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"Yeah,I know. She gets annoying sometimes."

"She can be really rude sometimes."

"One time-" "Excuse me? Could you help me by getting a purple case instead of pink?" A lady asks Sabrina kindly. Sabrina smiles her way, "Of course. I'll go to the back," She then turns to me, "Nicole,cover for me if anyone needs to check out. You've seen me work this thing a million times." And with that she was off.

Of course I had to cover for her when she need stuff out of the back. She always ended up chatting it up with Max in the back,and came back dazed without the things she needed. Thank God Sabrina's boss never noticed it was me working in her spot. I looked sort of similar to this chick Kathy who actually did work here. It was a nice getaway. People here in Macy's shopped till' they dropped. So it was always busy. But not in this department. It was the electronics part of the store,but may I just say,everything was overpriced. So lucky me,no customers are fond of this section. A couple minutes passed,and Sabrina wasn't back yet. The lady had made her way to the aisle next to us. Why isn't Sabrina fired yet?
I stood there ready to see if anyone came by. No one. Untill this guy,
He was a dark raven haired boy. Seemed just a bit taller than me. He was toned,but not over the top. He wore a plain white V-Neck,with some dark washed jeans,and a pair of sunglasses on. And wow,did he look familiar...
He seemed to be interested in the iPhone cases. Took him a while to choose but when he finally did,he brought up two cases.
"Find everything okay?" I ask. He smiles at me. He has really cute dimples.. "Yeah,I did. But would you mind telling me which one of these is better?"
I nod,he holds both up,I furrow my eyebrows, "Their the same thing..but different colors.." I say with a slight chuckle.
"I know," He says smiling, "but I would like to know what color would be best."
When I don't answer he says, "I'm Logan. And I'm wierd,so..."
I smile,and then process his name, "Logan..." I say,voice above a whisper, "Logan..Logan Hen- I know it starts with a 'H'..."
"It's Henderson." He answers. I slap my forehead a little, "Henderson! That's it! I knew I recognized you!" I say happily.
He smiles, "I assume you know 'Big Time Rush'?" I nod, "I do. I mean I listen to you guys,but I don't really know any of you,I-I'm not technically a huge fan. I am a fan,though. You know?" I say laughing at myself on the inside at how great explaining I do.
He laughs, "I think I get it." I smile in return, "Anyways,I like red. I think that would suit you best."
"Hm. Red it is then!" He exclaims raising the box that has the red case to the air.
I laugh,and shake my head. He hands the case over,and I scan it.
After he pays,I put his case in a bag,and hand it over. "There you go." I say simply. He smiles and nods his head, "Thanks." He flashes a smile, "Um..I...um-"
"Logan! Dude,come we gotta go. Gustavo's gonna be mad at us for being late." Logan looks back,their was a shorter black haired boy standing there with a hat on who looked impatient. "Oh. I'm coming.." Logan replies. Logan looks back at me, "Thanks. Again."
"Anytime. It was great meeting you." I reply smiling. He shoots me a sideways grin, "Great meeting you." He hesitantly turns around and heads over to his friend. Then he's gone. He seemed cool...I was then hoping he would return soon...
"Where'd the lady go?"
I look to the side to see Sabrina standing with a box in her hand. I tilt my head to the side,and give her a stare, "Are you really asking me that question?"
She shrugs, "Eh. At least I got the thing she wanted."
I pull my phone out, "4:27"
"I should be going. I got to go home and call Casey. You know,she needs help with her wedding and all. Sisters. Such a pain."
Sabrina laughs my way, "I wouldn't know! Only child! See you later then,Nicole. Hope you have fun!"
I shoot her a glance,and shake my head. I head off to the parking lot to enter my car.
Get ready to go through hell,Nicole...


*Logan's POV*

"I'm telling you! She seemed amazing!"

"Logan! Don't even start! You know we all agreed to not get into any relationships while we're getting ready for tour,and while paparazzi are on our asses the whole time." James retorts.

"Why though?" I ask.

"Loges. You...Its just...you never know."

"Just because you and Hailey didn't work out,doesn't mean anything. She was a bitch. And you know that."

"Hailey was not a bitch!"

"Then who spread all those rumors about us? Huh,James? Because none of us were dating anyone other than you. Everyone has different personalities. Not everyone's the same." I say tired of this.

James sighed, "I just don't want you getting into something you're not ready for. Your my best friend. I'd hate to see you hurt."
I got up from the couch and layed a head on James' shoulder, "I know your still hung over Hailey. But she was bad news to begin with. You just didn't notice it. You're too good of person to have noticed it. But I have a feeling that this girl I saw today,could be different."

James nodded his head slowly, "Just don't get your heart ahead of your mind."
I furrow my eyebrows, "Don't you mean, 'Don't get your mind ahead of your heart'?" I ask.
He shakes his head, "I don't. Maybe one day,you'll remember that,and use it."
"Um..okay. Thanks,man."

"Anyways,are you just going back there again? To see her?"
I think that through, "Um..I don't really know. But,I'll figure that out later. We should get back to the studio. Gustavo is probably throwi-"

"DOGS! HURRY UP AND GET BACK IN HERE! NOW!" Gustavo yells staring down two of his 'dogs'.
"Speak of the devil." James mutters under his breath.

What will I do if I actually find her again?
I really need to think things through first...
What am I getting myself into? No. I don't care.
I know she'll be worth it.

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