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Chapter 5: Head to the Past, Skielmon's Stinging Strike.

Ken's Mind/?

Ken found himself in his mindscape once again, as if something had forced him to awaken from his slumber. "What now?" he demanded. As usual Slade appeared before him. "What do you want now?" Slade shook his head at Ken's behavior.

"I'm not the badguy here, I can tell your still shaken regarding the whole dream dive experiance from Yen Sid, dreams are dreams I wouldn't let it get to you." he said before taking out a peice of paper and tossing it to Ken.

"What's this for?" he asked, as soon as he caught the paper it ripped in half. "The hell!?" he saw Slade take out another paper and watched it rinkle instantly.

"It's to see what your elemental nature is, most people don't realise it but they have ties to certain elements, however due to the different disciplines and teachings there are varied versions, overall though seems like your nature is wind, while mine is lightning." Ken realised something at that moment.

"Wait a second, wasn't Naruto tested this way?" Ken nodded.

"You could say that, i'm abit suprised your wind based actually, given your temper I thought you'd be fire or lightning like me, but hey I can't always be right, Darkstar will be paying you a visit soon to help you control your elemental nature since he's the elemental master after all." Ken sighed again.

"I really hope his DarkGatomon doesn't still carry that death hammer around, it's scary..." Slade shook his head.

"Believe me I agree with you, she was influenced by another...just rest for now cause in the morning your going to need to haul ass when Queen Serenity opens her time portal since a certain somebody is going to show up." with that he vanished leaving Ken to go back to sleep.


Digital World/Core Area/XLR-08

"I still don't get it master, who is this red haired wench you fear so much, it sounds like that tamer girl with Renamon." Chronomon DM asked his master who slept in his new "bed" being the gem stone.

"Chronomon, even all versions of Rika have nothing on this woman, she is scary, evil and her power to manipulate magic is on a level that i've not seen in ages, not to mention she can summon Exodia who can kill anyone beneath my caliber of level, a fear which takes a crap ton of magic to preform and it burned me silly...then there is...her weapon...that hammer...so destructive...how can anyone withstand it!" he went off on a rant.

"This is gonna be a long night." Blightmon noted.

"Indeed." Chronomon DM nodded fearfully as ObeliskMegaGargomon refused to stop talking.


Queen Serenity's Palace/Throne Room/YYDM-01-3A

Morning had come, with it everyone began to rise slowly and met in the throne room once again, suprisingly Ken was the first one there, sitting cross legged on the floor stretching his feet with Titaniamon and CyberBeelzemon watching. "Ken are you sure you don't want to eat something before we go?" Titaniamon asked, Ken shook his head.

"We'll get a snack when we get to our destination." he responded as various portals began to open up around the room, from two of them came Sailor Venus in her senshi attire, and Mako Tsunami who was wearing a green variation of his old outfit from his dueling days, only it had a more regal appearance as well as a small cape, naturally he went to his wife Makoto and his daughter Umi upon getting his bearings.

"Are you two alright? I heard about what happened?" he said while hugging them both, Makoto couldn't help but giggle abit over his overprotective nature.

"It's alright dear we're fine now." she replied as Sailor Venus looked around confused.

"Geez did a bomb go off in here or something?" she wondered as Queen Serenity walked into the room.

"One almost did in the basement, it was quite the battle here." she said as Cupid, Venus spirit animal parnter appeared next to her with a sweatdrop.

Please don't tell me we're going to have to fix this, this isn't our job!? Knut appeared as Sailor Sedna appeared with Dimitri who was carrying Athena and thier Patamon partners.

Oh come on, this is nothing compared to some of the stuff we dealt with in the past, besides it's like exercise which i'm sure you don't get much of these days since your planet's peaceful. Cupid glared at Knut as Sailor Saturn arrived next.

"The others should be coming soon my queen." she said as Sailor Mercury arrived as well.

"That's right, Vega and Rio have been doing some planning with the others and once thier done they'll be coming, it's hard to believe all this happened though." she said, forming her scanner and looking around seeing Ken stretching. "Wait a second what's Ken doing here?" this caught the other new arrival's attention, but Dimitri spoke.

"He came and helped us out, apparently the person we were fighting had an ally, who turned on him and led Ken here..." Karin continued.

"Now he's got to go to the past as a dangerous evil is there causing havoc, while i'm sure our past selves can take it, he's decided to go help them." Ken nodded at this.

"That's right." he said before thinking in his thoughts. I gotta get out of here before Hiei shows up, if Mako Tsunami is still alive and is Mrs. Makoto's husband..then that means he's still gotta be alive as well...

"Still it must've been quite the fight, good thing Hiei wasn't in on it." Venus noted, hearing the name made Ken cringe as Ryuuhi and Koori entered the room.

"Wait, Mom and Dad are coming as well?" Ryuuhi asked, Queen Serenity nodded.

"Of course, i've asked for all the senshi to come and reclaim thier valkyrie armors, we can no longer afford to be ignorant to future threats if this attack was any indication." she said, Sedna walked over to Ken who finished stretching and started whispering to him.

"Brother I think you probably know what i'm going to ask but..." Ken nodded.

"I know, don't tell your past selves you've got a child, I didn't forget." he retorted as Koori walked up and hugged him suprising him.

"Stay safe papa Ken!" she said with a smile, Ken felt more nervous now.

"Queen Serenity could you open the time passage now, I'd like to get going if it's alright with you?" Queen Serenity nodded and held up her Silver Mellinium Crystal, focusing it she opened a time portal near where Ken was standing...and at that moment Sailor Mars arrived with Hiei who was wearing light weight style armor in the form of his dragon of the darkness flame, upon seeing Koori hugging him, he snarled hard getting Ken's attention, Ken quickly and gently let go of Koori, patted the sleeping Athena on the head and then lept onto a pillar and into the time passage before breaking into a run dodging a slash from a rather angry incoming Hiei while running for safety. "Figures you'd stop me saying a proper good bye psyco mc crazy." Ken mocked in an irish like way as he ran further into the tunnel.

"What did you say to me!" Hiei demanded as Mars quickly restrained him.

"Hiei that's enough, what's wrong with you!?"she demanded as Ken started running out of sight down the tunnel.

(Insert song-Sonic CD ost-Sonic Boom)

"Ken wait up!" his two digimon called out following him, CyberBeelzemon decking Hiei across the head for his actions as they passed.

"I didn't know he could run that fast!" Ryuuhi whistled while most of the others sighed as Sailor Mars restrained Hiei from going after them.

"I don't think he's running that fast naturally." Sailor Mars responded. "So where are our armors, let's go ahead and suit up while we wait for the others." Makoto transformed into Sailor Jupiter and nodded in agreement. However something dawned on Sailor Mercury as the portal closed.

"Wait a second, did you give him instructions on where to go specifically?" Queen Serenity rubbed her head.

"Oops..." this made everyone facefault.

"Somethings never change." Mars said sighing as they went to recover thier armor.


Time Tunnel/YYDM-01

Must...get away...from Hiei, can not let him catch me! Ken thought as he continued running, seemingly ignoring the facts that not only was the future side opening closed but his digimon's plea's fell on deaf ears until finally they caught up.

"Calm down, psyco mc three eyes can't follow us no more." CyberBeelzemon said pointing to back the way they had come, the exit was gone.

(song ends)

"That's a relief, I thought he was following us with all the energy I suddenly sensed.

"I don't think that's him..." Titaniamon said while sensing the energies herself. Incredible is that what the senshi are like when thier going full power with thier armor, amazing!

"In any case seeing as how running got us no directions what are we supposed to do?" CyberBeelzemon asked, Ken was about to retort when he noticed several mirror like images float by them showing images of the past time line. "Ok..nevermind." Ken looked at them.

"We supposed to just pick one." at that moment one of the images, which showed Skielmon being battled by present day Sedna and Angemon X was seen, a glowing force emitted from it. "I think we found it, let's go!" he said recalling his two digimon into his digivice and leaping into the "window" before him, not knowing that a dark green haired woman was watching him from the shadows.

Thank goodness I was here, that could've ended badly if he had chosen the wrong one. she thought.



"I guess we made it after all." Ken noted as he looked around, he found himself in Shibuya which reminded him of how it was back home, but he quickly shook it off. "Ok time to find that stupid robot." he muttered, a sudden explosion from a few blocks over from where he was caught his attention.

"Demon or Robot, here we go!" he said running through the crowds to get to his destination.


Shibuya Shopping District/YYDM-01

"Figures a peaceful day of shopping gets ruined by some stupid robot." Dai-Valkyrie Varuna growled as the blue insectish bird like mech before them with a similar infinity opening on it's chest flapped it's skeletal metallic wings to stay aloft.

"Well whatever it is, we've gotta take it out." said Dai-Valkyrie Sedna. "I wish we could call the others, but this thing seems to be interupting the signals in the area." next to her Dai-Valkyrie Orcus sighed in agreement.

"At least we've got Dimitri with us, an Ascendant should be able to handle this thing." she replied, Angemon X was infront of the girls primed and ready, but something didn't feel right.

"Where did this thing come from though is what i'd like to know." he wondered as the robot unleashed energy wires from the infinity symbol on it's chest, they headed for Angemon X but he was able to dodge them. "The heck!?"

It's targeting Dimitri? Sedna wondered before attacking. "Be careful Dimitri! Sedna Arctic Breeze!" she called out unleashing her ice attack on the robot who dodged it easily by ascending upwards.

"Well one thing's for sure it's fast." Varuna noted as the robot extended a cannon from it's belly and pointed it at them.

"Skiel Peircer!" the robot unleashed a powerful beam from the cannon that fired towards the group, they were able to dodge it, however the robot was quick to fire another blast at Orcus.

"Orcus look out!" Varuna called to her teammate, Orcus braced herself for impact, but it never came, opening her eyes she saw someone had taken the blast in her place...Tsukuyomimon who was in shock at how powerful the blast was as it felt like his skin was being stung through be a needle.

(insert song-ACDC-Hail Caeser)

Maybe I should've stayed in the future...stupid pain...it hurts like hell! he thought before retaliating with his arm cannon. "Plasma Shock!" this attack knocked the robot back hard and disoriented it badly due to the electircal properties of the attack, Orcus stood there for a moment blushing abit at how selfless Tsykuyomimon was as Sedna came up.

"Ken what are you doing here?" She asked before thinking. I've felt two people come into our world today, so if Ken was one who was the other... she noted before Tsukuyomimon dropped to one knee holding his chest in pain. "Brother!" she and Orcus came to his side.

"Don't worry bout me, don't let that thing get Dimitri's crest, that's what it's after!" Angemon X was dumbfounded to hear this, but when the robot attempted to launch it's energy wires again, Varuna took the initiative.

"Varuna Flash Cannon!" her attack disabled the strings. "Well it's nice to know magic works on these things." Tsukuyomimon stood up.

"Look i've already faught one of these things, there are three of them. Their modified replica machines of duel monsters that were used against the signers synchro monsters in the future, some stupid idiot modified them though to take ascendant crests to amplify thier powers, so Angemon X don't let it take yours!" Tsukuyomimon called out as Angemon X nodded.

"No problem, as long as I avoid the wires it should be no problem!" he called back, almost getting caught after saying this, but he was able to stop the robot by firing a FInish Buster at it.

(song ends)

"My turn, watch and learn kid!" Varuna said swinging her battle axe around, Tsukuyomimon rolled his eyes. "I've got the power to deal with this myself!"

(insert song-He-man intro)

"SHE-MAN!" Tsukuyomimon called out causing Varuna to facefault and causing the robot to miss her with it's atttack. I'm going to strangle him for that one...

(Song ends)

"Well at least she didn't get hurt..." Orcus muttered as Tsukuyomimon couldn't help but laugh abit.

"She practically fed me that joke." he remarked before finally standing with Orcus help as Sedna went to help Dimitri. "Thanks by the way." Orcus blushed abit.

"Oh uh...your welcome." Tsukuyomimon simply nodded and headed towards Skielmon forming buzzsaws on his arms and forming a clone of himself.

(insert song-Limp Bizkit-Crack Addict)

"Sis, Angemon X finish him after I do this!" he yelled as his and his twin formed a twister surrounding the robot before attacking and shredding the crap out of it at various angles at such high speeds it couldn't counter attack, when done, Tsukuyomimon reverted to normal and landed on the ground as the bird bot sparked and hissed like it was having spazisms. "Get him!"

"Alright bro! Sedna Arctic Breeze!" Sedna called unleashing her attack first freezing the bot solid, Angemon X flew up and cut the frozen robot into peices before unleashing a ki blast from his hand blowing it apart, leaving only the core and a few spare parts behind.

"Wow they did it!" Orcus said excited, Varuna growled, narrowing her eyes at Tsukuyomimon as he had distracted her from beating up the bot herself.

(song ends)

"It's over now...but what was that thing?" Sedna wondered as Dimitri having powered down with Patamon resting on his shoulder picked up the core and looked at some of the other remaining peices.

"Dunno, the tech is too advanced for this world, perhaps I should pay mom a visit, she would know." Dimitri replied as he looked at the peices, nearby Ken also powered down as he tried to remember which meklord the bird was.

Skiel was it? That was the weakest of the three meklords, so it's no suprise they took it down, future sis was right and...Ken did not get to finish his thoughts as he found himself suddenly being choked, Varuna had grabbed him in a wrestling hold and he couldn't get out of it due to being hurt, along with her already abnormal strength. Can't breathe...losing conciousness... Orcus saw this and sweatdropped, she went up to Sedna and tapped her on the shoulder.

"Um Sedna..." she asked, Sedna sighed.

"Not now Orcus." she replied looking at the core peice herself. "Your mother would likely know something about this." Orcus tapped her again, only this time Dimitri saw what she was trying to get Sedna to see, and sweatdropped. "What is it Orcus..." she turned and saw Ken's face was now a deep blue from Varuna's chokehold.

"Wow...he's really on thier good..." Dimitri muttered as Sedna got angry.

"LET HIM GO TYRA!" she demanded, Varuna reluctantly did so and let Ken go, falling over he breathed hard and heavy to get his air back.

"I'm...going to fucking kill...you..." he muttered in a whisper so that no one could hear before thinking. Is this person really a woman!?

"Hey he destracted me when we were fighting that robot!" she declared, Sedna wouldn't have it.

"Tyra he didn't mean it, and you did try to show off first you know." Orcus responded, Sedna nodded to this as Dimitri helped Ken up.

"Guess we'll be taking you to see Rika's mom soon, cause that's probably the most effective punishiment for someone like you." Varuna's eyes widened in fear at this.

"You wouldn't dare!" she growled.

"Try me Tyra, you've gone too far this time and I know with Helena and Lyn we can get you there." Sedna replied, a grunting noise cut them all off and turning they saw Yuki Terumi himself standing near them.

"Well well, so you got your ass kicked by a woman, wow Krieg must be rolling in his grave right now." he said towards Ken causing Ken to narrow his eyes.

"Who are you!" Sedna demanded.

"Nobody for you to be concerned with scum!" he said as his digimon partner appeared before them shocking them.

"Sandiramon!? I thought the deva's weren't evil anymore!" Orcus declared.

"I'm not one of them!" Sandiramon snarled, Terumi nodded to this.

"Now now partner, don't be fibbing. You are from this world, more precisely your the evil half of the Sandiramon those stupid beast tamers knocked off a few years ago, only he's back to kick some ass and take names and i'm gonna help him!" he said his aura flaring up making all except Ken step back.

Who is this guy, he's not one of us but dang what a power. Dimitri thought as Ken had finally recovered and glared the man down.

"You lead me to the future, then back here...what's your freaking game already cause i'm not gonna be a stupid player in it!" this revelation shocked the others.

He went to the future? Sedna thought, however Ken was too focused on Terumi so she couldn't ask him about it.

"Heh, it's not like that at all kid, i'm just doing this to fuck with you, and Greil since your pathetic and his ideals are rediculious!" Ken immediantly lept at him with his fist cocked back for a punch but Terumi easily dodged it.

"You know kid, i've been wanting a chance to see how strong you are myself, but that's assuming you don't go to peices on me." he stopped when Ken grabbed his two guns from his backpack. "Pistols, really now!?" however when Ken fired them off, Terumi easily dodged them but when he heard a large explosion he turned and saw the bullets had impacted into a buildings side, leaving a deep crater within. "A Pistol...did that..." he gave a small wolf whistle before grinning a deep cat like smirk. "Why not follow us if you want to fight?" he said as he lept onto Sandiramon who quickly lept into the air and burrowed directly through the street down to the subway tunnels under the city, Ken prepared to leap in after him but was stopped by Sedna.

"Brother, what's going on, who is this guy!?" Ken sighed and decided to tell them everything that had transpired up to the current point, remembering to leave out the important details about the future such as Athena while doing so.

"So in the future I lost my crest to another one of those "Ascendant killers?" Dimitri asked, Ken nodded.

"Granted that one was alot tougher than the one we just smoked, look I know we need to go check on Tai and the others and make sure they've dealt with the last one because i'm positive it's been sent to thier world, but first things first we've gotta stop troll face from causing havoc down there." Ken said, knowing they needed to follow the troll.

"Why would he go down there though?" wondered Orcus." Ken sighed.

"I have a good idea why, though it wasn't his idea..." he said to the others who were confused. "I'll explain on the way let's go!" he said calling out Veemon and MetalGreymon...


Shinjuku Subway station/YYDM-01

A subway train pulled into the station and from it came two people with two digimon, one male wearing goggles with a dinosaur, while the other was a female wearing simple clothes with a fox digimon. "Geez, I wish Joey hadn't taken so long with his moves, that tournament was going on forever." she said, the boy sighed.

"Yeah, but hey he's definitely improved from a while back, so has Yugi and the others, we'll need to step up our game too Rika." the girl now identified as Rika sighed.

"Well your right Takato, be it Digimon or Duel Monsters we need to keep our edge up, after all there are still rare hunters out there from what Yugi told us and..." she stopped when the two digimon turned around and glared at the subway tunnel.

"What's wrong Guilmon!" asked Takato.

"I smell a digimon, a bad one." he said, the fox digimon also tensed up.

"But how can this be, I thought the deva's were good now!" she said as Sandiramon came crashing into the station, scaring off the civilians with Terumi riding on top of his back, he saw the tamers as they approached him.

"So you must be the tamers who use the powers of the four beasts...whatever it makes no difference to me, Ragna couldn't scare me, neither can you!" Takato was confused as to who the man was, as he had seen him before.

"Who are you!?" he demanded.

"Why do you want to know when your just going to die!?" he asked as Sandiramon rose up it's head and snarled with glee.

"Ah if it isn't two of the three children and thier digimon scum who beat me all those years ago, and before you ask, i'm the evil portion of Sandiramon's soul reincarnated!" Terumi watched as Takato and Rika pulled out thier beast cards while thier digimon began to digivolve.

(insert song-Digimon Tamers ost-One Vision)

"Phoenix Spirit! Suzaku!"

"Guilmon... Mega Shinka! Gallantmon!"

"Dragon Spirit! Seiryuu!"

"Renamon... Mega Shinka! Sakuyamon!"

Sandiramon snarled at this. "Curses they've acheived Mega status!" Terumi smiled evily.

"I got a plan to rectify that partner so don't panic at thier rediculious evolutions and transformations." he retorted pulling out a metallic silver weapon, before he could do anything with it, a blast of lightning wizzed by his face almost making contact. "The hell!? turning he saw Ken riding on Raidramon, Sedna, Orcus and Varuna riding on MetalGreymon, and Dimitri riding on Pegasusmon. "You still want some you peice of shit." he said to Ken who lept off Raidramon and came flying at Terumi, despite using his weapon to slash at Ken's fist, Ken opened his hand, caught the weapon allowing it to cut the area between his fingers before slugging Terumi in the chest with a punch so hard it sent him flying into the ceiling and crash back down to the floor. Jesus any deeper and that would've killed me! Terumi thought holding his body in pain. "So your not just all talk."

"No, i'm not here to screw around, i've had it up to here with your stupid trolling and your cheshire cat grin and..." he was cut off when Suzukato spoke.

"Hey what's Ken doing here?" Ken growled.

"Way to kill the moment dude." he said as his digisoul flared around him. "Digisoul Charge, ASCENTION!" fusing with Veemon he became Dramon X and stood ready to fight.

(song change-BlazBlue Ost-Endless Despair)

"You want to take the kiddy gloves off, fine kid!" he said as he held up his weapon which seemed to start moving on it's own before becoming a chain like snake, a green aura surrounded Terumi and Sandiramon as inside Dramon X, Ken realised what he was about to do.

Damn it! he ran forward but even he couldn't stop what was coming.

"Restriction 666 released, dimensional interference field deployed, code S.O.L., Blazeblue activate!" his eyes began to slit like a snakes as Sandiramon's body became covered by the aura, causing him to glow and grow in size.

"Sandiramon Shinka...BASLISKMON!" the new bigger snake declared, sending shock down the tamers spines.

"No not him, even if it's not the same one, this can't be..." Sakuyamon stuttered out as things only got worse when the new Basliskmon and Terumi fused with each other, the energy output was enough to send Dramon X flying back, a bright green but evil light flashed over all and from it stepped Terumi, now seemingly wearing Basliskmon's body as armor like an Ascendant, however he also had six snake like chains from six different angles coming out of his body as well as a particle convertor of his own on his back.

"Not good, he's got one of those things like Ken does, meaning this won't be easy." Dimitri noted as he prepared to reform his ascendant status, Dramon X sweatdropped.

Didn't his future self say that...he muttered in thought before focusing back on the new "evo-lite."

"I've become Viper XP bitches, who wants some!?" the newcomer declared, his voice a fusion of Terumi and his partner, Dramon X said nothing as he thrusted his right arm blade forward.

"I've concluded that you've gone too far, and I will ELIMINATE YOU!" he yelled as the particle convertor on his back lit up while he rushed forward, the only thing on his mind...kill the son of a bitch in front of me.

(Song ends)


The battle with Viper XP begins, even with a few reinforcements the corrupted evo-lite proves to be too powerful, how can Dramon X defeat him? Find out next time.

If you've read my triple s fic you know why Hiei hates Ken so much, I know it's a pain that I keep repeating that but hey it helps^^;

Terumi's now gone Viper XP, originally he was only going to be Viper X, however since his partner evolved he himself got a power boost as well.

Sedna's little threat on Varuna will continue into the next update, and for those who noticed, it seems like Ken's got a new adrmirer lol.

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