I don't own DP. Based off the song Evil Angel by Breaking Benjamin. Extreme AU. Danny has wings in this one, folks. It was originally an original story for my friend's birthday present, but I could totally picture Danny having wings sooo... Enjoy!

Green eyes glowed in the night. A falcon-winged teenage boy was perching on an edge of a cliff, a smirk draped across his face. He toyed with his hoodie strings and tried to fix the slits his wings fit through on his back.

His beautiful wings were a bit crooked, but yet again, so was his past. He cringed a bit at the memories of his past... All the people he lied too, especially his love that died...

She died of cancer. His beautiful raven haired love... dead. He stood by her bed wingless that day. That was before the operation that altered his life forever. Her lifeless body was an image forever stuck in his mind, and it tormented him daily.

She was the faith that kept him going.

He didn't want to remember the pain, remember how alone he was in his newly forged path. He didn't want to die alone... He wanted to survive. To heal.

He remembered the operation room. Lights were flickering on and off, and one of the scientists explained the new experiment they were trying on him. They put him to sleep... And the next thing he knew, he had wings and glowing green eyes.

He believed the scientists that he was meant to be good... He believed them. But nothing was worse than the hallucinations that haunted his mind constantly. They had messed around with his DNA, and his mind was filled with hallucinations that nearly drove him to the point to insanity at one point. He learned to cope with it.

He felt so betrayed...

He wanted someone to rely on these days.

He wasn't going to surrender... And he didn't want to be alone forever.

So when he saw a female sillohuette fly overhead, he gasped. The scientists had created a female of his kind...

She looked evil to the core... But he couldn't breathe. And all the memories of his past life were swept away in that moment as he stared at his evil angel draped in red.

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