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Chapter 22: Subspace Showdown, Numbers and The Dead!

YYDM-01-3A/Queen Serenity's Palace

"So Athena is adjusting well to the past?" the older Karin Osaka asked to RJ, also known as Raisen Junior and the son of Yusuke Urameshi, as well as Chibi-usa in civillian garb who had returned to give a report about things going on in the past.

"She is, the others are adapting well also, how are things here?" RJ asked, Queen Serenity smiled.

"Alot better since the attack by that lightning warrior, we won't be caught unaware again." a dark chuckle cut her off.

(Song insert-Rob Zombie-Superbeast)

"Ah don't be too sure about that queen serenity!" from the ceiling Paradiso X quickly jumped down from a portal that opened instantly and kicked RJ aside and grabbed Chibi-Usa quickly. "Taking your daughter kay thanks bye!" Before he could teleport however RJ quickly recovered and jumped on his shoulders as they vanished.

"Who was that and what does he want my daughter for!?" Queen Serenity wonder, Karin gasped abit.

"I believe he is the Evo-lites leader, but what could be up too..." she wondered concerned by his actions, a feeling a dread flowing over her regarding Athena.

(song ends)


YYDM-01 Time Stream

"Get the hell off of me!" Paradiso X demanded expanding his aura enough to blow RJ off, however the shockwave also knocked Chibi-usa out.

"RJ...no..." Chibi-Usa said as she watched him yell back out while falling into the time stream, thankfully he was able to catch himself before falling into a time window, and was holding up a key in his right hand.

"Good thing we both had one of these now I can get back to the past without messing things up, but who the hell was that, his energy is off the charts!" he thought before breaking into a run down the time stream tunnel to the past.


Mental Plane

(Song Insert-Yugioh 5d's ost-Catharsis)

What now!? Kensuke Rainer muttered as he found himself in a familiar white void like setting, two stone tablets one depicting a dragon and the other a space ship of some kind with the number 101 on it floating before him.

One of the Dark Numbers has been freed, you must help us stop it! one of the tablets pathed to him, the image of the shark monster from his previous vision flashed before his eyes.

"What about the Tachyon Dragon?!"

It must be dealt with as well! the two tablets cracked into two cards that floated to his hands, both were XYZ monsters, but before he could read them properly a light blinded him.

(Song ends)


Canyon Dominion/Zion Village/XLR-08

Ken snapped awake as he saw his deck box glowing, but it wasn't just the two new cards he had obtained which were in there, Utopia and Sky Pegasus were also glowing. "What are you trying to tell me!?" he demanded his voice awakening Veemon, thankfully everyone else was inside the village sleeping while he was still on the outer plateau.

"What's up Ken." another vision flashed before Ken's eyes showing Athena being kidnapped by someone he couldn't identify, when it finished he growed as he took out a peice of paper from his backpack and a pen, he quickly wrote a message on it.

"We're going on a field trip, let's go buddy." he said setting the note down and placing a rock over it so it wouldn't be blown away by the canyon wind, he then pulled on his hood and started singing to himself while opening a portal with his digi-vice. "Murderhood goes on, inception bawh..." Veemon started sweatdropping.

Someone's going to be raped if he's singing that...as Ken motioned for Veemon to follow him, still singing looking up at a flock of Biyomon flying early over the canyon. "Nod at the bird and people and people die, nod at the bird and people die." with that they entered the portal.


Greil's Lair/?

"Ok I got her, not that I see a point to this!?" he demanded handing her over to Jishikitori X who grinned.

"It's simple, my sister won't let any harm come to her, but she won't be able to get to where we are which is brilliant because I can kill her making my sister suffer by killing her, while also killing the daughter of Sedna who keeps getting in my way to make her suffer as well, then kill that boy after we duel so that I can take them at thier weakest." Greil shrugged.

"You think it'll be that simple, I still gotta get you those cards for your deck, and Assassin X has to fufill her end of the deal, which isn't going to be easy, head to the subspace and prepare i'll bring the cards and that girl when I can." Jishikitori X nodded and teleported out holding Chibi-usa.


Shibuya Park/YYDM-01

"What a nice day, good thing we came to the park when the weather was good eh?" Dimitri said as Karin walked alongside each while thier daughter from the future Athena and PinkPatamon walked ahead abit, Faith had opted to remain home and sleep after eating too much.

"I'm still having a hard time believing this is true, but i'm happy just the same." Karin said. The revelation of their future daughter was surprising, but they had accepted it greatfully. "I do have to wonder if Ken knew though, considering he had gone to the future.

If he did i'm sure he had his reasons for not telling you, you shouldn't be so hard on him. Knut pathed to her, she nodded to this as Athena saw some ducks in the lake.

"Hey come look at this mama and papa!" she said excitedly, causing them to rush over unaware they were being watched from afar by Lady Jade who assessed the situation.

"How am I going to pull this one off, I could take the sailor, but according to Greil the other one has strength similar to people from Dragonball Z which could present a problem..." she reached into her gym bag, and produced some small black spheres. "These have never let me down before when it came to knocking people unconcious, but that sayian wannabe...I can't rush this."

A few blocks from the park at the orichalcos exhibit, Yui and Himura followed Yugi Muto inside with thier digimon. "Man this is gonna be something, hard to believe all this went down after the Pharohmon tournament." Himura noted looking at some pictures at the walls.

"I remember seeing those warriors on the news, guess we we're lucky none of them popped up here during that time." Yui noted seeing an Orichalcos solider picture, Yugi noted.

"I'm just glad we didn't have to get you guys involved..." he said solmenly remembering that he had lost his soul in the battles with Dartz, soon the five approached the alter where the three dragon cards Timeaus, Critias and Hermos rested alongside before statues of them. "I'm glad Pegasus and Lyn came up with this idea though, we can honor the dragons and they won't have to fight anymore with any orichalcos related threats gone." a giggle caught his attention.

"It's a shame Kaiba was reluctantly to let Critias go too, thanks for coming to check things out Yugi, we wanted your opinion since you dealt with all this first hand before we start having this exhibit tour the world." Pegasus also entered.

"Indeed, ah I see you brought some of your friends Yugi-boy." Yugi nodded. "I saw both of you in that dreadful digimon's dueling tournament, Pharohmon I think it was." even though Pharohmon had been redeemed, Inumon and BlackGabumon both growed lightly remembering the event.

"Something like that." Himura said, trying to forget the events as well, Yui walked up to Pegasus and showed her a card.

"If it wasn't for my Gaurdian Eatos, I would still be consumed by darkness." Pegasus smiled abit.

"I see you treasure your cards, that's grand, I like duelists who cherish thier cards." before any further discussion could continue, Greil entered once again dressed in his business attire and holding a breifcase. "Who are you this exhibit is offlimits to the public."

"Yet you allow these kids and thier digimon to enter? I've come here to make an offer on those dragon cards, they don't need to be locked up in some exhibit...not when they still have some power left to use." this statement put the digimon on alert when his aura flared abit. "I want to do this peacefully, hand over the cards and no one gets hurt, i'll even compensate yo..." he was cut off by the sounds of explosions in the distance. "Oh for fu..." realising what happened he quickly snatched Timeaus before Inumon and DarkGabumon attacked him, thier attacks missed him and almost clipped Yui causing her to fall back and drop her Gaurdian Eatos card, seeing it Greil grinned. "Well she needed that one too I think." he grabbed it and teleported away, roars were suddenly heard as the two remaining dragon cards began glowing, obviously angry thier comrade had been taken.

"We've gotta stop him, he stole my Gaurdian Eatos!" Yui demanded, as the group headed outside they bumped into Rika, both literally and figuratively.

"Where's the fire guys!?" she demanded getting up. "Geez i'd expect gogglehead to be that way but not you guys!" Inumon pointed off towards the park.

"Anyone else see that, you think there's a fire in the park!?" Renamon shook her head.

"If thier was firetrucks would be on thier way there, but none have driven by." Himura noticed Rika had her duel disk.

"You planning to duel someone?" she shrugged.

"Seriyu's been acting weird, ever since last night she's been sensing a dark "water" based presence but she can't detect where it is exactly, but for right now let's go to the park and see what's going on there I can feel a weird power heading that way." Lyn came out from inside.

"I'm gonna give Kaiba a call, you all go on ahead." the group nodded and headed off.

At the park, Lady Jade had quickly gone into her ascendant form to knock Dimitri out after dropping her gas spheres all over the place causing most everyone else to escape the park, Karin was trying her best to stay awake as Athena and PinkPatamon had fallen under it's effects and were laying on the ground. "Come out...where...are..." Karin finally fell to the ground softly as Greil arrived.

"You realise that there going to unleash ten levels of hell on you right? he said picking up Athena and PinkPatamon before forming a portal. "You better be ready for war or you will die." he said leaping into the portal which closed as the smoke cleared from around the park and Assassin X rose into the air, aiming her gun at Dimitri.

"Not gonna be a problem once I take out the big gun." she said charging up energy.

(Insert Song-Saliva-Badass)

BANG! RJ had appeared and hit her in the jaw hard causing her to fall back. "I actually felt that, what the hell!?" she demanded as she saw another digimon approach them, it was Faith Dimitri's partner, who landed by his side and eventually woke his partner up.

"Huh Faith, guess you were done sleeping huh...hey wait where is..." he saw Karin down and quickly went to her side. "Karin wake up!" shaking her gently she finally did, however she quickly grew concerned.

"Where is Athena!?" she looked up at Assassin X and glared. "Where did you take our daughter!?" she demanded pulling out her henshin rod.

"I'll admit I put her to sleep, but i'm not the one who took her, either way i've been looking forward to seeing just what you senshi are capable of, let's go!" RJ fired a demon gun at her causing her to dodge.

"I get it now, you must be working for that freak who kidnapped chibi-usa in the future when we went back to report Athena's progress!" this shocked Dimitri and Karin.

"Wait what happened!?" Assassin X grew bored and charged up another shot, however this time she was struck by a bolt of lightning.

"Now what!?" Sailor Jupiter appeared, her face full of concern.

"Did your friend also take my husband away, he hasn't been home since last night!" she demanded, Assassin X shook her head.

"I don't think so, he was only after two people, the princess from the future and thier daughter." she said point at Karin and Dimitri who both transformed immediantly into Dai-Valkyrie Sedna and Angemon X and charged at her, but she forced them back with a wave of energy. "Your too unfocused, you can't hurt me!"

(Song Change-Motorhead-The Game)

"Same goes for you whore!" Assassin X didn't even get the chance to turn around before Ken lept off Raidramon and brought a sledgehammer down across the back of her head, breaking the "weapon" across her neck and causing her to crash into the ground hard before landing himself, dropping what was left, RJ sweatdropped at this.

"Remind me to never piss you off." Ken mearly nodded as Dai-Valkyrie Sedna walked up to him.

(Song ends)

"What are you doing here brother?" she asked, Assassin X was outcold from how hard he snapped the hammer over her head.

"Came to prevent something, but I have this feeling i'm late, was Athena taken..." he then palmed his head, expecting to get yelled at, surprisingly Angemon X responded calmly.

"She was, but we don't who, by the way you can chill about the details, it's obvious you had your reasons for not telling us and the outcome would've been the same regardless." Ken almost facefaulted but didn't.

"I didn't want to risk harming space and time here." They explained to him what was going on, after getting a description from RJ about Chibi-Usa's kidnapper, it clicked to Ken, Sedna, and Angemon X who it was.

"So now he's kidnapping girls, I thought he was after Kari from the other world." at this point Rika's group joined them.

"What business do you have here this time?" Rika wondered, Ken sighed.

"Dealing with kidnapped girls it seems." giving her an honest response, as this happened the portal reopened, when it did Ken was immediantly tackled by a cloaked wearing figure causing the two to barrel roll into the portal.

"KEN!" Raidramon and Sedna called out, however Raidramon was able to get inside, Sedna was not, Angemon X also suddenly found something wrapped around his left arm as Sedna did her right arm, it was some kind of cords from Assassin X's hands as she had regained conciousness finally.

"You two are not going in there, nothing is stopping thier duel!, The Dark Eagle will have her vengence upon him then feast on your loved ones." Hearing this RJ tried to enter the portal, but Assassin X produced a third cable from her gun cannon which wrapped around his neck. "Your not going in either!" Yui suddenly felt something that compelled her to enter.

"Gaurdian Eatos is calling to me!" she ran inside, seeing this Himura and the others followed, Including Sailor Jupiter who was convinced her husband Mako was inside, once Yugi entered the portal closed and the cables fell down.

"Good, now they have thier fun in there, and we have ours out here!" Assassin X said cackling, but aura's flared around her opponents.

"You better hope you can back up yourself lady cause you've made the biggest mistake you ever could!" RJ declared his energy flowing around him intensely, after starring at each other for a few more moments both sides charged kicking up an intense explosion...



"Who in the heck is that!?" Rika demanded as Ken found himself trying to fend off the cloaked figure in the dark like area they had entered, he had grabbed the remains of his sledgehammer before entering to defend himself, but to his surprise when he tried to block with it, the person bit through it like a twig showing he had shark like teeth, forming a small ball of energy Ken forced the figure back and the hood of the cloaked man to come off, to the shock of everyone especially Sailor Jupiter, it was Mako Tsunami, who had a devilish grin on his face and a glowing number tatoo on his right hand, the number 32 glowing brightly.

"So you got possessed by a number, is that what those tablets were telling me?" this confused everyone else, but as he prepared to duel Mako, Rika got in his way. "What are you doing?"

"Seriyu says it's time, this is the dark essence she's been worried about." to thier shock, a large red shark monster spirit appeared above Mako's head.

I was sensed out by a human!? No you have some kind of power backing you I don't like! the monster spirit declared as Seriyu appeared above Rika.

What are you doing possessing this man's body? Leave him! Seriyu demanded.

"What she said!" Sailor Jupiter demanded as well, threatening to shock the spirit who only laughed.

Shock me and you'll only hurt him, and don't bother trying to force me out, i'll have him bite his tongue off if you try, you want me out, you get me out by dueling!

If that is what you desire, so be it...Seriyu stopped waiting for the opposing spirit to give it's name.

I am number 32 Shark Drake, i'd rather duel the other hooded person since he has numbers as well, but since I see you as a threat fellow water monster i'll take you first. Ken had enough.

"I can take that bet and take you out before moving on." Seriyu spoke again, Byakko also appeared.

You have another opponent waiting for you with lives on the line boy! Byakko roared

I will not let any harm come to Rika, allow me to handle this! Ken was dumbfounded.

"Do you know what XYZ monsters are capable of, this ain't gonna be a normal duel! Rika please talk some sense into your spirit!" RIka however had an amused grin on her face.

"So this Shark Drake is like the monsters you use huh, then this will be fun, I ain't backing down from this challenge!" Ken just sighed, it was pointless to continue.

"Just promise me you won't lose." he said jumping onto Raidramon and heading off, Yui had DarkGabumon digi-volve into BlackGarurumon and followed along with Yugi, Himura had Inumon did the same and they chased after them, Inumon looking back at Renamon who nodded.

"Rika please win this i'm begging you." Jupiter said scared for her husband's safety, she smiled in response.

"I got this, let's go!" she demanded as she activated her duel disk, Mako pulled one out, inserted his deck and did the same.

Rika LP:8000

Mako LP:8000

Running further into the darkness a cackle was heard causing the group to stop, before them were two cages inside one was Chibi-Usa, Athena and PinkPatamon were in the other one all lying on the cage bottoms as Jishikitori X appeared before them. "I love having prisoners, more so those of ones I want to suffer." Ken sighed.

"I'll give you one chance to release them, otherwise..." Jishikitori X sighed.

"You cut me into tiny peices, rip me apart, break my arm off then bash me to death with it, tear my wings off...

Five minutes later...

...Dip me in sweet and sour sauce and eat me, so...did I miss anything?" she asked, causing all but Ken to sweatdrop, he mearly clapped.

"No that'll do pig, that'll do." he said non chalantly causing Jishikitori X to facefault as he got off Raidramon and held up his duel disk seeing hers. "You could have just come to me if you wanted to duel, there's no need for kidnapping."

"Except the whole point is to make others suffer, cause you will through our duel the others will suffer because they can't get in to save thier loved ones and I will take my time with them as i'm torturing you." she replied, before the two could begin Yugi's deck box began glowing, when he took it up and looked inside one particular card was glowing.

"Hey Ken!" he tossed Ken the card, it was Dark Magician Girl. "Perhaps she can help get back Timeaus!" Ken nodded, put the card into his deck and shuffled it, Jishikitori X did the same and they prepared to go.

(Insert Song-Yu-gi-oh ost-Warriors)

"DUEL!" they both declared.

Ken LP:8000

Jishikitori X LP:8000

"I'm going first!" Ken called out. "I play Blackwing - Bora the Spear in attack mode, a winged creature welding a black spiral like spear appeared on the field, he was grinning wildly.

Blackwing - Bora the Spear

DARK/Winged Beast

Lvl/4/Atk/1700 Def/800

"Huh, never heard of Blackwings before." Himura noted.

"I think one of the duelists from the future, Crow used them according to Yusei when we talked breifly following the dawn of chaos ordeal, but I've never seen them in action.

"Are you mocking me by playing birds!?" Jishikitori X demanded, Ken shrugged.

"I don't really care, your paying for what happened in last duel, now since I got one blackwing out, I can special summon this one from my hand in attack mode. Blackwing-Gale the Whirlwind! A smaller blackwing with large wings and huge eyes appeared next to Bora.

Blackwing-Gale the Whirlwind

DARK/Winged Beast

Lvl/3/Atk 1300 Def 400

"Other than you attempting to piss me off i'm not getting the point of this!" Jishikitori X declared as Gale suddenly split into rings and Bora into orbs. "Oh no..."

"Oh yes, I combine my two monsters and synchro summon Blackwing Armor Master! the synchro process impressed the onlookers and when it was finished a new blackwing, with six wings with blue orbs in them, a metallic body and a red orb'ed face appeared.

Blackwing Armor Master

DARK/Winged Beast

Lvl/7/Atk 2500 Def/1500

"I'll toss down two face downs and that'll end my turn!" two face down cards appeared behind Ken's warrior as Jishikitori X took her turn.

(Song ends)

"What an impressive monster!" Yui noted, but then she suddenly felt a sharp pain when Jishikitori X immediantly played the card she drew.

"Since I have no creatures in my graveyard, I can special summon Gaurdian Eatos!" Sure enough it was Yui's stolen monster, and she looked none too thrilled to be standing near someone like Jishikitori X.

Gaurdian Eatos


Lvl/8/ Atk/2500 Def/2000

"That card doesn't belong to you!" Himura declared, Yui wanted to use her spirit gun but Jishikitori X saw this.

"If you dare attack me girl, i'll deflect your attack onto one of my captured victims!" she said before commanding. "Now attack my Gaurdian Eatos!" this move surprised everyone, Eatos obeyed reluctantly and blasted at Blackwing Armor Master with a breath attack, however Ken's monster flew through the beam as if invincible and punched Eatos in the gut destroying her. "Wait what the...!?" she had expected both monsters to die, Ken sighed.

"Blackwing Armor Master can not be destroyed in battle." he said calmly, Yui however was fuming over seeing her monster being crushed like it was, Himura and the digimon noticed this.

"Yui calm down, please don't give into your anger!" Jishikitori X chuckled at this.

"What's wrong, can't stand the sight of your favorite monster being crushed, well don't worry cause she'll be coming back!" the dark ground underneath them suddenly split open and a zombie like hand rose from it, followed by a body that Himura recognized.

"That thing's a real card!?" he demanded in shock, everyone turned to him confused except Ken, Yugi also recognized the card after a few moments, as even though he hadn't seen it himself, the Pharoah had told him about it.

(Insert Song-Yu-gi-oh 5d's ost-Enemy Attack)

"Is that Gaurdian Dreadscythe? he demanded, Himura nodded as the creature rose in full, Yui had to resist the urge to vomit, even though she had seen uglier things, seeing her favorite card defaced in such a way was too much.

Gaurdian Dreadscythe


Lvl/8/ Atk/2500 Def/2000

"Thanks to her effect she's allowed to equip a card called Reapers Scythe-Dreadscythe to herself which gives her an addition five hundred attack points for every monster in both our graveyards! Since there's three you know what that means!" After equipping herself with the scythe her attack power went up by fifteen hundred points.

Gaurdian Dreadscythe

Atk/4000 (2500+1500)

"Too bad she was summoned in defense mode, meaning she ain't gonna get a chance to use those points!" Ken rebuked, Himura however couldn't get the images of his "dream fight" with the card ouf of his head.

"Geez, I thought dealing with her in a dream was bad enough." Once again Himura's outburst caused all to look at him.

"What are you talking about?" HellInumon wondered, Yui was also concerned but something dawned on her.

"Was it when you were in a coma following..." Himura cut her off.

"Yes it was, i'll tell you all everything once we get out of here." Jishikitori X scoffed at this notion.

"Don't estimate me warrior of Byakko or i'll drop you after I take care of captain psyco! Next i'll activate my Trap Booster! "I discard one card to activate Zero Gravity! Ken was confused as thier monsters switched modes. "Now she'll attack!" Ken was still confused.

"My monster can't be killed in battle, what's the point!" however upon sending another card to her graveyard he knew she was up to something.

"I play the spell Quick Bang Shot! The spell looked similar to Big Bang Shot, but showed a man dunking a fireball into a baskeyball hoop, by paying five hundred points this allows my monster to inflict peirce damage upon yours until the end of the turn!" however to her surprise despite this, nothing happened. "WHAT!?

Jishikitori X LP:7500 (8000-500)

"Will you quit shouting..." Ken muttered. "I also take no battle damage when my Armor Master is attacked or goes into battle." he then smirked when he saw his monster quickly punch Dreadscythe in the chest imprinting a black spike, Yugi noticed this but said nothing.

"Fine i'll my turn!" she said as Ken drew a card.

"Fine by me, i'll switch Armor Master back into attack mode, and now he's coming for your Dreadscythe!" Now Jishikitori X was the one to be confused.

"But why, my monster has more points..." a cracking noise was heard, looking up she saw the black spike fall to the ground and her monster's attack power drop down to zero. "WHAT IN THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?!" she screamed again in disbeleif, Ken sighing.

"When you attacked my monster before his third effect went off and he pluged a wedge counter into yours, when I remove that counter your monster's stats drop down to nothing regardless of how high they are!" Jishikitori X could only gape as her dreadscythe was smashed to peices, and more damage was done to her.

Jishikitori X LP: 5000 (7500-2500)

"By sending a card from my hand to the graveyard my Dreadscythe will come back." Ken nodded.

"Indeed, but without the power boost of it's equip spell." Jishikitori X growled, more so when yawns we're heard.

"Where...where is...Athena!" Chibi-Usa was the first to awaken, in the other cage, Athena stirred finally as did PinkPatamon.

"Where is mama and papa..." Athena rubbed her eyes, and she saw Ken before them. "Uncle Ken!" she called out, she tried to get out of the cage but got a small shock that knocked her back.

"Athena!" Chibi-Usa and PinkPatamon called out, the latter concerned for her. "I guess we can't get out of these cages."

"Damn straight, now watch as I kill this fool, then i'm going to torture both of you!" she said glaring at Ken as she drew another card.

"Bring it on, i'll save them and put you down for good this time!" he retorted.

"Don't write checks you can't cash boy! Let's go!" he aura flared hard as the duel continued.


three battles, each one with a winner and loser, who will lose and who will profit, more next time.


Jishikitori X is referring to Pluto with chibi-usa more so than RJ, but she doesn't know about thier relationship, also the subspace is outside the world of YYDM-01 so Jishikitori X can cause havoc in there, but she can't get into the world still until Ken dies.

This is probably the last time you'll see "dueling" in the main story, so if so i'm going out with a bang next time, assuming when next time is.

You'll also be seeing some other "created" cards in the next part of the duel, this part only had one which is essentially a quickplay big bang shot without the power boost.

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