Sunday morning JJ smiles as Henry runs into the house. "MOMMY! LOOK!"

She smiles at his new stuffed dolphin. "Wow! That's great, Henry! So did you have fun?"

"Si, Mommy! Saw dolph's and fishes and birdies and a pirate ship and a...a…a sub'perine!"

JJ chuckles. "Submarine, Henry."

"Yeah, that, too!"

JJ stands as Helen walks in with Rocky. "Hi, Helen. Was she okay?"

"She was perfect. And we were lucky to have Henry to help with her, right, Henry?"

"Si, He'en, Henry help."

Helen smiles at him. "He sure did. They were both perfect angels, JJ. I really enjoyed the time with them."

JJ smiles. "That's great."

"So, how are you doing?" Helen asks, her doctor's eyes studying JJ's face.

JJ chuckles. "I'm fine, Doc. I promise."

Helen blushes and grins. "Sorry. Job hazard."

"I know the feeling. Want to know how many people I day I profile?"

Emily and Will walk in with the kids bags and the car seats, laughing about something.

"Please, promise me you'll send me the video," Emily requests.

Will nods. "Definitely." He smiles at JJ. "Hey, you're looking better."

JJ glances at Emily. "I had a good nurse."

Emily rolls her eyes. "Charmer." JJ just winks at her.

Will looks around. "So, that's everything from the car. I'll email you some photos and a couple videos either tonight or tomorrow." He looks at Henry. "Did you tell Mommy you got to pet a shark?"

JJ's smile disappears. "He got to do what?" Her mind pictures Henry patting Jaws on the nose.

Helen chuckles. "Baby nurse shark in their interactive children's area. Wasn't much larger than a fish you'd get at a restaurant. I promise."

JJ runs a hand through her hair. "If you say so. Still hearing the 'Jaws' theme in my head."

Will laughs and winks at Helen. "Told you I'd get her."

JJ shakes her head. "You can be evil, Detective LaMontagne. Absolutely evil."

Emily pats Henry on the head. "Henry, better give Daddy and Helen a hug goodbye. If they miss their plane they'll have to sleep in your bed."

Henry looks at his Mama and laughs. "No! Ska sleep there!"

The four adults laugh. Helen takes Will's hand.

"Glad to know where we rank against a dog, honey."

"You said it." Will picks up Henry and gives him a hug and kiss. "You be a good boy, okay?"

"Henry good, Daddy."

"And he takes care of his sister?"

"Si, Daddy. Love Wok."

Will hugs him again. "Good boy." He sets him down and gives Rocky a kiss. "You be good, Sweet Cheeks. Maybe Grandma can bring you down to N'awlins sometime, too. We can introduce you to crawfish."

Emily winces. "Or not," she mutters as Will chuckles.

Helen gives the kids each a hug and kiss. She pats JJ on the arm. "I'm really glad you're okay, JJ. If you have any issues or any questions I'm just a phone call away."

JJ nods. "Thanks, Helen." She gives her a hug. "And thanks for taking Rocky this weekend. I know you enjoyed it but it was also a real weight off our shoulders. We would have hated for Francesca to miss her weekend with her cousin."

"Anytime. She really is a doll and they are both so good together."

JJ gives Will a hug and kisses his cheek. "Thanks, Will. We'll see you next month."

He nods. "Can't wait. I'll let you know when we get home."


Henry starts to cry. "Daddy…why go?"

Will kneels down. "Henry, you know if I could stay I would. But I live somewhere else. But I promise to call you on Skype this week and we'll see each other in person in one month, okay?"

Henry throws himself in his father's arms. Will holds him a few minutes then eases him back. "I love you, Henry. But I have to go now. Be a big boy for me, okay?"

Henry shakes his head. Emily and JJ exchange a look. Emily kneels down and runs a hand over Henry's head.

"Henry, Daddy has to go. Maybe you can tell me and Mommy all about the fun you and Rocky had with Daddy and Helen. We'd really love to hear about it."

Henry shakes his head again. Will slowly stands. When Henry tries to grab him again, Emily lifts him up. As the tantrum starts, she walks him down to the playroom. JJ looks at Will.

"I'm so sorry, Will."

Will shrugs. "What can we do? Sometimes he's okay, sometimes he's not. But we brought him into the world and we'll raise him together as best we can."

JJ nods. "Definitely. Plan on a Skype tomorrow. It always helps him resettle if he talks to you the next day."

Will smiles. "I look forward to it."

JJ walks them out, helping Rocky wave as they drive off to the airport. JJ kisses Rocky's head.

"Let's go see if Henry is doing better, okay?"

Rocky kisses her Mommy's cheek…which JJ takes to mean, "Okay, Mommy."

In the playroom they find Emily on the window seat rocking and singing to Henry. His eyes are nearly closed. JJ smiles.

"Over tired?"

Emily just nods, continuing to sing. JJ feels Rocky getting heavier in her arms. She looks and sees her daughter is affected by the lullaby even from afar. JJ chuckles and looks at her wife.

"The force is strong in you, Emily Wan."

Emily just winks, watching as her two children fall asleep.

That night, Emily and JJ are getting ready for bed. Emily looks at her wife.

"I had to make a bad choice, Jen," she says softly.

JJ looks from her closet to her wife. "What?"

Emily sits down on the bench at the end of the bed. "When the EMT's arrived they called the hospital to find out what to do with you. The doctor told them what to give you but he warned…it could…it might…"

JJ sits on the arm of the recliner, looking at her wife. "It could have killed me?"

Emily nods. "Yeah. I told them to do it." She finally looks up and meets her wife's eyes. "Did you have to make decisions about me? You know, when I was in a coma?"

JJ walks over and takes Emily's hands. "Yes, I did. The exploratory surgery meant anesthesia. It could have caused respiratory distress. That could have…shit…let's just say that first week everything they needed to do could have led to something that killed you. And I had to sign the damn paperwork every fucking time." She runs her fingers through Emily's hair, feeling the scar on her wife's scalp from the shunt. "I know you made the call that gave me the best chance to live. And I know it really, really sucked."

Emily nods. "It did. I never really thought about what you went through regarding decisions, Jennifer. I am so sorry you had to go through that. And so sorry it took this to recognize what you went through. Thank you for saving my life. Multiple times."

JJ smiles. "And thank you for the same. I love you."

The two share a deep, comforting kiss. When it ends, Emily stands up, hooking her fingers in JJ's belt loops.

"So are you up for the debrief tomorrow?"

JJ shrugs. "I guess. Sucks that IAB has to get involved. I mean, it's not like I looked for the bottle with dope on it."

Emily pulls a stern face, her imitation of Hotch. "SOP, JJ," she says in a deep voice.

JJ laughs and salutes. "Sir, yes sir!" They both laugh. "Well, the sooner we get it done the better."

"Yep, we'll get you cleared for duty and head out to mess with some other crazed wacko with a grudge against the world. God, our job is awesome!"

JJ nods. "Most definitely. But you know what's more awesome?"


JJ wraps her arms around her wife's waist and gives her a deep kiss. "Night aerobics."

Emily raises an eyebrow. "Night aerobics?"

JJ leans down and kisses her wife's chest. "Yep. Night aerobics."

Emily's eyes darken. "Well, who I am I to argue with an All American."

"Good answer."

Emily hits the lights as JJ starts to strip. Soon they are definitely enjoying JJ's suggested exercise regimen.

A/N: And so ends this one. Got to say, had a double-whammy family emergency situation that hit midway through this story. I sort of lost the narrative voice and I'm not really happy with the final product because I didn't really find it again. Sorry it's not up to par but I hope it was still a fun story. It was all inspired by the wicked idea: what could make JJ go all Chuck Norris on the team? Just sounded like a fun scene to write so I crafted the storyline around it.

Well, hopefully it at least made you smile and gave you a nice break in your day.