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Chapter 21: The New Assassin, Bio Yagami's Final Hour.

Cain Corp/YYDM-01/Present Day

Inside a dark room of Caincorp, Cain looked over two silhouetted female figures in the darkness of a dome like room, they had just completed a virtual reality simulation test for the man as he was handed two slips of paper, after reading them over he smiled at one but then frowned at the other.

"I'm sorry Lady Jade, but Lady Psyren has you beat in nearly every area, do not misunderstand you are an expert in your field, but your not good enough for my goal." upon saying this the woman stepped forward a spotlight shown on her. She was a young attractive hispanic woman with long dark hair with silver-like streaks. She was also fitted in a dark green full bodysuit and similar colored high-heeled boots and had a long strand of hair hanging over the left side of her face.

"She has powers herself you know which didn't make the test fair to begin with, isn't that what your fighting against Mr. Cain, seems kinda hypocritical to use someone..." before she could continue, two men with suits appeared and carried her off. "HEY!"

"She just couldn't accept the fact that I was better." the lady identified as Lady Psyren said, stepping out of the shadows revealing a fair-skinned French woman with shoulder-length ginger hair. She was wearing a fitting black bodysuit and high-heeled boots, and a dark purple butterfly mask that covers the upper half of her face.

"Just focus on preparing yourself for the task's ahead." Cain said shaking his head, with that he left the room leaving her to her thoughts.

Sometime later Lady Jade stomped out of the building with nothing but a gym bag which contained her belongings, being a trained assassin she prefered to travel light, but inside her mind she was seething. It's not fair, the only reason he choose her is because she has special powers like those sailor senshi, he's a hypocrite if i've ever seen one...

"You'd be right about that, hypocrites everywhere these days." a voice called out as if having heard her thoughts, she turned and saw Greil standing near her. "I take it your job interview didn't go so well?" she looked at him confused.

"Who are you supposed to be?" Greil shrugged.

"Someone who could use your talents much better than the Lex Luthor clone in the building." he said, setting down the breifcase he had been carrying, he opened it up revealing several gold bars, this caught the attention of a few passing onlookers, but with a glare and a small hiss, everyone but Lady Jade who was mesmerized at what she saw. "I will pay you if you come work for me, but there are some conditions." Lady Jade's eyes lit up and she nodded to this. "Glad we have a deal, but first where's the nearest phone?"


Cain Corp/Main Office/YYDM-01

"She will do quite nicely for what I need and..." Cain was stopped from reading the report sheet on Lady Psyren when his phone rang. "Hello who is..." he was cut off.

"Hi hypocrite, once i'm done, the woman you denied due to lack of "talent" might be coming back to show you what true potential is like." what followed was a haunting laughter that made Cain slam down the phone to turn it off.

"Who the hell was that?!" he wondered confused.


Outside Cain Corp/YYDM-01

"Well that's taken care of." Greil muttered, but before he could do anything else, he felt three power surges coming from a nearby building.

"Is something wrong?" Lady Jade asked, Greil pointed at the building which seemed to have dragon pictures and cutouts around it's entrance.

"What's that building for?" he asked, Lady Jade shrugged.

"Something to do with that duel monsters card game I believe, it's in regards to an incident that happened in America a while back with some guy named Dartz, that's all I really know." Greil nodded at her explaination still intrigued by the powers he was sensing.

Still I sense some intresting powers from within that building, three of them, all dragons that seem powerful, yet I wonder why they aren't as strong as they used to be, perhaps I could make use of their abilities, but i'll worry about that later. he then motioned for Lady Jade to follow him into an alleyway where he opened a portal somewhat startling her. "It's all good, for I intend to use your talents wiser than that fool could ever hope too." his words were enough for her to trust him and they entered the portal together before it closed, neither realising that Karin Osaka and her boyfriend Dimitri had appeared at the entrance of the alleyway.

"There's nothing here Karin, you sure it wasn't just your imagination?" Dimitri asked his concerned girlfriend who was in a skeptical state.

"No there's definitely been some chrono tampering here, someone from the outside came here...but who was it? she wondered in thought.


Digital World Skies/XLR-08

(Song Insert- Rob Zombie-Superbeast)

"Galactic Cannon!"

"Rocking Shocker!" two large energy spheres, one shaped like a musical note slammed against each other in the skies lighting it up despite the fact that the sun was going down, everyone was thrown by the force of the impact and shockwaves of the two moves colliding.

"I wanna know how in the hell you managed to put this guy down before because now he seems even stronger!" Apollomon said using Maki's voice.

"We had help, and this isn't the real him, it's a clone!" Dramon XMM yelled back before the "clone" of Nova X rushed him again, trying to use it's new found "head" arms to bite and lash out. "We need to get someplace that has water so we can end this fre..." he stopped when he noticed CyberBeelzemon was gone. "Where did he go!?" Dianamon sighed while carrying Kasumi.

"He went back to check on Titaniamon, said he catch up." Dramon XMM just shook his head as the clone kept coming.

"The two of them better hurry the hell up, we need all the firepower we can get to stop this bitch!" he said as he pulled out his Heaven's sword and formed the blade by swinging it.


Swamp Domimion/XLR-08

Azuma found himself hard pressed to stop Titaniamon, even though he had managed to strip her of her armor, she wouldn't stop coming with her sword, chopping any explosive branches or defensive branches he threw in her way. Is this the power she gained from being with a human!?

"I can tell what your thinking, this is more than just from being with Ken, it's from being with all my digimon companions in his army!" she said as she finally ran him through with her sword causing data to flow from his body, however he quickly turned around to try and grab her only to be shot point blank in the head by a blast from CyberBeelzemon deleting him instantly.

"That was close, no telling what he would've done in that condition." he said, earning a glare from the amazon. "What's wrong with you, I just saved your ass? No thanks?" Titaniamon focused and was able to requip her armor.

"I could've handled him, there was no need for you to intervene..." before she could continue another explosion rocked the skies. "We will talk about this later, for now Ken needs us!" her armor changed to green symbolizing Jupiter's powers and she sped off leaving CyberBeelzemon to rub his head confused before following.

"Geez she's one tough cookie..." he muttered as he followed after her.


Digital World Skies/XLR-08

(Song change-Metalocalpyse-the Duel)

Energy blasts were being exchanged back and forth between Dramon XMM and Bio-Nova X every once in a while the others would attack as well, but other than BanchoLeomon BM, the other two weren't doing much other than pissing the monster off, however Ken did notice something, thier attacks were causing his body to mutate and decompose further due to the constant temperature changes, though Kasumi, Shizuka and Mikato were having to resist the urge to puke at what they were seeing.

"That's it! That's fucking it! Apollomon, Dianamon keep attacking him with fire and ice, it's causing his body to wear out." Apollomon however was confused.

"I thought we needed to get him to a body of water!" he said as a peice of Bio-Nova X's left leg fell off, but Dramon XMM quickly blasted it into nothingness.

"That's true, still we can weaken him as we go." Mikato however was concerned.

"What if he goes into his higher form?" she asked, Dramon XMM sweatdropped.

"I swear if he does your the first one to die for jinxing us!" to thier surprise the clone seemed to hear this and tried to transform, however all this did was cause his body to mutate and disorient itself further.

"Doesn't look like he can to me, this battle's in our favor if we can outlast him!" Dianamon said as she fired more ice arrows, Apollomon helped with his Solblaster, thier attacks were beginning to do damage, however this made the clone start to focus both his "hands" forward with two large spheres forming.

(Song Change-Motorhead-King of Kings)

"Fuck no you ain't!" Ken declared as his digivice lit up, the crest of heaven appearing on it. "Digisoul Heaven's Charge!" AlforceVeedramon, OmegaShoutmon and Sparrowmon all appeared as spheres of light that flew around Ken's body as he flew up into a vortex before exploding, when the explosion cleared, Dramon XDB was there in his place, Apollomon, Dianamon and Kasumi were stunned speechless at this.

"Holy crap man! When did you get that strong!?" Apollomon wondered.

"He's had that power since before our seige on that bastard GranDracmon if you can believe it." Mikato called out.

"Enough talking, more blitzkreiging! Ryuken Blasters!" Ken called out firing his gundaggers at Bio-Nova X stopping him from charing his move.

"Bursting Bancho Punch!" BanchoLeomon BM slammed an energy empowered fist into the monster's back hard.

"Solblaster!" Apollomon once again called forth a large solar ball of fire and sent it flying.

"Arrows of Artemis!" Dianamon called out, all of thier attack caused several explosions, but to thier shock Bio-Nova X wouldn't stay down.

"What do we have to do to kill this guy!" Apollomon called out angrily in fustration as two more attacks came in.

"Supreme Thunder!"

"Atomic Destroyer!" Titaniamon UM and CyberBeelzemon had arrived but thier attacks only made the clone more ugly than before.

(Song ends)

"Whatever kind of material they used to clone his ass I want some stock in that shit!" Dramon XDB said sarcastically before to the surpise of everyone, with what little of a mouth the creature had left, it looked at Ken and spoke one word.

"TAICHI!" the clone could no longer tell what was what, in it's disgruntled mind it saw Ken as Tai, and thus lunged at him, only for Dramon XDB to dodge, but when he did, he saw that nighttime had arrived and the full moon was out.

"What the hell." he muttered to himself as he detransformed back to normal splitting back to his human form, as well as AlforceVeedramon, OmegaShoutmon and Sparrowmon who he stood on. "Looks like i'm gonna have to bank on one final trick, but if it doesn't work we're s.o.l. SPIRIT ARMOR ENERGIZE!" with that he became Tsukuyomimon and quickly transformed into his Tenchu Form. "Hold him off while I charge up!" his right eye, silver within flashed like a trigger causing a small beam of moonlight to come down and hit his chest area causing him to charge up energy, Bio-Nova X didn't know what was going on, but he could still sense where Ken was, however he didn't get far.

"Shining V-Force!" AlforceVeedramon unleashed a V shaped lazer beam from his chest at the monster.

"OmegaInForce!" the silouette of Omegamon appeared over his body and the two were able to knock the clone back giving Ken enough time to fully charge his move.

(Song Insert- Dragonball Kai ost-Super Dragon Soul)

"TENCHU'S REQUIEM! TARGETED AND FIRING! FULL POWER!" unleashing the powerful blast from his two beam cannons, it immediantly collided with the clone who was blasted into the air by it, dragged along by the energy wave his body was torn apart peice by peice, molecule by molecule with bloods and liquids spewing from the decrepid body's flesh as it flew out into space where it was no more following one last roar of intensity. When the attack died down however Tsukuyomimon TM fell to the ground unconcious and powered back down.

(Song ends)


Soverigns Lair/DF-616

"I'm glad he was able to finish that, but he didn't need to go that far." X muttered as he, Tai, Pikkan and Keke had finished watching Ken's exploit of defeating the Yagami clone.

"Didn't you say that at full power not even an ascendant can withstand that move?" Pikkan asked.

"I don't know, a stage one ascendant for sure would be obliterated, but as for higher stages I'm not so sure, considering that the clone couldn't acess it's full power it's a miracle it worked."

"I was getting worried, for a second I was sure Tai was going to have to step in." Keke noted.

"Well we can't bail Ken out of everything, besides he just got his team back together and they all helped in taking that "thing" down, but what I don't understand is how someone got a blood sample from him." X sighed.

"We'll never know since the digimon responsible was killed, no doubt this is another set back for Greil since I do know the digimon worked under his command." he stopped when he noticed Tai was worried about something.

"You think we should go check on our Yagami since he should be facing judgement soon?" X waved it off.

"Don't worry thier getting well prepared to deal with him when the time comes, hopefully they will not need us." Keke nodded.

"I hope so too." she said, as she looked back at the veiwing portal one final time before it closed, showing Ken and his crew returning to the Canyon Dominion.


Canyon Dominion/Zion Village/XLR-08

"I had the fight won, you did not need to interfere!" Titaniamon yelled at CyberBeelzemon, Ken had recovered quicker than usual, but now wished he was still outcold as he watched his two digimon bicker.

"You don't know that, i've faught alot of tough guys back in my home world who I thought I had beat too, but they turned around with a last energy rush and either crippled me or knocked me out, that guy was clearly going to kamikaze himself, i've seen it before!" before Titaniamon could respond Ken spoke up.

"Enough you two, what's done is done." he said sighing as Mikato and Shizuka appeared. "You take the others home?" they shook thier heads as Maki and Kasumi reappeared with thier partners.

"I think we'd rather stay the night, you have alot more to tell us it seems, because that power you displayed earlier is clearly something not normal to digimon, at least not from what i've experienced." Maki said, Ken sighed to himself.

"This is going to be a long night..." he muttered as he began his tale.


Greil's Lair/?

"I see your back." Jishikitori X noted when Greil entered with Lady Jade. "That nerdy Myotismon you were in contact with is dead, as is the reminants of his work, he tried to sick a clone of that legendary ascendant on our target, but it failed. Greil sighed.

"I always warned him that too much knoweledge would be the end of him and I was right." he motioned for Lady Jade to follow him to a nearby desk, upon which was a red D-Arc digivice, as well as what she could tell was some kind of railroad spike.

"If you want to work for me, you'll have to go through the contract process, in this digi-vice which the digidestined of your world use is a digimon i've scouted for a new recruit, but in order for you to be able to bond and fuse with the digimon like the tamers of your world do, you have to touch this relic with your finger and offer abit of your blood to the digi-vice then the merger will be complete. Lady Jade looked at him concerned and confused.

"What do you mean, who said I wanted to be partnered with a digimon...though I guess I could see some perks out of it." the thought of showing up Lady Psyren flashed in her mind, and thus she touched the relic with her thumb, it pricked her finger causing a drop of her blood to fall onto the digi-vice causing it to come to life, when it did it floated into her arms and into her hands, on the screen a vision of a red dragon digimon appeared.

"Nice to meet you partner, names Examon." he said before suddenly there was a flash of light, when it died down Lady Jade found herself covered in the dragons armor for her body and head which covered her face, elbows and knees, but it felt like she was wearing sleak spandex undernearth, on her right arm was an extendable cannon and on her legs and arms were various knife cases with sharp knives, and on her back was the particle convertor that all evo-lites shared, but what shocked her more than anything was the pure rush she felt after the transformation.

"I christen thee, Assassin X!" Jishikitori X walked up, intrigued for once at what she had just witnessed wondering what the "spike" was.

"What is that thing?" she asked.

"It's called a Zero Relic, long ago the true owner of the zero factor touched several objects and inadvertainly infused his power into them, I was able to come across this spike, nail, whatever and as a result that is how and why we have particle convertors on our backs like Dramon X does, however he holds some of the Zero Factors true power which is why he doesn't need the relic...but at the same time, I suspect the true owner Pyronmon will reveal himself eventually and challenge Dramon X for that power. he then turned to Assassin X. "Once you get used to your powers, i'm going to be sending you on your first mission." she shrugged at this.

"I'm a quick learner, just tell me what you want me to do, after all I'd like to be payed for this." Greil nodded and held up a picture for her, on it was Athena, Karin's future daughter.

"I want you to kidnap this girl and bring her to a subspace pocket i'm going to be setting up between her world and another one." Upon seeing the picture Jishikitori X became angry.

"If it wasn't for that stupid rune prevention I would break in there and..." Greil waved her off.

"I know, but you have your own part to play in all this, you see i've found a new source of power that just might help your new dragon power up to it's next form, and I intend to use this girl as well as another as bait to draw in your prey." Jishikitori X sighed.

"As long as I get some bloodshed then i'll abide by your commands." Greil nodded.

"Then go grab your deck and meet me when I contact you, same for you Assassin X!" Assassin X nodded and after forming three seperate portals the three headed out.


Nexus of Time and Space

What the fuc...Greil wondered as upon entering the nexus of time and space he crashed into a stone tablet that depicted a rather nasty shark creature on it. "What the fuck was that." he stopped breifly and turned to watch a card form from the tablet and zoom ahead of him out of sight. "Ok...that was weird."


Shibuya Streets/YYDM-01

It was evening in this world, most people were getting off of thier evening jobs and heading for thier homes, one such man who was on his way home was a well known duelist of the world known as Mako Tsunami. "I'll be home in time for dinner, wonder what's cooking tonight." however fate had different plans, as a portal opened in the sky for a moment causing the black card with the shark on it to crash land near his feet. "What in the!?" when the smoke cleared he picked up the card and took a good look at it. "What kind of monster is this, no. 32 Shark Drake? Pretty cool looking water monster but..." he stopped when a sudden surge of pain ripped through his hand, the number of the card appeared on his hand like a tatoo, causing him to fall to the ground in pain, but this was only breifly as when he rose back up, his eyes glowed red and his teeth seemed to have become sharper, almost shark like as he started laughing evily, spooking those near him before he disappeared down an alleyway...


Zion Village/XLR-08

Having decided to turn in for the night after finishing all his details, Ken elected to remain up for a while longer, a glow of white light suddenly erupted from his backpack and checking it out it was coming from his deck box, taking out his deck he noticed that Utopia and Sky Pegasus were both glowing as if trying to warn him of something. What's going on?! another flash of light appeared before his eyes, all he saw was several glowing numbers, each attached to monster silouettes, but what freaked him out was that one of them, one with a number 32 lunged at him causing him to snap back to reality. "What the fuck...what was that supposed to mean...I don't like this, not one bit..." he said as he put his cards away and decided to go to sleep.


Greil's newest plan takes charge when two hostages are used to get Ken to have a rematch duel with Jishikitori X, however another person stands in his way prompting Rika to challenge him, who will win, more next time.


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