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Well Season 2 Begins, remember don't expect there to be as many chapters to this story as there were with the first one, but I will try to make the chapters longer, now let us begin.

Accel Stream Season 2: Prologue

The Paths People Take, Evo-Lites on the Move!

XLR-08/Shinjuku Outskirts

(Insert Song-Testament-Trail of Tears)

No matter how many times I look at this...it's all my damn fault. Ken thought as he clenched his fists tightly, three days had passed since he and the ninja twins had returned from a mission to New York, and Ken couldn't help but return to the city as there were some issues he needed to deal with, sticking to the alleys he had found himself once again surveying the carnage of his own rage, until another voice spoke up from inside his digivice.

"Ken we need to go meet with Karin and check on Helena..." Veemon said solemnly, Ken nodded and vanished from his posistion in the alleyway, he continued to sneak his way through the shadows surrounding the area as the sun continued setting in the sky, eventually he made his way to the house where Karin was said to live, it had not been easy to locate, but with the help of his digimon serching they had found it, as he approached he felt a chill in the air as Karin suddenly appeared before him.

"Seems your getting better at energy detection..." Ken noted as Karin sighed.

"That's right, though for the time being it's best you don't come near here, between what's happened to Uranus and Neptune and now this, the other senshi besides Pluto don't exactly trust you." Ken shrugged when she said this.

"Wouldn't be the first time, what's the status on Helena." Ken asked, hoping to change the subject.

"Well...according to Setsuna, she's lost her Starseed which is the esscence of her life force, however without it..." Ken palmed his head.

"I know it's my freaking fault...if I hadn't have tried to get close to her, she wouldn't have been caught in the crossfire..." Karin shook her head.

"That's not true, Setsuna said that if we can find her Starseed and return it, she'll revive, until then she's been placed in a special stasis feild to keep her body in stable condition, but it won't last for more than half a year, and we have no idea where her starseed could be..." Ken shook his head.

"Leave it to me then, i'll find it no matter what it takes." he said with a reassuring smile before thinking. She broke me out of my anti-social shell, i've got to get her starseed back no matter what. he muttered in thought as Karin nodded again with a small smile as well.

"I wish you luck then." she said, Ken nodded before heading off to his companions.

There's no choice, i'll have to go alone to find her Starseed...well me and my army anyway...Ken thought.

(Song ends)


Uknown Location/?

"So what happened to Kreig, wasn't he supposed to jump the kid while he was in a slump?" Sin X asked Greil who sighed as Krieg staggered in through a portal along with Blitzmon, both looked like they had been in a bar fight...a rather large and ugly barfight.

"Wow someone's been hammered, drinking again?" Terumi noted as Greil sighed.

"Shut the fuck up Hazama you damn troll, Krieg what happened to you?" Krieg simply staggered forward and handed Greil a note. "What's this supposed to be?" he muttered before reading it. "Dear new evil team that has a pokemon item name...Son of a..." Terumi started laughing.

"Told you we should've come up with a better name." he said as Greil reluctantly continued.

"We're sticking to course thanks...let's see...we wanted to send you a friendly little warning that if you get out of line and try to conquere other worlds besides the three you currently have watch over, you will have to deal with our group, Dramon X will be the least of your worries as we will do terrible things that we can not even mention due to rating systems...what the fuck is that supposed to mean...anyway, sincerely the Young Guns...ps...if you want an idea of who we are...we killed the Gaurdians..." Greils eyes widened abit upon reading this as he quickly crumpled the paper and chunked it away. "You gotta be kidding me...no wonder I haven't heard anything regarding those freaks." he said as Krieg was helped up by Caster and Persiamon.

"Who are the Gaurdians?" Caster asked.

"They were a group of sixteen people who wanted to establish tolterian controll across all worlds, each one ironically corresponded to a pokemon element like our name..." he took a moment to breathe in deeply as he was pissed at the letter. "With the exception of electricity being replaced by the element of light, they were split into two groups of eight, but to think they were taken down...it can not be true." Krieg spit out blood from his mouth.

"Obviously it is, I've never been before anyone so strong in my life, they make that kid your targeting look like a kitten while thier raging lions..." Greil sighed.

"Well i've no intention of "conquering" other worlds, I just want to prove something to those hethens who dare run around with the name ascendant..." he then looked at Krieg. "By the way, you'll be happy to know something, the court of the moon kingdom in the future time of the demension Sailor Jupiter hails from is at it's weakest right now, perhaps you should take some of our newest minions and go get your vengence since I understand she is to be visiting the place to check on her daughters status." Kreig smiled evily before falling over. "First though you should heal up, and be sure to bring along one of our three new toys with you." Greil said motioning over to three robot like figures in the darkness behind him, Krieg smiled and nodded, but then became confused.

"Wait a second, what will you be doing?" he asked as Greil motioned for Caster to come with him.

"Let's just say we're going to be "recruiting" some more help, the twins are out on a mission..." he then looked back at Terumi. "You do whatever the fuck you want since it's not like you'd listen to me anyway, just don't get in my way."

"Damn straight!" Terumi said before vanishing.

"Sometimes I really wish I didn't recruit his ass, I don't know what I was thinking when I did..." Greil muttered as he and Caster went off one way, and Krieg the other...



"You can not be serious Ken...the whole point of us being a team is..."Ken sighed.

"Look I don't want to hear it Mikato..." Ken said holding up his hand. "If I don't go do this, then she'll die, someone's gotta stay and make sure the fort stays up while i'm gone, so i'm leaving you two with the job." he said, however Shizuka sighed in agreement with her sister.

"Ken you have to remember our partner is just one digimon in the end..." Ken sighed.

"Look the others in the digital world know better now how to protect themselves after what transpired with GranDracmon, besides you can always get Maki back if need be...he's never going to listen to me anymore so there's no point in me even trying to get in touch with him." the ninja's didn't feel convinced.

"Still..." Ken sighed at thier pleading.

"Look i've gotta find Helena's starseed within the time of half a year, meaning i've got until the end of june to find it." he said, Shizuka wondered something.

"Wait so we missed New Years?" Ken nodded.

"Yeah we did, New Years came and gone while we were on that boat coming back, look I have full faith that the two of you can do this task ok?" Shizuka sighed.

"Alright, but there remains one problem, how do we get into the digital world, when your the only one with such capabilities?" Ken held up his digivice B.A.X. and motioned for them to do the same, they did so and the three devices glowed in sync for a moment before fading, when the fading ended new buttons appeared on the two D3's. "Wow so with these we can..." tapping one button on her D3 Shizuka opened a portal, which Mikato closed with her D3.

"I guess that problem is solved, but where do you intend to start looking Ken? The universe is huge and there are several demensions and realities out there as well..." Ken sighed.

"I know it isn't gonna be easy, but I am responsible for what happened and I've gotta fix this...if she dies on account of me I don't think I can take it considering the body count already..." Mikato wanted to slap Ken for bringing the incident up once more, but she controlled herself.

"That wasn't your fault you know." she said sternly.

"Sure as hell feels like it, GranDracmon's probably laughing it up wherever his spirit ended up...so help me if I ever reincounter his soul he's gonna pay." Ken said cracking his knuckles.

"Would you at least get your digimon's imput before you go through with this, what if some of them don't want to go?" Shizuka asked, however at this moment all of the digimon from inside Ken's digivice came out and circled around the group.

"I don't think that's gonna be an issue, where Ken goes I go." Veemon said proudly.

"Same goes for us." Shoutmon said riding on Sparrowmon who also nodded.

"Me too." Titaniamon said with renewed vigor.

"Sounds like fun to me, going to new worlds, collecting new bounties." CyberBeelzemon pointed out getting odd looks from the others. "What?"

"I wonder what new fun awaits us baby!?" SuperStarmon blurted out, Ken and Titaniamon both still felt anxious and nervous around him despite the "reassurance" he had a new persona even if it was annoying.

"We go where he goes." said both of the Sistermon holding thier weapons casually, yet in a mannor that had everyone creeped out.

"Uh yeah i'm going no matter what." JetSliphymon claimed.

"No arguments from me either." said MirageGaogamon BM, KageShurimon also simply nodded which caused the ninja twins to sigh.

"Nerves of freaking steel from you all I swear..." said Mikato, before anything further could happen, Ken's cellphone went off suprising him.

"Suprised this thing wasn't de-activated yet." he muttered upon answering it. "Hello?"

~I know a good starting place to hunt for what you seek~ came a creepy voice over the phone that sounded masked.

"Uh...ok who the hell is this!?" he demanded as some of his digimon drew closer.

~You want to find your girlfriends thing or not...i've sent the coordinates to your phone if you want to go.~

"Not unless I know who i'm dealing with." Ken muttered.

~You can call me...THE TROLL!~ with that the phone cut off, leaving Ken and those who had managed to hear the conversation with sweatdrops on thier heads.

"The Troll...seriously?" Ken muttered as he saw a familiar set of coordinates appear upon his phone. "Wait a second...isn't that the same..." he stopped when he realised that the coding had been altered slightly "YYGDM-01-3A...ok..." he typed the coordinates into his digivice after withdrawing all of his digimon into it, he then summoned his Heaven's Sword from the device and pointed it at the sky.

"Guess this is the start of a long trip, hold down the fort till I come back got it!?" Ken demanded as he watched his sword shoot a beam into the sky which formed a keyhole, and then Ken disappeared.

"Did he really just follow the crazy voice on the phone?" Mikato asked, Shizuka shrugged.

"Wouldn't be Ken otherwise." she said, as from far away, Terumi who had been observing the trio, put down a cellphone.

"So now that i've got a fight set up, time to see which chicken shit pansy wins." he said chuckling before vanishing into the shadows.


Uknown Location/?

"Caster what's wrong I need you to focus on this ritual, we're going to be trying to get the strongest person we can." said Greil before he too realised what she was sensing... "What the HELL!? That kid's heading to where Krieg just went!?" Caster nodded.

"I think Terumi is responsible for this..." she noted, Greil sighed.

"Note to self, if he comes back here, he's so fucking dead..." he muttered as he sighed. "Whatever, we need to continue this ritual..." Greil said sighing as he took out a knife and prepared to cut his arm to release blood needed for the spell...

"We've got to get someone who can travel through space and time descretely, since these Young Guns can not be triffled with." Greil muttered. "Especially if they were able to take down the Gaurdians..." he clenched his fist hard.


YYDM-01-3A/Queen Serenity's Palace

Unlike the normal timeline Ken was accustomed too, this timeline of the YYDM verse was mostly more peaceful, occasionally there were threats that required the attention of the heros, but nothing that they couldn't handle, the only group who truely had it rough was the timeline's duelists who were also known as Signers due to marks they possessed, however that was hardly an issue inside the palace of Queen Serenity, the ruler of crystal tokyo.

"Come on Umi you need to be quicker!" a teen with bluish green hair similar to those of a special clan of female ice demons watched as her opponent got up, although abit younger her body's physique showed nothing but toughness as sweat poored down her face from intense training.

"Perhaps you could slow down Koori, I want to be faster sure, but don't you think your going abit too fast?" the girl asked breathing hard.

"Well Umi you did tell me you wanted to get faster, so that's why we're training right?" Koori returned as a group of others watched, amongst them was the queen herself in a regal white dress who still looked as young and radiant as she did in her earlier days, beside her was a tall brown haired girl wearing a similar regal green dress.

"Come on Umi keep it up!" she called out proudly. "I was pretty fast when I was young so I know you can surpass me." she said smiling, as another familiar brown haired girl holding a smaller child about eight years old with similar colored hair giggled at this remark.

"Well was that your own speed Makoto, or due to the speed of your cheetah spirit Bacchus?" she asked, but before the elder girl could respond, the room shook violently causing them to go on alert.

"What's that!?" Queen Serenity wondered before standing up as she could clearly sense someone was now in thier chamber, as did the others. Koori and Umi both stopped sparring as they felt it as well.

"Someone's here!?" it was at this moment Blitz X, along with several digimon that were roughly his size and looked like demonic chess peices appeared along side him. Seeing his appearance this caused the woman holding the young child to gasp.

"He's an Ascendant!" she declared which only made Blitz X smirk.

"Not quite "Sailor Sedna" Blitz X declared calling out his battle axe and swinging it around. "See i'm called an Evo-lite, i'm different from the normal ascendants." this was reinforced when he motioned to the fact he had a particle convertor on his back, similar to the one Dramon X had only modified in shape.

"I don't see much of a difference." the woman holding the child retorted.

"We think on a higher level of what it means to fuse with a digimon, ridding them of impurities by the concept of bio-merging." Blitz X spoke again, this caused everyone in the room to sweatdrop.

"Yet your fused with one now, does that not make you a hypocrite?" Koori asked.

"My body's not entirely human anymore girl, but enough talk!" he said as he motioned the new digimon with him to step forward.

"Why have you come here, and what are these beasts with you?" Queen Serenity demanded as Blitz X looked back at the digimon.

(insert song-Sonic Generations ost-Biolizard battle theme)

"Thier called the "Damned" Chessmon...sorry for my language to the young lady in the room." he said addressing the young girl in Karin's arms. "They don't talk very much but they are extremely hard to kill!" he said before being bombarded by a powerful blast from above that sent him flying back. "What the!?" he caught himself as Umi and Koori transformed into sailor uniforms, although he glared a hole through Umi when he saw the resemblence she had to Sailor Jupiter, his view shifted upwards as he saw Angemon X descending, along with another young man wearing black attire. "So there is an ascendant in this time period, how strange." Blitz X mused as the newcomer welded a sword.

"Who the heck are you supposed to be?" the teen demanded. "Figures someone would show up when most of the others are out training or checking on thier planets, mom's never gonna hear the end of this from dad since for once he was right." Koori sighed.

"Brother can you please focus." she demanded, however Karin pulled out her henshin rod and motioned for Koori and the teen to fall back.

"Take Athena somewhere safe you two, me and Angemon X will hold him and these digimon off with Battle Jupiter." she said transforming into her sailor form and motioning to Umi before looking down at the young girl. "Be good for Koori and Ryuuhi and do what they tell you ok?" she said, the child didn't want to leave however.

"But mom I want to fight them with you." this made Blitz X laugh.

"That's pretty cute how she wants to fight...but to be honest I didn't come here for your hides, I came specifically for one person..." his eyes drifted around the room and eventually made contact with Makoto. "To think, I figured with your amazoness like strength, I didn't take you as the type to wear dresses." he said mockingly, seeing this Battle Jupiter got before her.

"You will not touch my mother!" she declared getting into a fighting stance, Blitz X started charging up electrical power.

"Is that a fact now youngling? Long ago your mother, injured my pride as a wrestler and it's because of that day that I stand here now as powerful as I am, ready to destroy her and anyone else who gets in my way!" he declared bringing down his weapon. "Torment of ZEUS!" he called out unleashing a powerful lightning blast down which came at Battle Jupiter who having trained in the element of lightning was stunned and somewhat awestruck by the attack, but abit too much as it slammed into her and sent her crashing into a wall hard, her body became riddled with paralyzation.

(Song ends)

Not even mom has ever used that much power when we trained...who the heck is this guy! she thought as she tried to move but couldn't.

"That's my daughter you just messed with, I don't know who you are, but your going to pay for that one." Makoto demanded, she took out her henshin rod as well, but it was blasted out of her hands by a small bolt of lightning from Blitz X.

"I guess I shouldn't be suprised you don't know me, but at the same time it does kinda hurt me ya know." Blitz X said as he glared her down

"What digimon did this guy fuse with!?" Angemon X wondered as he had felt the power of the attack as well. That would've blown off an arm despite the size, who the heck is this guy? He's got a particle convertor like Dramon X does too, this isn't gonna be an easy fight.

"For the record, I was holding back just now, if anyone among you wishes to live beyond this day, then get the hell out of my way and let me have my revenge." he said glaring a hole at his target.

"Makoto run, he means business!" Queen Serenity said as Blitz X held out his hands and formed a ball of energy which he tossed into the air.

"Too late your highness, STASIS OF THE GODS!" Blitz X yelled out unleashing a powerful output of energy, Angemon X was quick to sheild Athena, Ryuuhi and the sailor garbed Koori, however Makoto, Queen Serenity and Sailor Sedna were all caught by the outpoor of energy which washed over thier bodies and completely stopped them from moving, with the exception of thier mouths.

"What is this!?" Sedna demanded trying to move.

"I can't...move at all!" Queen Serenity demanded, she then thought about trying to contact her spirit partner Sleipnir, but there was no response due to energies about.

"Very simple, I've created my own barrier around this entire castle, meaning until either I die or leave of my own vocation, no one gets in and no one gets out." he glanced over to Angemon X and the others who had not been paralyzed. "Granted there is a limit to what the feild can paralyze, i'd wager all the gaurds in the castle are paralyzed by now, but you must be a high level 1 or level 2 ascendant to be producing a high energy output that protected you as well as those with you." Blitz X mused before making his way towards Makoto, however Angemon X got in his way. "Move."

"I don't know what your deal is with her, but if you wanna get to her, you've gotta go through me." Angemon X declared, Blitz X snapped his fingers and a large mechanical silver clad humanoid shaped built machine appeared, complete with red lazer lines shaping it's face. "What the heck!?" he demanded confused, as were the others.

"Allow me to introduce you to something known as the ascedant killer, technically this thing is a copied design of a similar robot used against those dueling signers to nulify thier synchro monsters, but my leader is a clever guy, he modified three of them himself to take on ascendants and strip them of thier powers!" snapping his hands again the robot unleashing several energy like wires from around the infinity symbol opening on it's chest, they latched onto Angemon X causing him to yell out in pain as he felt something being pulled out of him.

"DIMITRI/FATHER!" Sedna and Athena yelled as Angemon X was suddenly split back into his human form along with his digimon partner Patamon both passed out, Ryuuhi noticed that as the wires retracted amongst them was Dimitri's crest of hope.

"So that robot steals the crest from a digi-destined!?" he wondered confused.

"The proper name for it is Wiselmon, and yeah pretty much, amplifies his power with it, not only with the power of the crest taken, but considering how powerful that dude was, all i'm gonna say is you kids better start running." upon saying this Wiselmon looked at the two teens and started charging a very powerful energy ball on it's arms.

"Oh crud...that looks like Dimitri's signature move!" Ryuuhi growled as Koori picked up Athena.

"Talk later run now!" she declared, however before the machine could fire off it's attack a bright flash appeared in air above them all sending a blinding light ran through the room, following by a screaming noise that was familiar to Sedna, Serenity, Makoto, Koori and to his dismay, Blitz X.

(Insert Song Guns N Roses-Welcome to the Jungle)

Are you freaking kidding me!? How in the hell did he know I was here! Blitz X demanded in thought before turning upwards and seeing a familiar person coming down.

"Gang freaking WAY!" yelled Ken waving his arms as he had no control over his momentum and crashed head onto Wiselmon driving both into the ground hard causing the energy the robot had been collecting to disperse into a group of damned chessmon blowing all of them away including the King which Ryuuhi was able to see out of the corner of his eye.

So that's there weakness...but who in the heck owns this new power!? he wondered as Ken slowly stood up to the suprise of everyone in the room.

Ken, how did he get into this time period!? wondered Sedna confused yet suprised and happy some form of reinforcement had come, Blitz X however had a different take on the situation.

"I don't know how you got here kid but..." he stopped and his face became stupified when Ken was tackled glomped to the ground by a rather happy Koori which made Ryuuhi sweatdrop at his sisters antics.

"Papa Ken, I knew it was you!" she declared in a happy mannor, not knowing she was draining the air out of him.

"I'm choking!" Ken demanded not knowing why a senshi decided to glomp him until he got a decent if not better look at her. Wait a second...KOORI! ACK AIR! NEED AIR!

All fighting had temporarly stopped at Ken's arrival, Blitz X glared hard as unknowingly outside Terumi stood on the castle's steps with an amused smile.

"Ok you dumbasses, show me some good old fashioned hell!" he said with a wide grin.

(Song ends)


Ken must fight the new digimon as Blitz X begins his plans against Makoto, the evo-lites summon a new warrior and terumi continues to be a troll, more next time.

A few things here.

I did tell all I was going to jump straight into the action this go round, though i'm sure Ken's haphazard collision with Wiselmon wasn't intended to nail that point home^^;

Yes this is the same future time line seen at the end of the "Siege of GranDracmon" collab fic between me and Kanius, also don't expect many if any big spoilers, only ones here are so minor they won't matter.

The Damned Chessmon are based off the chess peice enemies from Devil May Cry 3, Animated Ford came up with the idea, you can expect to see them in full action next time.

Wiselmon (and if your a Yugioh buff you can probably guess what the others are called) and the other "ascendant killing" robots are based off a certain archtype from 5d's^^;

If your wonder why Koori is referring to Ken as "Papa" then you obviously haven't read my triple S fic story Tenchu's Requiem (which is crucial since it acts as the chain linking the two seasons together)

Terumi you troll, the troll of trolls lol.

As you can probably expect, this season is mostly going to deal with Ken and his army (though he will stop by his own demension from time to time) but with so many cameo and crossover ideas he's not going to be alone in this.

Hope you enjoyed the introduction cause it's only going to get crazier from here, until next time, peace out dudes.^^