Before reading: I do not own the Hunger Games Trilogy or the characters. All is written to honor and tribute Suzanne Collins. Please note the M rating please! I Know this is short, but it's also amusing!

Just as Beetee was about to go inside me, the door flew up and the president steps in and was going to sleep. But this will not work since me and Beetee is in snows bed. And the president is not very kind of this look and he shouts at us,

"My two most hated Victors, why do you sleep in my bed?"

"Well, since we are the only one that will make love in this Bed" I say to Snow

"You know I will kill both your families for this!"

"Yeah, but we don't give a shit! We love to cheat on our partners, so we don't mind!"

"I'm going to put this on national television!"