Chapter One

Jackson, Mississippi May 1962

"Alright mama, I'm going into town with DJ and Leshawna!" Courtney came down the stairs yelling to her mom.

"Courtney, girl, wait." Her mom and dad yelled after her.

"What?" Courtney asked, stopping at the door.

"You need to be careful." Courtney's mom, Linda warned. "Don't be going into no white only restraint or getting yourself into trouble. You stay with your friends, alright?"

"Courtney, be safe, I worry about your safety outside of this neighborhood." Courtney's dad, John said.

"Will you two quit your worries?" Courtney rolled her eyes. "I'll be fine. I love you!" Courtney said.

"We love you too!" They said to Courtney who was leaving out the door.

Her parents were worried for Courtney with members of white gangs running about; trying to intimidate/scare African Americans into thinking they are inferior to whites. But Courtney only found their constant worries to be annoying.

Courtney was mixed- her mom was Hispanic and her dad was African American. Because of her mom's skin color, she was classified as "colored". This was also why Courtney was also classified as "colored." Courtney and her parents lived in a predominately black suburb of Jackson, Mississippi They lived in a nice neighborhood that wasn't the richest of neighborhoods, and wasn't much compared to the which white suburbs in Jackson. It was a good neighborhood with tight knit members. Trouble only came around when outsiders brought it there.

Dj and Leshawna, some of her closest friends, were waiting for her at their hangout, the playground at the black elementary school in their neighborhood. Courtney being mixed didn't seem to matter to them and Courtney liked that.

"Hey Courtney!" Leshawna yelled to Courtney.

"Hey Leshawna!" Courtney yelled back to Leshawna.

Courtney came over to the playground and sat next to Leshawna.

"Girl, you will not believe who asked this little lady out on a date?" Leshawna squealed, and Courtney covered her ears.

"I knew you and DJ had crushes on each other!" Courtney confidently proclaimed. DJ and Leshawna shared awkward looks with each other.

"Um, no," Leshawna said, feeling awkward. "I'm talking about Deshawn!" Leshawna squealed.

Courtney rolled her eyes. She thought Deshawn was both a pervert and a thug. Not a good combination, if you ask her.

"Oh no," Courtney groaned. "Deshawn ain't anything but a no-good player!" Courtney fumed.

"She's right, Leshawna." Dj agreed. "He's always telling me how he 'be screwing all types of girls.'" Dj said.

"Those ain't nothing but rumors," Leshawna defended. "And Courtney don't be telling me not to go out with him just because he dumped you!" Leshawna teased.

Courtney scoffed. She and Deshawn had gone out for 3 months last year. He and she just didn't have the same priorities. He was focused on the easy life and she was more into her studies.

"Enough with this boy-talk," Courtney said, trying to change the subject. "Let's go into town."

Courtney and her friends took the bus into Downtown Jackson. They sat in the colored section, in the back of the bus.

"So what do you guys want to do?" DJ asked.

"I say we see a movie and then grab a bite to eat at Joe's." Leshawna suggested.

Courtney and DJ agreed.

"That was a good movie." Courtney said as they were on their way to Joe's. The walk was about 15 minutes.

"Hold on, let me get some water." Courtney said to her friends.

On her way to get water, she bumped into none other than the pervert, Deshawn.

"Well looke, who it is!" Deshawn teased.

"I don't have time for foolishness, Deshawn." Courtney warned, shoving him out of the way.

"You were always so feisty." Deshawn complimented. "But I bet you still want me." He flirted, bringing her close to him, trying to feel her up. She shoved him and kicked him where the sun, in fact, does not shine.

"I don't want a dirty player like you." She fumed to Deshawn, who was now clutching his private area in pain. "Oh and if you hurt Leshawna," She threatened. "There will be more of those."

Hmph. She thought. What a foolish boy.

"Duncan, get down here immediately!" Duncan's mom, Gloria called. Uh-oh. Looks like he was in some major poop.

"Have you been smoking cannabis lately?" Duncan's mom asked, growing weary of her son's shenanigans.

"No," Duncan lied. "I haven't, in fact."

"Is that so?" Gloria asked, incredulous. "So while I was doing your dirty laundry, I realized that your clothes had the smell of cannabis. And your room smells like that too. Explain that." Gloria said.

"Well I had some friends," Duncan lied. "In my room that were smoking and tried to get me to smoke it too. But I would never do such a thing."

Gloria stared at him, with an incredulous look.

"Alright," Duncan said, defeated. "I was."

"Why is it that teenagers these days think their parents are morons?" She asked. "Duncan," She pleaded. "Please don't destroy your life. Please quit smoking. For me." She said, serious.

"Alright," He agreed, only for his mother who he loved. "I'll try."

"DUNCAN MEYERS, YOU ARE IN BIG TROUBLE!" Duncan's dad, Paul yelled coming down the stairs.

"I could arrest you for possession of cannabis. I am a cop you know." His dad exclaimed.

"Paul sweetie, it's alright I got it." Gloria tried to calm him down.

"Okay. You best take your mother's advice. I don't want to see you with that crap again." Paul said.

"Yeah yeah, yeah." Duncan rolled his eyes. "I'm going into town with Geoff, Bridgette, and Gwen." Duncan said, heading out the door.

Geoff was his best friend and Bridgette was Geoff's girlfriend. Duncan and Gwen were always on and off. Sometimes they were together, sometimes they weren't. Currently, Gwen was mad at Duncan for flirting with every girl he saw.

Duncan's parents were rich and high-mannered. Duncan certainly didn't act how most people thought rich people were supposed to act. He wasn't a snob and he certainly wasn't arrogant. No, he was more of a perverted thug, flirting with any girl, regardless of race. Most people didn't even know Duncan was rich until he told them.

Duncan met his friends at their hangout, Geoff dad's shop.

"Duncan, man!" Geoff saluted.

"So what's the plan for today?" Duncan asked.

"Let's head down-town." Gwen suggested.

"Alright, babe." Duncan said, wrapping his arm around Gwen's waist.

"Lay off," She fumed. "I'm still mad at you for what happened with Lindsay."

"Aw come on babe," Duncan groaned. "It was one kiss."

"One kiss too many." Gwen fumed.

The four walked to board the bus that would take them to downtown Jackson. They boarded and sat in the "White only" section.

"We should totally grab a bite to eat, I'm starving." Gwen said on the bus. They got off the bus and started walking.

"Hold on, let me get some water." Duncan walked over to the "white only" fountain.

On his way, he bumped into a tan –skinned girl with her friends. One of her friends was a girl, thick and big. The other looked strong and was significantly taller than Duncan. He knocked the tan-skinned girl down.

"Uh… Gwen is Duncan checking out that black girl over there?" Geoff asked motioning over to Duncan heading to the fountain.

Gwen scoffed. "He flirts with every girl he sees! Every girl! It's irritating!"

"Hey watch where you're goi-"The brunette said, only to look up into the eyes of Duncan.

"Why, aren't you a fine little lady?" Duncan flirted, his eyes zooming right down to her chest.

The girl's friend was currently giving him a death look.

The girl had a curvaceous figure. The hip huggers complimented her figure. She was a bit shorter than him and had gorgeous brown hair and big, onyx eyes. She had nice, long legs that caught his attention. He large, ample breasts suited her curvaceous figure.

"Not another pervert," She groaned. "That is now way to greet a girl." She said, giving him a hard shove and walking away.

Wow, Duncan thought. She shoves hard.

"I'll see you around in town, sweetheart! The name's Duncan by the way!" Duncan shouted after her.

He would be keeping a close eye on this one.

Ugh, Courtney thought. Another pervert. But his eyes, his teal eyes- they were mesmerizing. It was why she had stopped in mid-sentence. Whatever, he was still a pervert.

"What was that about?" Dj asked.

"Just some white guy hitting on me, of all people." Courtney scoffed.

"A thug, if you ask me," Leshawna scoffed.

"Whatever, let's go inside Joe's." Courtney said.

Joe's was an African American restaurant located on the corner of Farish Street.

"Hello to my 3 favorite customers." Joe, the owner of the restaurant said happy to see DJ, Leshawna, and Courtney.

"You can have anything you wants today! On the house!" Joe said.

"Thanks, Joe!" The three said, sitting down at their table by the window. Courtney ordered lasagna, DJ ordered a cheeseburger and so did Leshawna.

Courtney stared out the window and saw the boy again. He saw her too, and winked at her, much to Courtney's dismay.

"Who are you winking at?" Gwen fumed.

"Oh no one, sweetheart." Duncan lied.

He'd be keeping an eye on that fine lady.

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