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Chapter 20: Second Bio Wave, The Legend's Second Ressurection?

Digital World/Swamp Dominion outskirts/XLR-08

"Man this place looks wacky." Maki noted as the group had convereged on the outskirts of the Swamp Dominion for the second time, this time however thier goal was different, as Ken looked over a white envelop in his hand, remembering back to when he had received it.


Flashback/Canyon Dominion/One week ago Digtal World time.

I still can't believe all the crazy stuff you three have been through. Kasumi said holding Lunamon in her arms, Mikato and Shizuka rubbed thier heads as did thier partners, Maki and Coronamon stimple stood by watching as Ken was fishing again off the canyon's wall into a river, once again using his makeshift fishing pole which had a straight hook on it.

We didn't have a choice ya know, first time we got captured by that prick Paradixalmon, and the second time it was GranDracmon, Maki can probably tell you more about that one since he was with us on that outing. Mikato said, Maki sighed at this.

Don't remind me, I mean i'm glad we got Coronamon away from those badguys but still, until we got him back I sure didn't feel like I was contributing very much, regardless of what those senshi said when we were on that weird ice field with that demented frog digimon. He retorted

Couldn't have been worse than trudging through that jungle place dealing with the bloody digimon version of the insect queen, I still get nightmares about her eating her children. Bearmon said, Liollmon sighed.

I wish you hadn't brought it up, it still makes me want to puke. Ken sighed at thier behavior.

You guys had it easy, the hell field was the worst of all of them, tough digimon and a tough leader, hell if Tai had lost himself we would've been stuck in there. Maki rose an eyebrow at this.

Doesn't sound like you had it tough, except when that one senshi "the female brock sampson" as you called her, tried to cut you open. Ken shrugged.

It was an accident, she didn't mean it, besides I think she's been punished enough since then. this statement confused the group.


Random Streetcorner/Shibuya/YYDM-01

"ACHOO!" Tyra sneezed hard for the second time.

"Watch were you point that snot cannon ok!? You almost hit me!" Helena said sighing. Tyra rubbed her head.

"My bad!" she said, as behind her Christina giggled.

"Someone's probably talking about you for you to sneeze that randomly." Tyra sweatdropped at this, but then Christina suddenly sneezed causing her to laugh. "I guess I ain't the only one then."


Flashback/Canyon Dominion/One week ago Digtal World time.

It isn't like that! Ken demanded almost dropping his fishing pole, look Christina is an intresting person but... he was cut off by Mikato.

Oh please, you say your still after our world's Helena, but you don't get nearly as flustered when talking about her as you do Christina. Ken sighed as his face started to turn red.

How do you two know about that? You haven't met her anytime past the incident with GranDracmon! Shizuka rubbed her head.

We heard her mentioning Christina's name when you and Tai went off to train when we were watching the seal that had Celesta X and Yagami in it, we asked her about it and she told us, but said not to bring it up... she said looking at her sister, Ken sighed at Mikato's behavior.

Whatever, I can't fucking hear you! he yelled back as something suddenly tugged on his line, forcing him to pull it up. Maki was impressed.

If you caught a fish with a straight hook, then that is impressive, Ken sighed.

Don't make me through you into the river, this is a form of meditation not meant to catch stuff, if something were to tug on the line then that would mean... he stopped as he pulled up a letter taped to the needle. Lovely more trouble! he said as he opened the note and looked it over.

Who's it from and what it say?" Shizuka asked, Ken sighed.

Apparently from some Myotismon claiming to be the guy responsible for sending those weird bio-strikers after me a while back, says he wants me to visit him and check out his latest research or he'll send someone to "escort" my ass there...

The flashback ended.


Digital World/Swamp Dominion/Myotismon's Mansion/XLR-08

"So here we are, reunited, about to enter dracula's castle!" Maki said sarcastically as Ken grabbed his hoodie and pulled it over his head as they stood at the entrance to a very stylish mansion that clearly did not fit well in the confines of a swamp. "Lead by our templar leader..." Ken let loose an extendable knife from under his wrist stopping at Maki's throat.

"I've been through enough shit the past few months, please don't encourage me to "mistake" friend from foe, because I just might at this point." he said, but sure enough before he could open the door the girls started speaking.

"Well those tests your father ran with his new equipment after the ordeal with that weird Terumi bastard couldn't have helped eh Kasumi?" Mikato said, Kasumi sighed.

"That is true, what's scary is that Ken's body seems to be undergoing some changes, such as becoming digital and..." Ken turned and growled.

"Are we going to stand here talking about me being used for lab experiments against my will, since you know I was unconcious and wasn't asked permission first beforehand, or are we going to go inside to see if the owner of this lovely place intends to try and do the same!?" everyone stopped. "No please finish, let me know if there's anything else the class would like to add before we enter!?"

"Well we're holding to some snack's Kasumi brought." Mikato and Shizuka said as they produced two bags, one had some cookies in it, the other had small sphere objects that Ken recognized.

"Cake balls? Wow I've only heard of those, never tried one." he said before turning. "Remember if the host offers us anything do not eat or drink it." with that he calmly kicked the door open shocking them all. "Alright, it's murdering time!" he yelled grabbing his pistols and running inside, not even a minunte passed before several Bakemon came running out screaming.

"Who's the true badguy, I ask thee." Maki said under his breath as he and the others ran inside.


Myotismon's Mansion/Basement/XLR-08

Myotismon sweatdropped as his mansion's camera system became disabled one by one as Ken moved down the hallways. "Geez, he's more of a ninja than those twins." a chuckle from behind him got his attention. "What now Azuma, or should I call you by your real name, Azumamon?"

"SkullGreymon XP and Kimeramon XP are getting restless, why not let them go out and have some "fun?" Myotismon sighed.

"I guess could let them test themselves on his friends, but he himself is another problem." Azumamon grinned.

"I'll deal with him." he said, Myotismon shook his head.

"I don't think you can, at least not on your own, once he wakes up maybe your chances will be better." Azuma chuckled.

"Him" as in the comming clone of the legendary ascendant who's blood you took, you think it'll work." Myotismon shrugged.

"I've used the last of my resources, and if I can take him down before Greil can get to him..." Azuma shrugged.

"Whatever i'm heading out." he said, leaving Myotismon to his thoughts.

If I can eliminate him before Greil gets him, Greil won't have any choice but to accept me back at his side.


Greil's Lair/?

This guy is an idiot, he won't succeed. Greil thought watching the procedings through a veiwing portal before turning his attention to another one, were he watched two women entering a building. Time to get me a new helper... he then vanished into the air.


Myotismon's Mansion/Lobby/XLR-08

"So what now, there's no way we know where Ken is." Kasumi muttered, Mikato was about to say something, but the floor before them suddenly opened up revealing two large canisters that rose to the ceiling.

"Everyone get back!" Coronamon declared as the canisters opened to reveal two digimon, however while easily recognizable, something was wrong.

"SkullGreymon!?" Lunamon wondered, as it's body color was blood red, almost crimson.

"The other is Kimeramon but something's wrong..." Liollmon noted as the colors were off, severly off.

That is correct children, enjoy playing with my modified pets, thier strength and endurance puts most mega digimon to shame! Myotismon's voice rang over a loud speaker.

"I guess it's fighting time." Maki said holding up his D-Arc, Kasumi readied her crest and the twins did the same.

(Insert Song-Digimon Ost-Braveheart)

In an instant, Maki and Coronamon bio-merged into Apollomon, Lunamon warp evolved into Dianamon, and the twins formed BanchoLeomon. "I just hope the numbers is enough to give us an edge." the two opposing digimon heard them and laughed.

"If that's what you think, go ahead and try!" SkullGreymon XP shouted at them, the five digimon thus charged at each other creating a nasty explosion that leveled the room and blew the walls of the front of the mansion.

(Song ends)


Myotismon's Mansion/sub-levels/XLR-08

"They call me out for going overboard and yet they do it too." Ken said now in Dramon X form, he had also released CyberBeelzemon, and Titaniamon as well to join him, having clearly heard the explosion from upstairs. "Anyway we've gotta be getting closer to the basement and I am willing to bet that's where this freak's holding up.

"What makes you so sure?" CyberBeelzemon asked.

"Were else would a scientist keep thier lab in a place like this, besides the quicker we off him, the better, i'm kinda tired of dealing with scientists and necromancers." Before he could get very far however, several tree branches suddenly appeared barring thier way.

"The fuck's going on!?" CyberBeelzemon demanded, but it didn't take Dramon X long to guess what when he noticed one branch glowing. "Everyone get down!" The three did so as all the branches exploded around them, thankfully they managed to avoid the explosions as mocking clap was heard.

(Insert Song-Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time Ost-Ganon Theme)

"Well aren't you all fast?" a deep voice came from within the explosion caused smoke which disapated, revealing Azuma.

"Clearly not a digimon are we?" Dramon X asked sarcastically getting up, CyberBeelzemon already had his arm cannon ready to fire.

"Give me three seconds i'll ice his ass!" Azuma made a mocking gesture at this.

"Geez how cold!" however he was stunned when Titaniamon appeared behind him and almost took his head clean off, but he was quick to move. "A digimon amazon, must be my lucky day."

"Go on all of you, this one shall die by my hand!" Titaniamon demanded, Dramon X sighed and headed off, CyberBeelzemon however hung back for a second.

"Just be careful, something tells me this guy ain't gonna buckle easy." he said before taking off.

"Same to you and Ken!" she replied before lunging at Azuma again who formed some branches to block her path, however she cut through them quickly. Azuma was impressed but also nervous.

I can't fight someone like this in an enclosed space, she's so fast, i've gotta figure out a way to get this outside. as soon as he saw her armor change, he picked his spot and summoning all his strength, he formed several branches underneath the two, which twisted and formed around them, propelling both up wards through the mansion and into the sky before reopening. "Now this is better!" he said as Titaniamon now had on her Ultima Armor.

"Maybe, but let's see if your still confident by the time this fight is over!" she declared at him, the two starring each other down.

(Song ends)


Myotismon's Mansion/Basement/XLR-08

"What in the hell are they doing!? I created them to fight people, not destroy my precious house!" Myotismon complained from his basement lab as he watched the carnage unfold on the few camera's Ken did not get his hands on, his headache was only going to get worse when the door blew open and Dramon X and CyberBeelzemon stepped inside. "Great now you fools!" he declared, he attempted to grab something off a desk, but CyberBeelzemon grabbed his side arm shotgun and blasted his arm off with pinpoint accuracy, the object stopped and rolled to Dramon X's feet, picking the item up he was surprised as it was a small drill like key attached to a necklace chain.

"Ok doc, where the fuck did you get this!?" he asked, but Myotismon mearly backed into another large tank with a smaller one next to it, upon which Dramon X made eye contact, he almost dropped the item in shock.

(Insert Song-Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles-Wesker's Theme)

"What in the fuck..." CyberBeelzemon was just as confused as Myotismon using his remaining arm smashed the containers open revealing thier contents as the chemical's inside flushed out to reveal a familiar human in the first one, and a digimon in the other, Dramon X immediantly slammed his hands together.

"FUCK YOU DUDE! RYUKEN WAVE!" he fired off his attack, however Myotismon who seemed to have lost all sense of himself lept in front of the beam managing to take enough of the blast that althrough it destroyed him and hit it's targets, they were still standing...and began growling as they slowly fused together into a rather pissed off familiar warrior. "Maximum Fuckage..." Dramon X muttered as to CyberBeelzemon's surprise, he saw him stepping back.

"Dude, you ok, you don't normally back away from a foe?" Dramon X growled.

"I reinterate my earlier comment about necromancers and scientists...making stupid fucking clones" he said as he drew out two lazer swords. "Come get some, NOVA X!" CyberBeelzemon was shocked at this as he had not participated in the battle himself, but seeing Dramon X's face, he too prepared for battle as the giant rushed at them.

(Song ends)


Swamp Dominion/XLR-08

Outside the mansion all fighting had stopped due to the shift in energies. "What the fuck is going on!?" Kimeramon XP demanded. "Who's energy is that!?" Azuma was the only one to catch on immediantly.

"Oh shit, that clone's been let loose!" Titaniamon wondered what he meant, thanks to her armor she had not sustained much damage were as Azuma was covered in a few bruises.

"Clone?" she demanded as suddenly an explosion ripped up from below them knocking the large tree Azuma made over.

(Insert Song- Pokemon Black2/White 2 ost- Ghetsis Battle)

Dramon X and CyberBeelzemon both had to catch themselves in the air as "Nova X" came flying up after them laughing like a maniac, his appearance spooked Titaniamon, Azuma, the Ninja twins and BanchoLeomon as he clothslined both of them hard however, they caught themselves again before each firing off an attack.

"RYUKEN WAVE!" Dramon X called firing off another blast.

"ATOMIC DESTROYER!" the turbines on his shoulders span around collecting energy that was sent to his Death Cannon, which he fired, the beams combined and slammed hard into thier target, surprisingly blowing off his arm, however Dramon X was quick to notice that when this happened his arm seemed to be made of some strange material akin to putty as it quickly reformed the psyco's arm.

"What the fuck are we dealing with here?" CyberBeelzemon said in shock, however the clone quickly formed a familiar attack.

"Who is that guy!?" Apollomon demanded, however when he saw him form a large green energy sphere, he took it back. "Maybe I don't want to know!"

"Galactic CANNON!" he called throwing the sphere with one arm, right towards Dramon X and CyberBeelzemon who both barely dodged it, and watched as it flew past them, out of the Swamp Dominion, and a large distance away before finally exploding, but the blast radius came all the way back to them sending them flying towards the monster once more who grabbed them both and quickly slammed them both into the ground hard on a solid part of ground surrounded by the marshland, before stomping on thier bodies repeatedly, no intention of stopping Kasumi had to turn her head as she couldn't stand the sight.

Why do I have to deal with these psyco's from other worlds...did he...get his blood before his was awoken by Greil? Dramon X muttered in thought before finally having enough of being stomped on, his Xros Loader went off, the light blinding Nova X long enough for him to get up along with CyberBeelzemon, and along with OmegaShoutmon and ZekeGreymon who came out of the device the four tackled him into SkullGreymon XP and Kimeramon XP, allowing his friends to get away from them.

"You mind telling us who that is!?" Apollmon once again demanded as Dramon X struggled to catch his breath.

"You remember...how those guys we faught with before...are from a Dragonball Z influenced world." Apollomon nodded.

"He's a clone...of thier...Brolly." upon hearing this Apollomon rose back up in fear.

"He's like Brolly, or in this case...Bio-Brolly? Holy shit what are we dealing with!?" he demanded, Dramon X growled as he regained his composure and looked at OmegaShoutmon who nodded, immediantly fusing together Dramon X was now in his Miracle Mode form. "Seems you've made some improvements too eh Gundam."

"Tempting as it is to hit you, i'd probably kill you by accident and i'm gonna need you for this! ALL OF YOU!" the twins nodded and BanchoLeomon gained his burst mode, Nova X finally stood up and quickly crushed SkullGreymon XP and Chimeramon XP under his feet destroying and absorbing thier bodies onto his own, causing him to gain thier heads in place of his arms, SkullGreymon's on the left, Chimeramon's on the right.

"Ok that was just sick." Dianamon declared, trying to resist the urge to puke.

"Sick or not, we gotta take him down..." Nova X stomped towards them, however the moment it stepped into the marshy terrain around the mansion, a hissing noise was hurt, following by him growling and forced to jump into the air, getting a good look at his feet, Mikato and Shizuka saw his feet were in the process of melting off.

"Hey check out his feet!" Shizuka noted, Dramon XMM then remembered something.

"Maki, your freaking brilliant, he's just like Bio-Brolly was! He can't stand water!" he looked around. "However this isn't the best place for us to fight him, it's a good start but we'll need more to finish him." he looked up at where Titaniamon was clashing with Azuma, who had gotten back in the game by managing to damage her armor with his explosive branches. "We're gonna lead him to a place with water, finish your fight then follow us got it!" Titaniamon nodded.

"Loud and clear!" she said as she forced Azuma back.

"Don't get too arrogent, I see you weakness now, it's that armor you wear, and once I break it off, i'll take you down easy!" Titaniamon glared at him hard.

"Alright boys and girls, let's finish this! Come on you clone bastard, it's time for you to die!" Dramon XMM delcared as the group starred him down in the air.

(song ends)


Street Corner/YYDM-01/Present Day

I need to get out more often, it shouldn't be hard to locate one stupid building! Greil thought as he looked at himself in a nearby shop's glass reflection, he had taken on a disguise of a suave human business main, making sure to keep his looks normal so that girls wouldn't flock over him, though he did get a glance every once in a while which irratated him, he also made sure to disguise his power just in case he could be sensed by the heros of this world. "There's only one girl I want." he thought about Kari before remembering why he came here. "Just where is this Cain Corp place anyway."


The fight with Bio-Yagami continues across the land, and Greil recruits a new ally to his cause while finding more ways to stir up trouble, more next time.


Yes these two chapters are loosely based on the Bio-Brolly story (in this case, Yagami since he's the equivilent) I have to admit i'm guilty of not having seen the movie too often which is why this rendation isn't on par with the original, but i'm doing the best I can.

Me doing this adaptation was part of a deal with Kanius for making Yagami's Second Coming crossover with Accel Stream, and I intend to keep my word.

Thanks to Ford for one of the music peices used in this update, another peice he picked will be in the next one.

Azuma for all you Fairy Tail fans have probably realized he is in fact an expy of the same character from that anime, and is based off the same principles, however i'm sure that Titaniamon will give him a run for his money more so than Erza did with the real one.

Anyone wanna guess what item it was that Ken picked up, if your a mecha anime fan you probably might recognize it lol.

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