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Wednesday morning the team is sitting waiting for Garcia to start the briefing. After seeing the news out of Alexandria the past couple of days they are pretty sure they know what they will be investigating and their only consolation is at least it means they get to go to their own homes each night.

"Bernice Crowley, 52, mother of 2, grandmother of 5. Secretary in the Code Enforcement Division in the City of Alexandria for 23 years. No history of drug or alcohol abuse but two days ago she went crazy after her lunch break, attacking her boss, another secretary, a building inspector and the first two cops to arrive on scene. Her boss and the secretary died. The third officer to arrive shot her three times before she was stopped. According to the medical examiner, the second shot would have taken most people to the ground," Garcia recites.

"Holy crap," Reid says.

"Exactly," Garcia agrees. "Fast forward to yesterday. Harold Shepherd, 45, single, no kids. No history of drug or alcohol abuse. He was press secretary for the mayor of Alexandria. He took a break in the afternoon, returned to his office and proceeded to beat his assistant to death while screaming that she is part of the 'conspiracy to hide JFK's killer.' In case you're wondering, he was a JFK buff but no one thinks he was a conspiracy theorist. Three people tried to stop them, all 3 are in the hospital. One man was thrown through the window, which had reinforced glass."

"I see your 'Holy crap', Reid, and up it to Holy Shit," Emily mutters. Reid just nods in agreement.

"First officer on scene had to empty his clip to stop Shepherd."

"Empty his clip? All 11 rounds?" JJ confirms.

Garcia nods. "Yes. Again, M.E. thinks he should have been down after the second shot."

"How the hell, Garcia?" Morgan asks.

Garcia clicks to the next image. "Medical examiner found trace amounts of PCP in the systems of both Crowley and Shepherd. She also found traces of psilocybin in their systems."

"Magic mushrooms? Are you serious?" Morgan questions in astonishment.

"So wait, 2 people with no history of drug use suddenly go on a bender at lunch and start killing people?" Rossi concludes. "I don't quite buy that."

"Neither do the authorities," Hotch says. He nods at Garcia. "Garcia, the letter."

"This morning the Washington Post turned over this letter to the FBI. They plan to hold it for a day before running it."

The team reads the rambling letter that talks about government conspiracies, special rules for special people, oppression of the common man, and the promise that he will continue to "clean house" until a whole new regime is installed.

"A whole new regime?" Emily reads. "Does this mean he's reaching out beyond Alexandria soon?"

"It's our job to find out," Hotch says. "Reid, Prentiss go see the M.E. I want you two all over the tox screens. Make sure we know exactly what is being seen and make sure they are testing for everything, no matter how obscure."

"It would have to be pretty obscure," Reid states. "In fact, my guess is it's a custom drug the unsub makes himself. PCP and mushrooms are normally not ingested together by users."

"Do we know how they were dosed?" Emily asks.

"No clue as yet," Garcia replies.

Hotch nods. "Okay, Reid, Prentiss, go. The rest of us, let's profile the victims. Once we finish what we can here we'll report to the police station and plan to work from there until we bring this unsub down. Garcia, start peeling through government files. Someone with a beef against both offices is behind this. We need to know if the same person is contacting both agencies and any other agency in the city."

Reid and Emily head to their desks to get what they will need to see the M.E. and later meet the team at the police precinct. Emily glances over at JJ as the blonde grabs her tablet cord off her desk.

"See you later, Jen."

JJ nods and smiles at her wife. "Be careful, my nerdlings."

Reid grins. "We're going to the morgue. What kind of trouble could we get into?"

JJ raises an eyebrow. "Really? You're going to ask that? You do know this team, right?"

Emily chuckles. "She has a point, Reid. But I'm feeling dangerous today." She tosses the keys to the Bureau SUV they are taking to Reid. "You drive, handsome."

Reid smiles proudly. "Cool!"

JJ rolls her eyes. "Great, my wife has suddenly developed a death complex."

Emily laughs as Reid just glares at JJ.

"See you in Alexandria, Jen," Emily says as she drags Reid to the doors.

JJ gives her wife a wink as she goes back to the conference room to help with the initial profiles of the victims.