes today is my last day here, but remember what I told you." She says as he nodded.

"Yes I know tomorrow morning I head straight to Fairy Tail where I will find the family I always wanted and now that I have the power to protect them. Also to look for my brother in order to fulfill my promise to him." He stated as she nodded to his answer.

"Good now how bout you go inside and rest fairy tail is a long way from here you'll need all the rest you can get." She said as Naruto went inside the cave while unconsciously taking his clothes off again. Hyouki just shacks her head at that how could he not notice that. He was able to take all his clothes off in only like two seconds flat.

On the east mountains with Sasuke same day

"Hey boy get the fuck up were leaving!" Yougan yelled from outside the cave.

"Why do I have to leave today you don't have to leave till tomorrow?" Sasuke asked as he walked out of the cave rubbing his tired eyes.

"Because I don't want to take the chance of you not making it to this place without me knowing." Yougan stated as he put one of his wings down for Sasuke to climb on, once Sasuke was on Yougan took off towards the city known as Magnolia where Sasuke will start his new life at the guild located there.

"So that thing you were telling me about yesterday I don't only have to eat lava, but I can eat fire and earth as well?" Sasuke asked as they were nearing the town while Yougan nods his head. Once they land Sasuke find himself thrown off Yougans back as the giant orange dragon flies away laughing. Sasuke then grumbles about stupid overgrown lizards and them being so cruel that they would just throw a child into a forest they had never been in. He stopped complaining when he looked over to his right to see he was on a Cliff overlooking the town. He then shrugged it off as he made his way over to where he saw the large sign of Fairy Tail hanging proudly on a large building.

As he opens the door to the guild he is greeted with a sight of chairs, tables, and people flying around...Wait people what the fuck. As he walks deeper into the guild he notices that everyone had stopped their battle royal to look at him instead of fighting. Sasuke then just stops in his tracks and says. "Hey I was wondering does anyone of you know where the master of this guild is by any chance?" He asked as they all pointed to the bar to find a small old man sipping on some beer waving his hand for Sasuke to go over.

"Hey my boy I am the guild master of this wonderful guild how may I assist you today?" The old man asked as Sasuke bowed his head.

"I would like to join this guild please?" Sasuke says with his head still down.

"Don't do that there's no need to bow and of course I'll allow you to join so what's your name my boy?" he asked.

"Sasuke, Sasuke Uchiha." He said proudly as he noticed a red headed girl around his age walk up to them.

"Hey master I can show him around if you would like." She says as the master nodded.

"That will be fine and Sasuke my boy call me gramps from now on okay." He said to Sasuke as Sasuke nodded to the request.

"Okay gramps see you later." Sasuke says as he walks off to follow the red headed girl over to a table where there were kids their own age and a bit younger. When they arrive at the table the red headed girl turns to him and starts the introductions.

"Okay I guess introductions are in order." She says as she points to herself. "I'm Erza Scarlet." She stated pointing to herself. "That is Grey Fullbuster." She said pointing to a black haired boy only in his boxers. "That is Cana." She stated as she pointed to a girl with brown hair. "and the three over their are the takeover siblings, Mirajane the bitch, Elfman, and Lisanna." She said pointing the bitch comment at the eldest who glared at her.

"Hello my name is Sasuke Uchiha and I hope we all get along." He stated as he sat at the table to get to know everyone. As he was getting to know everyone the only thought in his mind was 'I wonder what you're doing right now Naruto.' He thought as he began to converse with his new family members.

With Naruto five years later in a random forest

"I am so fucking lost." He stated as he was crying anime tears. How he got lost for five no one will ever know. That didn't mean he stopped training, no far from that for some reason or other there were always some asshole who felt they needed to fight him. Yeah everyone wanted a piece of the 'Wondering Dragon' as people had taken to calling him if he was honest with himself he should be call Lost Dragon. Because 'wondering' sounded like he was walking around Earthland for the fun of it, but the reason was because he was lost. Also every time he found someone they would always want to fight him and he would never get to ask where the hell he was. So that is how he finds himself lost in some random forest.

He then heard a scream to his right as he decided to check it out. Once there he sees two white haired girls in front of a giant creature with white hair like the others as the younger of the two looked like she was trying to talk to it. Not liking where's this was going he jumps out of the forest straight at the monster screaming. "Ice Dragons Prison!" As the prison forms around it, he then yells. "Ice Dragons Frozen Prison!" Effectively freezing the beast inside. As he jumps down from the top of the prison he turns to the two white haired girls to see they were staring at him wide eyed with their jaws on the floor. Not knowing what they were so shocked about he decides to ask a question he was wondering from the beginning.

"Why were you trying to talk to this thing I mean you do know it's a mons-" he stops mid sentence as the prison glows a bright light then the monster turns into a white hair guy. "Well I guess that answers my question." Naruto stated as he rubbed the back of his head while releasing the ice prison. He turns back to the two girls still staring at him wide eyed so he decides if they won't talk then he was going to continue on his five year trip to find Fairy Tail. "Like really how fucking hard could it be to find this guild called Fairy Tail. I mean come on its called Fairy Tail it should stand out easily, but no I can't fucking find this damn place no matter how hard I try this is such bullshit!" He yells to himself in frustration as he then begins on his weekly tantrum. Finally coming out of her shock from hearing the one who saved them scream about fairy tail she speaks up.

"Hey did you just say you were looking for Fairy Tail?" She asked as he turned around to face her with a nod. "Then we can bring you there I mean we are from Fairy Tail." she stated as he was instantly in front of her on his knees crying anime tears.

"Finally after five years finally someone can lead me to the place I've been searching for I've been saved!" He yelled as he was hugging her which made her blush because she noticed he was in nothing, but his boxers. She could also feel all his muscles rubbing against her ripped clothing making their skin touch. She could feel his hard muscles around her figure as she began to lean into him until they heard a loud cough courteous of Lisanna as Mirajane came back to earth.

"Yeah I'm glad to help, but can you put some clothes on." She said while mentally yelling at herself her telling him to put clothes on, as she was trying not to drool over his toned body the only other person she would ever admit was this good looking was Sasuke, but she looked at him as a brother nothing more nothing less plus Erza already had him. As these thought were going through her head Naruto was franticly running around looking for his clothes with Lisanna giggling at him then Mira joining in. 'Where have I seen this site before' she wondered, but then push that away for later when she saw Elfman stand to his feet.

"Owwww my head what happened one second I was-" then everything came back he attempted to use full body take over and he almost killed his sisters. As he began to panic Lisanna and Mira were at his side calming him down as Naruto finally came back fully clothed much to Mira's silent disappointment.

"I'm sorry about that it's kind of a habit I picked up from my training." He stated as he walked over to the siblings. "I was wondering when we would be able to get back to Fairy Tail because I have been searching for that place for five years who knew it was so hard to find one place." He sated as all three of the sibling sweat dropped at the way he dismissed five years of his life.

"Umm we can get back in a day or two if we leave now." Lisanna answered as he nodded deciding to carry Elfman for now.

"So are you guys going to tell me your names or do you want me to go first?" Naruto asked as he positioned Elfman on his back so they were both comfy. He then looks over to see Lisanna step up to his question.

"Im Lisanna and the one who is on your back is my brother is Elfman." She stated as she looked over to her sister who was still drooling she then giggled. "And the one who can't seem to stop drooling over you is my sister Mirajane we are the Strauss siblings." Lisanna stated with pride.

"Okay well my name is Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto stated as he winked at Mira who blushed a deep red, but couldn't help the smirk that made its way onto her face. Oh this guy will be fun.

Two days later the entrance of Fairy Tail

"I'm finally here, five fucking long years of searching and I'm finally here I can't believe it!" He yelled as he fell to his knees with the three siblings chuckled at him. Once they entered the guild everyone there was silent looking at the newcomers in silence until.

"No fucking way Naruto is that you bro!" Someone yelled from a table with a Red headed girl lying against him. As Naruto spun around he looked at a raven haired man standing up looking straight at him with wide eyes.

"Umm yeah I'm Naruto who you might be...wait black hair black eyes duck ass shaped hair." Naruto commented until his eyes widened then just as quickly narrowed his eyes at him. "Oh hey Sasuke long time no see bro I've missed you, but there is something I'd like to tell you NOW if you don't mind. Do you guys have like a training ground outback or something?" Naruto asked as he stared at Sasuke who was getting slightly nervous, but nodded none the less.

"Yeah follow me bro." He said as he lead Naruto and the rest of the guild outback to see what was going on. Once out back Naruto and Sasuke went to the center of the training field where Naruto then proceeded to punch Sasuke in the face sending him flying into a tree which all the guild gasping at what just happened barely anyone got that close to Sasuke.

"That was for telling me to go to the damn West Mountains where I could have lost a nut from that cold ass weather!" Naruto yelled as Sasuke slowly stood up from the destroyed tree.

"How the fuck was I supposed to know, it's not like I did much better in the East Mountains I almost died from falling into a volcano!" Sasuke yelled back as Naruto seem to calm down since his brother had a terrible experience as well.

"Well since we're out here how about a friendly spar for old times' sake." Naruto said with a smirk on his face that was mirrored by Sasuke.

"Okay let's." he stated as they both got into ready stances.

On the side line with everyone else

"Is it safe to let this guy fight Sasuke, he was made a S-class Wizard a year after he joined." Erza stated as she saw her boyfriend get ready to fight this blonde haired guy. While everyone nodded at her statement except the takeover siblings.

"If I were you I wouldn't be so sure of that." Mira stated as everyone turned to her wanting an explanation. So she decided to let tell find out for themselves. "Just watch." She said as everyone looked back to the field.

Back on the field

Naruto and Sasuke stared each other down till Sasuke noticed Naruto's clothing or should he say lack of clothing. "Naruto why did you take off your clothes?" Sasuke questioned as Naruto looked down to see he was only in his Boxers.

"What the fuck you got to be kidding me!" Naruto yelled as he looked all over the field for his clothes while a good portion of the females from the guild blushed with Mirajane licking her lips with a sinister gleam in her eyes as if she was a predator stalking her pray. Naruto finally came back with only his pants on. "Sorry about that I kind of picked that habit up from training." Naruto apologized as he bowed to everyone. 'Where have I heard that before?' everyone thought as they unconsciously turned towards Gray who was in only his boxers. 'That's where' they all thought as they turned back to the fight.

"Okay let's go!" Naruto yelled as his fist became incase with water. Sasuke just nodded as his fist was covered in fire. They sprinted towards each other as the people on the sidelines could only see blurs except a select few who had enough experience to keep up. Those being Makarov, Laxus, Erza, Mirajane, and Gildarts. As they began trading blows you can clearly see the steam around them as the fire and water mixed together. As this continued all those present on the sidelines were shocked at what they were seeing most have never seen Sasuke go all out except his partner Erza and they never said what kind of magic he used. So most were stunned by the skill these two were showing you could see the ground cracking under them as they continued trading blows.

Naruto then jumped back as he yelled "Drilling Wind Bullet!" as a bullet of air flew towards Sasuke. With Sasuke thinking fast he yelled. "Stone wall!" as a rock wall appeared blocking the bullet that ripped into the wall a few feet then finally coming to a stop. As Sasuke stared at the damage he had just done to his wall he couldn't help, but whistle at the damage. He then turned back to his blonde friend to see him smirking causing Sasuke to smirk as he yelled out his next attack. "Flame Storm!" Sasuke yelled as he fired a huge fireball into the air as it then broke apart into hundreds of smaller pieces each heading towards the blonde Dragon Slayer. Naruto then began to dodge them with highly skilled acrobatics as he weaved in and out of the way of all the fire balls until he just yelled "Water Fountain shield!" as he summoned water around him as it shot up like some kind of fountain covering him from the fireballs.

Once all the fireballs were gone Naruto let the water drop to the ground as the grinned towards his long time brother they had finally become strong and it was time to show each other what they were capable of.

"So Sasuke how about we end this little warm up and show each other what we are truly capable of!" Naruto yelled from his spot on the training ground. As he looked over to the now grinning Sasuke.

"You know I was just thinking the same thing." Sasuke stated as he allowed his magic to skyrocket causing everything around him to melt. With Naruto seeing this, his grin grow wider as he allowed his magic to skyrocket as well causing everything around him to freeze.

Over on the sidelines

"Holy shit what the hell is up with these two it's like they have an infinite amount of magic streaming out of them?!" Gray yelled as Natsu could only nod in agreement, but Natsu thought something else at the same time. 'For some reason there magic feels so familiar to me why?' Natsu questioned as he continued to stare at the magic shooting up into the sky.

"Hey master is it safe to allow them to go all out like this I can feel their magic in reaching our levels and still rising I don't think it's safe to allow them to continue this." Gildarts stated as he looked over to the master with worry laced on his face.

"If they do anything that I find to dangerous I will stop them before it happens so don't worry so much and enjoy the show." Makarov Stated as Gildarts nodded his head a bit wary of the fact these two kids were reaching their level of magic.

"Erza why you never said Sasuke was this powerful?" Mirajane asked as she looked at the battle in front of her. Also she couldn't stop thinking how hot Naruto looked drench from his own water as he continued to let release his magic.

"That's because he told me to never tell anyone till he was able fight his brother I guess that must be his brother he was always talking about. Also why did you not tell me how strong this guy was?" Erza asked as she glared at Mira who smirk.

"Se-cr-et." She said simply as Erza face palmed at that. They both turned back to the battle as it seemed the two were done raising their magic to monstrous levels.

Back on the field

"Here I come Sasuke!" Naruto yelled as he raced toward Sasuke faster than many on the sidelines could see and the ones that could see only saw a blur except Makarov and Gildarts who could still see clearly.

As Naruto neared Sasuke he yelled "Ice Dragons Iron fist!" as his right hand was covered in Ice sending it straight into the face of the surprised Sasuke from hearing the type of magic the blonde was using. The punch was so strong that it sent Sasuke flying into a bolder that exploded on impact as Sasuke continued to fly through a few more trees. There was an eerie silence that fell upon the guild as they stare at the blonde in shock until they hear.

"Damn" Gildarts said with a whistle as he looked at the damaged forest. A few more seconds later they hear a loud "Lava Dragons Iron Fist!" As Sasuke punched his equally, surprised brother from hearing the type of magic. The punch then sent Naruto flying into a lake that was a few hundred yards from the sparing ground. The same silence fell again until Naruto appeared back on the sparing grounds drenched.

"Well I have to say I was not expecting that." Naruto stated as he looked over to Sasuke.

"Yeah me ether Bro how about we end this with one more attack." Sasuke stated as both then began to build up a large amount of Magic. Then they both sucked in a large amount of air until.

"Ice Dragons…"

"Lava Dragons…"

They then looked at each other one last time before they both yelled.

"RO…" But both were stopped by a giant hand grabbing each of them.

"That's enough you two that attack you two were about to do would have leveled the guild and as the guild master I cannot allow that." Makarov stated as he then put the two down right in front of him.

"Okay I believe that you came here for a reason right not just to fight with Sasuke?" Makarov asked as Naruto nodded.

"Yeah I wanted to know if I could join this guild." Naruto states as Makrov smiled.

"Sure I have no problem with you joining just tell me where you want your mark." The Master stated as Naruto showed him his chest saying that he wanted right on where his heart is, once this was done Makarov yelled. "Okay now it's time to party for our newest addition to our family!" as everyone cheered yeah thing are going to become really interesting for the Fairy Tail family.

Okay I'm done for now so tell me what you think. Should I continue this story or not because as I said I will not continue if you guys don't like it this was just an idea that I couldn't get out of my head so tell me what you think of it. PEACE!