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Chapter 9: The Coming of the Bio Striker Force.

Canyon Dominion/Zion Village/XLR-08

"How long do you think he's going to be like that?" CyberBeelzemon asked Titaniamon as the two observed Ken, currently they had taken refuge in the Zion Village of the digital world's Canyon Dominion, while most of Ken's digimon helped out around the reclusive town, Ken was busy sitting on an outcropping over a narrow canyon with a calm river flowing through it, a stick with a string attached to it resting in his hands with the other end of the string having a straight needle rather than a hook on the end of the line floated about in the water. "I don't get the point of fishing with a straight hook though..." Titaniamon sighed.

"I believe it's a form of meditation, something about being able to touch fish without hurting them, still digi-snapers and black trouts are all that exist in these parts according to Kageshurimon, there not exactly bright." she said as Shoutmon and Gumdramon appeared along with Veemon.

"Well at least you can eat em along with things like meat here, remember that one digital world we visited, all they had to eat there was the "digi-noir" stuff, sure it tasted ok but still..." Veemon sighed as Ken sat motionless.

"Poor guy though, I mean I had no idea that it was his Zero Factor doing that to him." CyberBeelzemon however wasn't sure of this.

"You sure you didn't know? Everytime it happened you were fused with him." Veemon rubbed his head.

"I did have blackouts as well, but I didn't feel any urges come on from them." Titaniamon sighed.

"We best leave him be for the time being, he needs time to recover." she said, Gumdramon however wasn't so sure.

"What about that girl's star thing were supposed to find?" Shoutmon sighed.

"We're supposed to find it and risk him going crazy? We've barely traveled to two worlds as it is were things have prevoked him to go insane, just imagine what would happen in other worlds?" Gumdramon thought it about it breifly, but quickly stopped at the carnage he mentally established.

"Yeah...your right." he said sweatdropping. "It's that stupid guy's fault Ken's like this thought." All sighed at this.

"We better cut this conversation here, as much as I know most of us would enjoy beating him within an inch of his life, it's best to not bring him up." Titaniamon mentioned, all agreed though Ken had already overheard them.

Maybe I should've shoved the sword into his throat, still pissed at him for killing Deckerdramon. he thought before he heard a dark voice in his mind.

Admit it, you want him dead a million times, no more like a billlion times over. Ken finally recognized the voice.

Tsukuyomimon Death Mode, shouldn't you be gone by now?! he pathed back beginning to see the visage of the demon before him, but no one else could see it.

You should know by now our fates are intertwined, old Granny was foolish to give you back your Tsukuyomimon Form, because by doing so I was effectively ressurected, after all you can't be rid of darkness forever, and once the Zero Factor awakens, rest assured i'll be in the drivers seat.

You honestly think you can control that power, you must be stupidier than I thought. the spirit pointed at him with evil intentions.

Your the idiot, constantly getting chances to take Yamakins out, yet you opt to not take them. You should kill all who oppose you, something I'm going to rectify once I take full control over your body. Ken's eyes narrowed.

Look I know the guy is for all intents a bastard, but i'll deal with him on my own terms, not yours!

Whatever, in any case i'll be in control soon enough, cause your anger will set me free, and i've got a nice suprise for Utopia as well once I get out so keep that in mind as well. Ken noticed he was holding a spell card, on the card was a symbol of some sort that was blue and pink colored, but he couldn't identify it, laughing like a madman, the spirit disappeared.

So he's not the one responsible for causing me pain, but still something's gotta be done soon. he thought looking down at his left hand while still holding the "fishing pole" in his other hand.

If that wasn't bad enough, I've gone and scared my sister, I swore i'd take my life though if I hurt her. he muttered in thought.

Up on a nearby cliff a good distance away, two silouetted figures watched Ken with intrest, making sure to avoid being detected. "So he's the one we're supposed to capture for the lord, he doesn't look so tough." said the first.

"We won't know unless we engage him in combat, besides there's the matter of finding the rouge as well." the second replied and both vanished.


Uknown Location/?

Greil felt a surge of unease run down his spine, he had been going over a plan with Caster and Jishikitori X and was forced to stop at this feeling. "Is something the matter?" Caster inquired, he shook his head.

"It's nothing, now let's resume the plan." he said before thinking. That feeling, I recognize it as one of my projects in that kid's world...don't tell me that bastard sortied them without my permission.


Digital World/Zion Village/XLR-08

"So now that your "fishing" is done, what will you go do now?" CyberBeelzemon asked Ken as he got up and yanked up the rest of the line by wrapping it around the stick.

"Guess i'll go..." he stopped when he felt a power surge, as did the others who got on gaurd. "Please tell me no one told the twins we came back."

"No worries, Gumdramon and Shoutmon went to them and they've established a lockdown, at least from the real world no one's getting in." Veemon said, before realising that they had a visitor.

"Up there!" coming down from the sky was a humanoid who looked like he was wearing the skin of a digimon called Gravimon, however the skin coloration was a teal green rather than the standard grey.

"The hell, an ascendant!?" Ken spat out preparing to transform, but to his suprise the newcomer quickly got on his knees.

"Your Kensuke Rainer right, you've gotta help me!" this caused everyone to facefault.

"Got us riled up for nothing, who the hell are you?" Ken demanded, but he quickly noticed that a digivice was strapped to the "Ascendant's" side, and it was a Xros Loader model. "You not from this universe are you?"

"No i'm not, why did I ever fall for that stupid flyer!" Ken sighed at the kid's behavior.

"Will you calm the hell down already, won't be able to help you otherwise, and what exactly do you mean by flyer?" Ken demanded again, before two explosions cut them off. "Son of a bitch..."

"So this is where you went Gravi X!" Above them were two more humanoids, looking like Dynasmon and Craniumon of the royal knights, however once again thier color schemes were off and not only that, but the two had digivices straped to thier sides, one a digivice 01, the other a d-scanner.

"More of GranDracmon's lackey's this looks like something he'd come up with?!" Ken spat preparing to go ascendant, but didn't as Titaniamon stopped him.

"Me and the others will handle this, digivolve them but do not go Ascendant! We don't want to risk you going insane again." Ken sighed before nodding as his digi-soul activated.

"Very well. Digisoul Charge Overdrive, Triple Proxy!" he called out as Veemon, Shoutmon and Gumdramon all began glowing.

(insert song- Powerman 5000-show me what you've got)

Shoutmon digivolve too...OmegaShoutmon!

Gumdramon digivolve too...Arresterdramon!

Veemon Warp Digivolve too...AlforceVeedramon!

Titaniamon summoned her sword and lept up along with CyberBeelzemon at the two warriors who grinned like children. "Ah playtime!" said the one who looked like Dynasmon abiet he was light red rather than white. The Craniumon one was silver rather than dark blue, summoning his Soul Spear and Shield the five collided creating an intense explosion, when it cleared Ken's five digimon were knocked back considerably, but they held thier ground, making the two newcomers smirk.

"Not bad at all for inferior scum." the one who looked like Dynasmon said smirking, the other one seemed to keep a cooler disposition.

"Don't underestimate them, Dynasty X, just cause thier not ascendants doesn't mean they can't fight us off." he said looking them over." The gun toating demon especially." he said looking at CyberBeelzemon carfeully.

"Ah we don't need to be worried, they ain't on our level Cranium X!" Dynasty X replied before seeing Gravi X. "Ah if it isn't the rouge, what a good deal this is, we get to haul you and the target back together!"

"But I don't want to go back, can't you guys open your eyes and see we're being used!" Ken grew more intrigued by the minute as the fighting resumed.

Something doesn't feel right, if these were GranDracmon's flunkies, they'd be wanting me dead on sight, but who is responsible for this group? Greil?"


Uknown Location/?

"Ok, this time I know I felt something!" turning and forming a mental portal, Greil sweatdropped as he watched the slobberfest of bodies, Dynasty X almost had his head blasted off by CyberBeelzemon if Cranium X hadn't gotten in the way of the blast and blocked it with his sheild, he then tried to retailate, but his spear was blocked by Titaniamon and AlforceVeedramon's swords. "Son of a...that bastard did sortie them without my permission!"

"Who are those warriors?" Jishikitori X asked, confused. Griel sighed.

"Looks like we're going on a field trip, hope you've got all you'll need." he said as Jishikitori X took up a fighting pose. "This isn't an rpg...and he's so going to pay for this..." he muttered as they all vanished.


(insert song transmission-Beyblade ost-Hang on)

"Hard Rock Damage!" OmegaShoutmon shouted while throwing two music based fire balls at Dynasty X who caught them with his hands and absorbed them, only for AlforceVeedramon and Arrestrerdramon to combo lariat that sent him flying.

"You bastards!" he yelled at them while recovering.

"Atomic Destroyer!" CyberBeelzemon called out unleashing a hellish blast from his arm cannon after his turbines on his shoulders charged up.

"Omni-Shield!" Cranium X yelled blocking the attack with his sheild which glowed for a moment, but although he took no damage the impact sent him flying into a rock formation hard. "I knew it...Dynasty X go for the demon first, he's as strong as we are."

Dynasty X nodded and prepared to do something, only to be caught once again by AlforceVeedramon, OmegaShoutmon and Arresterdramon who held him long enough for Titaniamon to lob off his right arm, but when she did this, all action stopped when Dynasty X started screaming bloody murder.

"MY ARM!, BITCH WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY ARM!" with that he kicked Titaniamon hard in the gut causng her to be sent flying back downwards towards the plateau, Ken was able to catch her, but seeing her unconcious struck a nerve, as did the following vision of suddenly seeing Sedna in a similar state...

"Jeez what a drama queen..." Cyberbeelzemon muttered as Dynasty X slowly floated down to the ground, confusing the four digimon, Cranium X descended as well to check on his friend who revereted to a human being with yellow spiky hair along with a Mistymon, the human was clutching his arm although it hadn't been disloged it hurt like the burning fire of hell.

"What is that bitches's sword, seriously!" he said gripping his arm as Mistymon fell over unconcious.

"You need to withdraw Spike, i'll hold em off, hate to say it but we blew it." the person now known as Spike growled.

"Oh come on, we can still take em Todd!" he declared back, only for Cranium X to shake his head.

"I doubt that, and as much as we need to retreive Troy over there, we need to be at full capacity." Spike growled.

"If it wasn't for that..." he stopped when all felt an aura of intense anger rise over the group like a tidal wave.

"What's going on!?" Gravi X wondered as he saw Ken's digivice glowing with power.

"STOP CALLING MY DIGIMON A..." Ken's eyes were now not only red, but they had slits in them like a reptile going to fuck something. "I AM EXTREMELY PISSED OFF, YOU ARE BOTH GOING TO HELL! DIGISOUL CHARGE, ASCENTION!" AlforceVeedramon's eyes widened as he felt himself get pulled towards Ken, it was on now...

(Song ends)


Soveirgns Lair/DF-616

In the real world of this demension a week had passed since the defeat of Mekaniklemon, although the outcome of the ordeal only caused X and Keke to hasten thier work for the restraint bracelets for Ken, especially Keke as she didn't want to risk another incident regarding her father and Ken to come to pass as she knew Ken had come close to killing him during their most recent encounter. "Well we've got one set done, the set that goes on the feet, now we just need to fine tune the..." X stopped when he felt a familiar feeling. "Oh boy..."

"Did he just go bonkers again?" Keke wondered as she knew what was likely going on, X nodded.

"Yes, but it's odd because I sense ascendant like powers, well one now as there was two along with him, but I haven't felt any demensional distrubances for a long time, either way i'd rather not waste time going to look at what he's doing, cause i'm sure it's nothing pretty..." Keke sweatdropped.

"Probably not given his uncontrolled bloodthirsty nature...I mean i'm still shocked at how close he was to killing dad, I know he shouldn't have done what he did but still..." X sighed.

"Yamato brought what happened upon himself, especially by mocking the death of Ken's fallen digimon from back during the ordeal with GranDracmon, but enough talk we must finish these bracelets." Keke nodded as X thought. At this rate we might not make it, and if that happens...


Swamp Dominion/Vampire's Mansion/XLR-08

Far from the Canyon dominion, Greil, Caster, and Jishikitori X appeared before a large mansion in the middle of the swamp like terrain the dominion was based upon. "Why would a vampire choose to live in some place like this, I know they don't exactly mix well with swamps." Caster said, Greil sighed.

"The dominion leader resides here, and he was basically forced here after attempting an uprising in other dominions due to not liking his locational posistion, he's also not much of a fighter suprisingly, opting to go for research rather than strength which is quite odd amongst his speicies.

"Just who are we dealing with?" Jishikitori X declared.

"His name...is Myotismon." he said as he opened the doors of the mansion and allowed the two women to go first inside... "And when we find him, we're soo going to have a nice long chat regarding the unrequested sortie of one of my trump cards, the Bio-strikers."


Heaven's Dominion/XLR-08

"So should we get his friends from the real world to intervene?" Golddramon asked the other dragons, to his suprise, Huanglongmon spoke.

"No, he has to deal with this on his own terms, if he can't overcome this then he'll never progress further." Azulongmon and MagnaDramon weren't so pleased.

"Still, his powers threaten the very existance of us all, no one in our world has the power to stop him." Azulongmon said, Huanglongmon smirked.

"Don't be too quick to write off his own digimon mind you, I know that they can stop him if need be." he replied.

"Still what if..." Haunglongmon sighed at Magnadramon.

"You gotta trust in others, Megidramon did it and look at how much better he is, we've got to believe in Ken because if he is the chosen one, he will unite the worlds of the trinity together." Huanglongmon said.


Ken Mind/?

Saw this coming a mile away, now kick some ass and take some names, so that when the time comes I can party! Tsukuyomimon DM spoke with glee from within the dark corners of Ken's mind.


Canyon Dominion/Zion Village/XLR-08

(Insert Song-Graveyard BBQ-Cheat on the Church)

Is that his ascendant form? Gravi X and Cranium X both thought at the same time as the transformation was complete.

Dramon X had formed glowing both blue and red as his anger continued to raise. "TONIGHT I DINE ON FUCKER SOUP!" his mouth gaurd shut and he was off like a bullet, charging into Cranium X he kicked him in the face so fast and hard that he was forced to let go of his spear which the now crazed ascendant grabbed and began ramming it into his shield like a maniac as he tried hard to defend himself.

"Spike get the hell out of here!" he demanded as the spear started to crack his sheild at the expense of breaking itself, but that didn't stop Dramon X as when that side hit it's limit, he turned it around and began slamming away with the other side, Mistymon finally recovered and got out of dodge with Spike who couldn't look back, Dramon X's furious rampage was too much.

"Who the hell is this guy!?" Spike muttered as he and his partner flew off.

"I think he's pissed off." Arresterdramon.

"No shit sherlock!" CyberBeelzemon retorted as eventually the sheild buckled away, but the spear also cracked into peices, leaving only a small portion of the center still there, but this didn't stop Dramon X as he tried to shove the ramining peice into Cranium X's eyes.

"What the hell got into you!" he demanded kicking Dramon X back, but he wouldn't be denied, quickly recovering as the sword on his right arm thrusted forward he plowed into Cranium X's stomuch area with it causing the warrior to start convulsing and weigh his options.

I've only got enough power to form one more spear or sheild, at this point offense is the better choice for living so...he focused as best he could and conjured up another spear, he attacked Dramon X with it, but each slash attempted was either parried or dodged. "Will you stay still!" Dramon X wouldn't comply, as he soon retaliated by pressing his arms together. "What the!?"

"RYUKEN WAVE!" Dramon X unleashed his beam attack, Cranium X quickly brought down his weapon to split down the beam, but it cracked again under the pressure and snapped upon the attacks completion.

"What in the hell are you!?" he yelled as he lunged at Dramon X only to have his legs cut off by a swift slash, he went flying past everyone and crashed into the plateau hard, glaring at Gravi X. "This is all your damn..." he was cut off when Dramon X landed.

"GET UP, NOW ATTACK ME, YOU'VE ONLY SUFFERED THE LOSS OF YOUR LEGS!" Cranium X felt like pissing himself but as a digimon that wasn't possible as Dramon X continued to scare him.

"Someone's been watching hellsing too much." CyberBeelzemon remaked.

"How can he do that, we don't have dvd players here!" OmegaShoutmon retorted.

"Monster, stay the fuck away from me, the others are going to so suprise and kill you!" this last act of defiance...sealed Cranium X's fate as Dramon X walked up and held out his right hand.

"Suprise huh, i've got one for you!" he yelled grabbing Crainum X by the head.

"Oh fuck..." OmegaShoutmon muttered as they knew what was coming, Cranium X's body began to contort and compress, he didn't know what was going on as his body was absorbed.

"What the shit...no one told me about..." was all Cranium X got out as he was sucked inside Dramon X as his weapon vanished, who's body began to spaz uncontrollably as he had done it again, absorbed a digital being, this time with a human. Around this time Titaniamon began to stir as the process finished up.

(Song ends)

"This is insane." OmegaShoutmon said.

"I fear the insane part is still to come." CyberBeelzemon replied.

"How do we stop him." Arresterdramon declared.

"Stop him, oh brother...what were you thinking Ken?" CyberBeelzemon noted as Dramon X turned to face them his eyes still crazed.

"I'll do something about it." Titaniamon's voice was heard as she floated up to them.

"You sure, you took a pretty nasty blow there." Omegashoutmon said. Still not as bad as Ken's demonic suprise though.

"I'll manage, after all i've got a new form to try out." she said and with that she transformed into her newly acquired Ultima Mode.

"Now hold on, you haven't used this form since your fight in the future time, you sure you've got this." asked CyberBeelzemon, Titaniamon UM nodded

"Yes, I want the rest of you to fall back just in case, cause who knows what'll happen this time when I unleash this forms power." she said, the others nodded.

"As you wish, go get him!" Arresterdramon said, Titaniamon UM nodded and rushed at Dramon X, her act of provocation caused him to charge at her in response...


After pulling out the stops to stop Dramon X, more information is revealed about this new group of villians, who is thier benefactor and how does he know Greil? Find out more next time.


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