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A pale figure rose from the shadows of the trees, walking towards the banks of the great lake in a daze as if in a trance.

A white moon shone high, an enormous sphere of rock revolving in space, if space even existed in this world. Black, that was what the sky around that rock was; black. Darker than dark, it seemed to absorb the light that came from the moon—not even a single star was seen. That lone lump of sphere illuminated the ground dimly, making shadows dance around the eerie place. The trees were barren of their leaves, their shapes similar to that of a pitchfork's, and were only extinguished by their height.

The white haired young boy kneeled to look at his reflection, his bluish silvery orbs widening in surprise as what he found instead was the face of a young child with red hair, an unscarred face with an apathetic expression—his younger self. Against his will, his lowered his left hand, which, in addition to his previous wonder, was another that came as a surprise to him; his left hand was void of innocence and was smooth and pale as the rest of his skin.

As his strange, alien of a new hand lapped at the surface of the murky waters, a feeling of awakening flowed into him, and the air seemed to grow warmer yet it was still cold enough to bite at his skin.

"Allen," the wind seemed to whisper.


Whispering voice whispers.

"Allen," it called again.

"Who. . . Are you?"

Drawing attention ever more.

"Allen," and again.

"Hello. . . ?"

Time has come.

"Allen," it called persistently.

"Sir. . . ?"

That I knew.

"Allen, my Allen," it seemed to need to call him over and over again.

"My. . .? What? Hello? Anyone?"

They would know.

"We'll be fine, Allen," Allen's younger reflection said, and for what seemed like the first time it ever happened, a smile slowly crept in his child version's place, and a gentle, sweet one at that. "They won't know. Not yet, at least."

"Huh? Excuse me, but who won't know?"

But until then, he is forever mine.

"Them," the child raised his small hands to point behind him and swiftly Allen turned, his neck aching with the sudden move, his heart beating wildly in his chest, not knowing what to expect.

Yes, until then, I'm sorry, Earl.

"Aaagh!" Allen gasped.

His head flew, his face contorted in fear, and banged to Timcanpy, who in turn, was thrown to his room's door with a loud thump! Allen grabbed his chest, still a bit shaken from his dream and with a great sense that he had been watched.

Timcanpy, obviously miffed at being thrown away by his master's pupil, buzzed above Allen's head in indignation. Unhappy that he did not get the attention he wanted, Timcanpy rocketed to Allen's left cheek before biting hard into the soft flesh. A great exclamation of "Ow! Timcanpy!" was heard and Allen was soon found rubbing a swollen cheek that looked like someone had slapped the white haired exorcist.

"Ow! Timcanpy, that hurt."


"Now, that was interesting, wasn't it Lero~" the Earl said, voice mingling with carefully hidden stupor and overflowing excitement.

Just a few minutes ago, they had been watching (spying) the 14th's host's slumber when the boy's skin itself turned a shocking ash grey tint, a barely visible stigmata gradually appearing, not all unsimilar features found in an Noah, before in the same agonizingly slow process, both the tint and the single stigmata faded away to return to its normal state of pale cream skin.

What made the Earl so worked up was the presence of another Noah, and no, it wasn't the fourteenth he was making such a fuss about; it was new, strange, and strong, and definitely belongs to a Noah. So, we have a new member to welcome into the family. Strange, didn't expect it to be someone like our Little Allen back here. He's with innocence too. How did they get along? It will take a while before he accepts this fact. No matter, he is part of the family now, I won't let them dirty him anymore with seeing their point of view. The Earl fiddled with his pumpkin umbrella, Lero, who was simply staring at the boy in shock.

"W-what, Lero! Allen Walker the exorcist is a Noah? Lero~! We must take him ba—" Lero started after a couple of minutes of stunned silence. He had been watching the progress all in silence, his brain not quite comprehending the sight before him. What? The Fourteenth's exorcist a Noah?! His frantic string of words, however, was stopped by the Earl's quiet hush.

"We must prepare the family first, Lero~. After all, no one was expecting this~" the Earl almost sing sang as he opened a door to his new ark. They had to start planning soon. Oh~! There was so much to do—rescuing their new dear brother from the hands of the vile humans, getting him to warm up to them and vise versa—there really was no helping it!

"But, Lero!"

"We'll take him, Lero, just not now, okay~?"

"Yes, Earl-sama, Lero~!"

With that, he entered his ark, brimming with happiness and looking as if birthday and Christmas came at the same time as his smile only grew wider (ha! So it was possible!). He turned to the white boy now changing his clothes before whispering, "Good day to you, Little Allen-chan, our fifteenth! We'll save you soon from here. Just you wait."

~Black Order~

"Allen-kun!" Linalee called, waving her hands to grab the younger boy's attention while walking down to said boy's table. The 'table' was covered with madly high stacks of plates whose contents were swallowed by the bottomless pit, from which you can never ever, ever return. The white haired exorcist was dong the usual—eat to his heart's content.

"Mmmhh. Good morning, Linalee-chan," Allen said, pausing halfway through his current platter to greet Linalee properly.

"Allen's doing his job again, Yu~! That's his 36th plate!" Lavi cried, attempting to swing his arms around a certain cold samurai who was eating his soba with a menacing aura. The samurai, by the name of Kanda (Allen: That's wrong. His real name is BaKanda), effortlessly pushes him away harshly without any remorse.

"Awww, that was mean Yu~!"

"Shut your turf, Baka Usagi!" Damn, the Usagi's annoying.

"But Yu~~!" Lavi protested.

"Say my name one more time Baka Usagi, and you'll never see daylight again."

"Okay, okay. Oh, Allen! How you doing Buddy!" Lavi turned around, searching for someone else having given up on Kanda. So instead, his attention shifted to Allen who was chatting with Linalee.

Allen had to gulp down the food in his mouth before answering, "Fine as ever, Lavi."

"Oooh, what happened to your face Allen? Did someone punch you?"

"Che. Moyashi probably got it for doing something wrong." Kanda, having heard, spoke just to annoy Allen.

"Shut up BaKanda!"

"I bet the Moyashi went to peek at the girl's restroom. Serves him right." Kanda pressed, knowing he had successfully irritated the white hair boy as if you look clearly you'll see veins pulsing with anger and annoyance.

"Shut up, BaKanda! And it's Allen! Oh sorry, I forgot your brain's slower than a slug," Allen retorted. This, as usual, just led to an even longer verbal attacks between the two.

"What was that, Old Man Moyashi?"

"Kanda! Allen-kun! Both of you calm down!" Linalee tried to stop them, but alas, they were not to be broken easily.

"Oi!" Reever called out, hoping to attract both boys from their fight.

"What's what, Lady BaKanda?"

"Oi!" Louder this time, still it made no effect on the two who were firing insults faster than the speed of light at each other.

"Oh reall-"


Shocked silence.

"Better. Komui said to meet him right after you finish your breakfast. He has a mission for you two," Reever panted (Everyone: Uh-oh, Reever finally snapped from over work) before threatening, "Don't you two fight again or else I'll send Komui after you for behaving improperly near Linalee!


"Now, if you excuse me, I'd like fried rice topped with egg." Reever walks up to Jerry, his face harboring the tolls of staying awake late.

Reever was not actually angry at them; it was such a usual appearance that he wasn't even bothered. Usually. The potion that accidentally spilled on him however, was to take blame as one of its effects were to alter a person's personality. He'll apologize to both of them later, he thought as he stood on the counter, awaiting his order.

"One egg topped fried rice coming right up."


"Hee, hee, hee! Earl-sama will be happy when he hears this, Lero!" Lero snikered. He had just sneaked inside the Black Order by the Earl's order to find a way so that they can take their dear fifteenth back with his new family. Lero was now dancing in joy for having completed the job ever so easily.

How easier could it still be?

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