Oooh, I am making a new fic when I havent been updating my other ones! Anyways, hope ya guys like it!

So pretty much this is the scene:

All the Titans are about 20-25. Most of the villains have turned neutral; or they have just separated with their groups. There is still one sole group called 'The Lupineary' (Don't ask...) consisting of Angel, Mammoth, XL Terrestrial, Gizmo, and Billy Numerous. Another thing to keep in mind so the story makes more sense is that each Titan and neutral villain has a career, and just returns to the Titan's Tower as their 'house', or whatever you would like to call it. (Let's just pretend they can all fit in there). When the Titans are at work, they'll be called by their real names. I'll put them before the chapter starts so you don't get confused. In this chapter Raven's name is Rachael Roth and Kyd Wykkyd's name is Elliot Knight. Rachael's assistant, Jinx, is Jennifer Hex.

List of neutral 'villains':

Kyd Wykkyd




And any others I forgot to list here, besides all the Brotherhood of Evil old farts; lets just pretend they're all dead!

The Titan's careers will be revealed later, but Raven's will be easy to figure out!

The Jump City Hospital door slammed open, and a few people ran in with some man on a stretcher. The paramedics rushed towards the E.R.

"Where's Dr. Roth?" A blonde girl asked as she took the man's blood pressure.

"I don't know," another nurse said, and paged the doctor. In under a minute, the dark haired woman rushed in.

"So what do we have here?" Rachael asked as the paramedics transfered the man from the gurney onto the hospital bed.

"This man, called Elliot Knight, was found lying in the park with numerous stab wounds, scratches and gashes. It looks like he got mugged, and from the freshness of the lasserations (cuts), over an hour ago." Jennifer said while listening to the man's heartbeat.

Rachael managed to tear the man's shirt off to get a better look at his cuts. She noticed that his color was a light gray skin color like hers-at least when she was at home, not caking on the makeup to make her look sort of human. To

Dr. Roth's eyebrows furrowed for a moment, until she decided what to do." He looks dehydrated. Jen, get Mr. Knight strapped up to an I.V., and I'll be right back.

Jen nodded as Rachael rushed out of the room. "I need about two quarts of blood, NOW!" She snapped at a couple nurses.

"What kind Dr.?" One of the nurses asked her.

"My kind," Rachael said while giving the nurse a death glare." They seemed to completely understand, handing the doctor two quarts of some weird-looking blood.

Rachael burst into the room, and immediately started to transfuse the blood into Elliot. She saw it was working, as he gave a sigh of relief.

Jen kept looking from Elliot to Rachael over and over again. "You don't think-"

"I...have no idea..." Rachael trailed off.

ooh, do you see where this is going? I hope you do!