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Chapter 6: Clash of Power XP vs Zero Ability!

Soverigns Realm/Library/DF-616

There has to be some kind of data on Zero ability users here besides those who had the ability. X thought as he continued looking through rows of books in the soverign's vast library, eventually Keke entered with a sigh.

"X don't you think you should take a breather, your getting to be obessed over this "Zero ability" which for all we know GranDracmon could've simply lying about it.

"As much as I know villians can be that way, i'm doubtful from his reactions before he was forced back to his ultimate form from his mega form that he was lying about it, that ability is dangerous Keke, so far my reserch has led me to discover only two things." he said putting another book away after seeing it had no information he seeked, Keke was confused by this.

"What would that be?" she asked.

"Anyone who has had the ability, eventually self destructed and destroyed themselves due to the ability, and Alpha X the very first ascendant known...apparently had obtained the ability at some point which explains why he was destroyed." Keke's eyes widened at this revelation, but before she could pry further Gennai ran into the room.

"X we've got a problem! A strange robotic digimon has appeared in the real world and is causing havoc." X sighed as he put down the book he was reading on a desk.

"Show me." Gennai nodded and formed an image portal showing a bulky golden like robot with an infinite symbol opening on it's chest similar to Wiselmon and Skielmon was destroying buildings with an arm cannon.

"What on earth is that thing!?" Keke wondered.

"I don't know, it looks familiar but I can't place it off hand, in any case Gennai go tell Tai and the others to deal with it if they haven't already caught onto it." X said, Gennai nodded and headed off, X returned to his reading, Keke sighed.

"I think i'm going to help you since if I leave you to keep going at this, you'll never leave." she said heading to a row of books herself as X sighed.

"Thank you Keke." the masked watcher noted as he read through the book in his hands. If someone with a zero ability self destructs thier must be a reason why, Ken doesn't deserve such a creul fate. he thought.


Shinjuku Subway station/YYDM-01

(insert song Blazblue ost-Awakening the Chaos)

The shock an awe of Viper XP's demented and twisted powerful aura flew through the air around everyone, his evil as he smirked. "So who wants to die first?" Dramon X was willing to take the offer but Sedna stopped him.

"Don't be so quick to rush in brother, he's dangerous." she said looking at the six moving serpent chains each one moving like a snake ready to strike anyone who dared attack.

"I don't think we can afford the leisure of waiting, because he'll strike us first if we don't attack him!" Varuna declared holding her battle axe, Viper XP smirked.

"So the female Brock Sampson actually has a set compared to the males here, how quaint!" this struck a nerve and Varuna charged in, her weapon ready.

"Stop calling me that!" she yelled only for the snakes to react to Sedna's suspiction, four of them grabbed onto Varuna's arms and legs almost instantly biting her and holding her in place while the other two wrapped around her chest and neck and began to squeeze the air out of her, while at first Varuna was able to use her strength to try and fight back, she felt her power being sapped away from the four snakes biting into her.

"Let her go!" Sedna demanded, Viper XP only smirked.

"Normally snakes inject thier opponents with poison, but where's the fun in that, i'd rather kill you all myself after I beat your weak asses within an inch of your lives!" Viper XP said smirking before he was suddenly blasted from behind, the attack came from a humanoid tiger like digimon with silver and white armorments, in his hands was a spear which he lunged at Viper XP who mearly blocked it with his snake chains as he released Varuna who fell to the ground in pain.

"AuroraInumon!" Suzukato called out.

"So you two noticed what was going on?" Sakuyamon asked the new digimon who spoke with a dual voice.

"Yeah we did, we were expecting to see why Basliskmon suddenly reappeared but..." he was cut off when Viper XP's snake chains grabbed the spear out of his hands before converging on him. "What the!?"

"Your next on the epic meal time list boy!" before he could connect however Dramon X had enough and rushed him from behind the snake chains seemed to turn around and headed towards him, but as they did, he glowed red and vanished. "The hell!?" Viper XP demanded before he felt his face get slammed into by a hard punch sending him crashing into a nearby wall, which was followed by a series of powerful punches and kicks, each one strong enough to shatter bones but Viper XP's body took them easily.

"I've had just about all I can stand of you, you damn troll!" he yelled as he eventually sent Viper XP flying into the ceiling before he crashed back down onto the subway tracks floor, Dramon X stopped glowing signfying his Soul Force was no longer in effect, however Viper XP was quick to get back up as were his chains quick to regain thier senses having lost them during the beating, however to Viper XP's suprise, Dramon X's mouthgaurd opened and he promptly grabbed the nearest snake chain and bit down on it behind the head causing the evo-lite to feel a stinging sensation which forced him to kick Dramon X away and let go.

"They say i'm crazy..." he muttered while glaring a hole through Dramon X who closed his mouthgaurd. "Your still not winning this, even if you are more unpredictable than all the past trash i've dealt with." Dramon X however didn't say anything. "What's the matter dipshit, ain't got nothing to say?" He was then blasted in the face by Angemon X, Dimitri had taken advantage of the situation to reform into his ascendant status. "Cheap little fuckers!" he yelled out as the snake heads became more hostile as if feeding off his emotions, soon enough six swords appeared from each of thier mouths. "Time for some good old fashion dissection!" he said as Dramon X became suprised at this.

Way to rip off Naruto...he muttered, Sedna decided to take action after making sure Varuna was ok.

"Sedna Arctic Breeze!" she called out unleashing her attack, the snake heads and the swords were frozen in place and broke into peices, but then six more popped out of Viper XP's body like nothing had happened at all. "What!?" Viper XP smirked.

"That ain't gonna do shit toots!" he said as six more swords were summoned and he leaped forward, Dramon X managed to block one sword but another one nicked his side causing him to falter for a moment. "That's right you weakass, feel the burn!"

He barely grazed me and yet it stings like a mofo...Don't let the blades get near you!" he called to the others, but it was too late, Angemon X and AuroraInumon were both nicked as well, Orcus and Sedna managed to evade them, however Gallantmon and Sakuyamon were not so lucky as they tried to block them for thier tamers, Gallantmon's shield cracked under the impact barely holding it at bay while Sakuyamon was knocked back, her staff snapped in half.

"Rika we've got to bio-merge!" Suzukato declared, Serika nodded and the two fused with thier digimon making Viper XP roll his eyes at thier new appearances.

"BlazeGallantmon!" called Suzukato and Gallantmon with a dual voice, thier body now sporting phoenix wings and red energy.

"StormSakuyamon!" Serika and Sakuyamon called as their new body had dragon esque properties.

"You can merge with your digimon all you want, it won't make a damn difference! Now come and try to amuse me like Ragna the Bloodedge never cou..LD! WHAT THE HELL!?" Viper XP had been cut off when he felt a sharp pain from his lower section, looking down he saw a beam saber had been shoved into his crotch, pulling it out he crushed it in his hands before glaring at a smirking Dramon X. "Kid...i'm gonna fuck you up so bad that no wish granting dragon alive is gonna be able to fix what I do to you!" he yelled lunging at Dramon X who started grinning more as his eyes glowed red for a moment...

(Song ends)


Uknown Location/?

That kid is definitely the most dirty minded fighter i've ever seen...Greil thought as he observed the carnage unfold, behind him Caster walked up. "So has Jishikitori X gotten used to things?" he asked her, she nodded.

"Yes, she's already gone on her first assignment, I guess it's a good thing those fools neglected to check Skeilmon's remains for his core." Greil nodded.

"To be honest, I don't think Grannelmon has a chance of stopping the Kai ascendants, but hey they might be able to take him, but definitely not the big guy." he said smirking.


Soverigns Realm/Library/DF-616

"Hey X I think I found something!" Keke declared to the masked watcher who put down the book he was reading and came to see the book she had. "This book's got more information on Zero ability users." X nodded and read through the texts.

"Let's see, Zero users can become more violent, but the worst thing it seems is that they start to crave power and knowledge which is what leads to their downfall." Keke gasped.

"That's not good, does that mean..." X however saw something that made him sigh with relief.

"I see, so it is possible to contain the urges, but even those who wore the restraints eventually took them off due to being faced by a powerful foe or misbelieving they were in the clear..." Keke became confused.

"What's that mean?" X sighed.

"According to this, it's possible to make special restraint cuffs akin to the spirit cuffs used by human warriors like Yusuke from the other world to supress the Zero ability in someone, however if the cuffs are removed, then they start to have thier urges again, maybe that's what we need to do." he said.

"Still how long will it take to make these "cuffs" and will Ken be willing to put them on?" Keke asked, X sighed.

"For his sake as well as ours he'll have too, this isn't something we can avoid and i'd rather not be forced to take his life." he said before thinking. Keke has no idea, no one does...the true destructive power of a zero user is akin to that of an alpha stigma...before he could think anything else Gennai came back into the room.

"X you might want to come see this, that robot's giving our friends trouble!" X was confused.

"How!?" they arrived in the main hall were they saw a larger veiwing screen, on it they saw Grannelmon literally take Sora and Mimi's crests from their bodies devolving thier partners and using them to power up it's arm cannon. "It can absorb thier crests!?" he then realised where he had seen the monster. "I see, it would seem someone's modified those synchro killer duel monsters and sent them against us, this isn't good." he thought as he watched Omega X almost had his crest taken from him but was able to resist long enough for Metella X to blast the monster from behind. X then focused for a moment on the image screen, two new images in a split pattered appeared showing Dramon X had encountered the other two and destroyed them.

"So Ken found the other ones!?" Keke asked suprised, X nodded.

"No doubt he'll be coming here next then, but we shouldn't take chances, go help them while I look up how to make the restraint cuffs." Keke nodded and headed out as X returned to the library. I just hope we can make them in time, Ken's easily prone to anger after all.


Shinjuku Subway station/YYDM-01

"You might have caught me off gaurd once punk, but rest assured it ain't happening again!" Viper XP shouted as his snake heads once again lunged at the group of heros, seeing two of them heading for Sedna and Orcus, Dramon X jumped before them and began glowing. "Whatcha doing now, powering up!?"

Shoutmon get ready! Ken pathed to his partner as his digivice lit up with a golden light, OmegaShoutmon erupted from it and fused with Dramon X. "Miracle mode!" he yelled out before stopping both incoming weapons with his enhanced gauntlet arms. "You ain't hurting no one else with those things you got that!" he demanded, Orcus blushed abit at how Ken protected them, Sedna also smiled at first, but she then became concerned as she felt a tiny surge of weird energy spark through Dramon XMM's body.

What was that!? she wondered, Ken was too busy being focused on Viper XP to catch this thought.

"Holy dues ex machina batman, whatever it won't help you!" Viper XP said with a smirk as he opened his mouth and produced another sword from a snake that came out of it. "I'm done playing around!" he said before vanishing, a moment later BlazeGallantmon and AuroraInumon both ended up being slammed into walls in total pain, thier bodies twisted and contorted to the point where they were forced to split from thier partners and revert back to thier human forms, StormSakuyamon growled at this, but Angemon X stopped her from trying to fight the crazy man.

"Rika get them to a safe place we'll handle it from here!" he said narrowly dodging Viper XP as he came in with another seven way slash that almost got them.

"Alright, take him down!" she said picking up Takato, Himura, Guilmon and Inumon and taking them off the track, which started to vibrate.

"Oh no a train's coming in!" Orcus said looking both ways down the tunnel, Viper XP grinned when he heard this and after discerning which side the train was coming from, held her limp body infront of the tunnel with four of the six snake chains, using the other two who still had thier swords out along with the sword he got out of his mouth to keep the others back.

"This is gonna be good i've always wanted to see how much pain tolerance you bitches have!" he said, Sedna growled.

"In our Dai-Valkyrie forms we can survive falls from the upper atmosphere you know!" she demanded as she and Orcus got off the track along with Angemon X and all glared at Viper XP who kept smirking as Dramon XMM was on his side glaring him down harder.

"True, but considering how much of her energy I took earlier, can she still take that much pain?" Sedna knew they had to move quickly as lights began to form in the tunnel's entrance, but that's when it happened, Dramon XMM's eyes glowed red again for a moment and Viper XP felt something coming.

(insert song-Lordi-Devil is a Loser)

"Trigon GUYSER!" slamming his hand into the ground a wave of blue energy erupted from it slamming into Viper XP blowing up his snake chains again while slamming him into the wall hard.

"WHAT!?" he called out in shock not expecting such a technique. "Who the hell do you think you are!? Terry Bogard!?" he demanded as Dramon XMM quickly grabbed Varuna and pulled her back as the train came in, when the conductor saw what was going on he decided to continue on down the track instead of stopping at the station.

"Son of a..." Viper XP pulled himself out of the wall and attempted to call more snakes, but this time they wouldn't come. "Hey what the shit!?" he demanded as Dramon XMM landed over by the others holding Varuna, when he set her down however she started to awaken abit, when she saw what Ken had just done upon coming too she blushed profusely and attempted to hit him with her battle axe, but missed as Dramon XMM lept over the train as it finally disappeared down the tunnel and went after Viper XP again.

"Varuna will you cut that out!" Sedna snapped. "He just saved your life!" Orcus tapped her on the shoulder, somewhat jealous of the fact that Varuna had been saved.

"I don't think he really cares." she said pointing to the other platform where Dramon XMM had the upper hand against Viper XP who was starting to lose it.

"Come the fuck on, don't tell me that rip off move fucked me up!" he demanded trying to resummon his chain snakes, which he eventually did after some effort. "Fuck yeah there we.." he was cut off when the following words escaped Dramon XMM's mouth.

"Analyze existance, and release..." all six chain snakes exploded into dust, there was nothing left but particles.

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME!" he yelled out which only got worse when Dramon XMM shoved his gauntlet into Terumi's eyesockets and let loose gun fire from his fist finger openings.

"GO TO HELL YOU FUCKING TROLL!" he yelled unleashing energy fire through Viper XP's skull sending blood and data flying, but he was soon kicked back by Viper XP who despite now having two holes in his head ran forward.

"HOW DARE YOU, YOU PEICE OF FUCKING SHIT NOBODY!" he yelled slamming his last sword into Dramon XMM's body. "I'M GONNA GUT YOU FROM HEAD TO TOE!" however he couldn't retract his blade. "WHAT!?" Dramon XMM's right eye glowed summoning the symbols from before, selecting the cannon option he formed his Miracle Blaster Cannon, and began charging energy into it, however Angemon X and Sedna both became alarmed when they realised he was pumping way too much energy into it.

"Ken don't do this, you'll kill us all!" they were too far to see it, but Dramon XMM had a grin of malciousness on his face, at this moment Utopia erupted from his digivice catching the attention of StormSakuyamon nearby who promptly devolved back into Rika and Renamon.

"What is that!?" wondered Rika, Seriyuu quickly spoke to her as the monster looked at them expectantly.

It is a duel spirit monster, apparently one that hasn't been released in this time, according to him we can combine our powers with his ability to negate the blast into a small containment field. Suzaku and Byakko appeared and nodded.

Granted it's not without risk, there's a chance Ken might not survive, but we have no choice, something isn't right here! he spoke as Byakko nodded.

Let's do it! he called out as the spirits flew forward and formed a circle around Utopia who himself errected a barrier around Dramon XMM and Viper XP, the words "only one crash." appeared in Ken's vision.

"Miracle Blaster, FINAL IMPACT!" he called out as the collected energy prepared to discharge.

"YOU SON OF A BITCH!" Viper XP called out as Dramon XMM unleashed his attack, causing a massive explosion that was containined within the barrier, however those nearby were swept off thier feet to the ground as the attack wasn't easy to contain, eventually the barrier shattered like glass as the power died down leaving only a crater behind, of which only an unconcious Ken remained, there was no trace of Viper XP.

(Song ends)

"Did he just...get him?" Varuna wondered as she couldn't believe Ken was willing to go that far, however Ken started moving and stood up slowly holding his head as Utopia, weak from exhausting so much power returned into his digivice where Veemon and Shoutmon were as well resting.

"Bloody hell what just happened..." he looked around and sighed. "The chickenshit ran after all." he muttered trying to stand, but he couldn't, Sedna and the others quickly came to his side and helped him out and up to the streets, sitting on a park bench all powered down from thier current forms, Renamon and Patamon hid with the the digimon in a close nearby alleyway.

"What do you mean he ran, you didn't get him?" Tyra demanded. "After nearly trying to kill yourself and us with that blast, you couldn't kill him?" Ken sighed.

"He formed a portal at the last second and was blasted into it, that was the last thing I saw before blacking out." he bowed his head to Karin. "Sis i'm sorry, I know what I did was irrational, but I had no choice, if anyone here besides me has played BlazBlue you'd know it'd take something of what i just did to take someone like that out, especially now that he's practically an ascendant to boot...not to mention a hypocrite." he muttered.

"Yeah that sounds about right." said Dimitri remembering what Ken had told them earlier, Karin meanwhile walked upto Rika.

"Rika, tell your mom we'll be bringing Tyra in for some modeling soon ok." she said, making Tyra gasp.

"You can't be serious!" she said, Rika sighed but nodded.

"Can't say I blame her, I don't exactly like Ken either but he did save you, I know feeling like a damsel in distress when you don't wish to be one is hurtful, but it's better to be alive than dead." she replied, Karin nodded.

"I did warn you that if you threatened Ken with harm again, i'd make sure to punish you for it, and we all know normal punishments aren't exactly enough when it comes to you, with you it's gotta be where it hurts." Ken didn't say anything regarding the discussion, he just shook his head at it all and stood up.

"In any case I think we better..." he stopped when he felt another shock come over him. "What the hel..." he fell forward unwittingly crashing upon Christina unconciously.

Wow he's kinda cute up close...but heavy at the same time. she thought as the others helped him back up, Tyra wanted to reprimand him, but didn't as she knew she'd dig a deeper hole than what she already dug, Karin and the others however were concerned.

"Did he use up too much power?" she wondered, Dimitri shrugged. "He might very well have, let him rest for now." he said.


Ken's mind/?

"Now what!?" Ken wondered as he looked around, but all he saw was darkness and fire swirling all around him until finally a large pair of dark glowing red eyes followed by a dark evil voice spoke up.



Shinjuku Streets/YYDM-01

Ken snapped awake, clutching his heart and breathing heavily, this spread further concern amongst his friends. "Brother are you alright?" Karin asked, hugging him to get him to calm down, he returned the hug and eventually returned to normal.

"Yeah i'm fine now." he said abit distantly, Karin knew something was wrong but Knut appeared beside her.

Leave him be for now, i'm sure when the time comes he'll tell us what's going on, I do know something is inside his mind, but what that might be I don't know.

Is it the curse still, I thought it was gone? she replied to her spirit who spoke again.

It is not the curse, whatever it is we won't know anytime soon as right now it's too tiny to really pick up on, and whatever it is has seems more crazy than evil.

Alright. Karin pathed back before Ken realised something.

"Once I recover, i'm gonna head to the other universe, there's still one more of these stupid robots running about." Dimitri was confused.

"Wait, you mean Dad's universe?" Ken nodded.

"Yes, three ascendant killers in total, and so far two have been taken down, makes sense the third one would be there." Tyra wasn't convinced.

"What if it wasn't since two of them were in this demension?" Ken sighed as Karin backed him up.

"You forget though one was in the future and the second the past so it's still different, besides brother is the only ascendant in his world so why would they send one there? Perhaps all three of us should go check on things."she said, Dimitri nodded to Patamon who flew up.

"I agree." Ken nodded and stood up.

"Let's go then, I'll just grab a digi-vitamin to heal with when we get there." he said, Karin nodded and turned to Rika.

"Remember when we get back we're taking her there ok?" Rika nodded.

"Sure, got it." she said. "I'll just wait for gogglehead and Himura to recover too." she said as Christina kissed Ken on the cheek.

"Thanks for saving me earlier." she said smiling making Ken blush abit as he pulled out his Heaven's sword.

"Uh...no problem." Karin giggled abit at the sight, but also felt abit sad seeing this.

This could be problematic, but in the end whoever he chooses to go with is his decision. she thought, Ken did pick up this one, but said nothing in response, deciding to refocus on dealing with the task at hand.

"So who wants to do the honors?" he asked, Karin transformed into her normal sailor form and pulled out her henshin rod.

"I will." after focusing for a moment, a portal opened and the three ran into it, heading off to the Kai universe where the last ascendant killer awaited.


Nexus of Time and Space

"That kid just made my shitlist, along with everyone else who's ever pissed me off." Terumi muttered as he and Basliskmon tried to heal themselves, although thier eyesight was restored after spliting, his eyes still hurt like hell as if they had been stabbed through.

"Now this is just sad." Terumi turned and saw Greil and Paradisomon looking at him. "I didn't think you'd get roughed that badly by a teen, guess I was wrong." Terumi growled.

"I'd leave right now, i'm not in the mood for your ass." Greil however smiled.

"Normally i'd kill you right now, but since you did me a favor i'll spare you this once, besides your probably wishing you were dead considering how badly you got curbstomped." Terumi wanted to wring Greil's neck, but was confused as to what he meant.

"What kind of fucking favor did I do for some shitbag like you?" he asked, Greil held up Skielmon's core unit.

"You got them away from this long enough for my new minion to retreive it, for that i'll allow you to live for now, live with the shame and embarrisment of your defeat." Terumi stood up.

"You wanna go right now, i might be down but i'm not out!" Greil smirked.

"Please your nothing to me at the moment, but one day we really should finish this." he said before leaving. "Don't bother following me either, if you do, our new "employee" might just take you out." he said before Paradisomon took off, Terumi looked around and saw no one, but he knew he was being watched for a while after which whoever was watching him vanished.

"I'm gonna need more power it seems, and I think I know where to start, nexttime kid your going down the crapper to hell." he muttered before grinning satanically.


Ken, Sailor Sedna and Dimitri arrive in the Kai universe, but Grannelmon has been beaten, however a much more powerful mech appears can they stop it? Find out more next time.


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