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There are a few spoilers in this chapter regarding one of Kanius' characters, anything that happens to said character is also consider to be along his ideas^^

Chapter 3: The End of the First Long Fight

Queen Serenity's Palace/YYDM-01-3A

(Insert song-Nightwish-Nemo)

Geez, I knew this guy was strong, but dang this is some energy, no wonder Dad was always so cautious! Ryuuhi thought while bracing himself as did everyone else in the room from the shockwaves created when Dramon X charged Blitz X head on, eventually the two fell back from each other, Dramon X panting more than Blitz X who looked grotesque due to his new bug like appearance after having fused with AncientBeetlemon.

"Don't get tired on me now boy, i'm just starting to have fun!" he said smirking, which turned to a frown when a cracking noise was heard, everyone in the room turned and saw that the crystal that was left behind had broken open and from it came a digimon who looked familiar to most, but at the same time, looked different in some area's and had a crazed face and aura.

"Omegamon...no that can't be him..." Angemon X stated, Blitz X growled and nodded.

"Damn that Terumi he left his crystal behind, and with it comes his digimon the one not even Greil could tame, Omegamon X..." The crazy digimon looked around before looking at the three ascendants and with a grin held up his garuru cannon arm and discharged an energy blast towards the group causing them all to scatter.

Geez this guy's power's off the charts for a normal digimon...then again I don't think he is normal. Dramon X thought as he landed near Angemon X who was holding Valkyrie Sedna near Athena one side on the room, Ryuuhi, Valkyrie Blue Mars, Valkyrie Battle Jupiter and Titaniamon UM lept to another portion of the room, whilst Blitz X formed a barrier in an attempt to protect himself, but the electrical power shuddered under the impact.

"FOOLS, WHERE IS THE ONE WHO IMPRISONED ME! HE IS GOING TO PAY!" the new digimon bellowed out, tempting as it was, Dramon X didn't scan him as Knut appeared next to Sedna.

I think it might be wise to take Athena out of here, this digimon's power is unstable due to something inside his body.

"Is it the X virus?" Sedna wondered, Angemon X nodded.

"No doubt about it, makes me wish Inumon was here, he knew more about X digimon than anyone." Dramon X sighed and held up his digivice.

"Sparrowmon, Pegasusmon, Realise!" the two flying digimon appeared when they did however Omegamon X rushed at them, barely giving the two time to dodge.

"Whoa what's with this guy!?" Sparrowmon wondered as Dramon X swung his digivice B.A.X.

(song change-Digimon Hunters ost-Tagiru Chikara)

"Find out later, Arresterdramon, Sparrowmon, digixros!" he called fusing the two together, Sparrowmon's body parts busted down and formed on parts of Arresterdramon's body.

"Xros up Arresterdramon!" the new digimon called making Omegamon X growl.

"Never seen this form of digivolution..." he wondered before engaging the new fighter. "What the!" Arresterdramon suddenly got around behind him suprising him with his new found speed and hit him towards a nearby wall hard, Blitz X shook his head.

"Stupid Gurren Laggan digivolution..." he muttered before coming face to face with Battle Jupiter.

"Your one to talk considering you absorbed that big bug digimon and look at you now...now tell me where is my mother!" she demanded swinging her Mjolnir at him, he brought up his axe to block it and was suprised when the two weapon's output forced them away from each other.

Just how powerful is that thing...Blitz X wondered. "Torment of Zeus!" slamming down his weapon again releasing more electricity, Battle Jupiter spun her weapon in front of her, causing it to absorb the incoming electricity much to Blitz X's shock, when his attack stopped she smacked him in the chest hard and sent him crashing into the wall, and subsequently into his own barrier which caused it to distort and short out. "Great..." he muttered as he got up.

(song ends)

"The barrier around the palace is down." Blue Mars noted.

"Don't get too cocky sis, it'll still take a while for the others both here on earth and elsewhere to know what's going down." Blitz X stood up and nodded before a spiritual swan and thunderbird apppeared next to Blue Mars and Battle Jupiter respectively.

With the barrier down, the energy flow disrupting our senses is gone, I can sense Bacchus! the swan spoke out.

Where is he Frostburn!? Knut called.

Somewhere in the basement, his spirit is weak but there's no doubt that's where he and jupiter must be! the thunderbird said before the swan could reply, however Blitz X growled as his entire body began generating electricity around his back, shoulders and kneecaps.

"I won't let you get to her in time! Horizon's Tear!" he called out unleashing a large discharge of electrical power almost as if it exploded from his body in all directions, Omegamon X, Angemon X and Dramon X both took the full front of the assault while the others had managed to avade or not get hit, when the attack ended all three fell to the floor in pain, Battle Jupiter quickly ran up and smashed her hammer over Blitz X's left kneecap breaking it while the others tried to recover.

"I'm going to find my mother, i'll be back soon!" she said heading towards the basement, Blitz X started laughing as she cleared the room.

"I'd say by now her mother's got about less then ten minutes before my little present takes her out." he said smugly, not saying a word, Titaniamon UM's armor glowed for a moment, the letter J appeared on her armor as she sped by Blitz X slashing his right shoulder with her new weapon so fast he couldn't see it causing him more pain."What the hell was that!?" he demanded as Dramon X finally got back up, but so did Omegamon X.

"You stupid fool, you dare attack me!" he called out attempting to rush Blitz X, but Dramon X cut him off.

"I was here first, get in line!" he called kicking Omegamon X back, however Omegamon X retaliated with another shot from his Garuru Cannon, it knocked his Heaven's sword out of his hands and sent the weapon spinning towards Athena, but before Sedna could go from her husband's side to get her daughter out of the way, someone else intercepted the blade...Pegasusmon...


Queen Serenity's Palace Basement/YYDM-01-3A

Are you sure she's this way!? Queen Serenity asked Sleipnir who nodded.

There is no doubt, I can sense Bacchus' energy from here, he would never leave her side. the spirit replied, soon enough she found the chamber where Makoto was chained to a pillar, and couldn't help but sweatdrop at the sight before Makoto saw her.

"Usagi don't worry about me!" she said as Queen Serenity ran forward and saw that the bomb now had less the five minutes to go, attempting to pick it up she found she couldn't move it.

"Geez what kind of bomb is this!?" she wondered as Battle Jupiter and Titaniamon soon entered the room as well.

"Mother!" Umi called out, using Mojlnir she was able to break away the steel gurdurs, however this caused the bomb to roll to the floor, when it hit the floor Titaniamon UM noticed the timer began to go faster as she cut Makoto loose.

"Oh no the timer's accelerating!" Sleipnir and the thunderbird spirit from before both appeared and quickly formed a barrier around the explosive device, a few moments later it detonated harmlessly inside causing all to breathe a sigh of relief.

"That was too close, I honestly thought I was a goner there." Makoto sighed. "I can't help but admit it, he caught me in a vulnerable state." Titaniamon however waved it off, allowing Makoto to see her new appearance. "Whoa Titaniamon, where'd you get this armor from?"

"About that...well..." she explained what had happened in the armory room, Makoto smiled at this, more so when she realised her daughter was holding Mojlnir

"I see, and Umi...I see you've managed to pick up my hammer, I guess that means it's yours now." she said like a proudful parent and hugged her daughter who hugged back.

"Thanks mother, i'm just so glad we found you." Umi replied with tears running down her face.

Didn't think you were the crying type Umi. her spirit partner remarked with a grin., causing her to turn and glare at him.

"Shut up Ford!" she said but the spirit waved it off.

Chill out, I was just joking, I know this was serious, heck I feel tired as it is from using my energy to supress that bomb. he said, Sleipnir chuckled as Bacchus got back on his feet.

Then perhaps you need more training birdy, perhaps me chasing you for dinner would be a good trial run.Ford glared at the cheetah.

You eat me and I make sure you get the worst case of stomuch cramps ever known! this made everyone giggle until another shockwave occured.

"I think the others are still fighting back up in the throne room, we better go give them a hand." Titaniamon UM noted.

"Yes, perhaps..."Makoto attempted to transform, but Queen Serenity stopped her.

"I think the others can handle things, there are only two of them now so you should rest." she said, Makoto nodded as they headed back to the throne room.


Queen Serenity's Palace/YYDM-01-3A

Do not tell me they managed to save her! Blitz X thought as he knew it was past time for his bomb to go off, but he had more pressing issues to deal with, when Pegasusmon was struck by Ken's heaven's sword, something odd happened, the winged horse vanished into a ball of light that blinded all looking at it, one of the beams of light passed over Athena without her realising it, and when the light died down a small crest with the symbol of miracles on it appeared before entering Athena's body and showing the crest on her chest, in her hands appeared a digimental of miracles, however it was metallic pink instead of the normal gold color.

"Athena how did you!?"Angemon X stuttered out confused. This doesn't make sense, shouldn't she have gotten my crest since Karin's not a digidestined...wait a second could that light have done this? he wondered.

"What is this thing?" PinkPatamon asked poking the digimental, Dramon X looked back with a thoughtful look after pulling back from Omegamon X and recovering his sword, though inside he didn't like the fact he lost another partner.

"It's a digimental used for armor digvolution I believe, though i'm abit suprised that things a different color, normally Patamon would become Rhinomon with that thing, but since it is a different color I wonder what PinkPatamon would become?" he said, this excited Athena.

"Mama can I try it out!?" Sedna giggled and nodded at her daughters behavior.

"Of course dear, but to activate it, you have to say Digimental up!" Athena nodded.

(insert song, Digimon Ost- Break up)

"Alright then, Digimental up!" Athena called out, the digimental glowed and radiated over PinkPatamon causing her to glow and grow in size, a blinding light flashed throughout the room as the group from the basement returned, and got to witness the new digimon appear in all it's glory, the new digimon was a gold and pink colored alicorn with wings similar to those of Pegasusmon's but more angel like.

"PinkPatamon armor shinka! Pegacormon!"

"Awsome, PinkPatamon's a horse now!" Athena said jumping up and down like a happy child would, Dramon X, Ryuuhi, Blitz X and Omegamon X all sweatdropped while everyone else seemed happy at the new event.

"Ok...that's a new one..." Blitz X muttered as he stood up finally, Dramon X attempted to scan the new digimon but he had no luck.

"How girly..." Ryuuhi noted only to be bashed over the head by his sister.

"I'm not getting anything either, let's see what this new digimon can do." he said as Omegamon X growled.

"This light and purity are an afront to my sight!" he declared, preparing to attack the new digimon, before he could XUArresterdramon intercepted him and knocked his Garuru Cannon off course. "Your on my last nerve as well, Grey Sword!" this attack was powerful enough to send the fusion flying back, not wanting to take chances Dramon X recalled the two back as they split from each other.

"Starlight Mist!" Pegacormon called out unleashing a mist from her wings, when the mist passed over Sedna, Angemon X and Dramon X they all felt refreshed, however when the mist passed over Omegamon X and Blitz X, the two seemed to feel pain.

"Ok, that thing dies!" Blitz X demanded threatening to use his axe, but Pegacormon was ready.

"I don't think so mean man. Uni-Beam!" firing off a beam of pinkish energy from her forhead, not only did she send Blitz X crashing backwards, but he felt his left knee buckle under the pain.

(song ends)

I don't even want to imagine how strong this girl will be when she grows up... Blitz X muttered, Omegamon X however wasn't amused.

"I'm tired of this non-sense...All..." before he could finish a beam plowed into his backside hurting him. "Who dares!" turning around a haunting whistling noise accompanied the newcomer, a large dragon like digimon with a blue, white and purple colored body. "Another digimon i've never seen before." to his suprise, everyone else in the room felt the same until the newcomer spoke up.

"My name is Photondramon, ring any bells heros." after a few moments Sedna gasped.

"Wait a minute, your the digimon who attacked Davis and Sonja when we were at GranDracmon's castle!" Angemon X realised this as well, as BlackWar had mentioned it.

"What are you doing here, don't tell me you've come to avenge that monster!" he declared as Titaniamon UM walked up.

"I don't think that is his intention, I also spoke with BlackWar...and he mentioned Photondramon only had one goal." Photrondramon nodded, pointing to Dramon X who palmed his head, anger rising.

When I find his soul...he's gonna wish he was never created...he thought as Photondramon charged forward, however Omegamon X stood in his way.

"No one attacks me and lives to tell about it, All..." he tried his attack again, but Photondramon glowed, and both warriors vanished from sight, only to reappear a few moments later with Omegamon X now breathing hard. "What the heck was that!?" Photondramon was about to retort, but he felt unstable from what occured.

"It was my Galaxy Shift, once a day i'm able to take myself and my enemy into photon space, and take away half of thier power regardless of how strong they may be, but something doesn't feel right...why do I feel a fever coming on!" he demanded, Angemon X sighed.

"Probably because you stole data from a digimon infected by the X virus or did GranDracmon not inform you of that, that virus can do some sadistic things to digimon." Photondramon growled but realised Angemon X was telling the truth.

"As much as I want a peice of Dramon X, I need to go somewhere to heal and work this out, but rest assured I will be back." he growled before opening a portal of his own and vanishing into it, by this point Dramon X had enough, his aura began to rise in conjunction with his anger.

Why does every badguy out there have it in for me, I swear to Huanglongmon...his thoughts stopped when his digivice began beeping, and from it came CyberBeelzemon.

"Yo Ken you ready to wrap this up?" Dramon X simply nodded before getting an idea into his head.

"Indeed, give me a hand! LITERALLY!" he called out holding up his digivice. "Engage now, Digixros, Dramon X! CyberBeelzemon!" the two began glowing as they fused together.

(insert song-Jim Johnston-Just Another War)

The resulting fusion was Dramon X retaining the dominant appearance, however he now sported two large beam cannons on his shoulders and also had a beam rifle modified from CyberBeelzemon's lazer shotgun. "Dramon X GUN SWORD MODE!" he called out before opening fire on Omegamon X who was quick to dodge and flew upwards to evade, however he wasn't expecting Dramon X to grab him by the throat and plow both of them upwards through the ceiling to the outside.

"That was so cool!" Athena remarked, as Angemon X shook his head.

"Overkill if you ask me, but speaking of enemies..." all eyes turned to Blitz X who realised he was literally backed into a corner.

Damn it, this was all going so well if it wasn't for Terumi...

(song ends)


Unknown Location/?

"Did you already take care of him, that was quick." Caster noted as Greil and Paradisomon entered their lair, but Greil shook his head.

"I wish I could say that, but the snake bastard gave me the slip when I chased him...sooner or later he will have to come out though...how's our new guest?" he asked, hoping to get off the subject of Terumi.

"She's sleeping now, she was quite the feisty one when she finally came too, but she also wore out quickly, kinda reminds me of Saber." she said, Greil sighed.

"Please keep those tendancies under control Caster...what about Krieg?" he asked, Caster formed a veiwing portal and frowned as Blue Mars and Ryuuhi used a combination move to take out his remaining shoulder area. "This is bad..." he muttered.

"Yes, at this rate he won't be able to come back..." Greil growled.

"Terumi, Kensuke, you will both pay for this!" he yelled out in fury.


Crystal Tokyo Skies/YYDM-01-3A

(song-Just Another War replays)

Damn it, if it wasn't for that dragon i'd be winning this! Omegamon X thought as Dramon XGS was getting the upperhand rather easily, it didn't help when he lobbed off his Greymon arm with a beam saber. "Damn you!" he held up his other arm. "Garuru Cannon!" he yelled out unleashing a blast from it.

"Sword Rail Blasters!" Dramon XGS called out unleashing a dual blast from his energy cannons which pushed through Omegamon X's attack with ease. "I gotta say, Terumi is a peice of work, but it's obvious he didn't give two shits about you, cause you are one weak peice of shit!"

"Take that back human, ALL..."he never got to finish as Dramon XGS flew by quickly and cut off his other arm. "Just what the hell are you!" he demanded as the "gun" portions of the lazer cannons disengaged allowing two large lazer blades to take thier place.

"Your worst fucking nightmare, and after I get done with you, He-Man down there is next!"he yelled unleashing an X like slash which cut Omegamon X apart like tissue paper, suprisingly though his body didn't seem to delete, but rather a capture ring formed around the warrior, Dramon XGS took up his digivice and captured the disembodied warrior. "I don't care whether you heal or die, the more power the better." he said grinning evily before he felt a shock go through his head causing him to return to normal as CyberBeelzemon split from him. "What just happened?"

"I don't know, but you were kidding about what you just said right?" Ken looked confused.

"What did I just say? I don't remember saying anything for the past five minutes." CyberBeelzemon was inclined to call bs, but seeing that Dramon X was telling the truth, he waved it off.

It's like he became a totally different person...as if he craved inflicting pain for power. he thought before Ken returned him and headed back inside the palace.

(Song ends)


Queen Serenity's Palace/YYDM-01-3A

(insert song-Three Days Grace-Time of Dying)

"Could this get any worse!?" Blitz X demanded before his feet were frozen by Sedna, and Angemon X used his Finish Buster to blow the particle convetor on his back clean off. "Damn it! This wasn't how it was supposed to go!" he growled getting angrier.

"How was it supposed to go?" Makoto demanded. "Your actions here are nothing more than childish revenge!" Blitz X stood up barely with his battle axe as Dramon X came back inside. "That's it, if i'm gonna die then i'm gonna take someone with me, and boy I choose you!" he growled as he lunged at Dramon X. "Tell me kid, my decisions, and the choices i've had to make, were they not right!?" he demanded as he began pounding on Dramon X.

"How can you honestly say that!?" Battle Jupiter demanded.

"Because of my pride, everyone has pride and when it's shattered it hurts like heck, so tell me wouldn't you have wanted vengence if you were in my place!?" he declared, Angemon X shook his head.

"Depends on the person, I know one man who could relate to you, but even he wouldn't do what you've done!" he said sighing at the thought of his father's dark persona.

"Then kill me if you can, that shall be my attonement, if not then i'll kill this stupid child so that way i'll have some form of retrobution!" he said clenching his fists.

"What are you talking about!?" Dramon X demanded as Blitz X started pounding away at him.

"Retrabution! or Attonement! Retrobution! or Attonement! Retrobution or Attonement!" each word was a punch to Dramon X's face until he had it.

"You figure it out!" he growled back. "You think I care about your doubts! Your not the only person who has desires pal!" he yelled kicking Blitz X hard in the face. "Now tell me where your leader is so I can wring his neck!" this statement and the way he said it made some of the onlookers nervous.

I think that was a little much Ken...what is going on here...Titaniamon UM wondered, hoping she wouldn't have to step in, inside Ken's digivice B.A.X., CyberBeelzemon felt this as well.

I know he's prone to snapping, but the dark feeling of malice is to freaking high with each little slip I sense, what could be causing it. he wondered.

"I don't think so kid!" Blitz X rebuked pushing him back. "You don't have the resolve to get to Greil, and even if you did you wouldn't last long against him since you don't know the first thing about your powers!" he said holding his battle axe high.

"Then I'll just force my way through then if I have too!" Dramon X rebuked holding his heaven's sword in front of him, and then it happened.

"YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" Blitz X yelled swinging his weapon.

"I'M COMING THROUGH! CHESTO!" Inside Dramon X, the area around Ken all went white as the two warriors swung thier weapons at each other on pure impulse alone, the end result was a large shockwave that sent a massive wave of energy up into the sky that lasted a good solid minute before the two stopped each one behind each other.

"Papa Ken!" Blue Mars called out when Dramon X fell to one knee, but what happened next was something no one expected, Blitz X rose back and the area around his neck, began spraying out a mixture of data and blood, Sedna was quick to cover Athena from seeing this as some others turned away, while those who continued to look on in shock wondered what was going on.

(Song ends)

"It...seems my revenge has been shattered...along with all the sins I commited..." those were the last words out of Blitz X's mouth before his entire body broke apart and dissolved to nothingness.

"Was he really that obessed with revenge?" Makoto wondered, confused. Something about this doesn't feel right, I know he wanted to take my life, but... she wasn't the only one confused as Dramon X finally broke apart into Ken and Veemon, Titaniamon ran up to them but as she did her armor disappeared returing her to normal causing her to almost fall over but Ken caught her before she hit the ground.

"Geez, looks like we all went past the limits eh? Take a rest you two..." he called them back into his digivice before noticing something. "Hey wait a second, where are the remains of the robot?" Angemon X noticed this as well.

"Come to think of it..."


Uknown Location/?

"Glad we were able to get this back...but still..." Greil muttered as he held the core unit for Wiselmon in his hands. "Krieg your death will not be in vain, I promise you that!"


Soverigns Lair/DF-616

"X are you still awake?" Keke wondered as she had come to check on her watcher friend, it was well into the night but X was busy in the soverigns lair, looking over any texts and chronicles he could find. "What exactly are you looking for?"

"I'm looking for details regarding Zero users, I have to know if the ability Ken has will help us in the future or possibly cause us harm." Keke sighed.

"Are you really that worried about it, you don't need to be like father." X sighed.

"If only it was that simple, I don't take anything from our battle with GranDracmon lightly, especially not after what happened when Ken's curse activated...the poor kid, if he knew where GranDracmon's soul was, he'd probably ressurect and kill him repeatedly for what happened." Keke sighed again.

"I know it wasn't easy for most of us to swallow, especially Kari since he helped her out, well i'm gonna head off to bed X, don't go overboard on this ok." she asked, before leaving X nodded, and decided to retire as well.

I have to get to the bottom of this, because this is for all our sakes, not just Ken's. he thought as he walked away to get some sleep.


After getting a call from Terumi, Ken tries to head to the YYDM past, but his digimon coax him to rest one night, how will this turn out and how will the other future warriors react when they arrive to the palace, more next time.

I liked how Arresterdramon and Sparrowmon's xros fusion was intresting and alot more powerful than some of the other ones, no reason to not use it here^^;

The idea for the spirits to "encase" the bomb with a barrier came to me from a pokemon manga, where several psychic pokemon did the same thing with barrier based moves, and yes Kreig had a "heavy duty" one obviously so it couldn't be taken out easily.

the YYDM-01 spoilers now are that Battle Jupiter now welds her mothers hammer, and say hello to Athena's new digimon Pegacormon, her attacks, design and everything else regarding her was thought up by Kanius and as such are his ideas, as for why Athena has the crest of Miracles instead of hope, I'll dive into that explaination next time.

Photondramon made his debut in the Seige of GranDracmon story, he's back but he had to duck out due to tampering with a force he didn't know of, don't worry though he's special and isn't about to get infected.

Dramon X also now has a new mode change, the name is based off a Mecha Anime called gun x sword, and the form looks like the Gundam Age-2 Double Bullet for reference, if anyone has seen gun x sword they might notice some of the dialogue in this update was used in the chapter.

Blitz X is dead, as you can see the evo-lites aren't exactly normal anymore...and now Ken's having darker mood swings too, I wonder why lol.

Anyone who's seen 5d's will probably catch on to what Greil intends to do with the core unit of wiselmon, but hey the suprise is for another time.

Until then peice out readers^_^