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Twin Dragon's of Fairy Tail

What if Naruto and Sasuke were born in Earthland and meet at an early age in life, but after an event they decide to go their separate ways in order to become strong and they promise to see each other later in life. NarutoXMira SasukeXErza

Chapter 5

"Uggg...so bored." Naruto stated as he leaned his head against the bar while Lisanna giggled at his comment. "Lisanna-chan is there a reason you're taking pleasure in my depression?" Naruto questioned with a glare that had no force behind it which caused Lisanna to smile to him.

"Now Naruto-nii why would I do that?" She questioned innocently as Naruto just looked at her with a blank face.

"Take a look at who you're related to that should answer your question." Naruto stated as he put his head back down once he made his comment. Lisanna just looked at him wide eyed then thought to herself for a bit then giggled once again at the implications.

"I guess so." She said as she went back to doing other things leaving Naruto with his bored self until he felt a weight on his back.

"Hey Naru-kun what's got you so down?" The person questioned in a seductive whisper as Naruto just groaned from displeasure.

"I'm so boooored." He dragged out with a huff as Mira giggled from his comment. 'Yep defiantly related' Naruto thought as he felt Mirajane push her bust into his back.

"Well I know something we can do for fun." She whispered seductively as Naruto just groaned once again as Mira looked at him strangely didn't he understand what she meant.

"I'm not in the mood for that, I want to go on a mission." Naruto stated as Mira just huffed and pushed herself off him and sat on the bar stool next to him.

"Well why don't you and Sasuke go on one?" Mira questioned as looked over to the blonde who looked to be trying to fall asleep in the chair.

"Because Sasuke is waiting for Erza to get back so they could go on one together since it's been a while for them." Naruto stated as Mira nodded her head in understanding while turning her head in a different direction then instantly right back with a glare.

"Wait Erza and Sasuke are about to go on a mission together?" Mira questioned as Naruto nodded his head as Mira bolted upstairs and after a few minutes later came back down with a piece of paper that had names and numbers on it as well as a Weekly Sorcerer magazine. She then proceeded to slam the two in front of Naruto as she glared at it causing Naruto to raise an eyebrow as he decided to read it as well the more he read the more his glare matched Mira's

S-class missions special teams

Sasuke and Naruto: Tsuin doragon(Twin Dragons): 46 missions completed

Laxus, Freed, Bickslow, and Evergreen: Thunder God Tribe: 34 missions completed

Erza and Mirajane: Chishi byūti(Lethal Beauty): 30 missions completed

Sasuke and Erza: Joō to doragon(Queen and Dragon): 28 missions completed

Naruto and Mira: Akuma to doragon(Demon and Dragon): 26 missions completed

Weekly Sorcerer passage

The best Romantic Relationship in Fairy Tail Erza and Sasuke or Naruto and Mirajane

Okay as many people have been asking the question between the two big romances in Fairy Tail being Erza and Sasuke or Naruto and Mirajane. Well in my opinion I would have to say that Erza and Sasuke are the better couple they have a better mission record and you see them more in public with each oth...

"OH HELL NO!" Naruto yelled as he ripped the Weekly Sorcerer to shreds with his wind magic. He then proceeded to glare at the S-class team records with hatred as he grabbed Mira's hand walking up the stairs towards the S-class request. Many of the guild members were staring at the two in confusion and some in fear because when Naruto and Mirajane are mad that's when shit starts hitting the fan...hard. With all the commotion that was going on in the guild no one noticed an armored red head standing at the door with what look like an oversized horn except for one raven haired man who was now standing next to her.

"What's wrong with them?" The red head questioned as she watched her rival and boyfriends rival storm up the stairs to the second floor.

"I have no idea." The raven haired man stated as he looked back to the red haired woman. "It's good to have you back Er-chan." He stated as he pulled her into a kiss that she returned full heartedly which also made her grip on the giant horn slip as it fell to the floor making a loud crash bringing the attention of the guild from the fuming couple to the making out couple.

"Oh crap Erza's back run!"

"I need to hide!"


"Shit where is Natsu's flaming self when we need to act buddy buddy!"

"Gray get your striping ass over here!"


"Not you Happy!"

"What's is wrong with you this is not how MEN act!"

"You act as a man all you want I don't want to die now listen flame brain this is the plan..."

Back with the kissing couple as Erza growled and Sasuke chuckled. "They do know I can hear them right?" Erza questioned as they broke apart for air.

"It's funny though. Really funny." Sasuke said as he continued to chuckle as Erza continued to growl until they noticed Naruto and Mira pass them with pissed off expressions not even looking their way causing Erza and Sasuke to become slightly nervous that she may have done something to piss the two off. They knew the world's greatest prankster and a demon working together was a scary thing and Erza also knew she wasn't the strongest female in Fairy Tail anymore because of all the spars her and Mira had since they were kids the score was 78-72 with Erza leading and Mira was catching up pretty quickly they were about even at this point. As the two walked into the Guild they ignore how their guild mates were franticly trying to seem as good as possible as they reached the bar.

"Does anyone know what their problem is?" Erza questioned loudly and everyone knew she was talking about Naruto and Mira and everyone was silent until giggling reached their ears causing everyone to look towards Lisanna who was trying to cover it up, but failing miserably which caused Erza to narrow her eyes. "You know don't you?" She questioned well more like demanded as Lisanna just had an amused smile on her face as she pulled out a Weekly Sorcerer magazine and handed it to them as they looked down at the article.

The best Romantic Relationship in Fairy Tail Erza and Sasuke or Naruto and Mirajane

Okay as many people have been asking the question between the two big romances in Fairy Tail being Erza and Sasuke or Naruto and Mirajane. Well in my opinion I would have to say that Erza and Sasuke are the better couple they have a better mission record and you see them more in public with each other. Also their personalities just seem to complement each other's they are both calm and collected and they also seem to just have this unapproachable aura around them that just shows they will always be together. Now just because I say they are the better couple doesn't mean they are my favorite couple like much of the population it would have to be Naruto and Mira. They are the side that is fun and playful when you see them out in public they are always having fun no matter what and no matter what you just seem to want to be around them for some reason. Also it helps when you have the most wanted Male and most wanted Female together it makes for lots of great photo shoots.

"Umm I don't...if I should be...I just...what to feel right now." Sasuke stated as he finished reading the article and looked back to the giggling Lisanna. "Umm how did this piss them off?" Sasuke questioned as he looked from a giggling Lisanna to the blank faced Erza who just seemed to be staring at the article.

"You know them two they have no patience at all what do you think happened?" Lisanna questioned with an amused smile as Erza was the one who answered with a sigh.

"They didn't even finish the article huh?" She question, but it was more like a statement as Lisanna nods her head confirming it this just caused Erza to sigh again as she stood up from her spot at the bar. "Whatever we don't have time for this." Erza stated in an annoyed tone as Sasuke raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"Is everything okay?" He questioned as Erza shook her head negatively showing that indeed it wasn't.

"I heard some really interesting rumors on my way back from my last mission and they didn't sound good." She stated as Sasuke narrowed his eyes at this thinking it over in his head until he made a hand motion for her to continue explaining that she just dismissed. "I'll tell you later once I have everyone together." She stated as Sasuke just nodded his head in understanding until he remembered what she had just stated.

"Everyone together. As in a team besides me?" Sasuke questioned in a shocked tone she had never asked for anyone else's help besides his own this was new.

"Yeah wait here for a bit." She stated as she walked over to a fighting Natsu and Gray and when they noticed her coming they quickly latched on to each other as they began to act buddy buddy.

"H-hey Erza how's it going?" Gray questioned with an extremely nervous smile on his face that was mirrored by Natsu.

"I need you two to come on a mission with me and Sasuke." She said in a demanding that caused half the guild to just stare at her in shock until Gray snapped out of it.

"What why would I go on a mission with hot head here." Gray said as Erza rolled her eyes and Natsu growled.

"Hey you act like I would want to go on one with you Ice prick." Natsu stated as they began to head butt each other until Erza bashed them both on top of the head sending them to the floor.

"You guys act like I was asking it was an order now go get ready." Erza stated in an annoyed tone as she walked away from the dizzy duo with Natsu letting out an audible 'Aye' as he stood back up. As she walked back over to Sasuke who looked amused by the whole situation because come on how many times you get to witness your girlfriend beat up everyone, but you. It was great. "You're coming too. I'll see you at the house." She stated as she walked pass the still smirking Sasuke who just nodded his head in understanding.

Then he turned back to the bar only to have to jump back in surprise sense the Master was sitting there just drinking his beer like it was nothing. "Dammit don't do that shit you scared me." Sasuke said as he had to calm his raging heart from the sudden increase in speed. The Master just looked at him innocently as he cocked his head to the side in mock confusion.

"Oh I was able to scare one of the Twin Dragons well I'll be." He stated as he just continued drinking his beer and ignoring the teenager who was banging his head on the bar muttering about cheeky old men.

"That was one time! Once! I never let myself become overconfident again that was a year ago could you drop it." Sasuke plead as the Old Man just looked towards him with an amused smirk.

"Nope I'll milk that till the day I die." He said as Sasuke just groaned in response as he laid his head back on the bar causing Makarov to chuckle in response. "By the way, what this mission you guys are going on?" Makarov questioned as Sasuke just turned his head to the side as he was too lazy to lift it at the moment.

"Mmm apparently while Er-chan was on her last mission she picked up some interesting information on a dark guild that she wants to check out." Sasuke stated as he saw the Master raise an eyebrow from this tad bit of information.

"Did she say anything else?" He questioned as Sasuke shook his head negatively in response as they fell into a comfortable silence until Sasuke remembered something as his head shot up to stare at the Master.

"Aren't you supposed to be at a Guilds Master meeting?" Sasuke questioned as the Old Man looked at him questioningly until slowly his face turned to realization then to horror.

"OH SHIT!" He yelled as he quickly stood up startling almost all the guild members as he took off towards the door running as fast as his little legs could carry him which was pretty fast Sasuke had to admit as the Master reached the door yelling over his shoulder. "Lisanna-chan take care of the place." He yelled as he quickly left the guild in silence until it was broken by Sasuke who began laughing his ass off.

"Oh man he needs to retire soon if he continues to forget things like this." Sasuke said to himself until he just thought of what he said and glared at the ground. He didn't want the Master retire anytime soon for two reasons. One: The Master was like a beacon of hope for all the younger members of the guild as well as their grandfather figure. And Two: Laxus, for some reason he had made up this weird thing in his mind that when the Master retired the guild was his. Which it wasn't the Master picked a successor it's not just passed down because you're related? Sasuke really wasn't looking forward to the day Laxus broke because Sasuke may be strong, but he knew Laxus was as well and he had a feeling Laxus was hiding something whenever Sasuke was near him he would just feel familiar for some reason and Sasuke really couldn't figure it out and it made him slightly nervous at moments.

Hearing the sound of fingers snapping he looked up to see Lisanna trying to get his attention. "Oh sorry. I was thinking." He stated as she just nodded her head in understanding.

"Yeah I can tell I've been trying to get your attention for the pass three minutes I was about to pour some water on you." She stated with a slight smirk as Sasuke just glared at her.

"You know I don't like water much just give me some pocky or something." Sasuke stated as Lisanna just giggled as she knew Sasuke was trying to play off pocky as just an average treat, but she along with everyone else in the guild knew he loved it just as much as Naruto loved his Ramen. Going over to one of the shelf's in the back of the bar she grabbed a box of pocky as she gave it to Sasuke who nodded his head in thanks as he took it and slipped a piece out as he plopped the stick in his mouth as he savored the heavenly taste of the food of the Gods. 'Hmm I wonder what Naruto is up to?' Sasuke questioned in thought as he walked out of the guild and towards the house he shared with his Crimson Haired beauty.

With Naruto and Mirajane

"Why do we always get the crazy clients?" Naruto as he and Mira continued to walk up the mountain they were currently on heading towards their client's location in order to get the information on the mission.

"Maybe it wouldn't have turned out this way if you would have looked at the request before storming out of the guild." Mira stated in an annoyed tone as Naruto went on the defensive.

"Hey you were just as annoyed as me so don't even give me that!" Naruto yelled back as Mira and Naruto just glared at each other for a bit until they both broke out in laughter. "Sorry didn't mean to yell that was one of our dumbest arguments ever." Naruto stated until Mira held up her hand as she tried to bring her laughter down.

"Remember that argument we had on the color of your clothes and you wanted that hideous orange thank Kami I got rid of that." She stated as she continued to try and bring her laughter down when she noticed Naruto's blank face.

"That was a very serious subject. And Orange is Awesome!" Naruto yelled as he then huffed and turned away as continued walking leaving Mira behind who for some reason couldn't stop laughing as she tried to apologize.

"I'm sorry Naruto-kun! Come on I am sorry you have to believe me!" She yelled after him as it wasn't all that convincing considering she was still laughing.

It continued like this until they reached the top of the Mountain as the first thing they noticed about their client was that she, yes she was sitting in a small pool of lava that really intrigued the two as they walked closer to her they noticed her features which included green eyes, and ankle-length, auburn hair styled into a herringbone pattern at the back, a top-knot tied with a dark blue band, and with four bangs at the front. Two bangs are short, with one covering her right eye, and two are long, crossing each other on her bust, just below her chin. She was also wearing some pretty interesting clothes in Naruto's opinion and annoying in Mira's as she noticed the small blush on her boyfriend's face which irked her off. She was wearing a long-sleeved, dark blue dress that falls just below the knees. It seems to be closed at the front with a zip, and is kept open on the front-right side from the waist down. The dress only covers up to the upper part of her arms and the underside of her breasts. Underneath, she was wearing a mesh armor that covers slightly more of her upper body than her dress. She also was wearing shorts in the same color as her dress and, underneath those, mesh leggings reaching down over her knees. Around her waist, she was wearing a belt with a pouch attached to the back on the left along with high-heeled sandals and shin-guards reaching up over her knees all complete with blue polish on her fingers and toes along with blue lipstick. They were startled when their client suddenly disappeared in steam as it then reformed behind them causing the two to jump a bit in surprise.

"Hello you two must be the mages I sent for. My Name is Mei Terumi." She stated with a seductive smile pointed towards the two.

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