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Well now that one of many threats is down, let's see what fate has in store for Ken next.

A upcoming triple S story plot with Kanius help and ideas (it was his idea and he wanted to do it, thought i'd help.) also begin in this chapter as well.

Chapter 13: Prelude to a New Battle, The Mysterious Kidnapper.

Nexus of Time and Space

(Insert Song-Lordi-Blood Red Sandman)

"TERUMI!" Paradiso X as he looked around for the snake evo-lite. "GET YOUR FUCKING ASS OUT HERE NOW!" he demanded, but he heard nothing as he tried to sense his presence amongst the debris in the demensional tunnel around him. "You can't hide from me forever! Don't make me use my telepathy!"

"Everyone knows a man only has five senses, a snake has six." suddenly before Paradiso X could blink, a snake on the end of a chain bit into his leg, the others began raming into his sides and wings hard.

"You motherfuc..." two more bit his shoulders and a third wrapped around his neck, the paralyzing energies flowed through his veins as Viper X appeared before him. "Psychic powers are stupid if thier not engaged full time, but that's just another flaw of yours." he said smirking as Paradiso X managed to get the snake chain around his neck loose.

"I will get free, and I will kill you a million times over, nothing that Kensuke could do to you would even come close to what I want to do to you right now." he threatened as he could feel his body being ravaged inside from pain caused by the biting snakes, eventually he felt getting into his head. "What are you doing to me!?" he struggled more, but the snake had done his damage.

"Time Splitter!" Viper X was forced to retract the chains as Jishikitori X fired a beam at him, however due to being tired out from Tsukuyomimon DM's rampage, he was able to avoid it easily.

"Very well, your whore has saved you for now it seems, but i'll be the one to kill that brat first, not your worthless leading ass." he said vanishing.

(Song ends)

His power has grown too much, same goes for Ken...I might have to use that relic after all to win the war, but I will get what I want in the end...he thought as Jishikitori X approached him. "I am honestly suprised you came back..." he muttered as he began radiating his own aura to expell Terumi's poison like powers from his body.

"I will admit that with the first seal gone, I feel much better, however you and I both know I can not have the vengence I seek unless the second seal is removed." holding up her now reformed normal left arm, Greil saw that another rune like symbol, this one of his own design, he also finally noticed her right arm was completely gone.

"The Zero Factor is not something to be taken lightly..." he muttered before speaking. "In any case, we best head back to recuperate, as for the seal don't worry once I get what I want, i'll remove the seal and allow you to go to the world you desire vengence in, I will not break my word." he said, as they floated along Jishikitori X's mind was filled with an evil thought, however Greil was too busy trying to get the paralyzing venom out of his system to notice or care...


Canyon Dominion/Zion Village/XLR-08

"Man that was insane, Bro are you going to be alright?" Keke asked as she tended to Faith while Dimitri had abit of trouble moving despite using a digi-vitamin to heal most of the damage, it was now morning after the group had gotten a nights rest.

"I gotta admit, I never ever thought i'd see someone use a move like that, it's like he ripped time and space open to summon a false solar system." Dimitri muttered as Karin helped to bandage him up, nearby Ken was sleeping, for once peacefully as his digimon watched him, hoping there wouldn't be a relapse.

"I'll have to look into that move more after we stop by the underworld in the other universe to deliver this." X said motioning to the jar he was holding which contained Tsukuyomimon DM.

"Um, X how about you let me and Dimitri deliver it? We'll be going to our world's digital world soon back home anyway, cause I know unlike me and Ryo that while you have the power to cross demensions with your instant movement, it takes alot out of you and you can only go to one world at a time." X sighed at this.

"Yes your right, I guess that's alright then." he said handing her the jar.

"What's going on in the digital world in your universe?" Keke asked curiously, Karin rubbed her head.

"Well, Athenamon of the digi-amazons has decided to have a tournament, she's invited everyone to watch, however only females are allowed to compete." Nearby Titaniamon had heard this.

"Wait a second, why is she doing that?" she asked confused and curious, Karin giggled.

"It's to find her an heir to her thrown in the future, a few of my fellow senshi are going to be competing as are others, you know i'm sure she'd like it if you came as well to see how much stronger you've gotten and i'm sure she'd be impressed by your new form." she said, Titaniamon became intrigued by this.

"Perhaps I aught to go train then." Shoutmon and Veemon who had eaten enough food to return to normal looked at each other nervously.

"You sure you should leave Ken's side right now, besides what if those evil people come back?" Shoutmon asked.

"It'll be ok, I'll stay in the valley to train so it's not like i'll be going far." she said forming her butterfly wings and flying off smiling.

"Haven't seen her excited in a while." CyberBeelzemon noted.

"I don't think i've ever seen her this excited." Veemon noted, Karin giggled as Keke and X prepared to leave.

"Well we best be on our way, take care of yourself and faith brother." Keke said to Dimitri who nodded.

"Same to you and X sis, if anything happens let me know." X and Keke nodded before using Instant movement to vanish, at this time Ken woke up, holding his head.

"I feel like i've been through the wringer one time too many..." he muttered before seeing the rings on his wrists and above his ankles. "The heck are these things?! The look like power rings from Sonic the Hedgehog?" Karin giggled abit.

"Those are the restraint cuffs, I know they might not look like your everyday cuffs, but at least with those on you shouldn't snap anymore." Ken sighed at this.

"Hopefully so, what about the demon version of myself?" Dimitri pointed to the jar X had left.

"He's in there, don't worry he won't be getting out, especially once we take him to Anubimon." he said as Karin sighed abit.

"I'll take care of that when I go with the other senshi to the digital world for the amazon's tournament, you'll probably need some rest, that Galactic Paradise attack that strange ascendant used wasn't your everyday move, even I felt strange vibes coming from it so who knows what it could've done." Ken stood up slowly as she finished.

"Still he's a real ascendant and not a hypocrite like Greil and that troll...and that strange woman in black..." Karin became serious when Ken mentioned this as Dimitri started to stand holding Faith.

"I'm sure i'll be better after a few days rest back home, perhaps we should go on ahead back since everything seems to be in order here huh Karin?" Karin nodded but walked up to Ken for a moment.

"Brother." she said hugging him close."Don't do anything crazy." she said, Ken nodded.

"I won't sis, you have my word." she nodded looking at the bracelets.

"Let's hope so, you've snapped enough that it's amazing your mind hasn't broken internally, but you must keep on gaurd." Ken nodded as Karin used her henshin rod to form a portal, she helped Dimitri who was carrying Faith through it, while she herself held the jar containing Tsukuyomimon DM in her other arm, after waving goodbye to each other the portal soon closed.

"Ken you sure your alright?" Veemon asked.

"I could say the same for you, it's amazing your back to rookie status so quickly." Shoutmon smirked.

"Well from all that experiance you two have had in ascendant form, he's powered up abit." CyberBeelzemon nodded.

"Speaking of powering up, Titaniamon went off to do some training by herself, Karin mentioned some amazon's tournament back in her world." Ken nodded.

"Well it's no suprise she'd want to enter and..." at that moment another portal opened, this one was coming from the human world, and from it came Mikato and Shizuka. "...oh god not now."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Mikato asked as she and her sister let thier digimon down to talk to the others. "It's been about a week and we ain't heard anything from you." Ken sighed.

"After all the crap i've gone through you sure you want to know what i've been through, cause it ain't a fun story to tell." Shizuka sighed.

"Mikato insisted we come check regardless, besides you haven't forgotten about your mission to recover Helena's star seed have you?" she asked, Ken shook his head.

"I haven't, but there have been complications towards that goal, I think you two might want to sit down for this." he said, they nodded and sat around a nearby campfire as Ken prepared to tell them everything that had happened up to the current point.


Digital World/Amazon Village Outskirts/YYDM-01

All around the amazon village, a festive like mood was in the air in anticpation for the upcoming tournament, outside the village some of the warriors who had wanted to compete had decided to train themselves in preparation, a mermaid like digimon with blond hair wearing a pirate hat watched as two legendary warriors, Ranamon of Water and Fairymon of wind clashed against one another. "You two are looking more impressive now than you did during the Pharohmon tournament, that's for sure, how about stepping it up a notch and going into your beast forms?" Ranamon shook her head as Fairymon did so.

"Fairymon Slide Evolution...Shutumon!" she too sighed at Ranamon's reluctance. "Jaarin I know you don't like the way your beast form looks, but sooner or later your going to have to use it."

"Easy for you to say, you don't have a one track minded digimon stalking you, don't worry about it I can handle myself without it!" she responded, but before they could continue sparring a chuckling was heard.

"I don't get our leader's intentions but even so, capturing you three beauties might get me a nice reward." The three looked around before seeing a digimon who looked like he was riding a horse but was actually part of it, giving off a centaur like appearance as he brandished two swords.

"Zanbamon!? I remember hearing one of your kind was amongst the enemy back during that Dawn of Chaos ordeal, but from what your implicating you don't seem the same at all." Zanbamon shook his head at Mermaimon's claims.

"There was another me, probably pathetic like those wannabe tamers I deal with occasionally, except for that one brat and of course Sepkimon and his smelly herb." this confused the three warriors. "Either way your coming with me!" he said holding up his swords. "Easy way and surrender or by force and experiance pain!" the three warrior women wouldn't back down. "Alright then pain it is."


While this was going on, Athenamon the amazon queen was preparing for the tournament along with her friend the duel monster Swordswoman. "Are you sure about going through with this?" Swordswoman asked, Athenamon nodded as they parried each others weapons.

"Yes, I might not always be here thanks to my duties with the royal knigths so finding an heir to my throne is a good idea." thier training was interupted by a large explosion of energy. "What was that!?" Another warrior entered the chamber, this one was a human. "What is it Sely?" Athenamon asked.

"My queen there's trouble, an intruder is outside the village engaging Mermaimon and the two legendary warriors who signed up to compete." Athenamon narrowed her eyes as did Swordswoman.

"Let us go then, are thier friends here too?" Sely nodded.

"Yes, they came with two boys who are also legendary warriors." Athenamon nodded.

"Go to them and tell them to meet with us." she said, Sely nodded and headed off.

"I have a bad feeling about this." Swordswoman noted as they headed out.


"Told you i'm not a push over, I once took a shot from an AncientGreymon and stood tall." Zanbamon said as he stood over the downed warrior ladies, thier bodies showed heavy brusies from his attacks. "You three will be quite fetching for my master, though i'm sure Pukumon will want you warrior of water." he said picking them up, only for a large fireball to impact the ground near him.

"Get away from them now!" Agunimon declared before another digimon, this one looking like a goblin appeared with a hammer.

"You must be kidding me Grottomon or Grumblemon or whatever you call yourself!" Zanbamon said grabbing the hammer and pulling the digimon in before smacking him in the face hard knocking him back and out cold. "You fools think you can take me!?" he asked snapping his fingers, a black portal opened, from it came three digimon, a four legged digimon with machine gun arms called Armormon, a second one which was a digimon with multiple hands and three faces on his head named Asuramon, the third and final one to appear was a large evil looking teddy bear named WaruMonzemon. "Take the girls away, seems some REAL competition has showed up!" the digimon attempted to only for Agunimon to get in there way.

"I don't think so!" he demanded only to be smacked in the back of the head and knocked out by yet another digimon, this one a giant cube like machine digimon named Bulbmon, as he and the other digimon took the girls away through the portal Athenamon and Swordswoman arrived.

"What is going on here, what have you done!?" Zanbamon smirked.

"Do you want to know what I did to those girls, I'm suprised they took my attacks so well all things considered, I could've raped them for all you care too but i'm above that, besides my boss wants them." Athenamon pulled out her sword, Zanbamon chuckled and moved back. "I don't think so, i'm not stupid, we fight we do so on my terms not yours!"

"Where are you taking the girls!?" Swordswoman demanded.

"To our leader, for some reason he seeks a bride, wanting to find one before some guy named Greil gets his hands on a "holy angel" and something about syphoning thier powers, he's an odd one, but fun to work for especially since he lets us invoke carnage whenever we feel like it." Athenamon looked ready to attack, but he mearly smirked. "That's not wise, you attack me now and your comrades get taken out." he said. "Now i'm not an unfair guy, this portal will remain open for one hour, prepare yourself and as many guests as you can find." Swordswoman wasn't convinced.

"A trap obviously." Zanbamon chuckled darkly.

"Actually, my master would likely be entranced by your beauty, so that's why i'm doing this." he said before leaving as Athenamon couldn't help but roll her eyes as he vanished from sight.

"Apparently his master doesn't realize i'm already married, still I will not let this stand." she said as she watched Agunimon and Grottomon get up. "Swordswoman, go back to the village and get Henbu and Sara when they arrive, those two along with these two will accompany us." she said, not knowing that watching from a distance, MarineDevimon and SkullSatamon were watching, well MarineDevimon was, SkullSatamon was too busy eating a cheeseburger.

"My beauty has been taken, we have to do something about this!" SkullSatamon shrugged.

"Let those stupid heros handle it then..ACK!" MarineDevimon grabbed him by the back of his neck causing him to choke on his burger.

"Hell no, this might be my chance to finally win her over!" he said, running so fast on adrenaline that he ducked into the portal so fast that Athenamon and the others barely saw them.

"Who the heck was that!?" She wondered.

"I thought I saw a cheeseburger, but I guess I must have imagined it." Agunimon said sweatdropping. Athenamon sighed.

If that's who I think it was, there has to be a way to fix Jaarin's beast spirit...poor girl. she thought as Grottomon clenched his hand.

"Hang on you two we're coming." he said determined.


Digital World/Canyon Dominion/XLR-08

Why can't I master this armor!? Titaniamon wondered as she dropped to her knees panting hard, she had summoned the armor twice already attempting to train with it and was attempting to go for a third try thinking of how she needed to protect Ken and the possibility of facing her queen in the upcoming tournament.. "I've got to master it, for my sake, for Ken, and for my queen!" a slow clap was heard causing her to get on her gaurd. "Who's there!?" she demanded, a small digimon round in shape with spikes covering his top cmae into veiw. "A Pukumon?"

"Yeah that's right, got a problem with that amazon? Suprised to see your type in this world, i'm bound to get a bonus if I drag you to my master." he said snapping his fingers, four portals opened around her, and from them stepped a large horse digimon with a large conch shell on his back, from two more came large dragon like tank digimon, and from the last came a SkullMeramon. "Get her!" to his suprise she sliced off one of the Tankdramon's heads instantly. "Holy shit!?"


Zion Village/XLR-08

"You understand now why I haven't contacted you two?" Mikato and Shizuka had looks of shock, disbelief, and suprise from his story.

"You gotta be kidding me, so you went evil again? Maybe we ought use that technique scroll we found." Ken sweatdropped.

"Scusme?" he asked Mikato, Shizuka took out a black scroll.

"In this is a technique that would allow us to seal someone for a period of time allow us to defeat them, however in drastic cases it would require a fulcrum, but we don't know if it's full proof or not and..." Ken shook his head.

"That has got to be the stupidest thing i've ever heard, you two better not even think about using it, cause I will punish you both hard if you do and..." he was cut off as a shock ran through his brain.

"Ken you ok!?" They asked as Ken kicked up immediantly.

"Titaniamon is in danger." he held up his digi-vice. "MetalGreymon come out, the rest of you get in here!" MetalGreymon was realised as the rest of his digimon were drawn inside.

"We're coming with you." Shizuka said picking up thier digimon, Ken sighed.

"Do what you want..." he muttered before thinking. I shouldn't have let her go off alone, what was I thinking...oh wait I wasn't thinking cause of these two demanding to know all the hell i've been through. as MetalGreymon flew through the air, Ken's eyes wondered over to the rings on his wrists, but he resisted the temptation to take them off at least for the time being.

"Dang she was tough, even after all that she killed all but you Indramon." Pukumon said as Titaniamon was now unconcious and tired, having used the armor too many times had made her pass out despite this she had defeated three of the four ultimates summoned, except Indramon only due to his Horn of Desolation protecting him. "Let's go." however as a black portal formed for them, MetalGreymon was right over them, and without hesitation, Ken jumped off.

(Insert song-Motorhead-Line in the Sand)

"LET HER GO!" he demanded as he came flying down towards them.

"Oh please what can a human..." Pukumon stopped talking when Indramon found himself on his back, a fist impact on his face so deep his head was almost torn off. "HOLY SHIT! DID I JUST SEE THAT!?" Ken turned to him, however as he attempted to run at him, Indramon lifted up his leg and tripped him, allowing Pukumon enough time to escape and the portal to close, but he was scared stiff. Ken got back up and turned to Indramon who got up slowly.

"Deva, you just signed your name in the Death Note!" he said growling before holding up his digivice and becoming Tsukuyomimon without issuing the command option. "Hope your ready to die motherfucker." Indramon however posistioned his weapon in front of him.

"I do not fear you human, even though I will admit your fist hurts..." he muttered holding his right cheek.

"Double Tempest Slash!" spinning like a tornado with buzzsaws forming on his hands, he shreaded the horn to peices putting fear into the horse, Tsukuyomimon looked annoyed. "Funny you just said you weren't scared, judging by the look on your face that's changed, just don't wet yourself." he said, Indramon turned to run...no such luck as he reformed his cannon. "Plasma Shock!"

"AGH!" Indramon went flying into the ground hard, the voltage running through his body eventually stopped as drills formed on the back of Tsukuyomimon's hands.

"Now your going to tell me where your friend is, because the one thing you do not do, is take one of my remaining family members away from me." the drills started spinning.

"I'd rather die than tell you." Indramon declared defiantly, a grin formed on Tsukuyomimon's face.

"That's the idea dick. You don't have to say a word, but your data will." and with that, he shoved the drills straight into Indramon's head, data started flying everywhere as Indramon screamed bloody murder.

"You can take away the evil, but not his sadistic nature." Mikato muttered as she and her sister had to resist puking at the sight.

"Judgement Execution." Tsukuyomimon said as the last bits of data flew about, his digi-vice started beeping with a new code. "Let's see here. DWDD3-07 got it." he said reverting and turning to the others as MetalGreymon landed. "Go back to the real world for now, i'll call you when I get back this time." he said to them, they sighed.

(Song ends)

"There's no reasoning with you is there." Mikato sighed again.

"Perhaps it's for the best." Shizuka muttered. "I mean do we really want to see what he'll do to those who took Titaniamon away." Mikato only had one image before nodding.

"Your right let's not, but you better keep your word this time Ken." she said, Ken nodded.

"I will, alright." Imputting the data into his digivice a black portal opened. "Ok scumbags, it's murdering time!" he said leaping through it.

"He's going to slaughter all of them." Shizuka said.

"I don't think it would be Ken otherwise, piss him off, your dead." Mikato nodded in agreement before the two headed back to the real world.


Amazon Village Outskirts/YYDM-01

"Are you all ready to go? I'm really sorry to drag you into this Sara, especially before your fight with Mika." Athenamon said, Sara waved it off.

"It's ok, Henry's sister and Izumi need us, as does Mermaimon, besides i'd like to think of this as helpful training because Mika can be brutal." she replied.

"I hate the fact we had to postpone the tournament, especially since now the rest of the groups are showing up, but we have no choice, I refuse to let my amazon sister suffer at the hands of this unknown entity, nor Jaarin or Izumi." Athenamon replied, everyone else nodded in agreement, along with her, Swordswoman, Takuya, Sam, Henry, Terriermon and Sara had prepared to go, before they could enter the portal a stomping was heard and soon came Kentarousmon.

"What are you doing here Kentaurosmon?" Swordswoman asked. "Weren't you and the rest of the knights sans Gallantmon taking care of some business elsewere." the giant digimon nodded in response.

"It's being taken care of as we speak, but Omegamon sensed a disturbance and sent me back first to see what was going on, and I shall aide you." Athenamon nodded with a soft smile.

"Well with the tournament postponed, he might just make it back in time to see it." she replied.

"Alright then, let's do this!" Terriermon replied, hyper as usual.

"Let's go." Swordswoman declared, with that the group lept into the portal heading to the same place Ken was, it closed shortly after.


Uknown Location/?

As Greil and Jishikitori X healed themselves, the latter now having a false arm due to her real one having been burned off by Tsukuyomimon DM, Greil felt a small surge that made him sigh. "For the love of, don't tell me that dumbass of all people is starting trouble now?" Jishikitori X was confused. "It's an old acquaintance of mine, he's a dick." he said handing her a green spell card. "When you test your digivice this time, use this when you summon your new pet, this way you can get revenge on Ken for taking your arm, and unlike the temporal power of the core you used before, should be able to get that dragon of yours to become digital like his Utopia monster." Jishikitori X looked at the card, and chuckled.

"This should be fun then." Greil nodded.

"Caster would've had a heart attack if she saw that dragon of yours in full, so perhaps it's good you only showed it to me first." he sighed deeply. "Still I wanted to help her obtain her goal, even if it was a little akward, I mean I think that particular "King Arthur" is pretty, but still her behavior was erractic.

"Indeed it was, shame she died, where am I headed too?" Jishikitori X hopping to change the subject.

"DWDD3-07, you'll understand more when you get there, and be careful of my old "friend" he's not sane." Jishikitori X was confused.

"Why aren't you telling me his name?" Greil shrugged as Paradisomon nearby seemed to be feeling better too.

"Don't like the guy to say it, but you'll recognize him cause he's half red, half blue and has a sword one hand a lazer cannon on the other." Jishikitori X nodded and left.

"I hope the twins return soon, we've got some planning to do to take out all who appose me." Greil said as he walked into the darkness.


Ken, and the group from YYDM-01 find themselves in a new albeit destroyed world, confronting the digimon army of the one who took thier friends and family away, chaos will ensue, more next time.


As you can see this is going to set up two arcs, one for this story which i'm getting into, and another for the triple S story which will be a collab between me and Kanius (since it was his idea originally, I wanted to help out.)

Mikato's right, if you think just cause Tsukuyomimon DM is gone doesn't mean Ken's gonna stop having rampages, your wrong, now they won't be like before where he had no control, but still piss him off and your dead.

You understand more about why the certain group from the YYDM-01 was picked in particular for this mission, though i'm sure if you've been reading Kanius work, you probably already know why most of them have gone on this mission.

Also, Mikato and Shizuka will be back more often after this arc in the main story, decided to give them a breather for a while while Ken gets no breaks at all.

Until next time readers, peace out.